Friday, December 12

The Politics of Terror and We!!!

I wanted to write for long on this topic. Finally after watching the proceedings, I am writing what I felt.
Also just to remind you, there may be a long post ahead as the feelings are...

26 Nov, the day when terror strikes Mumbai, the horror show is on for more than 60 hours, and it takes the life of more than 200 people including the life of those 10 people who were acting as terrorists.

Suddenly, what you see is that the terror has come to your bedroom, living room, and nobody is safe. Life doesn’t care any longer about class, society or status. The whole India becomes evident of the scariest moment of their lives. Tourism takes a blow and so do sports but the most hurt part is the humane nature of mankind.
This isn’t the first of its kinds, and nor that the signals weren’t on for long, but a delayed attacked proved too costly for many. The bread can’t be earned and butter, forget about it.

The most interesting which lately becomes evident is, that people wake up from their sleep, not most yet many. I have seen people not taking interest in politics and now what they talk about is that how this can be politically handled?

I have also seen those people saying, Politics is not our cup of tea, and suddenly they wake up as now the attack has been made on them. I remember writing in one of my posts that people are insensitive about such issues unless they face it. I clearly see that happening now. People are marching on India Gate. People are forming a human chain. People are doing this; people are doing that… good for the nation that atleast even if we aren’t proactive atleast we are responsive, our emotions aren’t dead, and we all have a fear which comes out eventually.

I am happy to see that people are really participating in the events which are taking place everywhere. People are even taking initiative which in a way can help the nation to rebuild and re-strengthen. I am only worried about how long this is going to last!!!
I have seen in the past that people react in this way every time something goes wrong, but that’s only in the wake up of what had happened.
You may find me pessimistic, but believe me, past only suggests that such enthusiasm lasts for some time and not forever. However we need to keep this ever lasting. We don’t need to be retroactive every time but proactive so that our or any nation doesn’t become a part of this anymore.

I hope people who were earlier saying, we don’t believe in politics; understand that our nation’s base is democracy. It’s a state of politics, where people, who are chosen by us, for us, rule the nation. We are equally responsible for every action of theirs. We can’t move ahead saying they are corrupt, but atleast we can do our bit so that corruption doesn’t takes place. It’s not they who ask for money, but it’s us who give them the money and make them corrupt. As we always say that we have connection, and we act just like that.

It’s easy to blame politics, but we never blame ourselves, how many of us are ready to move to politics, if not now but later? You know its like earning disrespect, but isn’t it true that one has to make his hands dirty to clean the surface.

We all believe in love, yet not hate. We disown people who hate, and it’s very easy to do, but hatred is somewhere been brought up by the actions of some among us. We always have an opinion about everything, like how we blame Pakistan for the wrong doings of Mumbai. But isn’t it the case that people from our nation are equally responsible for the same. We always gave terrorism a face, a face in the name of religion. Why so? Why can’t we just act like when we say that terror has no face?

The rallies, the marches, how long this all is going to last is my worry. Very soon, we all would be living our lives. It will hardly take another month to forget what has happened in Mumbai, if not a month then may be a year, but eventually we are going to forget about it. Another attack somewhere and we all would again be woken and shocked by the reality. It always hurts the most when it’s us, and we just keep praying that hope its not us, but how long is the question.

Also, we all talk about having a war with Pakistan, Is it really easy? When we are so much scared by killing of some 200 people, war takes life of thousands and millions. May be it acts as a corrective measure but it doesn’t bring any final solutions to the table. The final solution lies in our hands, to spread love, to make this nation less corrupted. Saying that illiterates only become politicians is easy, but where are literates to fight for votes?

Wednesday, December 3

After a long lull

Firstly, Sorry for not being active for so long now. I was damn busy first and then was at home at Diwali and then again in Nov for 10 days for marriages of two of my best friends (rather 3 ;) )!!!

No to update you guys, life is a lot happening these days. There is loads of work and so I dont get the time to be active on bloggersville that much. The past few days were quite exciting as i was traveling across Rajasthan and Delhi. I attended a friends marriage at Ajmer and the Shaadi ka Mandap(set) was amazing. There was a natural waterfall in the background. I just loved the place.

From there we went to Pushkar, the place where the only temple of Brahma is located and the place which is known as "the most sacred place" for Hindus.
The trip was amazing and the number of foreigners was more than anything else in the world.

I spent 4 days in my home town Jaipur then, and believe me, it was amazing and I had loads of fun. Luckily Mom's B'day was on 26th November (same day a very dear blog friend had her b'day... Anvita, wish u once more!!). I celebrated mom's b'day and everyone was happy. All my near and dear ones were present and they thought it was more of a party for my surprise engagement, which supposedly was not the case!! :P
The birthday took a tool on my pocket, as i gifted a new cell, a birthday cake and the whole party was sponsored by me!!! :D

Then went to Delhi for Sudipt-Swati's Marriage, and spent three days there. The marriage was fun. I have already updated you guys about their engagement which took place in May. The sangeet was on Friday and it was fun... we danced and danced and danced!! :D
I mean we literally danced too much.. it was so much fun!!!

Then was the day of marriage where again we had fun... more friends from my MBA school joined in and we had amazing time. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan came, but i was waiting for Viru (Sehwag) and he didn't come.

Came back to Pune on Monday(1-Dec) and then there was bomb hoax in the office and we all had to leave the building early. I was anyways still working from home! :P

In the midst of all this, I kept watching the bad news about Mumbai & Taj... I just hope things will be better soon. I salute to all the martyrs and pray that all those who suffered and died, may they all rest in peace.

I am back and will update you more soon...

Friday, November 14

About Me

It has been long since i have posted something, hell busy thinking what can I!!
But here i come again... with a series of questions which i picked up from Lena's blog.

One humble request, if you want to say something bad, Plzz say it!!! :)

Here are the questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

Monday, October 27


As the title suggests, I am at Jaipur for past 3 days...

Came via train and the journey was quite good. A family with 2 kids was traveling in my compartment. Initially i found the father quite odd, but later on i realized that he was just trying to be a good dad. The 2 little kids were boys and the younger one was 4 and he was amazingly naughty. I did not make them friends till next morning. But when in the morning, I opened my laptop and asked them to play, i had 2 of my best friends sitting in my lap, traveling with me!! :D :D

Another pair was traveling, initially i thought they were a couple, but it turned out to be bro and sis!! :D
Actually i was amazed the way girl was smiling at me, and i was thinking how she is not caring about her husband!! :P :P

Met so many friends in 3 days, another 10(can be more) to meet tomorrow in a reunion. Then one friend who has come down from London which i havent called yet (and she called me the time she landed!!), just to blame my lazyness.... I have so many friends to catch up and relatives too...

Just came back home at 12.30, had jaipur ki patashi, dalmoth... wah wah.. kya swad hai!! :D :D ( what a taste). Jaipur Rocks anyday...

There may be another news from my side in some time... dont make guesses please!! :P :P

Also, Sorry for not being regular at most of ur places, i was busy with many things... this is no excuse but i will be regular once i get back to Pune and that is 2nd Nov.

Have fun and a rocking Diwali (and safe too...), will post some pics of Jaipur's famous lighting for which people come from around the globe!!!


Saturday, October 18

Salty Water...

water comes down
still from the eye
thinking or wandering
of all that "high"

the love the pain
it still remains
walking slowly
down that lane

looking at the moon
which bright the sky
oh lord i wonder
when shall I

the darkness in heart
breath thats still apart
in the cage that lights
it holds the life

its full moon's night
which makes me remind
the girl i loved
and when it rhymed

its all not end
but i still rewind
to play it again
with script all mine

the happy notes
camera and light
singing and cheering
chorus and chimes...

Image Courtesy: Corbis

Friday, October 10

20 ka Tag!!

I have been Tagged by 3 people for this, Pavi & CG and Chakoli.
So here it goes...

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
Interesting... sounds like someone knows abt my past!! :D
Well, the first reaction was do i deserve this? and then was I still love you, and now is... ok, happens, i wasnt the first!!! :)

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
well, it can be that this world is free of violence!!

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
huh!!! Well i dont like kicking butts just for sake of it.

4. Why do you blog?
Someone asked me this just 3 days back... i blog coz it makes me feel good, entertaining, knowing new people, letting my emotions go and there are many more...

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
How do i know i will fall in love with whom, and eventually the question will come to will she love me back...
I dont know whether that can happen coz i have seen my crushes too becoming my best friends and then i dont think abt them like this.... however as i said, i dont know whether i can fall in love intentionally with sm1!!!

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
I dont think neither is a blessing, but ya a combo of this can be one!!!

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
I dont know... I didnt know i will fall in love and now i dont know when i will fall out!!!

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?
Well, i know it for myself and thats enugh... and also i wud do anything for that person to make her appy!!! Even if it comes to making fun of myself or anything else...

