Tuesday, June 17

Love Me Again!!!

Disclaimer: After reading first few comments, i have to put this.
These are simple plain emotions, i m not begging for love to anyone.This was just a mood swing as the day made me a lil nostalgic, I am happy and happily single!!!

Not so happy morning, they all say I will be happy again, but they cant predict when!!!

Today is 17th June... and i cant stop remembering the past!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!
May u get wat u wish for!!!!
and u know i cant stop asking for u, ever!!! :)

Today i read a mix of posts, but they all were happy, still i find myself in the middle of emotions, when i read someones 'I' tag... i do cry for the crazy time which was spent together!!!

I cant forget nothing!!!

I think I need to be loved again, i need those emotions back in my life...badly!!!
I need someone who accepts me with what I am, no prejudices, no expectations... just be wat u r and i will be wat i m...
I miss the time which i spent with her, togetherness, when i used to look at her for hours, at times her making faces at me, showing me emotions, crazy ones...
I miss the time when i really was in love, red blue purple... every color was so true!!!
I miss the time when i used to tease her for eating something and then not eating something... When i forced her to eat when she felt like...
I miss her complaints that she is hungry while we were travelling and me fightin with her coz i asked her to eat something!!!

I remember the time when she used to force me out of some store because she said that i shouldnt buy for her coz i dont earn!!!!
and then how she looted me on my first salary...

I miss her waiting to eat that sizzling brownie and giving me those looks, and then her eating it with making faces at me!!!!

I miss talkin to her endlessly about our kids, or the only i dreamt of, a girl...
I remember how she actually didnt talk to me for 2 days coz i jokingly said i want my girl to be like Priyanka Chopra and she yelled!!!

I miss that miss call on my cell, I miss her sayin that dont keep the phone plzzz... i miss her sayin dont give me a call when I am in the class coz i cant concentrate then!!!

i miss looking into those eyes... i miss the touch, the warmth, the love and the affection... i miss the care...

I misss everything but above all i miss being loved!!!

Love me Again!!!

This post was started by me in the evening but cudnt complete it!!!
So here i m :)


ceedy said...

Hope your wish is granted soon....

Really hope !

Ria said...
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Ria said...

Hey dont worry u'll b loved again!and v all love u for wht u r Ankur. Its jus a matter of time.....when the time is right everything falls into place. Read my current post and smile buddy. cant c u in this state. Please be happy for me!

Anonymous said...

You stuck up with past. not good. my ex bday was on 13th n i didnt ev1 mentioned.......

n i had no less good times than u....equally good and crazy times....

move up ahead. and remember one thing she is not going to come back though i dont know how did you part your ways,

accept this and move on . be brutal with the memories, they r gonna stuck u hard and do hell lot of damage to ur morale.......

finally choice s with u :)

Anonymous said...

and we r used to see you a happy dude, not a sad dude.......u dont look good sad.........rise up and pledge good life up ahead for u with somebody who wud love u rather than u wud love her.

Solitaire said...

Very sad but that's the reality of life. We are sometimes left with happy memories that make it painful for us. I hope that you find your share of happiness soon. And I hope that the next time it is there to stay!

Pri said...

"tadapke aayegi woh,
tujhe mil jayegi woh...
teri mehboooba" :)
i hope she reads this somehow and comes back to u...

take care!

Solitaire said...

Hey..I know you are on break but have tagged you. Take your time in doing it.

Lena said...

dont we all have such days when thoughts like that crawl into our mind. Sometimes memories seem to kill us but the next day we wake up as if there were not such a weird today and we know that we are happy the way ouк life is because whatever happens happens for a reason, good or bad, it does not matter. It only matters what we believe in.. and you better believe in the happy future. Dont you dare not to!!

Sorry for long absence again. Am busy, am sick and kinda tired these days... Am not checking even my own blog for comments :)

Take care,

aneri_masi said...

