Wednesday, April 30


Hi Fellas,

Taking a break from blogging (period indefinite as of now), just not for the reason I am going home for next few days but also i need to sort out few things...

Will keep reading you in the meanwhile as and when time permits.

Enjoy the song... Beete Lamhe
Have Fun...

Monday, April 28

Day of My Death

When i got up in the morning,
There was no sunrise...
There was no Sun,
There was no sunshine...
Dark Clouds, Sorrounding the earth,
Lightning & Thunderstorms shouting a lot...
I felt like dreaming,
So closed my eyes...
Pinched myself,
twice n thrice...
but this is 2030,
the day of my death...
when i met God,
then i realised...

Saturday, April 26


Do u think if someone wud have been born in a poor family in a remote village and stayed their through out his life, he wud have been carryin a different mentality???

P.S. I Love You

This is an amazing love story which I am sure you all are going to like. I really loved it... its amazing!!!

Just want to quote a letter from the movie...

Dear holly,

I don’t have much time, I don’t mean literally, I mean you ought buying ice-cream and you will be home soon. But I have a feeling this is the last letter because there is only one thing left to tell you…

It isn’t to go down memory lane to make u buy a lamp, u can take care of yourself without any help from me, its to tell u how much u moved me, how u changed me, you made me a man by loving me holly, and for tat I m eternally grateful, literally. if you can promise me anything promise me that whenever u r sad, or unsure, or you lose complete faith that you try and see through my eyes.
Thank you for the honor of being my wife. I am a man with no regrets, how lucky am I...You made my life holly, and I am just one chapter in yours ,there will be more I promise!!!

So here it comes , the big one, don’t be afraid to fall in love out for that signal when life is you know is, it ends...

P.S. I Love you!!!

Watch it guys, otherwise you are seriously missing something...

Read the full review at Show Time!!!
Happy Watching!!!

Another morning when i woke at 6.40 am, and this is weekend!!! *sigh


Friday, April 25

Another Sleepless Morning!!!

Another Sleepless Morning, where I woke up at 7 am. I slept at 1 am in the night but still i couldnt keep sleeping after 7. Everyday i put my alarm for 8 am but... :(

I tried to sleep again today also, some 20 times, tried not to think nothing, but...

The morning is so beautiful today... i can hear the birds chirping, a clear sky and its not so hot... The tree next to my window is making noise too, even he isnt sleeping, there is some kind of smell in the air, a nice one, its a lil cold...

A new morning... yet sleepless!!!

Looking forward at the weekend to sleep n sleep n sleep!!!

I am very happy that Rajasthan Royals won yesterday night after beating the Hyderabad(blues for them :P), everyone called them the UNDERDOGS, and now, the dogs are biting without barking. :D
Beware, We r gonna win!!! :D


Thursday, April 24

Book Review :D

This is an amazing article i have come across when i was searching for the original author of the bio-science thing. When I read it the only thought which came to my mind was to share this with all of you... Read and dont think too much lolzzz

Why do men have nipples?

Because we are mammals and blessed with body hair, three middle ear bones, and the ability to nourish our young with milk that females produce in modified sweat glands called mammary glands.
Although females have the mammary glands, we all start out in a similar way in the embryo. During development, the embryo follows a female template until about six weeks, when the male sex chromosome kicks in for a male embryo. The embryo then begins to develop all of its male characteristics. Men are thus left with nipples and also with some breast tissue.
Men can even get breast cancer and there are some medical conditions that can cause male breasts to enlarge. Abnormal enlargement of the breasts in a male is known a gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can be caused by using anabolic steroids. So, if your favourite athlete suddenly develops man boobs and starts winning gold medals, you know the reason why.

The Roman emperor Caligula believed that carrots had the properties of an aphrodisiac. He is said to have fed the Senate a banquet of only carrots so that he could watch his senators fornicate like wild beasts.
However, the eyesight myth dates back only to the Second World War when the Royal Air Force was trying to hide the fact that it had developed a sophisticated radar system to shoot down German bombers. They said that the accuracy of British fighter pilots at night was a result of them being fed huge quantities of carrots.
It’s true that carrots are rich in betacarotene. The body converts betacarotene to vitamin A and extreme vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness. But only a small amount of betacarotene is necessary for good vision. If you’re not deficient in vitamin A, your vision won’t improve, no matter how many carrots you eat.

I always believed that you had an “innie” if the doctor tied a good knot and if he didn't you were cursed with that funny-looking “outie”. But I discovered when I delivered my first baby that there is no knot-tying at all. We just put on a clip, cut and wait for the umbilical cord to dry up and fall off. It is all random. Sometimes someone can develop an “outie” because they have a hernia at this site.

