Tuesday, September 30

The Lull

I dont think I have anything interesting to put up as of now. I will come back as soon as I feel like... Just a small void!! :)


Friday, September 26

The Tag!!!

I saw it on Solitaire's blog Warm Fuzzies and then on Vrij's Chai Biskut and decided to do it!! :D
Just one thing that i have added 2 set of questions!! :D

1. Do you miss Aneri?
Oh so very much in my blog... she seldom visits!! :P

2. Have you ever been in Veena's house?
She never invited me!! :-/

3. If you could do anything with Princess Mia, what would it be?
Now what kinda question is this!! lolzzz
Ok.. i think take her out on a dinner(and not a date!!) :)

4. Who is Ceedy's best friend?
Some Spanish Teacher of his!! :P

5. What would you do if you hadn't met Vrij?
I am still surviving!!! :P

6. What song could be Anjuli's theme song?
Jab se tere naina, more naino se lage re... hehehe
She lives in toyland!! :D

7. What was your first impression of Aneri?
She is sweet!!!

9. In a race between you, Ella and Aneri, who would win?
I think I will!!! :P
any guesses guys y!!! :D
ok... i will tellya (Ella and Aneri will keep talkin!! ) lolzzzz

10. Can Ceedy be bad influence?
He is...!!! :P

11. What musical instrument would Ria most likely play?
Piano! or wud she?? :P

12. Would you open a mystery gift Princess Mia just gave you, without much hesitation?
Oh yes.. y not!!!
I hope these are not Nutellas otherwise she is gonna eat it all by her!! :D

13. Do you trust Ria?
Very much... she hasnt done anything yet to break that!! :)

14. Have you dreamt of Keshi before?
O my godddd.... keshi u really want me to answer this!! :D

15. Oh no, Ceedy got kidnapped by aliens! What do you say once they get back?
Wud u like to try again!!! lolzzzz

16. Does Cess make you hot?
well... she hasnt tried yet!!! :P

17 Name something you have in common with Solitaire?
The letter a appears exactly once in our first name!!! :P

18. What is one thing Aneri isn't exactly made for?
To get angry!!! :P

19. What would you do without Princess Mia?
I dont know, may be i wud still live!! :D
but yeah... painful!!! ;)

20. What is or would be a good nickname for Ella?
I have already given her one!! :D :D

Thursday, September 25

Happy Birthday Anjuli

Today is the birthday of Anjuli , so Heres wishing her many many happy returns of the day!!!

May god gives you whatever you wish for...!!!

Enjoy this day and have a blast in Toyland!!!



Thursday, September 18

एक टूटी हुई खूबसूरत तस्वीर हूँ

This poem is written by a very dear friend of mine, and I took the permission from her to post it here on my blog simply because I loved it!!!

कहते हैं की खुदा ने मुझे बड़ी फुर्सत में बनाया है,

मेरे हर अंग को उसने अपने हाथों से तराशा है।

दुनिया मेरी खूबसूरती की उपमाएं देती है,

मेरे हुस्न पर ताकतें लड़ उठती हैं।

पर मुझे मेरे अपनों ने लूट लिया है,

मुझे छलनी कर तन्हा छोड़ दिया है।

मेरे आँसू, मेरे दर्द को कोई समझता नही है,

मेरी गमगीन हालत पर कोई तरस नहीं खाता

हर रोज़ मेरी नुमाइश होती है,

पर कोई खरीददार नहीं आता।

प्यार का वादा सब करते हैं लेकिन,

उसे निभा कोई नहीं पता।

मैं दुसरो के लिए ख्वाइश हूँ, जन्नत हूँ,

अपनों के लिए गर्त हूँ।

सालों से लड़ रहीं हूँ अपनी खुशी के लिए,

पर अब टूट चुकी हूँ।

इंतज़ार है ऐसे रकीब का, जो अपना बना ले, गले से लगा ले।

मैं इंतजार में हूँ...

मैं एक टूटी हुई खूबसूरत तस्वीर हूँ,

मैं काशमीर हूँ।

She writes here --> Happy Soul

Note: - Havent taken her permission yet for the hindi translation, as she approves it will be up!!! :)

Tuesday, September 16

Kshama Daan - Forgiveness!!