I am soooooooo tempted to say "don't worry" :)

chalo good, you have good memories, happy waali. and lots of khaane-peene waali! petu! ;P

Ankur said...


thanks bhai!!! :)
thnxx for being there... :)

Ankur said...


n really i m not looking for it, i know it strikes when its the right time!!!

thats very sweet of u to say, I m happy for u, it was just a complete swing of emotions!!! :)

thnxx :)

Ankur said...


nahi yaar... not stuck up with the past.. but this time i remember her like anything, may be coz mom dad also went for a tour so i felt super lonely!!!

will tell u some day how we parted ways!!! and thanks for using tat coz we dint broke off!!! :)

how to be brutal with my memories yahi toh problem hai na!!!

still tryin my best!!!
thnxx for being there... :)

Ankur said...


hehe... i m a happy dude re, and yep... i pledge!!! :D

it was just a passing phase, over now... m better now!!! :D

Ankur said...


yes... and y does it happens i dont know!!!
and thanks a lot for sayin this!!! :)
thnxx for being there!!! :)

I really need a Shrink!!! ;)

Ankur said...


thanks a lot to u Pri...
but it cant be true, dont u know ;)

but tats really sweet of u!!! :)
thankuuuuu :D
thnxx for being there... :)

Ankur said...


i am on a lil come back... mom dad r out on a tour so m here!!! :D
this is my second life ;)

thanks for taggin me, will take it up soon!!! :)

Ankur said...


**dont we all have such days when thoughts like that crawl into our mind

how do u read me!!! :)
it was such a day only!!!

yes, it happens for a reason, good or bad, u know i prayed to god that she comes back to my life... but then i thought good for both of us!!!!

I do believe in better future frnd!!! :)
thanks for being there... u gave me so much courage to face all this!!! :)

and yes, u being sick????
wat happened???

plzz take care Lena... and dont worry, i know u r just round d corner!!!! :)

Take care...

Ankur said...


hehe.. ok.. i wont worry!! :D

hehe... Petu... aapko pata hai na ki kaise hansate hai kisi ko!!! :P

seriously when i read it first time there was a big smile on my face which is still on!!! :)

thnxx for being there... :)

Lena said...

lolzz though this corner is kinda far away :D

*I do believe in better future frnd!!! :)

way to go.. much more like Ankur we all know :)

i am taking care of myself but the care does not seem to want to be taken hence fell sick, nothing serious though :)

Ankur said...

**lolzz though this corner is kinda far away :D

yep... i know, but i dont believe in any boundaries!!! :D

Do i have such positive image in ur mind!!! ÖP

Haha... dear, u ask care that Ankur tellin it to look at you, and then see the difference!!! ö=
and then ask care to take form of some medicines!!!

and i m there to wish u good health!!!

so.. ask the care to take care of u!!!
and then take care of the care also!!!

hope to c u back, soon, and all in good health!!!

Cinderella. said...

Amazing how thoughts connect ! Read my post a little later and you'll know !!!!

Being in love is such a lovely feeling...really...

We all search utopia, bt never realise that its right inside us !!

Take care.
We all deserve love and so shall we get.

Ankur said...


did read it... so similar in thoughts.. isnt!!!

yep... its the most amazing feeling!!!

thnx :)

gunj said...

sometimes its better to let go!!

Keshi said...

Ankur Im really glad that ur able to write abt it in ur blog for the world to see, w.o. feeling bad abt it. Way to go mate HUGZ!

This shows that u hv noting to hide...that ur not afraid of facing pain and writing down those emotions. alot of ppl say that writing abt past loves is not so healthy. But I say it is healthy as long as u dun do it every single day. This is also a part of healing. This shows that ur ready to love and to be loved again.

**I think I need to be loved again, i need those emotions back in my life...badly!!!

I know that feeling so well. The need to be loved and to give love to someone else, is inherent to all beings on Earth. We r beings of LOVE. And to hv had that kind of love before and to live w.o. it now is quite hard...I've been there and am still waiting to be loved and love again.

I wish u all the best Ankur! U deserve the best cos u hv such a beautiful heart. Lets hope Love will come find it's way back into our lives soon.



Sach said...

when it comes to love, am short of words...many a times, i wonder what love really is??

but let's hope u soon find life besides n that's when u cud say, i m in love!
wish u happiness...

Macadamia The Nut said...

I find it very endearing when guys show their sensitive side

g-man said...

move on man...we all have to. not asking you to stop thinking about it because its impossible. just be yourself for now and let things go their way

Prashant evolving.. said...

bhai kya kahoon just can try to understood wht u r going from..hve no suggestions u have o find the path


i liked the way you presented the theme.It is at times only ambiguity that lasts.very strangely we, at times,addicted to pain.May be because of that we all love.he language of love is pain.
nice post.
loved your blog.
me too blog.
do visit.