9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
Relevant Education of human kind

10. What takes you down the fastest?
When i miss someone or been cheated or betrayed by someone i trust!!!!
Or even when people react silly out of nothing!!!

11. What resurrects you the fastest?
I havent figure it out yet, but yeah may be a call from someone i love!

12. What’s your fear?
Losing the people i love...

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Pavi & CG : I dont have words... but i respect them both!!
Chakoli: She is genuinely sweet.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
None... haha

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Check the time and then Go to the door to collect the newspaper and milk... haha!! :D

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?
I dont think i will have the power to pick anyone then, but may be i wud pick the one who loves me...

17. Would you give all in a relationship?
I will!

18. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
Well, depends... mostly i do, but few things i havent forgot in my life yet but forgiveness yes... i do!!

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
I would love to be in a relationship!

20. Tag 6 people.
Difficult to find... :P
I leave it to ppl who want to do this tag if they find this interesting enugh!! :)


Thursday, October 2

A Tribute~~~

A small tribute to a tall man.... Gandhi (its his anniversary today)!!!

Hindi English

कैसा वो समय था
इंसान मर रहा था
खून की थी बारिश
हर कतरा डर रहा था

खड़ा रहा अटल वो
लेकर के एक लाठी
डिगा न सकी उसको तो
फिर गोलियों की आंधी

सच्चाई और अहिंसा
यही था उसका नारा
एक धोती मे जिसने
हम सबका जीवन सँवारा

गाँधी था या महात्मा
ये उसको ना पता था
दिल मे तो उसके खाली
देशभक्ति ही भरा था

सोचा था उसने भारत
एक देश ऐसा होगा
इंसान ही रहेंगे
ना भेद कोई होगा

हिंदू हो या हो मुस्लिम
वो प्यार ही करेंगे
ईद के आने पर
भी दीए भी जलेंगे

क्या ऐसा था वो भारत
जो उसने भी बुना था
प्राणों की देके आहुति
हर ईंट को चुना था

गोली ना मर सकी जिसको...
ना मार सके हिंदू मुस्लिम
हर वक्त मर रहा है वो
आपने ही आदर्शो के साथ

रोता होगा वो भी आज
देख कर ये नंगा नाच
आदर्शो का तिरस्कार
और इंसानियत का बलात्कार

दो माला फिर चढ़ जायेगी
समाधी भी पुत जायेगी
गाँधी के नाम पर फिर एक
भाषण भी दे दिया जाएगा

मगर क्या याद रखोगे तुम
उसके आदर्शो की धुन
सच्चाई और अहिंसा
ये है गाँधीगिरी के गुन
ये है गाँधीगिरी के गुन....

how was the time
humans were dying
blood was raining
every bit was scared

he stand still then
with his Stick
he wasnt scared the
with the storm of bullets

Truth and Ahimsa
those were his principles
in one piece of cloth
he changed the life of us all

Gandi or Mahatma
he didnt know it
in his heart only
patriotism was there

he think of India
will be a country
where people will live
without any differences

hindu or muslim
they will only love
on the Eid too
there will be Diyas(lighting)

was this this India
he wove with others
sacrificing his life
he put every piece together

bullet couldnt kill him
nor did the riots
but he is dying every moment
with his principles

he must be crying
looking at this ruined state
principles being demolished
and rape of humanity

flowers will again be showered
memorial will again be painted
on the name of Gandhi
one more speech will be given

But are you going to remember
the motto of his principals
Truth and Ahimsa(non-voilence)
are the features of Gadhigiri
are the features of Gadhigiri...

And Happy Eid to everyone... time to celebrate!!! :)
Have fun... Cheers!!!!

Tuesday, September 30

The Lull

I dont think I have anything interesting to put up as of now. I will come back as soon as I feel like... Just a small void!! :)


Friday, September 26

The Tag!!!

I saw it on Solitaire's blog Warm Fuzzies and then on Vrij's Chai Biskut and decided to do it!! :D
Just one thing that i have added 2 set of questions!! :D

1. Do you miss Aneri?
Oh so very much in my blog... she seldom visits!! :P

2. Have you ever been in Veena's house?
She never invited me!! :-/

3. If you could do anything with Princess Mia, what would it be?
Now what kinda question is this!! lolzzz
Ok.. i think take her out on a dinner(and not a date!!) :)

4. Who is Ceedy's best friend?
Some Spanish Teacher of his!! :P

5. What would you do if you hadn't met Vrij?
I am still surviving!!! :P

6. What song could be Anjuli's theme song?
Jab se tere naina, more naino se lage re... hehehe
She lives in toyland!! :D

7. What was your first impression of Aneri?
She is sweet!!!

9. In a race between you, Ella and Aneri, who would win?
I think I will!!! :P
any guesses guys y!!! :D
ok... i will tellya (Ella and Aneri will keep talkin!! ) lolzzzz

10. Can Ceedy be bad influence?
He is...!!! :P

11. What musical instrument would Ria most likely play?
Piano! or wud she?? :P

12. Would you open a mystery gift Princess Mia just gave you, without much hesitation?
Oh yes.. y not!!!
I hope these are not Nutellas otherwise she is gonna eat it all by her!! :D

13. Do you trust Ria?
Very much... she hasnt done anything yet to break that!! :)

14. Have you dreamt of Keshi before?
O my godddd.... keshi u really want me to answer this!! :D

15. Oh no, Ceedy got kidnapped by aliens! What do you say once they get back?
Wud u like to try again!!! lolzzzz

16. Does Cess make you hot?
well... she hasnt tried yet!!! :P

17 Name something you have in common with Solitaire?
The letter a appears exactly once in our first name!!! :P

18. What is one thing Aneri isn't exactly made for?
To get angry!!! :P

19. What would you do without Princess Mia?
I dont know, may be i wud still live!! :D
but yeah... painful!!! ;)

20. What is or would be a good nickname for Ella?
I have already given her one!! :D :D

Thursday, September 25

Happy Birthday Anjuli

Today is the birthday of Anjuli , so Heres wishing her many many happy returns of the day!!!

May god gives you whatever you wish for...!!!

Enjoy this day and have a blast in Toyland!!!



Thursday, September 18

एक टूटी हुई खूबसूरत तस्वीर हूँ

This poem is written by a very dear friend of mine, and I took the permission from her to post it here on my blog simply because I loved it!!!

कहते हैं की खुदा ने मुझे बड़ी फुर्सत में बनाया है,

मेरे हर अंग को उसने अपने हाथों से तराशा है।

दुनिया मेरी खूबसूरती की उपमाएं देती है,

मेरे हुस्न पर ताकतें लड़ उठती हैं।

पर मुझे मेरे अपनों ने लूट लिया है,

मुझे छलनी कर तन्हा छोड़ दिया है।

मेरे आँसू, मेरे दर्द को कोई समझता नही है,

मेरी गमगीन हालत पर कोई तरस नहीं खाता

हर रोज़ मेरी नुमाइश होती है,

पर कोई खरीददार नहीं आता।

प्यार का वादा सब करते हैं लेकिन,

उसे निभा कोई नहीं पता।

मैं दुसरो के लिए ख्वाइश हूँ, जन्नत हूँ,

अपनों के लिए गर्त हूँ।

सालों से लड़ रहीं हूँ अपनी खुशी के लिए,

पर अब टूट चुकी हूँ।

इंतज़ार है ऐसे रकीब का, जो अपना बना ले, गले से लगा ले।

मैं इंतजार में हूँ...

मैं एक टूटी हुई खूबसूरत तस्वीर हूँ,

मैं काशमीर हूँ।

She writes here --> Happy Soul

Note: - Havent taken her permission yet for the hindi translation, as she approves it will be up!!! :)

Tuesday, September 16

Kshama Daan - Forgiveness!!

I am a Jain by religion and sometimes i do follow some good things which are said by my religion. Today is the great day of "Kshama Vaani" (voice for forgiveness), which means that today nothing else but the words of forgiveness shall come from my mouth!!!

So Today, here, I bend both my hands in form of Namaskar and I ask for all of your forgiveness. Whatever mistakes I have made, directly or indirectly which has resulted in hurting you or insulting you by any means... I am sorry for all those!!!

I think its time for me to publicly apologize for writing nasty comments, insulting you or anyone at your private space, not visiting you even after promising, making fun of you or your posts. If I have committed any of these acts or any other mistakes, then i publicly apologize to all of you!!!!