Cracking your knuckles is not as bad as people think. The usual argument is that it causes arthritis. Chronic knuckle-cracking may cause some damage, including stretching of the surrounding ligaments and a decrease in grip strength, but not arthritis. So what causes the pop? The sound is produced when bubbles burst in the synovial fluid surrounding the joint.

If you plan on competing in the Olympics, think twice before gorging on poppy-seed biscuits. Eating enough poppy seeds can cause your urine to test positive for opiates. It is difficult to say how many you need to eat to fail your drug test, but some reports have stated that poppy-seed bagels could generate a positive result. What’s the connection with heroin? Cultivated poppies are the source of opium, from which morphine and heroin are produced.

Our friend Kim can do pretty much anything. She wanted to know the answer to this, and we realised that if anyone could do this, it would be her. She wouldn't let the procedure spoil her dinner party either. A tracheotomy is a dramatic attempt to relieve a blocked airway. Remember the MASH episode where Father Mulcahy sticks a pen in a guy’s throat to help him breathe? The oyster knife might work but please don’t try this at home. Call 999 instead.

There are several theories for what causes yawns and why they are contagious. It was originally thought that people yawned to get more oxygen, but this appears not to be true. The most common theory is behavioural. In an article on contagious yawns, a biopsychologist, Dr Steven M. Platek, of Drexel University in Philadelphia, suggests that people are unconsciously imitating others when they yawn. Humans are not the only species to yawn. Yawning is seen in many animals, including cats, fish and birds (no, we don’t know what a yawning fish looks like either).

An average fart is 59 per cent nitrogen, 21 per cent hydrogen, 9 per cent carbon dioxide, 7 per cent methane and 4 per cent oxygen. Farts can travel at speeds of 10ft (3m) a second. A person produces about half a litre (1pt) of farts a day. Women fart as much as men. The gas that makes farts stink is hydrogen sulphide. This gas, which is less than 1 per cent of the make-up of a fart, contains sulphur, the smelly component. Foods that cause smelly farts include beans, cabbage, cheese, eggs, fizzy drinks. Most people pass gas about 14 times a day. Farts contain the flammable gases hydrogen and methane. The proportions of these gases depend largely on the bacteria that live in the colon which digest food that has not previously been absorbed by the gut. There is some danger associated with igniting flatulence. But students don’t seem to care.

In childhood, no time seemed longer than waiting to jump back in the water after a meal. But there is no medical evidence for this. When you put food in your mouth digestion begins immediately, but once the food arrives in your stomach it takes about four hours to process there completely. Food then passes into the small intestine, where it spends another two hours, and then on to the large intestine for another 14. These times vary widely, depending on what you eat, so don’t set your watch by it.
This doesn’t mean that it’s safe to eat 12 hamburgers and then try to swim the English Channel. Use your head and listen to signals from your body. If you feel pain, cramping, or severe fatigue, get out and, please, don’t puke in the pool.

The easy answer would be: “To work in a carnival”. But it’s not that simple. At menopause, the ratio of male hormones, or androgens, to oestrogen begins to change. This can produce mild increases in facial hair. The amount and thickness of facial hair is hereditary and how thickly follicles are distributed throughout the skin is determined at birth. Some ethnic groups or nationalities are more likely to develop facial hair than others. Some medical conditions can cause excessive hair growth, so it is always wise to check with your doctor, especially if you are a woman experiencing five ’clock shadow.

This one isn’t all that clear. Or maybe it’s because of those drinks we’ve just had. The biggest problem with this rhyme is that nobody seems to remember how it goes. As for the science, there is no research to prove or to disprove it. One theory about this little ditty attempts to explain that the carbonation in beer causes increased alcohol absorption. There is no proof that this is true. Nor should you believe that coffee will help you with a hangover or that bread will absorb the alcohol in your system. Only time will cure your pain as you wait for the alcohol to leave your bloodstream. Intoxication is defined as a blood alcohol level of 100 milligrams per decilitre of blood (0.1 per cent). In adults, the level usually falls about 15 to 20 mg/dL an hour. Everyone metabolises differently, but on average it would take about six to eight hours for you to return to normal from a mild drunken state. Simply put, alcohol causes intoxication, so the more you drink, the sicker you get. It doesn’t have anything to do with the order in which you tend to drink your beer or wine.
As for the dreaded hangover that follows, it is caused mainly by dehydration and interrupted sleep. The sleep and water that will ultimately cure you are not as interesting as some of the more popular hangover cures.

