Thursday, February 28


Baby talk to me,
So that i can listen to you,
baby look at me, look at me,
so that i can
feel your eyes.

Baby hold my hands,
hold me tight,
baby hug me, hug me,
so that i can
feel alright.

Baby kiss me,
to make me feel you,
baby love me, love me,
so that I can
touch the skyyyy.

Monday, February 25


It’s a topic (tag) which was given (assigned) to me for writing by my friend while a tête-à-tête (: P, it was a lunch meeting) in a restaurant. I first decided that I should not write on such a topic. My instant reaction was writing on "hypocrisy" in itself will be faking and coming out with something which wasn't needed. I believe that everyone knows what’s this, but then I said, OK, even if everyone knows, I need to put down what I think about this as someone asked me to do this. It is important for me also to understand what am I doing? As writing something always introduces you more with the topic, the introspection and the retrospection part of it, what I have done wrong and what I could have done right.

I also believe I am also a big hypocrite and need to change, and as a hypocrite I would definitely say, so does everyone. But before moving more into the topic let me start with the formal (dictionary) definition of the word "Hypocrisy"

The practice of falsely presenting an appearance of virtue or falsely professing a belief to which one's own character or conduct does not conform; dissimulation, pretence; an instance of this.

When I searched for and through the definition, the first thing came to my mind was, isn’t this definition talking about JOKER? But then joker does all this to make people laugh, but we do it for whom? The answer is obvious, ourselves.

I, Me, Myself thing always takes precedence on everything in our lives. But I believe this is what we are. I certainly find myself doing this. Yes the extent to which it is done certainly changes with time and situation. So is this depends on the external factors, the environmental factors? Yes such behavior is moreover based on environmental factors. Have you ever seen an Ass (Donkey) worrying about what other asses will think of him? (LOL) He isn’t worried about others because he hasn’t got a mind to think so. Which also leads me to one more argument? Is our mind the one which is letting us do all this? Making us fake in front of everyone?

We start such a behavior from our childhood and I also believe that our upbringing has a lot to do with this. Starting right from what a child want to be, but what his parents push him to become, always fighting hard for marks and believing that people who don’t top are fools, dumb asses or demeaning to the society. Certainly many of you reading this post wont agree with me, but ask this question to yourself, once atleast, What you wanted to be and what have you become, why being successful always come in the way of pursuing something. Why do we always have this feeling of doing correct thing at times, taking correct decision about our careers and choosing right subject, but did we involved our heart in it. I believe mind plays a big role for a person to become a hypocrite. Our heart always wants us to do things which may give us joy, like taking a bath in the rain on the roadside, but our mind say, what will the people say?

It’s not only about the studies from our childhood but it’s also about the kind of upbringing which takes place now days in so called “Our Own” Family (not the joint one). A kid is asked not to play in the ground because his clothes will be dirty. Not to play with the kids who are of lower class. I can only laugh on this. These literate people when talk about class, that there shouldn’t be one; they introduce their kids to these. Saying that, “His father is an alcoholic, you will become like him”, what the kid has to do with it? Have you ever try to find out that your great grandfather (if not grandfather) was also playing in the same dirt, but if your rule applies here then how did you reach at this position to buy a Mercedes.

Many of you will think differently but I certainly respect all your thoughts as we are human and free to think the way we do. Disagreement is always good for learning.

When my friend asked me to write on this topic, I said to myself, Ankur, you don’t need to, but then I said, not writing will even count in hypocrisy as I will be afraid of writing on this.

These are all random thoughts coming to my mind; forgive me for the lack of writing point to point. Also I am leaving many questions and arguments incomplete because even I don’t have an answer to all this.

But what I believe is this. Hypocrisy exists and thinking we are not one is ASS U M ing.

All your views are welcome and if you want me to introduce anything to the topic then you can ask me to do so.

Happy Reading!!!


Wednesday, February 20

10 Things i Love about women

Hmmm… how should I start… so much to think and yet so less to write…: P

Not at all, I guess, the only thing is that I am going to fall short of words.