Anonymous said...
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Anjuli said...

keep faith...it will happen again!

how are u doing today?

Ankur said...


yes... but it isnt easy too!!! :)


Ankur said...



I really need those... badly!!! :)

**alot of ppl say that writing abt past loves is not so healthy.

yeah... they dont know that sometimes its better to let it go (the tears), rather than keep holding dem forever!!!

**This shows that ur ready to love and to be loved again.

yes... i need to be ready!!! :)

**I've been there and am still waiting to be loved and love again.

and so u understand!!! :)
thanks a lot for being there!!! :)

We will soon find someone!!!



Ankur said...


**i wonder what love really is??

when u start wondering u really know wat it is.. believe me!!! :)

**but let's hope u soon find life besides n that's when u cud say, i m in love!

I wish the same!!! :)

** wish u happiness...

thanks a lot for those kind words!!!

Ankur said...

@Macadamia The Nut

thanks a lot!!! :)

Ankur said...


**move on man...

where, and from myself kya???

** just be yourself for now and let things go their way

tryin my best dude!! :)

Ankur said...

@Prashant evolving

**bhai kya kahoon just can try to understood wht u r going from..hve no suggestions u have o find the path

sahi kaha tune!!! :)

Ankur said...


**the language of love is pain.

no... its more than that... pain is just one facet!!! :)

thanks for dropping by, will visit u soon!!! :)

Ankur said...


u know my id!! :)

Ankur said...

@Anjuli said...

**keep faith...it will happen again!

i hope!!! :)

**how are u doing today?

not great frankly!!! :)
u take care of ur health.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ankur that was a really, beautiful heartfelt blog!!

Memories are great! I lock them away even if they are sad they are memories that we should hold on to forever and cherish them because they once meant a great deal to us!!!

Again great post!! You will Love and will be Loved again!!!

Great blog!!!

Ankur said...


thanks :)

** lock them away even if they are sad they are memories that we should hold on to forever and cherish them because they once meant a great deal to us!!!

they still do!!! :)

thnxx for dropping by :)


Keshi said...

yes. but im not crazy abt finding that someone. If it happens, it will. If not, Im still happy. I know I hv this inherent quality in me to be content in any situation. u hv that too. :)



Cinderella. said...

Oye kaisa chal raha hai ? Sab mast na ?

Didja give my kisses to Jaan ?

Keshi said...

Ankur I was deeply touched by ur very kind and loving words in my current post. ty so much, ur such a beautiful person! Cos u 'see' beyond wut the naked eyes can see.

btw my mum's bday is on the 28th of June..mine is on the 25th...next Wed :)

*HUGZ* hv a good wknd ok!


Ankur said...


I know dear tat u have tat quality... :)

can easily see that!!! :)



Ankur said...


haan re, mom dad n everyone is in Mumbai now, and i m here!!!
missin them so not alright types!! :D

yes... i gave him so many kisses... and u know wat, that idiot cried while leaving, he didnt want to leave!! :(

and then anshu too showed some tears!!!
and i was like ki rualoge kya!!! :(

but the whole trip was fun, so much we did!!! :D
after so long!!! :D

maje kare...
where r u busy!!

Take CAre,

Ankur said...


Thnxxx a lot again for sayin this... u know how much i m afraid of when u say all such good things abt me...dont deserve so much!!! :(

u r truly specail keshigirl..

Take CAre
and invite me to the party!!! :D


Anonymous said...

this is beautifully wriiten sir

Ankur said...


thanks buddy!!! :)

Princess Mia said...

Yeah mate who doesnt like to be loved eh....

may u find the one who loves u till eternity soon....my best wishes to u.

Ankur said...


Thanks a lot!!! :)

Shaan said...

Hi ankur,

Thank you for writing to me.. I wish u the happiness u once had..Life moves on.. the irony is.. Change is the only constant in life.. and we have no choice..

so count ur blessings.. and remember.. what can't kill you can only make u stronger!

happiness always

Anonymous said...

nothing beautiful in the past can be wiped out with a phrase called "moving on"... if it was beautiful..it will stay with u forever..

but hopefully... there will be someone special in yur life.. who will lessen this missing... :))

i m wishing for u the world u wish for...with a very special smeone... :)


Vandita said...

this really beautiful post of urs reminds me of this very cliched line but i guess i'm not qualified enuf to say much else, as they say "Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
and i sincerely hope for u to find love in every color again :)