Sunday, July 20

The Business of Trade

No, I am not talking about Share Bazaar (Share Indices or Sensex), but offcourse I am back with one of the most favorite topics of mine: - The Great Indian/World Politics!!!

Those who aren’t aware, Currently India (a democratic state) has/had a coalition government (Congree+Left+SmallParties) in power, but LEFT(leftists) has withdrawn support due to the Nuclear deal which was to be signed by Dr Manmohan Singh (PM), reason being, India will be sub-servant to US.
I don’t know much about this deal in detail so won’t comment on it.

There is a high voltage drama which is going on, and MP (Member of Parliament) is traded for a sum of whooping 5-10million USD. This has made the situation worst, and poaching/trading/buying, all of them are allowed!
Now you must be wondering how it does matters you (mostly Indians), so I present 2 examples to you:-
1) I booked the tickets online for BATMAN (The Dark Knight), and then waited in a Queue for 15 minutes to collect. It was a multiplex so the crowd was supposively the educated Indian Middle Class or high class, so they weren’t ready to wait and everyone wanted to bypass everything... I actually ended up telling 5 people to come in the Queue, shouting at the service person not to
entertain people who are not in the Queue...Now its easy to blame that such is the system in India, but believe me, it was us who was making this a Chaos!!!

2) 2003 IAS (Indian Administrative Services) topper being asked in one talk show, Why do you want to be a part of bureaucracy when it sucks big-time?
He answered, sitting outside, its easy to judge for us, but would you like to be a part of it to change, and if not you, then Someone, someone has to get her hands dirty to clean up!!!

Both the instances aren’t one of its kinds, but they teach us a lot!!! It’s easy to blame people/politics/society sitting outside, but it’s us, who form it!!! May it be the government or the society!!!
Let me ask you a question, how many times you have done this, reaching late to the movie hall and then trying to bypass so that your turn comes faster? Just because you think you don’t have time, or you are late for the show, does it means that others time has no value?
Or who forms this government, not the Parties or MP's but you and me, who vote (and if don’t then we shouldn’t be saying a word against the system!!!)?

What’s going on currently sounds ridiculous, the ruling party wants to prove the majority because Inflation has hit the peak (more than 12%), SENSEX is down to 12000 from 20000, Crude prices are high like anything... but do we try to change any of this?
May be I sound like a mean critic and you may show the attitude, who cares, but really, if we wont care, then the tomorrow wont ever be the same!!!

Wish ourselves luck guys and hope that if we think of changing this society, then we act too...
Leaving you with a video, a small girl rather a Woman who touched my heart with her VOICE!!!


Lena said...

the girl made me cry. so emotional and such truths that we all know but always rely on someone to make decisions for us to change the world for better. But we forget if we dont take part in this it isnt going to be the perfect world for us and our children.

Priya said...


vishvsambyal said...

i cant see the video very slow connection..but yes..i cant read anything else also...i am like furious over all this nucler deal...nooooooooooooooooo it should not happen...

they are doing this for only one thing.... i dia is nearing completion of 15 top class nuclear submarine..with bhamos missiles.... i dnt think i need to tell u about bramos.... and those submarines are nucler powered...kolar base is usupplied by that that is why there is no freking eelcetticity for like 400kms around inspite of having a nuclear plant..

now they thru this deal want the, to sing that we will use it for peacful purposes only...fuck them..... i tell u india will be finished iif they sign this..why dont these asshole sunderstand..fuck

vishvsambyal said...

motherfuckers... how much money and time has been wasted on making the worlds first supersonic missle.... and now they want to give it all up...fucking bastards...

Sach said...

perfect post!
Very thoughtful...
Good job!

Anjuli said...

sorry! no politics for me!

Solitaire said...

Ankur! Kaisa topic chheda? Like Anjuli mujhe bhi interest nahi hai politics mein (kyon ke kuch samajhta nahi hai. :()

But I agree with one point. Just like I keep saying that WE make society so cannot blame society for anything, WE also make the system.

Prashant evolving.. said...

hey ankur gr8 post
really good one
but wud this make a difference
u n me both will forget this after 24 hrs n will be watching a new flic.. will any of us wud go and get our hands dirty????????

Buzzz said...

Everybody has to make his own efforts and collectively they would chnage the world around us dude.

BTW, politics is a scum bag in India we have to live with...Accept it or change it...

Keshi said...

Good post Ankur. This will make alot of Indians really start THINKING than ignoring it as usual.

**Someone, someone has to get her hands dirty to clean up!!!

I agree with that totally. Unless we get down n dirty, no dirt will disappear.

Way to go mate!


RADhika said...

not much interested in politics!
:( unfortunately dont; understand it much!

oh and for your request for paavi-bhaji,
on JM road, if you know where Kamat is, just in that row where the road starts, there is a small place which serves excellent paav-bhaji! and one on satara road, a restaurant called as 'panchami', there the food is awesome! apart from paav - bhaaji, also try their paneer65!


Cinderella. said...

Iloved - totally eternally loved the girls speech !! And only 13 !!!

If only we soent the money we spend on nuclear arms n deals on how to better oue environment...the world would have been such a beautful place !!!

Loved this post buddy !

Solitaire said...

Yes, maine video dekha hai and I cannot imagine that 12 and 13 year olds have so much wisdom. Gives me goose bumps.

Ashu said...

why so much furore over nuclear deal? it shud happen :)

Keshi said...

boo! :)

Sorry I missed ur comment in the crowd. I replied now.



gunj said...

its great to see fellaz like u put so much thought into this. inspires d rest of us to think as well!:)

Ankur said...


the girl really made me feel proud firstly coz she had the guts to say all this!! :)

and yes... i hope ppl understand it!! :)


Ankur said...




