Sunday, January 6

I am Alone!!!

I am writing after so long...

I am feeling a lot lonely these days. Have nothing much to do. I watch movies most of the times. But today is the day when I am feeling insecure, lonely and sad. Why is life such...? sometimes i ask myself. I dont find an answer to it. Was never like this before, so unproductive, so mean, so choosy and so sad. Sometimes i feel that i am missing my friends but even when i am with them I feel different.

May be I am missing something very badly, something which was a part of my life, my emotions and everything else. But why? why i am giving so much importance to someone who doesnt care abt me at all. Whenever i try to find the answer to this, i feel coz its my wish... i want to remember... i want to cherish all those good moments... the days in college... everything..

Have nothing to do today, thinking in all directions.. abt my new year resolutions.. but probably from tomorrow.. will change myself..
For sure.. its a promise to myself, tomorrow is going to be a new beginning..