Monday, August 10

Missing ...

Ok... let me begin by saying that I dont like the fact that most of my friends on blogsville are leaving it or hibernating. Though the fact is that I dont update here regularly... but months... no ways!! I am not that lazy!! :D

but on a serious note... guys I love you and I miss ya around... guys like CD, Sneha, Pri, Kashmira, Keshi and Veens... and many more ... some are back and some are yet not!! :) Miss you around guys!! :)

I read many posts on blogs ville today and one thing i found was common... most of them talk about past... somehow it made me re-look into mine!! :D

This year has been good for me... I am holidaying and enjoying at the same time... Went to Delhi in Feb, Goa in Mar, Jaipur in Apr and then again to Rajasthan and Kashmir in July (not naming some of Mumbai trips meanwhile :D)... though at the same time i missed meeting a beloved friend and I dont know if I would ever get a chance to meet her again... (she lives in other part of the world)!!! I am sorry dear friend!! :)

Also, at the work end, successful years with some awards (not many rewards though!! ;))... still after all this my past doesnt let go!! :P

I cant stop remembering those school days when we used to fight for lunch boxes and who will eat what... A 2 rupee note was big enough to buy happiness! believe me... its true!! :)
A ride on the bicycle... in the cool breeze to a friends place was like... wow!! :)
Playing in the mud... making paper boats and making them swim in the water when it rained!!
Flying kites (i still love it), painting people when it was the festival of colors (HOLI)...

Those were the days...

Grew older... fell in love and did some non sense things...

like calling her endlessly... just to listen to her voice
messaged her a lot... just to let her know how much i love her
gifted her whatever she wished for...

me was mad!! :P

and then... MBA... those were the best days man... on the campus how u really start loving people and how they became important part of your life... Friends for lifetime... just to tell u guys... and dont wonder... and touchwood... we have a group of 7 friends (including me) and we almost share 100-287 (was the highest) mails per day.. irrespective of our busy schedule... so we know whats wrong or right with us and what we are doing... touchwood but even after 2 years of leaving college, even after their marriages, promotions, work, and whatever... we still share ourselves... we fight and we make up... and we make sure that we are around!! :)

and then came work... which made me let go my love... or my love let me go!! :P

Life has changed... a lot, i miss old days... not like i could have done something else.. but i miss being a kid, driving that bicycle around like crazy... begging mom for 2 extra bucks which cud have changed the day...
I have changed, only wear brands... dont know what brands were then... every new cloth was a bliss... an ice cream was something special... and so was a chocolate!!!

I feel we have become victim of this world (atleast me) which is changing so fast that i am not feeling like keeping abreast with the change... I miss being the same person who thought 100 times before spending a buck and when spent was happy like hell!!!
I miss being like the same person for whom happiness wasnt slave of money or success for that matter... but it was in small things... like when dad come home and bring something from the market...
I miss to be with them.. my parents... people love to leave family and yet i hate it when I have the pleasure for past 4 years!!

I miss... a lot many things... a lot many... and yet I LIVE!!! :)