Ankur said...


u must watch the video!!!

and i really doubt that how much u know abt this deal!!! dont get furious over me, but have u really detailed abt it, coz the details i have got, i thought it shld happen...

and surely that this wont be enugh to supply much electricity but this is just the beginning, we have to stop using natural resources and this is one mean to achieve it!

i really dont understand what u mean in the end!!!

Ankur said...


well, we have to agree to the fact that we are living in a unipolar world which is definately be bipolared but it will take this, till that we have to understand the supremacy of US!
Also the fact that the efforts are not going to be wasted.. i m sure!! :)

btw.. i wasnt talkin only abt the deal, there were a lot other issue bhai to be looked at!! :)


Ankur said...


thanks a lot :)
hope u act too!


Ankur said...


ignorance cant be bliss everytime, shldnt be sayin this, but somewhere we all a part of this!! :)


Ankur said...


its not abt interest dear, everytime we cant do everything which interest us...

as u say, WE make the system, then we have to be active enugh in tryin to change it...

our personal growth and success will only remain if this world and ppl remain!! :)


Ankur said...


well... i wont forget this, and u know it...

i say a lot and i wanna do it too... someday i will do it for sure!!!

even if we all do tat lil, i think a lot can be changed!!!
so dont forget it and ACT!!! :)


Ankur said...


everyone has to make an effort so wat r u doin?

**Accept it or change it...

sounds too care free to me... hope u not undermining the importance!! :)


Ankur said...


i think every citizen of this world has to understand it, its high time and we need to act... and tat too fast enugh!!!!

thnx :)


Ankur said...


**unfortunately dont; understand it much!

i dont agree and i think u r tryin to ignore it... u r some one who can bring this change to a lot more ppl than i can do!!! :)

nobody is ready actually to get into the dirt... nobody!!! :)

thnxx for the info, i wil try them out defnately and let u know... :D
thankoooo :D


Ankur said...


yeah.. she is just 13, and she sounds like some 50 yr old!! :)

thnx :)


Ankur said...


ya, when 12-13 yrs can think like this, then y cant we!! :)

goose bumps ke liye listen to her again to understand the magnitude of it!! :)


Ankur said...


this post is not abt just nuclear deal!! :)


Ankur said...


heya... u miss in wat.. D CROWD!! :(

hehe.. its fine, got it, will reply to it soon!! :D


Ankur said...


i hope so!!
Amen!! :)


Urv said...

Good topic u touched man..

Often people say 'I don't like politics', 'I don't understand politics'

And most often, the same people say 'Politics is dirty', 'The system is the problem'

Believe me, if one can understand cricket, politics is a lot simpler..

And as someone said, 'BE the change you want to see around you'

ceedy said...

Interesting that you touched on so many fronts.

You questioned the Bourgeoisie for the retarded habits

You have questioned the power mongers and their tactics

and also questioned the new cogs in the wheel...

One thing I want to share with you.
I have attended two conferences in United Nations of Habitat and World Housing problems as one of my friends in college here was working there for the summer...and it is mind boggling to see the red tapism that exists there....

every word, every action is recorded and anything said or specified has to be referenced to year, date, time, docket, meeting etc etc....

point is like the girl in the video says - by the time the seminar is over - people are scrambling to remember the information rather than focus on the issues....

good post

Chakoli said...


Seen this fwd... its touchy :)

Poltitics.... about the IAS topper...dont know if he actually emans it what he said...because usually I hear soemwhat a similar answer from all people who are into these...exceptions are thr:))

There was a collector in Indore when I was in school... the first thing he did was dmlolished all illegal bldngs...and it meant that.. including a big govt offc...
he gave a notice fr about 1 mnth and then when people didnt reacted to it... after the deadline, just came up... vacated whole bldng...and using bombs... the bldng was in pieces...

but soon hw was transferred....


About the values... Indian Mentality cud never change... we always ask fr more...anything for free... anything thats is just served to you...:(((

thats we :(((

Princess Mia said...

hey i will come back n see the video again.....
filhaal just droped in to say hello

Keshi said...

r we ok?



Veens said...

dint read it :-/

cant erad anything stock.. gov etc :))

and that last video.. God! Good one!

Pavi!!!! said...

I don't have an aptitude or interest for politics...but a few other things mentioned on this post is interesting.

I agree li'l drops make an ocean..n its wat each one of us do..that contributes to the bigger picture. But its a vicious circle. If one person doesnt pay bribe n sacrifices his education...will the system change...will be the Q in a person's head..n u cant blame that person..or xpect him to give up his life. Rite?

Also..i blv politics is a field in which any1 who enters b'coms bad..the honesty, integrity , niceness in a person cant remain for long when in such a field.

Ankur said...


well said! !:)


Ankur said...


i know, but its us who need to keep reminding ppl, isnt! :)


Ankur said...


he said it on national television... atleast he had the guts! :)

**Indian Mentality cud never change...

and this thinking is the problem!! :)


Ankur said...


we waiting for u to watch the video! :)


Ankur said...


no :(


Ankur said...


thnx for not reading!! :-/

Ankur said...


not really, coz we dont try enugh!!
as u said, we give up easily, very very easily!!!

not entering into it by thinking that we will be corrupted, entering and then thinking that whether we can change it really?

Freedom didnt come to us in free, a lot many men/women had to sacrifice!! :)

So, we need to enter into it to change it, and thats the reason i have to get into it!! :)