Wednesday, September 16

In the Search of Infinity...

Empty mind is a wanderer. The most notorious kid and the most brilliant minds can't think of what an empty mind can. Sometimes it just lets one weave a nice web of dreams and sometimes it just shatters everything... even what seems real!!!

Mind takes wherever nothing can, to the skies, to the oceans, even to the heart and dreams of yours. It all seems so real when one is travelling. It all seems to be nice, but one realizes the reality when ones back.

Empty mind has no limits, no inhibitations. It goes away with someone and comes back with something. It lives a life of its own... free like a bird!!!
It has nothing to fear of, nothing to worry about... what it knows is whats gonna come... just when and how?

It has no limit... imagination begins from where it ends in real life... and thats where the search of Infinity begins!!!

A life of dreams, and a dream from thousands... its all here... Search from the infinity and make it yours!!!


P.S. Was thinking of what to write for long... thought of another hindi poem, but then something like this... which even makes me think...
P.P.S. The image here is not for any commercial use and all the rights remain with the author

Tuesday, September 8

Is It what we want?

Why does it happens that when we want something badly, and when we have it... We dont like it that much!!

Is this what we want or are we searching for something which doesnt exist???