I apologize to all of you... Chintan, Dr Priyanka, Veena, Sneha, Keshi, Anvita, Pallavi, Neelabh, Priya Handa, Anjuli, Samby, Nehya, Vandita, Lena, Ashu, Ria, Radhika, Vrij, Gunj, Kamaljit, Prashant, Nirmal, xh, Mishra, Rayshma, Amy, Chakoli, Gonecase, Craziest, Prakruti, Kashmira, Pavi, Stupid (sorry that i dont know ur name!) and everyone else whom I have not mentioned here (not intentionally) but i ask for their forgiveness!! :) (no order for the list)

You all count in my family as this is the place what I call it, my life after life!!! :)
So I ask for all of your forgiveness!!! :)

Those who i know personally and i have emails or contacts, I will also ask for it one more time... :)

Hope you all will forgive me!!! :)

Also, just to tell you that this festival is not so that we can make mistakes intentionally thinking that the day will come and we will ask for the forgiveness, but as we are human and bound to make mistakes, we accept it with humility... And also promise not to repeat it...

KshamaDaan Mahadaan - Forgiveness is the biggest gift!!! :)

Saturday, September 13

How Long???

Note: - I know there are many of you reading me, who will just say that we dont have any interest in politics, but I hope you have interest in your and your loved ones lives. Even after being so literate we just wait for the things to happen to us, and then only we will have a voice over things!! I hope the day dont have to come where you go through it to understand what it is, but to understand you only need a heart... Hope you are listening!!! :)
Its just not about a country, but its about what the world is turning to!!!

It has been a long time since we are living in the shades of fear. The never lasting series of blasts is taking a toll not only on the lives of many, but also more and so on the lives of who go through it and also who fear it to be true!!!

The series started with my hometown this year and has been extended to Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Surat and now Delhi. Innocent people die, they give up their lives, because some people who are mad enough not to understand that this wont help anyone, keep doing it in the name of Religion. The so called Zihaad is helping no one, the people who die have no religion, the people who suffer have one though, and the religion they all share is called "Victim"!!!

Watched the news, and the central government declined the demand of the state of Gujarat to have a law which enables better law enforcement while catching terrorists (I know many will have a different view, and certainly we can debate!!), but it has been declined because of so called communalism but the bigger reason is a political one where the opposition wants to become the ruling party by having the votes of one community!!!

There is a lack of political will and the focus is more on to catch the people after the act, rather than been proactive and preventing them. When such terrorists are caught, the so called human activists come out to save their lives. The people in one state are demanding to join another nation, and in some other states people are thinking that their state is a nation.

If you hear some of the political leaders talking in one of such states you will surely think that whats the law enforcement agencies doing. One person think that he is the voice of millions living as if the place belongs and owned by his forefathers!!

What lacks clearly is a political and social will to punish and end it at once. I watched Wednesday, and I think that some one has to come out as a common man to tell the powerful people that they arent gonna be watching endlessly where many like us give up their lives.

I dont know a solution but yes I surely know there is some problem!!! How Long are we going to let this happen and play with our lives???

The only thing I know is that this will only strengthen my will to join the Politics!!!

Thursday, September 11

Just Thoughts...

Okie... I think I should make you feel good first so that you guys read it all!!

So, I admit to all those who used to think, this guy is mad,then I accept, I AM!! :D :P

I really dont know what I want from life, One day I think of something, and the other day I think of something else!! No fixed goals, no short term set targets, just dream big but no plans to achieve them!! :D

I think i want to be aloof, alone and then sometimes i think i badly need someone. I need to be taken care off, coz i hate to pretend that I am a very strong person!! 

And then I again think, No, this is the way i should be... Lonely!!! 

I think of giving up on sweets and carbs one day, and the next day I think, just once more...

Think of start running in the morning and then it starts rain in the mornings... even i think god is also not with me!! lolzzz

Sometimes, i think i should reduce my weight, and then I think, so what, if people like the exterior more then let it be. Y should i change for others... and then i think, no i should!! :P

I think of giving up the time i spend online, then i think i cant live without it, which is quite true, I am addicted!! 

I think of not living with friends, but then I find it most difficult not having them. Then i make the mistake of too early calling someone friend and then it hits right on the head, for making the mistake of calling them one!! !

There are too many things for which i repent, but the most I do was to be loved and to love!! But that is for myself!! 

Still someday i feel like i should fall in love, and someday... 

Still... Life goes on... killing everyday slightly!! ;)

Disclaimer: All above written is totally inspired from a movie!! lolzzz

Wednesday, September 10

Making A Difference

Yesterday, I was out whole day for attending a seminar. Heard a story, which i think wasn't new to me, and I don't even think to you too, but would like to share here with you....

An old man had a habbit of going for a walk every day at 5am. His house was just next to the shore and he used to walk around the shore everyday. This was one of such days that he came out for the walk. After walking some distance he saw a very young child dancing on the shore at some distance. He became curious that what at morning 5am, this child is upto. He increased his pace to reach to the boy.
When he reached, he realized that the boy isnt dancing but throwing the star-fishes into the water. He became amazed and asked the boy what he is upto! The boy replied that Sir, the sun will be out in some time, and then these star fishes will die because of the heat. So I am trying to put them into the water to save their lives.
The old man said, that there are thousands of star-fishes around you, how does it matter? The little boy just picked up a star-fish, threw it into the water, looked at the old man and said... Sir, I just made a difference!!!

The whole point of the story is that whether we put in small efforts or big, somehow they all matter. Thinking how will it, doesnt make any!!! :)

Also here I request all of you to help out the Bihar flood victims with whatever you can, rather than thinking how will it make a difference. You never know that the amount may be enough to save the life of a little child at least for one afternoon!!! :)

Leaving you, with the picture of the disaster.

Wednesday, September 3

Ganesha... My Life Line!!

I dedicate this post to Ganesha. He is my best god and there was a time, when I was in crisis and I know that he pulled me out of it all. He is my Ishta Dev and given me a lot in this life. 

Ganesha, I love you God!! :)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Folks!!! 

P.S. There is another post just below this, so check that one too!! 

D lIfE oF @ JoKeR

Just wanna know.. what do u guys infer from the title of the post?

The Good, The Bad or The Ugly!!!!
Keep me posted!!


P.S. More to follow...

Tuesday, September 2

Absofuckinglutely Awesome!!!!

I think we were overburdened and overboard/overbored with the love triangle that Bollywood had to offer. But I think now we can say, that we are a part of grown up and mature cinema!!!

I think i have seen one of the best directed/scripted/narrated movie of our time. People say Dil Chahta Hai was/is a cult... then i think the era has just begin, the road has just been laid down... A new Cult will follow- The Rock in Indian Cinema!!!

I was spellbound with the expectation i had when i went into the theatre to watch the "EXPERIENCE" i had... and believe me, you go there for watch a movie but this is simply experience!!!

In the afternoon a friend was telling me that this is a movie which will tell you that you should follow your passion, but then which movie dont!!! I think this is a movie which tells you, enjoy!!! 

Its a slow movie, offcourse, coz with the speed of the rock, the pace of the movie cant move... And i somehow think that if the movies' pace wud have been faster then it would have been different or i say... not that big a hit for me!!! 

Just was chatting to a friend, who is a director himself, studying in a World famous direction school in Sydney, and has directed one small movie which was nominated for one award, and i was telling him, that its the best he can watch in Indian Cinema!! 

Somehow i think Anjuli, was perfectly right when she said awesome(cube)... Thankya Anjuli!!! 

I think director Abhiskek Kapoor has made an awesome flick... and Farhan Akhtar wont regret it ever after Dil Chahta Hai... Hats off to you guys!!!


Wednesday, August 27


While coming back from Jaipur (home), I travelled with India's most prestigious Airlines... INDIAN!! Now i hope after reading this post, Mr Prafful Patel, honorable cabinet minister, Ministry of Civil Aviation, doesnt sue me, so please any lawyers for the taking!! lolzzz

I entered the Jaipur aiport and moved to the scanning counter and much to my surprise there was no one from the prestigious airline to Welcome, but yes 2 of the civil servants (mockingly and not IAS) were sitting there chatting with each other. Almost every other airline which had a flight then (Jet, even Spicejet) was there. Now i shlould tell you that this was my first fight with our national airlines, previously i have only travelled with Kingfisher (my favorate) and Jet several times, but not with any other.

Then i went to the checkin counter and there were 2 GUYS (service industry yaar :P ) sitting there, and without asking me my prefrence and before i could have said, Aisle, he gave me the ticket, Luckily for him (and offcourse me ;) ), it was an Aisle!!

Cleared secutiry and moved to the other half of the airport, and no one to welcome there also, just one to confirm in his sheet that yes, 18C is booked. I walked to the aircraft and it was an A320. But believe me, the real surprise was yet to come...

I climbed up the stairs, and guess what... 2 aunties were there to welcome me!!! Gosh... terrible, but somehow she said Good Morning!! :D Once uncle was talkin on the phone as the announcement for seatbelts and take off was already made, and one of the aunties, in a sarcastic language asked him to stop!! It was terrible, believe me!!

After some time in the flight, I pressed the switch to call the steward, she came, i asked for water, she said ok, did not switch it off, and till next 15 mins no one was there. Luckily there was a young one in the business class, she came, asked for what i want, and she came back with a water bottle in next 2 mins.

