Tuesday, October 11

You wanna cut me off... Cut Me Off!!!

What a tree needs? Essentials are some fresh air, some sunshine, some water... but I guess what it also needs is some care.
Imagine a tree standing tall and getting all of the essential one day and next day the mother earth creates a storm and the tree falls on the ground. What made it die... not that it will not have air or sunshine or water, but what lacked or taken away was care.

God not only designed trees like that, I think thats how humans live too. You may have all essential elements but If somebody doesnt care for you, human cant survive. May be some say, Oh I dont care, but then that means you love yourself more than others. I think trees do that, stick hard to the ground, loving themselves too much so that they can take any storm which comes their way but the truth is, if the mother earth takes away the care, you are gone!!!

Life is strange... you care for someone, someone cares for you... all is fine!
You care for someone, someone care for someone else, someone else for someone else but then the circle doesnt fulfill likes this. Or may be its too vicious to understand or may be a lifetime is not enough to understand it or realize that the circle may be completed someday.

Sometimes you keep waiting for someone, that someone makes you keep waiting, and then one fine day you realize that the wait is never ending. The one who was making you keep waiting never wanted to be there. Its good to have options and you were one... but then...

Loved ones are taken away from you by god, thats painful but more painful may be loved ones taking away love from you.

You stand tall like a tree amidst all the storms, but then one day mother earth decides, no more care, no more love and you are done... Thats the day when you say...

You wanna cut me Off, then CUT ME OFF!!!