I am a Jain by religion and sometimes i do follow some good things which are said by my religion. Today is the great day of "Kshama Vaani" (voice for forgiveness), which means that today nothing else but the words of forgiveness shall come from my mouth!!!

So Today, here, I bend both my hands in form of Namaskar and I ask for all of your forgiveness. Whatever mistakes I have made, directly or indirectly which has resulted in hurting you or insulting you by any means... I am sorry for all those!!!

I think its time for me to publicly apologize for writing nasty comments, insulting you or anyone at your private space, not visiting you even after promising, making fun of you or your posts. If I have committed any of these acts or any other mistakes, then i publicly apologize to all of you!!!!

I apologize to all of you... Chintan, Dr Priyanka, Veena, Sneha, Keshi, Anvita, Pallavi, Neelabh, Priya Handa, Anjuli, Samby, Nehya, Vandita, Lena, Ashu, Ria, Radhika, Vrij, Gunj, Kamaljit, Prashant, Nirmal, xh, Mishra, Rayshma, Amy, Chakoli, Gonecase, Craziest, Prakruti, Kashmira, Pavi, Stupid (sorry that i dont know ur name!) and everyone else whom I have not mentioned here (not intentionally) but i ask for their forgiveness!! :) (no order for the list)

You all count in my family as this is the place what I call it, my life after life!!! :)
So I ask for all of your forgiveness!!! :)

Those who i know personally and i have emails or contacts, I will also ask for it one more time... :)

Hope you all will forgive me!!! :)

Also, just to tell you that this festival is not so that we can make mistakes intentionally thinking that the day will come and we will ask for the forgiveness, but as we are human and bound to make mistakes, we accept it with humility... And also promise not to repeat it...

KshamaDaan Mahadaan - Forgiveness is the biggest gift!!! :)

Saturday, September 13

How Long???

Note: - I know there are many of you reading me, who will just say that we dont have any interest in politics, but I hope you have interest in your and your loved ones lives. Even after being so literate we just wait for the things to happen to us, and then only we will have a voice over things!! I hope the day dont have to come where you go through it to understand what it is, but to understand you only need a heart... Hope you are listening!!! :)
Its just not about a country, but its about what the world is turning to!!!

It has been a long time since we are living in the shades of fear. The never lasting series of blasts is taking a toll not only on the lives of many, but also more and so on the lives of who go through it and also who fear it to be true!!!

The series started with my hometown this year and has been extended to Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Surat and now Delhi. Innocent people die, they give up their lives, because some people who are mad enough not to understand that this wont help anyone, keep doing it in the name of Religion. The so called Zihaad is helping no one, the people who die have no religion, the people who suffer have one though, and the religion they all share is called "Victim"!!!

Watched the news, and the central government declined the demand of the state of Gujarat to have a law which enables better law enforcement while catching terrorists (I know many will have a different view, and certainly we can debate!!), but it has been declined because of so called communalism but the bigger reason is a political one where the opposition wants to become the ruling party by having the votes of one community!!!

There is a lack of political will and the focus is more on to catch the people after the act, rather than been proactive and preventing them. When such terrorists are caught, the so called human activists come out to save their lives. The people in one state are demanding to join another nation, and in some other states people are thinking that their state is a nation.

If you hear some of the political leaders talking in one of such states you will surely think that whats the law enforcement agencies doing. One person think that he is the voice of millions living as if the place belongs and owned by his forefathers!!

What lacks clearly is a political and social will to punish and end it at once. I watched Wednesday, and I think that some one has to come out as a common man to tell the powerful people that they arent gonna be watching endlessly where many like us give up their lives.

I dont know a solution but yes I surely know there is some problem!!! How Long are we going to let this happen and play with our lives???

The only thing I know is that this will only strengthen my will to join the Politics!!!

Thursday, September 11

Just Thoughts...

Okie... I think I should make you feel good first so that you guys read it all!!

So, I admit to all those who used to think, this guy is mad,then I accept, I AM!! :D :P

I really dont know what I want from life, One day I think of something, and the other day I think of something else!! No fixed goals, no short term set targets, just dream big but no plans to achieve them!! :D

I think i want to be aloof, alone and then sometimes i think i badly need someone. I need to be taken care off, coz i hate to pretend that I am a very strong person!! 