And yeah, before that i also asked for Economice times, which was never served, the uncle sitting on window asked for a hindi newspaper, and still Indian Express was served, Third time i gave him the one lying in front of me!!

The only thing good about the whole experience was the breakfast served which was the same as i have it in King, and also the safe landing! :P

And yeah, the Mumbai Airport has changed a lot, and the change is for good... :)

But my only advise is, howsoever nationalist you are, still capitalism is the key! lolzzz. If you are a visitor then dont dare travel in the prestigious airline!!

King is really the king of good times!!! :)


Thursday, August 21

Vacations Over!!

I am back after a long vacation from back home... It was fun and costly too (cozz of Rakhi! !:P )

On the eve of Rakhi, me with my cousins and Chachi(Aunt) went to eat some chat pakodi, and the shopkeeper asked me, Bhaisahab, aapki Rakhi ki shop hai!! :P
Look at my hand...
and i said, nahi, but i have sisters in lot!! :D
and i m lucky with that, i have so many sisters that i feel lucky to be pampered by them!! :D

Also trying to catch up with all of your blogs but i think the backlog will take some time for me to do the act!! :D

But yes, the good news is that it was a great day for Indian Sports, and finally we won 2 medals in Beijing today (1 Bronze, and 1 more bronze atleast), so its time to cheer up. Hopefully this will make the government realize and take some steps towards the betterment of Sports.

Also to mention the fact that this country has a popular slogan, which is... "Kheloge koodoge toh banoge kharab, padhoge likhoge toh banoge mahan..." and i think its time to change the mentality towards the sports and sportsmen. They come from our families only, and we need to praise them for what they are doing. Medal or no medal, but them having the fighting spirit is what matters in the end.

Also liked the approach of Media too which actually didnt showed the cricket news, but kept focusing on the athletics achievement in Beijing. Time for some change now i guess!!!

Also, Indian cricket team finally won a one dayer in Sri Lanka and Mr Mendis didnt trouble them much. I hope in coming future they are not going to be bowled completely over by Mendis Gugly!! lolzzzz

Friday, August 8

Vacation Time

Leaving for home today till next weekend which is Rakhi. Will be staying and enjoying in Mumbai for today and tomorrow and leaving from Mumbai tomorrow Evening!

I guess i will be a little late in catching up with your blog for time being, so just cope up with me and keep visiting. I will keep visiting you but may or may not be dropping a comment, but it will come later for sure!!!

and yes... i m leaving you all with a Question, taking the cue from Solitaire ...

What would you do if after taking a bath, you realise that you have left your towel in the bedroom and you have left the big window of the room open?

Waiting for your witty answers... have fun!!!


Monday, August 4

Weekend Fun...

Happy Friendship Day to all of you out there!!
hope u had fun...

My weekend was great and saw Mummy III and Ugli aur Pagli over the weekend, and it ended with this weird combo... i doubt any of u have tried it, but it was awesome!!

B n Sizzling Brownie

Sorry for the resolution of the pic!!!

I guess rain inspires me a lot to write, and its raining outside... And power cut is about to happen... :P

So i will have another cup of Ginger and Black Pepper tea!! :D

Tuesday, July 29


Its raining here in Pune, for past 3 days. The weather is awesomely romantic, and I want to be out there, in the mountains, camp firing, rain dancing!! :D

But I think of a question too...

Why cant we just be friend with girls?

Dont know, but i think, most of the times, when a male approach some girl, its always seen as flirting!!! If a male try to talk to them, it seems that he wants to take her out on a date! If a male asks her out, it nothing but a date! If a male ask for the mobile no, oh, he will send them all creepy msgs!
Which city, email, blah blah blah... the male one just want to exploit, he is not real, he is weird, he will misuse!!!

But if the same happens from female side, then males arent allowed to say No! If they ask for cell no, then males cant say No!
Males should tell everything, because they are the worst of it kinds, if they dont, then they are fake!!

If a male is not telling, he is bhav khaooing (showing attitude), but females, they just do it for their safety!!!

And if it is asked to some female, its her choice, when to tell and even to tell or not!!!

I dont know why we males are treated like this, Cant we be genuine, do you think all male are hungry for sex, and that too everytime!!!

I as a male understand that yes, their are bad ppl, who can exploit, but then why is it everyone who is blamed? And the same goes for females too then!!

C'mon, We are real, emotional, and we can be friends too... Some bad experience of yours cant blame the whole gender!! :)

If we think of(just think of) some female to be a friend, its just labelled to be Love, too soon!!! There is a lot of difference between liking and loving, just like boy friend and lover!!

And ya, may be i m generalising, coz it happens most of the times, if not always!! :D
and i m certainly not a hunk, or Cutie pie... :P

God, how horrible it becomes!! :P
Male bhais, plzzz dont take the liberty, ask them... what they want, after all we are the inferior ones!! lolzzz

To all my female friends, this was a general thought which came to my mind, not that i have experienced it today and i am ranting out here!! lolzz

I know it sounds like some hindi movie dialog, But...
Cant We be just friends?

Besharm hoon, kya karoon!! :D ;)

Thursday, July 24

Saza~~~ Punishment!!!

दिल के किसी कोने मे जगह खाली है
हमे बस उसमे तुम पनाह दे दो
कुछ न मांगेंगे उम्र भर तुमसे
खुदसे मिलने की बस ये सज़ा दे दो

English Translation

There is some space in the heart
give me the a place to stay there
Wont ask you for anything else but
give me the punishment to meet u once...

Not well and down with fever, still working in office!! :(
Catch up with you and your blogs pretty soon! :)

Happy Reading...

Sunday, July 20

The Business of Trade

No, I am not talking about Share Bazaar (Share Indices or Sensex), but offcourse I am back with one of the most favorite topics of mine: - The Great Indian/World Politics!!!

Those who aren’t aware, Currently India (a democratic state) has/had a coalition government (Congree+Left+SmallParties) in power, but LEFT(leftists) has withdrawn support due to the Nuclear deal which was to be signed by Dr Manmohan Singh (PM), reason being, India will be sub-servant to US.
I don’t know much about this deal in detail so won’t comment on it.

There is a high voltage drama which is going on, and MP (Member of Parliament) is traded for a sum of whooping 5-10million USD. This has made the situation worst, and poaching/trading/buying, all of them are allowed!
Now you must be wondering how it does matters you (mostly Indians), so I present 2 examples to you:-
1) I booked the tickets online for BATMAN (The Dark Knight), and then waited in a Queue for 15 minutes to collect. It was a multiplex so the crowd was supposively the educated Indian Middle Class or high class, so they weren’t ready to wait and everyone wanted to bypass everything... I actually ended up telling 5 people to come in the Queue, shouting at the service person not to
entertain people who are not in the Queue...Now its easy to blame that such is the system in India, but believe me, it was us who was making this a Chaos!!!

2) 2003 IAS (Indian Administrative Services) topper being asked in one talk show, Why do you want to be a part of bureaucracy when it sucks big-time?
He answered, sitting outside, its easy to judge for us, but would you like to be a part of it to change, and if not you, then Someone, someone has to get her hands dirty to clean up!!!

Both the instances aren’t one of its kinds, but they teach us a lot!!! It’s easy to blame people/politics/society sitting outside, but it’s us, who form it!!! May it be the government or the society!!!
Let me ask you a question, how many times you have done this, reaching late to the movie hall and then trying to bypass so that your turn comes faster? Just because you think you don’t have time, or you are late for the show, does it means that others time has no value?
Or who forms this government, not the Parties or MP's but you and me, who vote (and if don’t then we shouldn’t be saying a word against the system!!!)?

What’s going on currently sounds ridiculous, the ruling party wants to prove the majority because Inflation has hit the peak (more than 12%), SENSEX is down to 12000 from 20000, Crude prices are high like anything... but do we try to change any of this?
May be I sound like a mean critic and you may show the attitude, who cares, but really, if we wont care, then the tomorrow wont ever be the same!!!

Wish ourselves luck guys and hope that if we think of changing this society, then we act too...
Leaving you with a video, a small girl rather a Woman who touched my heart with her VOICE!!!

Wednesday, July 16

Would have Millionaire!!!

I have been given quite a few chances to became millionaire, but for that i should have been in US to sue them and claim it! :P
Here it goes ;)

1) It began with Mcdonalds (Gurgaon, MG Road). I ordered a McVeggie and a bottle of Pepsi. I started my meal and realize in the middle that the Pepsi isnt testing the same (yea yea it has a taste!! :D )!!!
I checked the bottle and realize that the "date of bottling + best before 3 months" is gone, so i called up the customer care again. The kid was really fundoo and this is what he told me... "Sir its best before, you can still drink it..." and i said Wow!!! Which means Mcdonalds offer me something which is really not in best of condition. Somehow i had a word with his Manager and he said Sorry to it, and sent me a new bottle and to my surprise, 2 more burgers and 2 shakes!!! :P

But its India, Deepeika advised me to sue them (my ex, she is a lawyer) but then we decided to go against it coz it was more of a pain for her!! :P
Lesson Learnt: Check the best before date on the bottle before drinking it...