This post is truly inspired (rather provoked) by one of the post, posted by my bloggerin (they add ‘in’ in german for a female) friend, “10 things i hate about guys”, so I decided to write on “10 things I love about women”. So, here it goes

1) “She is a mother”. What I love about woman is that she is a mother, from the heart. She keeps us in her womb for 9 months bearing all the pain in this world. She is one woman who is there with us till the time we take birth and she dies (unfortunately). Her heart cries when we cry and she becomes happy with our every moment of joy. She is the one who is responsible for what we are and the way we think. She is the emotional support system for us. Whenever we are in need we find her there, standing right besides us. She is adorable and she is the first woman we fall in love with.. She is the goddess in our lives, specially mine for whatever she has given to me. I can never think of myself returning that favor ever. The way she has given me everything compromising with her needs and requirements just to satisfy mine. I will keep falling short of words writing about her. She is the greatest woman and true inspiration in my life. (Not that I am saying that dads are less but as this post is about woman, so I hope you will understand).
2) The fact that “She is a sister”. We grow up together understanding each other and trying to make each other happy. The one girl who understands us, with whom we can share most of the things. A man fights the most with her sister because of the fact he loves her like anything. To mention the fact she is the second person you fall in love with. She is adorable, lovely, graceful, gorgeous and beautiful. A man can do all the things in this world to make her feel happy. She is the one who saves you from the scolding of parents taking all the blame (though you return the favor by doing the same… hehe). You cry the most when she gets married because you can’t believe that she won’t be living in the same house with you. She is the one who loves you the most after your mother. Hats off to her.
3) “She is a lover”. Ahhh… What a felling!!! She is the best. She is the one who understand what you want to be, you share a lot of great moments with her. She stands right there besides you when you need strength. I always think that she is more emotional intelligent than you and understands what is right in situations. She thinks a lot before taking any decision in the relationship which helps the relationship to grow. I don’t know how to describe her as again I am falling short of words about her. A True Lover.
4) The fact is that “She is a wife”. The one who is going to spend the rest of her life with you, doing all the sacrifices she can. She is the one who is more intelligent than the rest. She plans her career with you, besides you. Howsoever she says, that she is modern, and she has a life of her own, still she gives her best to make sure that the male ego is satisfied. Can man do it, never, they can’t be househusbands, but wives only they can do it. She is one responsible for growing up of the kids. Waking up early so that you can get a cup of tea, preparing food for you and kids, and after this entire hectic schedule she keeps a smile on her face. I am not trying to ignore the fact that she can be a working woman. She has every right to do as she wishes. I always feel that she has a right to decide what she wants to do, whether she wants to work or want to be at home, doing something else, may be sleeping, its her decision, whatever can make her happy is her choice. I also accept the fact (and unhappy) that we are still living in a Man’s world, not only in India but everywhere else too. Its very easy to say that in India woman are not given the due credit, but look everywhere else, you will find the same elsewhere.
5) The fact that “She is a teacher”. She is not only a teacher in the school, but in many other ways. She teaches you a lot many things throughout your life. May it be using right words at right places, or standing tall in situation where you need to be. They start teaching you from your childhood, or may be for them you learn a lot many things. They teach you table manners, the way to dress well, the way you should speak, what language to use where, and a lot many things. If I will keep writing all those things they teach us, I won’t stop writing at all.
6) The fact that “She is a Friend”. Personally I believe that a woman has a pure heart. She can be your friend at any moment of time, but man take it in different way though. Still she is a true friend you need, with her you can share almost everything, and she like a true friend has a word of wisdom every time you need it. You keep going back to her with all the problems and she tries her best to make you feel better. Irrespective of the fact that she has her own problems she tries to come out with all the possible solution for yours. I always believed that a woman is a better friend than a man and she doesn’t betray you in friendship at all.
7) The fact that “She is emotionally strong”. A scientifically proven fact. A man is emotionally weak and they break down in situations more often than not and then they need a woman to support them. She is the one on whose shoulder they put their head and cry. She listens to you and gives you the kind of support needed at every moment of time. Its only her who can understand you in such situations and she can make you feel better.
8) “She is everything”. Yes, I believe she is, without a woman I can’t dream of this life of mine. As they say “There is a woman behind every man’s success”, how true. She is the one who is there with you at every moment in your life. May it be joy, sorrow, success, failure and she is the one you keep falling back to.

I think I should I should stop here, as I said in the beginning that I will fall short of words and that’s what is happening. I could have come up with the statements like, she is cute, beautiful, hot and many other word of praises, but I don’t think that is real her. Her strength lies somewhere else and that is what is emphasized by me. I think the more I will write is only going to reiterate the fact that she is great as a human being.