There is no specific course in medical school to deal with all the secretions that you find yourself faced with as a doctor. It is definitely a rude awakening to find yourself being coughed on, spat on and even urinated on. All doctors have been doused in a variety of bodily fluids. One wonderful evening in accident and emergency, I heard a nurse screaming. I found her desperately trying to keep a drunk patient who had passed out from hitting the floor. He was not a small man, and the dead weight was too much to manage. The only way I could get him back on the stretcher was to grab him from behind and throw myself on the stretcher with the patient on top of me. Simple. I could then just roll him over. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan on him using me as a bedpan the instant we hit the bed. This is disgusting, of course, but when faced with the option of being urinated or spat on, I would choose urine. This is not a fetish. Normal urine is sterile. It contains fluids, salts and waste, but it’s free of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is not always fragrant, but it is cleaner than spit. Spit contains large amounts of bacteria and, thus, is filthy.

It is quite common for people to come into an emergency room because they can’t find their contact lens. Sometimes it is found folded and tucked behind the eyelid, but other times it is nowhere to be found. So where is it? Answer: probably on the bathroom floor at home. A little anatomy lesson: there is nowhere else for it to go. Other commonly “misplaced” items that lead people to accident and emergency: tampons, condoms and car keys.

You are what you eat. In this case, it is somewhat true, as sperm contains important genetic material. But sperm is not particularly nutritious or fattening. The average ejaculate, about one teaspoon, contains between two and three hundred million sperm. Total calories: about five. These calories are derived mainly from fructose, a type of sugar, secreted into semen by the prostate gland to provide the sperm with the energy to swim. Other good stuff found in semen includes water, vitamin C, citric acid, phosphate, bicarbonates, zinc, and prostaglandins. A veritable breakfast of champions.

This was just an amazing read, so i thought its better to have it here to read after so much of Rationalism. :D
Extracted from Why Do Men Have Nipples? Published by Orion (?6.99)
Source : The Telegraph

Have fun...

Monday, April 21

ME n U- Typical WE Part II

Before beginning, i must say this...
Samby, you are a dear, one who has touched my heart with his words and actions in so little time. I am still in shock after hearing you leaving us. I really wish you stay and write those long post which cheer me up. But I wish you all the good luck and I hope you will meet me when you land in Pune.

Glad to know you!!!
Hugs Bro!!!

I **again want to put this thought forward...
We are mammals and blessed with body hair, three middle ear bones, and the ability to nourish our young with milk, Although females have the mammary glands, we all start out in a similar way in the, embryo. During development, the embryo follows a female template until about six weeks, when the male sex chromosome kicks in for a male embryo. The embryo then begins to develop all of its male characteristics. Men are thus left with nipples and also with some breast tissue.<~~~ This is what Bio Science Says... that means... all men are females for 6 weeks in life,... so by manuscripts, by science and by nature ... every life is Feminine... Males are just a variation to Class Mother and not different from class mother...

**The bio-science work is an excerpt of a comment from one of Priyanka's post, i loved it and did not find any better lines. It's originally taken from The Telegraph

I don’t have any gender biasness to go with, so if any of you think that I wanted to bash/trash men/women in my last post than I am Sorry!!! Many of you think I generalized, and many think I didn’t, it’s fair enough that I have both the opinions. I may be honest, but I haven’t put forward even 1% of the truth yet.

I have always lived in a mirage, where I have dreamt of an Egalitarian society, but I have been defeated by women themselves, by simply hating and fighting with other women and then men who think they are the Supremes of this world, and without them this world is not enough!!!

Marriage is one thing which makes us complete, or may be companionship if you want to put it this way. Is it really necessary to marry someone, then in India yes, because you are abide by the laws of the society, but I personally think that if you and your partner knows that you can be together forever, happily ever after, then marriage is just a name given to this true commitment.

But isn’t it necessary in the relationship to understand each other, think about each other, do things for each other. Can the love keep flowing in one direction, even if it does, for how long, and then some day you may have the feeling you are not loved enough… And then you think it was better to be single, and then to aspire for the dreams, desires, goals one had. I don’t mind being single but I can tell you from my personal experience that love is certainly a beautiful feeling and you all know that. We feel special when someone loves us, may it be our parents, friends or the lover…

I don’t think either things can work without small adjustments made towards keeping the happy relationship, but at the same time, I just have a plain question, why when you are in love, is love really blind where you can do anything for your man/woman??? If it’s your wish then fair enough, go ahead, change yourself because you really want to, If you really feel that after making this sacrifice you will be happy then go ahead, if something is for better than no one can question it. And I never questioned them who are doing this with their will, but I only question those who do this when they don’t wish to change and still they do, when they don’t want to do things but they are forced to do…

I myself suggest many of my friends, specially my girl friends, like D. She thinks that A, her boy friend doesn’t listen to her at times, he does what he wants to, and then at times she feels helpless. I only question her about the fact that she knew he is that kind in the beginning only and so did she fell in love. So now if she wants him to change in a day, isn’t it something which is impossible. But I don’t know how long we can keep doing things,

I think it’s a matter of heart over mind and mind over heart most of the times.