2) Pizza Hut (Forum, Bangalore), Ordered a Pizza and paid on the phone using Credit card. I happily signed the reciept without offering a tip. My AMEX statement comes and what i realize is that i have paid some 50 Rs of tip for the Pizza!!!
And more than 50 Rs, i was worried that what this guy would have done with my CC number... which made me more angry. I had a word with the manager, the delivery guy was fired and what i get eventually is a dinner free at Pizza Hut!!!
And yes that was the last time in Bangalore they took an order on phone with credit card! :P
Lesson Learnt: Please make sure from the next time to encircle the final amount on the reciept!

3) This is the most hilarious one, coz i ordered a Pasta in Pizza Hut (Domlur, Bangalore, Veg offcourse), showing the picture of what i want, and what i get is a Chicken Pasta!! :P
And the hilarious part, this dood is showing me the picture of the Veg Pasta and telling me that I have ordered this Pasta which is a Chicken one!!! It was 11 pm in the night and they were about to close, other restaurants were also closed and I was hungry as anything!!!
But when such things happen they kill your hunger so i was more interested in fighting!!!! :P
I asked the Store manager to make sure that the GM talks to me ASAP!!! Somehow i get this impression that when i leave my card with people, they think i am some big shot!! :P hahaah
So the General Manager Pizza Hut came to my house after a day and surprised me... He Said sorry and gave me a written apology. This time frankly i was looking for a bigger compensation, so i told him that this is not done and all and this is the second time it is happening!!
He came with a free coupun and also offered me a dinner where he himself served me at the restaurant!!! This dood also came out to be my senior and it saved Pizza Hut coz all of marus or gujjus(pure veg :P ) know how it feels when someone serves you a Non Veg cuisine!! :P

Btw... i had 3 free meals there!! ! :D
Lesson Learnt:- Make sure of what you are eating even when you are eating in a MNC Restauruant!!!

Friday, July 11

Maa Ki Umar Ki!!!

I was thinking of writing a Thank You post for all you guys for really making me realize that neither should I hurry nor should i close myself for love, but this incident really boiled me up!!

I was coming back from office today some 30 mins back. I was crossing a signal and the vehicle in front of me pulled break and so did I. Suddenly i realise that my left feet is crashed with the front wheel of a Qualis!!!
I stood there and realized it, it was a cold feeling, and as everyone was blowing their horns so I made a move!!!

Now you can imagine that when I was driving almost at 10 kmph and I stopped some 2 mtrs before the vehicle in front of me, how much speed this Qualis was in!!!

I stopped myself at the beginning of the other road, and waited for this Qualis. The car came and i shouted at the driver (it was paining a lot!)... "Dekh kar nahi chala sakta kya, itni jaldi hai kya tujhe???" (Cant you drive watchfully, Are you in so much hurry???)

And suddenly i heard the sound of this lady, who was sitting in front seat of the vehicle, and she said "Yes, we are in a hurry!!!", and this was in English!!! and that totally pissed me off!!!

I shouted at the driver, "Itni jaldi hai kya ki kisi ki jaan le lega??" (Are you in so much hurry that you are going to kill someone?) and instead of driver the lady again replied, "Yes... We are in hurry!!!"
And that was the end!!! I shouted, "Lady, If you know 4 words in english, dont think you can do anything you illiterate!!!"

And she replied back... "We are in hurry, do whatever..."
I said... "I will report this... Wait a sec!!!"
And she said... "Do it...Driver chalo(leave)"

And it made me furious... and i shouted at the driver... "Isko sikha ki how to talk when you hit someone!!!" and i was about to get off my vehicle so that i stand in front of the vehicle and let it wait there till the police comes!!!

And then suddenly... "You are illiterate!!! "
And i said.. "Fuck off!!!"
And then she said... "Maa ki umar ki hoon teri mai..." (I am of your mother’s age!!!)
And i said... "Maa ki umar ki hone se kuch nahi hota, and I pointed my finger towards the brain, it comes from here!!!" (Being my mother’s age don’t help...)

And i just said... Asshole and left, coz if I really would have stopped then, i would have slapped her there and then!!!

Is it really justifiable, that if you are in hurry you kill someone???

Is it really justifiable that if you are an old aged woman and your car hit someone, it gives you liberty to talk like this, "Maa ki Umar ki!!!" ???

If someone doesnt behave like a human, should be differentiate then on the basis of Gender?

I havent changed anything what happened, not even the 2 words i said to her, because i felt completely pissed and furious, and if it would have been some guy, for sure i would have beaten him up!!!
I dont know how much right or wrong I am... but I am hurt without any of my fault, both mentally and physically!!!

Still guys, Thanks a lot for the responses on the last post, It really helped!!! :)


Tuesday, July 8

Love or No Love!!!

Today i decided to remain single for next 2 years which will turn me 30. No love, no relationships, no marriage!!!

Was having a discussion with a friend, and she said.. there is a time to everything Ankur... i said yes.. it hasn't come!!! :P

and just now one friend was sayin.. u bet!!! :P

Well, dont know... have read it a lot of places, commented on it.. but u do tell me... how does it feels to be single at 30?
Is it good, bad or kinda mix???
Implications u think???

Really dont have anything great to write so discussing my personal stuff here!!!
but really need u all, for me to look into my decision!!! :)


Thursday, July 3

No Title!!!

A Small poem written by me recently...

ये जो एहसास है
वो बहुत खास है
दिल की हर धड़कन पर
अब तुम्हारा नाम है
आंखो में तुम
लबो पर तुम
ख्वाबो में तुम
साँसों में तुम
फिर भी नही जानते है हम
क्या यही प्यार है!!!

English Translation

This feeling
is something special
on every heart beat
theres ur name
u r in sight
u r in talks
u r in dreams
u r in breath
but i dont know really
Whether this is Love!!!


This is an old one written by me some time back...

इंसानियत ही है मजहब और है ईमान भी
इंसान भी है तू और है मुस्लमान भी
खु का रंग नही बदलता है मज्हबे पाक से
न ही बदलती है शिक्षा पंडित या इस्लाम से
कुराने पाक हो या गीता सिखाती है सब यही
इंसानियत बड़ी है मजहब और हर इंसान से
मुक्कमल होने की तो बस तासीर होनी चाहिए
इंसान बन गया तो फिर और क्या चाहिए

English Translation

Humanity is religion and practice
Human you are so are you Muslim
The color of blood doesnt change with religion
neither the education with Pandit or Islam
Quaran or Geeta they preach this
Humanity is greater every religion and individual
U just need the flavor to be complete
If you become a human then wat else u need!!!

None of these 2 poems here has anything to do with any person living or dead currently...
I dont know how much sense these 2 here will make to you, but then they make a lot of sense to me! :)

Also, Making a lot of mistakes these days while commenting, so forgive me if I dont comment on your blogs for sometime!
I think I am out of my mind these days!!! lolzzz

Have fun.. Cheers!!!

Monday, June 30

I am Embarrassed!!!

Now this is the creative side of mine, so i decided to create a tag and tag ppl too. Always use to thought that somewhere these must originate, now i know where!!! :D
So here i go with 5 moments which actually embarrassed me, the most!!

1) My dad was transferred to a small town in Rajasthan, and i actually decided that i should move too. Everyone said No to it, but then...
So this was a new day in school, year 1992, i wore a blue short with draw strings and as usual a nice pair of specs. But to my amusement ( not at all), in the interval these guys in the school decided to bully me... and i was called as "Chasmudin Chaddiwala" (cant translate as in English it means nothing but a funny term coined just for me in hindi!!! ).
I decided to ran away from the school and then in the interval, i ran! I didn’t wait for the nice cab which use to pick me up and walked almost 6 kms on my foot! That was the last day of my school in that town, i was back to my convent!!! Lolzzzz

2) As a usual teenager, i was driving my bike but rather concentrating more on the girls driving a kinetic. So i didn’t saw the divider on the road and rammed my bike into it!!! To save myself from the embarrassment, i got up immediately, tried some stretching and all, and picked my bike from the scene. The girls stopped and as soon as i got up, they left!!! It pained lot girls!! :P

3) I have done blunders in typo. Once i was discussing SEZ's (Special Economic Zones) in a public chat room on a website forum. Now there was a girl who was showing her tremendous knowledge, so i wrote... Sammy (name changed) is an expert in SEX, so u can ask anything from her... and i didnt realize!!!
Later on i was all bombarded with calls n msges, and i was blocked on the site!!! Somehow, ppl realized, that how near Z & X is!!! :P

4) Same typo with another blunder, I called Sneha a Shrek instead of a Shrink (Sorry Sneha), and didn’t realize it until Chintan explicitly told me what I have done!!! :P
I was calling her Shrek and above all i told her that she has never said she isn’t one!! (Thinking of her as a Shrink :P) and also that Shrek’s are beautiful!!! :P

5) A friend of mine called me at 11 in the night, he needed some songs, and i said that I am not at home, at some friends place so he can come tomorrow!!!
The last thing i expected, my rommie came in next 2 minutes and i saw this friend of mine with him!!! I felt like... Gosh!!! And then i was just making excuses that i was busy and all kinda!! :P
Guys, i felt like i should be alone!!! :D

Now i tag Solitaire, Ria, Ashu, Pri, Ceedy for the same. Rules are: 5 moments and 5 ppl to be tagged!!! Come on guys, please help me spread my creativity!! :D

btw... among all this, yesterday was like a dream come true for me, I clicked a photo of mine with Mclaren Mercedes F1 car, the original one and it was on display in India for some time. I was lucky enough to be clicked with it. It was like a dream come true. Offcourse the bigger one is to drive a Ferrari someday!!! :D
I know, i know i am asking for too much Guys!! :D but if Vijay Malya can y cant I !!! :D

Here are the pics... Enjoy!!