Hat’s off to all the women.

Also, I hate the fact that man make friends with woman and then talk differently behind their back. When they say, “Hansi toh… “. When they use the “Bus, Train and… “. When they go to them for emotional support and later exploit them.

Also, the fact that we are still living in a world which is men dominated, run and ruined by them. We can only talk of an egalitarian society but I don’t think many of us even think of the same concept. I also hate the fact that its women, who at times cant see another making it big in her life.

I don’t know when the things are going to change in this world, and even I feel myself compromising at times. I guess even I am the weak link needed to be repaired.

But I can only end with …

“I can and I will make the difference to this world.”


Sunday, February 17



Whatsoever I say, it will be too less or too much. Love is something which can’t be expressed in words. It’s a feeling which is experienced by loving someone. I personally believe that there is nothing likes "Love only happens once". It’s continuous, it can be experienced many a times. You see a person and you fall in love with him/her. I am not talking about two timing or something of that sort, because love is so pure that it can’t teach you cheating atleast. I have felt the same, loving many people at the same time. I fall in love with people so often because I start loving them. I fall in love specially with their qualities, some have great talking (communication) skills, some have awesome writing skills, some look beautiful, some for their arrogance and some for the reason I don’t know.

You must be laughing, but it’s true. I sometimes think that is it Love? Isn’t it something else, some kind of infatuation, but then I find the answer... No, it isn’t, Infatuation is also love, some kind of, may be for shorter period of time.

More often than not love is only taken as loving someone special, but I believe, It isn’t essentially about loving someone special, but it is about loving everyone, you call them your loved ones. You love your parents, your friends, family, relatives, pets, toys, flowers, food, bikes, cars and the list goes on. But when you say that you also love one more person, then it’s taken as contempt.

I don’t know how many of us ever told our parents that we love them, expressively, like we do with our boy/girl friends. "I Love You", is often said to express you love towards them only, but when it comes to saying this to our parents, we hold it back. Isn’t it strange. I find it strange. Even to our dogs (or pets or toys or belongings), we say those 3 words often, but to our parents, not that often or may be not ever.

I also want to say, that even if you fall in love with more than one people, it doesn’t give you the privilege of cheating someone on the same behalf. When you love someone and the other person does the same, he places trust in you. To love someone else is not bad but not loving the person who has placed trust in you is certainly betrayal. I know people might have their own arguments but...

Want to end it with these lines...
I'll give you the moon at night
I'll give you star that lights your eyes
I'll give you the sun that made just one more dawn
So another day may come
I'll give you my heart and soul
I'll be there to catch you when you fall
When you ask me what I give to you
Girl I'll give it all

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine Day

Today I am thinking a lot, thinking about how will i spend my day, but do i have any options? :P
I have to go to office and then after office i will go for workouts, so it will clock 10. And after that the dabba which is delivered at my place needs to be eaten also. So it will be eventually 11 o clock when i have some time for D day. hehehe. Then i can think of writing another post where i will certainly talk about love. 6 months back i had some different plans eheehehe... but plans are always plans, u never know ;)

But still this day holds a great significance in my life. I respect this day, Saint Valentine, beacuse its not about loving your girl only, but its a day where one can express love towards everyone.

Still, i have to rush now as i have to reach office in time. Thats the irony i guess :P

Wish all my friends a happy v day... Have a blast and gift ur someone special roses... lots of roses... heheheh...


Wednesday, February 13

D V Day!!!

Love... is in the air...

And I have started missing someone... Is it ;)

Hannibal no.. Politicians the Cannibal

Isn’t It???

What does u think about it...? I certainly think of it in this way. There is tension all around Maharashtra, people are worried, and Indians are worried. The Feeling which first came to my mind... Are we Indians or subdivided into the state we belong to??? All those people who gave their life to see an Independent India, did they ever think of Independent Mumbai or Pune or Delhi or Patna, I don’t think so. The unanimous thought which was there in the mind of all the freedom fighters was to see a nation where everyone is equal and not divided on the basis of cast, religion and certainly not region.

Yesterday when I was coming to home from office, I was worried, worried because of the elements who are doing this... diving us among the region. Who has given them this right? And certainly no right to come out and say, we will parcel you back!!! Who are you Mr.??? I certainly think of you as a Cannibal because you are eating human lives. People who were very happy before all this, living together are now thinking... yes... in our own state this is going on, we are not getting employment??? Why the outsiders are preferred???