And then I again think, No, this is the way i should be... Lonely!!! 

I think of giving up on sweets and carbs one day, and the next day I think, just once more...

Think of start running in the morning and then it starts rain in the mornings... even i think god is also not with me!! lolzzz

Sometimes, i think i should reduce my weight, and then I think, so what, if people like the exterior more then let it be. Y should i change for others... and then i think, no i should!! :P

I think of giving up the time i spend online, then i think i cant live without it, which is quite true, I am addicted!! 

I think of not living with friends, but then I find it most difficult not having them. Then i make the mistake of too early calling someone friend and then it hits right on the head, for making the mistake of calling them one!! !

There are too many things for which i repent, but the most I do was to be loved and to love!! But that is for myself!! 

Still someday i feel like i should fall in love, and someday... 

Still... Life goes on... killing everyday slightly!! ;)

Disclaimer: All above written is totally inspired from a movie!! lolzzz

Wednesday, September 10

Making A Difference

Yesterday, I was out whole day for attending a seminar. Heard a story, which i think wasn't new to me, and I don't even think to you too, but would like to share here with you....

An old man had a habbit of going for a walk every day at 5am. His house was just next to the shore and he used to walk around the shore everyday. This was one of such days that he came out for the walk. After walking some distance he saw a very young child dancing on the shore at some distance. He became curious that what at morning 5am, this child is upto. He increased his pace to reach to the boy.
When he reached, he realized that the boy isnt dancing but throwing the star-fishes into the water. He became amazed and asked the boy what he is upto! The boy replied that Sir, the sun will be out in some time, and then these star fishes will die because of the heat. So I am trying to put them into the water to save their lives.
The old man said, that there are thousands of star-fishes around you, how does it matter? The little boy just picked up a star-fish, threw it into the water, looked at the old man and said... Sir, I just made a difference!!!

The whole point of the story is that whether we put in small efforts or big, somehow they all matter. Thinking how will it, doesnt make any!!! :)

Also here I request all of you to help out the Bihar flood victims with whatever you can, rather than thinking how will it make a difference. You never know that the amount may be enough to save the life of a little child at least for one afternoon!!! :)

Leaving you, with the picture of the disaster.

Wednesday, September 3

Ganesha... My Life Line!!

I dedicate this post to Ganesha. He is my best god and there was a time, when I was in crisis and I know that he pulled me out of it all. He is my Ishta Dev and given me a lot in this life. 

Ganesha, I love you God!! :)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Folks!!! 

P.S. There is another post just below this, so check that one too!! 

D lIfE oF @ JoKeR

Just wanna know.. what do u guys infer from the title of the post?

The Good, The Bad or The Ugly!!!!
Keep me posted!!


P.S. More to follow...

Tuesday, September 2

Absofuckinglutely Awesome!!!!

I think we were overburdened and overboard/overbored with the love triangle that Bollywood had to offer. But I think now we can say, that we are a part of grown up and mature cinema!!!

I think i have seen one of the best directed/scripted/narrated movie of our time. People say Dil Chahta Hai was/is a cult... then i think the era has just begin, the road has just been laid down... A new Cult will follow- The Rock in Indian Cinema!!!

I was spellbound with the expectation i had when i went into the theatre to watch the "EXPERIENCE" i had... and believe me, you go there for watch a movie but this is simply experience!!!

In the afternoon a friend was telling me that this is a movie which will tell you that you should follow your passion, but then which movie dont!!! I think this is a movie which tells you, enjoy!!! 

Its a slow movie, offcourse, coz with the speed of the rock, the pace of the movie cant move... And i somehow think that if the movies' pace wud have been faster then it would have been different or i say... not that big a hit for me!!! 

Just was chatting to a friend, who is a director himself, studying in a World famous direction school in Sydney, and has directed one small movie which was nominated for one award, and i was telling him, that its the best he can watch in Indian Cinema!! 

Somehow i think Anjuli, was perfectly right when she said awesome(cube)... Thankya Anjuli!!! 

I think director Abhiskek Kapoor has made an awesome flick... and Farhan Akhtar wont regret it ever after Dil Chahta Hai... Hats off to you guys!!!