Tuesday, June 24

Have Ur Say!!!

It was a chat which took place between a friend (D here)of mine and me, and she wants to know how you all think about this!!!
So read this and I am waiting to hear all of you on this!!!

D: Life is what's coming....not what was.

12:32 PM me: heheh
yeh kahan se aya

D: pehle bata sahi hai na

12:33 PM me: yes

12:34 PM D: hmm ek friend ne forwrad message bheja

me: yes... we all are futuristic
so its kinda true

12:35 PM D: past cannot b changed present and future can b changed

12:36 PM me: well... agree a lil
not completely
present is a repurcussion of past
future will be the same too
those who believe in destiny... future cant be changed for them
12:37 PM and its written!!! :)

D: absolutely correct now it depends on us how far we want these repurcussions should take us

me: it has taken us this far
and its not abt how far they take us
12:38 PM u know one scientific fact!
forgetting something is never been proved, its just that we dont tend to remember!!! :)

12:40 PM D: human psychology is difficult to understand we all ve our point of view but then we create most of the situations in our life
and life is not wht has happened it is about wht is and wht will

12:41 PM me: what has happened has to do a lot with what it is and what will
12:42 PM we all carry a shadow of our past with us
its how we develop ourselves, and learn things
may it be speakin some language, knowing our parents or understanding wat relations mean to us

12:43 PM D: Past is a gr8 teacher i agree but it is not life
u cannot stick it on ur face and move ahead

me: but it makes life

12:44 PM D: a part of life

me: nothing is life then
life is a set which consists of multiple subsets
12:45 PM its an equation which cant be formed witout past
and the outcome definitely depends on how the past was for us

12:46 PM D: its an equation which cant be formed witout past...but it cannot b formed without present and future two and if u c the ratio is higher here.

me: no my dear

D: is my friend

me: that where the difference is
the equations leads to present
12:47 PM and then present takes the form of the past
and future of present

12:48 PM D: i agree so the better U make ur present and future. The better will be the past and the equation of life will b set right

me: yes... but whats important is the past

D: nah imp is wht u make it

me: as u said u agree
u agreed to the fact that its how the past shapes the present
12:49 PM and on which will depends the future!!! :)

D: not at all
i said u creat ur present n future which will become ur past
past is the result

12:50 PM me: hahah
now thats the funniest i have heard
past is the result
we are moving ahead

D: it is

me: not from old to child

12:51 PM D: arent u mixingtwo things

me: nope
i m not

D: when u get born thts ur present

me: i m pretty sure
without past incidents it would have been possible???

12:52 PM D: n when u become two days old ur first day is ur past

me: not at all
my birth in itself depends on some past events
nothing is new
it all depends on past

12:53 PM D: /;0
u ve convinced urself well

me: u cant win with me in arguments.. but i rest my case
and arguments
and i agree to u

12:54 PM D: it was a discussion
u c
hey why dont u post something like this on ur blog
n lets c wht ppl have to say

me: okie
will try it out

D: cool

So guys... have a say!!! :)

Monday, June 23

Its Cindy's B'day Today!!!

It's Pallavi aka Cinderella aka Ella's Birthday today...

So let us wish her many many happy returns of the day!!!

May god gives you whatever you wish for... and hopefully u have a party ready for us tonite!!! :D

Wish you and your guy a lot of happiness!!!

Enjoy this day and have a blast!!!



Saturday, June 21

10 Things you dont know about ME!!!

I was tagged by Solitaire to tell my ten secrets you dont know about me!!!

My title sounds like a book title, isnt, and yes coz i have so much and so many secrets to tell you, but lets start with these 10 ;)

1) I am phobic to public toilets, i hate using them!!!
When they showed the toilet in movie Aamir, i literally shivered!!
Also for the same reason i dont stay at any of my friends place coz i like the toilet to be neat n clean... otherwise its better not to use it!!!

2) I cant touch or pick any insect, specially bees n cockroaches... yuck, they dont take a wash ever after their birth!! Dirty Beings!!! lolzz

3) I have got 40 stitch marks in all on my face, 32 from a single accident some 10 years back where the left side of the face was literally opened!!! I have a bad history of accidents!!! Hope u wont be afraid of becoming my pillion now!!! lolzzz

4) I am a big junk food fan, anytime, everytime!!! I can tell you the best shop for any particualr item in my city (Jaipur)!! I drive for 12 kms to eat a Kachori infact at times!!! :D

5) I started walking when i was 9 months old & reading the newspaper at the age of 2 years!!!

6) I am a big time nature fan, i can sit for whole day at the shore of a river in a jungle, or top of a peak just watching the beauty around!!!

7) I had a crush on my teacher in class 1st and she used to invite me a lot to her house in every function!!! I think she liked me as a child!!! :D
I still miss my mam!!! :)

8) The day when i gave the interview for admission of MBA at Symbi, my dad was operated for open heart surgery!!! I still hate myself for doing it just because Dad said so!!! He is perfectly fine now.

9) I was once stranded in the middle of a mob (some 200 ppl), when i asked some guy not to tease my neighbour Didi and hit him hard when he said NO!!!
He later came back with the whole bunch and later got a good stick from Police!!! lolzzz
And the funniest part was that i were thinking that i can beat all of them up!!! :D

10) After my XII standard exam, as per most of my relatives and friends, i only deserved to be a Gadariya( Shepherd)!!! lolzzzz
I screwed it bigtime after my accident!!! :D

Now i tag,

Pri, Ella, Radhika, Aneri, Veens, Ashu, Keshi, Vrij, Anvita, Chakoli & Ceedy!!!

Image Coutesy: Corbis

Tuesday, June 17

Love Me Again!!!

Disclaimer: After reading first few comments, i have to put this.
These are simple plain emotions, i m not begging for love to anyone.This was just a mood swing as the day made me a lil nostalgic, I am happy and happily single!!!

Not so happy morning, they all say I will be happy again, but they cant predict when!!!

Today is 17th June... and i cant stop remembering the past!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!
May u get wat u wish for!!!!
and u know i cant stop asking for u, ever!!! :)

Today i read a mix of posts, but they all were happy, still i find myself in the middle of emotions, when i read someones 'I' tag... i do cry for the crazy time which was spent together!!!

I cant forget nothing!!!

I think I need to be loved again, i need those emotions back in my life...badly!!!
I need someone who accepts me with what I am, no prejudices, no expectations... just be wat u r and i will be wat i m...
I miss the time which i spent with her, togetherness, when i used to look at her for hours, at times her making faces at me, showing me emotions, crazy ones...
I miss the time when i really was in love, red blue purple... every color was so true!!!
I miss the time when i used to tease her for eating something and then not eating something... When i forced her to eat when she felt like...
I miss her complaints that she is hungry while we were travelling and me fightin with her coz i asked her to eat something!!!

I remember the time when she used to force me out of some store because she said that i shouldnt buy for her coz i dont earn!!!!
and then how she looted me on my first salary...

I miss her waiting to eat that sizzling brownie and giving me those looks, and then her eating it with making faces at me!!!!

I miss talkin to her endlessly about our kids, or the only i dreamt of, a girl...
I remember how she actually didnt talk to me for 2 days coz i jokingly said i want my girl to be like Priyanka Chopra and she yelled!!!

I miss that miss call on my cell, I miss her sayin that dont keep the phone plzzz... i miss her sayin dont give me a call when I am in the class coz i cant concentrate then!!!

i miss looking into those eyes... i miss the touch, the warmth, the love and the affection... i miss the care...

I misss everything but above all i miss being loved!!!

Love me Again!!!

This post was started by me in the evening but cudnt complete it!!!
So here i m :)

Friday, June 13

Break Time...