Here is a piece of advice for someone who started this!!! You were thrown out of your own home... isn’t it??? You thought you are the right heir for the party but then again someone else took it from you??? What you did?? Did you have the guts to fight it with someone who people highly think of!!! If you did not have it at that time you are certainly no one to come out to sort out issues of people who are certainly not your family. I sometimes feel like killing all these people because even our legal and penal system don’t have the guts to arrest them on behalf of making such derogatory remarks against people of the nation. Yes, you read it right, People of the Nation, We all are, no one has the right to say that you don’t belong to this part of the nation because it’s our state.

I did remember one scene from the movie 'Chak De', when two girls from the north east came to the camp and the manager said, "oh ji... aap toh humare guest ho" and one of them replied... "Will you be happy if you will be called a guest in your own home???” This is one nation, that’s how the constitution was built. Dr Ambedkar certainly did not think of it in this way.

And again I think of one more thing, when these people fight for Kashmir... who has given them a right to speak for those people. They don’t belong to your state, why you are thinking of them??? Who are you??? No one... Think about your state. Make all the political mileage out of it. All those people who have surrendered their thoughts for you make them do all these things you want to. Because this is how you earn, isn’t it??? One friend of mine was yesterday saying that how this Mr. has got an Audi (the car), and then he replied himself... "Aise hi paisa banaya hoga Na!!!”

Make all those people suffer who don’t even understand what you are upto??? But certainly I do, you are upto a mission to divide this nation more and more on behalf of state and when you will be done with all this , then think of City, why r u in Mumbai when you belong to Sholapur or Pune, go back, this is not your city, this city belong to Mumbai people, but do you know where are you from Mr., I hope the day will soon come when people will send you back first to the place you belong, and I don’t see of that place on earth atleast.

But till that time, think of getting all the political mileage out of it. Think of killing more people so that you can reduce the population of this country. But I certainly think of you as worse than the terrorists who are coming from outside. How can I blame them when I see that people in my nation (read home) are themselves destroying the happiness? You are worse than all of them, think I request please think, I plead please think. Don’t do this, because people who regard you certainly don’t understand what you are upto as of now??? But the day they will have a mind of their own, where will you go Mr.??? Who will save you???

God, we call this KALYUG, for real now!!!
Forgive us for all our sins...

Hope all will be well soon... Amen!!!!

Sunday, February 10

Into the Wild

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

Inspired from the movie "Into the Wild"

Sunday, February 3

Love, Breakups and Moving on

Lately, I dont know why I am only soming across such posts??? Is it coincidence??? Life is certainly difficult without the one we love..

Everywhere i see, there are a lot of people who are unhappy with what they did. People are looking for answers!!! Y did we love at the first place? Was it a right decision? Was it a right person? Were we making too many compromises? Why did we break up? What was wrong? Was my decision abt that person wrong??

I ask all of them: If you were so intelligent than y did u fall in love at the first place??? And wat i find interesting here is tat all of them believe in love at first sight... if not all then most.
But y didnt u try and find an answer to this? Y did u fall??? At the hindsight there may be many evidences which suggests tat we took the wrong decision, but did someone force u?? i dont think so!!!!

I hope ppl understand tat by just sayin its divine we wont make it.. but feel it this way... Dont just talk abt the diviness, better believe in it. There was no reason to fall in love but yet u did... now dont be so unhuman to betray urself by thinking that it wasnt right. Not everything happens for right or wrong... so let it be the way it is..
I always loved this quote

Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly- Sam Keen

Wat we did was right.. we gave it our best shot and beacuse of some unwanted circumstance we did not reach at the end that we wanted. But the journey leading to tat path, one shld try to remember that. Its not always the destination which is most enjoyable coz its just a moment, but its the journey leading us to tat destination which is eternal, makes us feel happy. Love is a journey not a destination.
I think we somehow somewhere took a wrong step and our journey was ended, yet the path is still enjoyable, memorable, nostalgic.

another quote...
I would have loved my girl anyways even if i would have known she will break my heart.

In the end i would like to end with my own lines:

कमबख्त दिल को समझाए कैसे
टूटे हुए सपने सजाये कैसें
अब जो टूट गए हैं अरमान
फिर से दिल लगाये कैसें