I am playing a host to my mom dad, so taking a break from blogging for whole of next week and more.

Will keep visiting you Amigos, may or may not leaving the comment!!!

Happy Weekend...
Have a Rocking Time...

Tuesday, June 10

I am What i think!!!

I have been tagged by Vrij for this. I really liked this one.

So here it goes...

I am: A nerd and a child.

I think: A lot especially about people and her.

I know: Past cant be rewritten.

I want: A lot from life and satisfaction with it!

I have: Wisdom and Emotions!

I wish: My past revisits my future. :)

I hate: The fact that i feel so lonely with so many friends around.

I miss: Time Spent in Delhi with someone special.

I fear: Myself!

I feel: Miserable!

I hear: A song playin on my laptop. "Tere mere milan ki yeh raina..."

I smell: Joy!

I crave: People in this world will be more happy

I search: Myself!

I wonder: If i can have a home in Himalayas!

I regret: Lot of things, better unsaid!!!

I love: My parents and friends!

I ache: Rarely!

I am not: Foolish though u may call me stupid at times!!!

I believe: That i can make a difference.

I dance: When I am really happy!

I sing: "Ab to aadat si hai mujhko aise jeen mai... " from Kalyug!

I cry: A lot inside!

I don’t always: Fear the truth!

I fight: With myself!

I write: What I think!

I win: I wish people's heart!

I lose: A lot when i fight!

I never: will regret that i loved someone!

I always: Want to be what I am!

I confuse: Others mostly!

I listen: People at the roadside begging!

I can usually be found: Just look around if you are a friend!

I am scared: Of Myself!

I need: Someone for sure!

I am happy about: That I have lil power to make others happy!

I imagine: A Dream World!

I tag: No One! Feel free if you like it!

It was raining outside when i started this and it has stopped now... I wish it remains the same whole monsoon... :)

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Friday, June 6

D Quirk-tag

The Rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you… Ceedy Bhai
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged..


1) Girls find me a flirt in the beginning and later on they became good friends. Most of my real life girl friends actually thought i was flirting with them... :P
and yes, i love them all!!! :D

2) I am a complete foodie. Even when i am dating (i mean used to!! :P ), i still used to thought a lot abt food (dont think dirty fantasies!! :P ). My girl always liked to order Cheese Pizza at Pizza hut which i hate coz i like veggie supreme a lot... and then i cudnt share with her ;)
But when i m eating, u really need to be alert if u wanna eat something!!! :P
Also I dont like to experiment with food when i m super hungry!!! ;)

3) I am super emotional... any relationship means a lot to me!!!

4) I have become a complete net freak lately, anytime, everytime... cant live without it!!! If you ask me for a day without net, i find difficult to sleep!!! :D

5) I am talkative, you all must be knowing this with the size of comments i leave on ur blogs!!! :D

6) I am a complete movie buff!!! God forbid if on a date u talk abt some movies, coz i have loads to prescribe!!! :P
I can talk at any length about movies, relationship, and love!!! :)

Now tagging:
Keshi , Pri, Aneri, Veens, Ella, Vandita


Tuesday, June 3

A Day of Celebrations!!!

A fantastic day...

Started at 6.45 in the morning and then played cricket. In the office had loads of work so couldnt connect with my friends but did what was best possible!!!
A lot of issues at work (not with me but with my client ;) ) so day went by solving and answering them.

It rained a lot in Pune today, it started raining around 4pm and its still raining. I loved as i got completely wet while coming back. Its still raining in some parts so almost 5 hours it has been :D :D

Happy B'day Celebrations!!!

Well today is Dr Pri's Birthday. So lets all celebrate it here missing her as she is in Singapore enjoying the vacation with her parents and she will be back on 9th June.

So wish you lots of happiness and may god gives you everything you dream of!!! :)


Our own Kashmira aka Aneri_Masi wasnt happy today so lets give her a hug so that she feels great!!! :)


Our own Ella is back after a long hibernation (:D) so its time to celebrate ;)

Happy Moi!!!

Keshi left D 1st dedication for me at Ashu's place which made me very very happy!!! :D :D


Our own Ashu came up with a brilliant idea of Crush dedication which made my day!!!


Thursday, May 29


वो कहते है ख़त का मज्मु भांप लेते है लिफाफा देखकर
कोई पूछे उनसे की खू देखकर बता देगे किस काफिर का है
आह निकलती है खुलद से मोहम्मद की भी
फिर यह बता दो की इस राम की खता क्या है
दुआ मे मांगे थे नुज़ुम खुदा से नामाबर होकर
काता-ऐ-अमार और बलाएँ मिली है झोली भरकर
नज़र लगी है किसी जालिम की इस दर पर
दिया और इतना दिया है छप्पर फाड़ कर
बस तवक्को है इतनी खुदा से इनायत मे
दे दे मोहब्बत भी इस सितमगर को झोली भरकर

--------------------------English Translation------------------------------
They say the know the contents of letter just by looking at the envelope
Ask them whether they will tell by looking at the blood that whose is it?
Even Khuda curse them from the heaven itself
Then tell me whats the fault of Ram here?
We prayed as messenger to the god for stars
Killers and casualties is all what we have got in excess
Someone has cursed this land of ours
That god has given us a lot of all this
We just expect from the god in our prayers
That he teaches these killers how to love too!!!

Was thinking a lot when i was stranded outside my door as i left my key inside, thinking of calling someone' but had nothing to talk about, so called home, friends, all the lost contacts and then thought of this... Had a discussion with someone somewhere on the same lines in the morning and I was thinking this all along!!!
Don’t know how much i would be able to translate in English but i have tried my best.

I pray that those who are killed in the blasts, Gurjar Aandolan (something going on for reservation in northern India), China Quake and all the others who are losing their lives everyday because of terrorism and natural calamities, May their soul rest in Peace!!!


Sunday, May 25

An Unsent Letter

Hello Adam,

How are you?
I have few questions in mind and I dont know whom to write to, but then i thought of you, but I am not sure whether I am going to send this to you or not... Still I need to tell this to someone, so I think of you...

Isnt it is easy to say, dont feel alone, we are with you?

At times many of us say that, but how many are truly there at the time you need them most, at the time when you want them to forget the ego and listen to you, you venting out on anything, cribbing, and them not thinking that you are wrong because every normal human being goes through this phase in life...

Its easy to say that we dont, but just be truthful once... even when you argue you vent, otherwise when you know you are right, there is no need for you to explain... I do explain myself a lot of times...

Its easy to say, why do you? but then do you understand the way I want to say it, do you always look at the better side of it, not thinking the flip side of it?

I have you my friend and I still feel alone!!!

I feel alone even when I have so many friends and then i find no one to talk to, i feel alone because you dont want to listen to me, you dont want me to say so much, you have a mind to listen to but you cant give me your heart friend, you dont listen from your heart so your mind always judge me for what i say!!!

I wonder that how when I am in worst of the mood or going through a bad phase, and I take out my cell, i dont find no one to talk to, because I am afraid of you not listening to... ME!!!

I know I am over things as suggested but how now i think you arent over those things which you asked me to!!!

You call me a friend Adam, but sometimes you need to feel what you say, by your heart!!!


Thursday, May 22

Childhood Memories...

M B'day reminded me of the childhood day’s memories, pretty and nostalgic...

So let’s have a Deja Vu with those by quoting some happy memories from childhood.

1) B'day Celebrations!!!
It used to make me really happy when I got all the attention, and moreover all the gifts. :D

2) Chocolates!!!
My mom used to give me and my sister a chocolate every day after her day at work. I remember the name too… “Milky Bar…” Havent had any other chocolate than this one. It was my favorite.

3) Dresses!!!
It was an occasion when I used to get a new dress and it was a reason to celebrate too. I still remember how before the birthday or any festivals we used to prepare for the shopping. :D
4) Lunch boxes!!!
I am an admirer of good food since childhood and I still remember all my female friends used to fight that whose lunch box I am going to eat. :-P
I still remember this one girl who used to bring sweet sandwiches just for me. :D

5) Picnics!!!
Oh… at that time, even going to a local garden was celebrated as picnic. We used to take the lunch and water bottles with us and then used to eat there sitting under a tree.
Used to play cricket or some other game and had so much fun.
If it was some other city we used to be so excited and used to boast a lot to our friends about it. :P

6) Cards, Chupan chupai (Hide n Seek), Langdi Tang!!!
The best games we played, not like the present generations spending whole time sitting in front of TV with a X-Box. So many games there were and so many kids. Playing Cards were the best thing still and so were Sitolia, Gulli Danda!!!. :D
But I miss playing “Kanche” the most. My mom never let me play that because she said it is a bad habbit. :(
(Sorry keshi, I don’t know the English versions of these games.)

7) Comics
Omg… the best thing created by god ever…: D :D
I am an ardent follower of PRAN, the author/creator of Chacha Chaudhary, Pinky, Bablu and many more. :D
I used to read Nagraj, Dhruv, Doga, Ram Raheem, Krookbond, Bankelal, Chacha Bhatija and so many more comics.
Also Mendrek and Phantom were my favorite characters. :D
On my b’day I visited LANDMARK and asked them about hindi comics, but bad luck… :(

8) Ride on someone’s bike or own bicycle
In those times, it was an luxury and so does the car. I remember my dad bought an Ambassador in 1985 which he sold later, but till 1987 we used to ride on his Luna. :D
I had my own bicycle in class 8th (auto till then), and it was stolen too :(
But when we used to ride on someone’s bike it was an amazing experience and we used to talk about it. Hehe

There were so many other things which used to make me happy. They were small but beautiful. I really wonder nowadays when the children don’t know even the name of the kids who live in the same building, leave society even. We have been too busy with out laptops, TV’s and above all with ourselves.

But I surely had my happy childhood days. Tell me yours!!! :)

This is a pic i clicked recently on my trip to Delhi...


Sunday, May 18

Thank You...

Completed 28 yesterday... Thanks a lot to all those who did wish, and to all those too who are gonna wish me after reading this and cudnt earlier, know that you all werent aware...

Now 17th hold a great importance in my life beacuse
17th May :Moi B'day
17th June: B'day of someone special
17th Dec: Another special day as many of u said...

So yes, 17th is special for me ;) :D

My roommate and good friend Nilesh got this for me!!! :D :D

It was a fantastic day yesterday as friend came down from Mumbai and another cudnt came coz of flight delay!!! but a lot many friends from bloggersville too made it memorable by wishing me (actually remmebering it is a big task :D )

The most memorable thing which happened was that my parents and relatives partied on my behalf, called me, and they sang happy birthday to me (WOW!!!)... and my JAAN cut the cake (idiot) and also he was itraooing too... but i was really surprised as they didnt tell me this thing in the morning... oh i love and miss u all!!! :D :D

So there were actually 2 dinner parties thrown, one back at Jaipur and 1 here in Pune by me... BASHOs is the name of the place where we visited!!!

Another memorable thing happened in the noon when a friend of mine called me and she told me as she wasnt here and cudnt gift me something... she wrote a small piece for me which goes like this...

दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती अज़ीज़ है ,
तुझ से मिले नहीं फिर भी तू करीब है,
मोड कैसा भी हो जिस पर हम मिले,
खुदा की रजा से हम मिले हैं हम खुशनसीब हैं

and it goes like this in english...

Friend your friendship is very precious,
Havent met but still we are very near,
whatever were the crossroads where we met,
we are lucky that we met by the wish of god.

Aww.. Thanks a lot, You really made me feel special!!! :)

Also searched a lot to buy a new clothes and pair of new shoes (like a kid who's dying to shop on bday :D) in the noon but cudnt get one :( (I am really choosy when i go with the mood to shop, and when i m not in the mood then i like many :P).
Finally we went to Landmark in the night coz i wanted to buy something and friends were saying that i should something... i did buy.. Discovery of India by Jawahar Lal Nehru, an old book but recetly adviced by someone when i was travelling.

It was a great day yesterday... enjoyed a lot after a long time and Thanks to all dear friends who were there with me...

And yes, a friend recently said abt obesity and i m taking it positively and I am sure am going to reduce 5 kgs in the coming month, so 17th Jun.. i will be 75kgs, not 80... and do i look like 100??? :P :P
hehe... but yes, gonna work a lot on obesity... i know u said it for my good!!! :)

Hoping tat I will become a lil better human with time!!!


Saturday, May 17


This date is of a great significance in my life!!!

Any guesses...

Wednesday, May 14


Dedicated to a very dear Friend... :)

गालों की रंगत हमने देखी नही
आंखो की मस्ती भी देखी नही
लबो का चलना हमने देखा नही
देखा है बस तेरा यह इठलाना

नज़रे हैं बेताब हमारी
कान भी हैं बेकरार
करते हैं बस तेरा
और तेरा ही इंतज़ार

तेरे हुस्न के दीदार को
दिल भी बेकरार है
तेरे होठों से सुनने की
हमे फिर भी आस है

करते हैं इंतज़ार हम
तेरे दीदार का
कहेंगे क़यामत से भी
थोड़ा इंतज़ार कर

आने वाला है हुस्न वो
जिसका इंतज़ार था
पुरी होंगी हसरते
जब उसका दीदार होगा

जिंदगी के आईने मैं
सब कुछ साकार होगा
मरने या जीने का हमे
न कोई एहसास होगा

धड़कने रुक सी गई होंगी
जिंदगी थम सी गई होगी
और उसके हुस्न से
पूरे चाँद का दीदार होगा

Tuesday, May 13


Motherfuckers rocked Jaipur too...

5 Bomb Blasts have taken place in the city and that too to the core of the city, these bastards will never stop, i m furious!!!

will kill these ppl some day, i swear!!!


Latest news 7 blasts, 2 live bombs are under difussion, 35 ppl have died and more than 100 injured :(

God give these MF's some brains!!!

60 ppl have died, 150 injured and bomb still under diffusion!!! :(

75 lost their lives till time for wat??? why do they have to do this??? wats the purpose of killing human beings??? Is life so cheap??? Why dont u realise that this is something not worth enugh???? what will u answer to ur bhagwan, allah or rab??

So very Pointless!!! :(((((

Saturday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day

I would like to begin this with something for all you women readers there...

You all are special in some way or other coz u have been/will be mother one day or other (not necessarily physically). You all have the power to make all of us feel special by caring for us and showing wat a woman can be when she acts like mother (sister n friend too). When i read most of you, most of the times i feel proud that god created you and then us, because the way u look at life and situations is quite different and intelligent most times.
Also the fact that how previliged we are to be there in ur womb for 9 months where we learn a lot abt living a life.

Then i would like to say this about my mamma...

Mamma i love you a lot, i dont say it often to you, i take you for granted, i fight with u, shout at u, but believe me none of this is intentional... most of the times it is coz i dont want you to feel sad(but to make u happy) but eventually i lead u to be sad sometimes :(

but i know u know how much i love u... u r d best mom (n dad too). You have given me a lot in life giving up ur needs, wants, ur time, ur money, ur energy and above all urself for me... I realise that how at times u made me (n anshu) happy by buying us new clothes/stuff/chocolates when even u dont think buying something for urself... :)

I still try a lot by reciprocating that love but i know i cant ever give up like u did for us and ur family... and i dont want to return any favors of urs coz it was love which can never be returned, it was a gesture so unique that i can only dream of doing it, n my tryin it can only make me happy...n u too :)

Mamma, i want to give u the world and then to a lot many other moms, who are treated badly by their children, coz i have never understood how can u forget n ignore one who has given whole of their life for u... and then people say it was ur duty. No mamma, it wasnt, it was sheer love which u gave me and to ur family... :)
Also the fact that how money can be over and above u or dad? Did ya even thnk of money before us? I dont think and nor do i know any such parents... :)

Only u cud have beared the pain by keeping me in womb for 9 months and delivering me to this world where u risk ur life, all for me :) Only u cud have feeded me with ur milk when i needed it the most. Only u cud have given me all of ur love n care when i needed it the most.

Mamma, you and every woman on this earth is special...

Happy Mothers Day to you!!!

n this small poem is dedicated to u...

u r d best
all in one
so very special
not like everyone

u make me laugh
wit lots of smile
u make me happy
by giving wat i want

u r my mamma
mamma d best
u r whole world
to me above rest

mamma i love u
love u a lot
mamma u r d best
best than d rest

:D :D

Love you Mamma!!!


Thursday, May 8

My Best Friends Engagement!!! :D :D

This was one of the best night after long where we all met... and WE ENJOYED!!! :D :D

Tell me which one of these pics U like d most?

and Y?


Tuesday, May 6

Sweet Something...

I have been thinking
all of you
all about you
nothing but you

I think
u amuse me
u please me
all for good

when i confide
all in you
what i get is
calmness with hue

u know me
know me all
with my past
n my songs

but when i
think of you
what excites me
is all of you

all of you
and ur verses
a lil writeup
n some cues

yes i do
i fight with you
coz its fun
figthin wit you

u r the one
who provokes me
and my thoughts
to fit into me

you know
you call it crush
and lil flirting
with all fun

but i know
i respect u
i adore u
my dear friend

i love to do
all the pranks
pull ur leg
with a lil tang

when u said
u tested mine
my reactions
i was surprised

was it all
all for real
or you still
dont believe me

but i know
as u said
as u promise
u know me a lil

i love ur words
ur talks
ur smile
n lil twinkle

I dont know
what seasons fold
future beholds
all for us

But yes i know
u r precious
as a friend
all to me

yes i know
u r special
less not more
real like anything...

Image Courtesy: - ABCE Cards