Ceedy, yes, it may be easy to say this to make ourselves feel special, but when it comes to doing it really, not 1% can do what they say. Or may be I have the privilege that I am a Man, who has got the rights to decide, if I would have been a woman then it would have been much more difficult to say and more so to do such things. We are living in a discriminating society.

Chakoli, may be I was generalizing and I am not lucky enough to know more people like you who don’t believe in doing such things.

Veens, it’s really nice to know your thoughts on this and that you will remain what you are.

Cinderealla, dear friend, I agree to every word you said, but at the same time, I would still call it an adjustment because somewhere it isn’t compromise, which isn’t a happy word. Adjustment atleast may sound neutral. :D

Keshi, Amy… yes I think howsoever knowledge goes in there in this mind, we still remain Men at the end of the day, and we need this to change drastically.

Aneri, you are lucky enough. God bless you!!!

Satan, I too do that, I do stare at girls, I don’t want to defend it, but I don’t find it neither good nor bad.

Lena, my dear friend, I learn a lot from you, you are so knowledgeable I must say. I agree to you that its all in the mind, and people are people everywhere. And yes, it is always about respecting the other person. Cheers!!!

Typical WE...

"Men will be Men". I agree to it completely, I find many an exception too, but generally, as far as I have seen, most behave typically.
For past few weeks now, I am thinking and reading a lot on Love vs. Arrange marriages... I was myself for love marriage but we divorced, after a long companionship of almost 7 years. But that doesn’t change my point of view towards Love & Arranged marriages at all. :)

But this post isn’t about marriage only, there are a lot of things I want to talk about. So let me begin with one conversation of mine with my friend.

My friend(M) fell in love some 3 years back with his colleague(K), she is a well literate lady herself, doing her MBA as of now. M is a guy from middle class, so he was hardly able to earn his pie at that point of time, but things changed and this conversation took place after things changed. We started a business together which now he owns as I left it for my MBA and career, and he has made a moolah from it. So he has 2 cars, a bungalow, a nice office space, everything one desire of while starting business.

M now doesn’t want K to work anymore, he thinks that why should she work, when he is earning so much. Above all he says, in his family no lady has worked so far, so he wants K to be the same. He isn’t illiterate believe me, so when I asked him, will you leave the business and sit at home, if K wants to conquer the world. He said, simply...
Ankur, What the crap man, what are you talking???
I believe he hasn’t got answer for this question!!!

Now do things really change so fast, someone you met at your work place only and now you don’t want to work her at all. And there are other reasons too behind it... like, people will stare at her, they will flirt with her... Gosh!!!
Why in this world, we men, don’t believe, respect & trust our own woman... *Sigh

I don’t dis-respect woman who really want to be housewives, and if they finally settle like that, they have achieved their goals, but for women who have the goals quite clearly written for them, if they too do this, talking a lot about Woman's Day, Girl's Day, then I always feel that you are cheating yourself.
One interesting argument I always listen to, when I talk to most of my girl friends (read gf... not lover), they say... that we are in love, and I can do anything for my man... but will your man be able to do the same if you ask her to do so...??? I guess you know the answer and then you come up with things like you don’t want to spoil the relationship and there is a lot to give up, if you really want to stay it that way.
Interesting, all for the sake of argument, you know that you don’t want to give it up, it’s a sacrifice you are making, but you don’t want others to see it that way. I admire this quality of yours Lady!!!

I also feel that this is man's world, so things will take time to change, but when you literate, knowledgeable, mature woman takes such a decision, I feel that somewhere all the spirit is lost. And when I ask them, will you be able to do so if its arrange marriage, they say... NO, it’s a compromise, I won't.
I haven’t seen such 2 sides of coin ever. :)

Another funny talk which goes on in rounds when we men chat about our woman...
When you ask most of them, will you ever accept a woman who has a past? Now all you ladies will think that yes, they will, even if you have a past, they are ready to accept you... but let me tell you, we aren’t that frank in front of you... The answer 80% of times is, I can’t accept a girl with a past, because if there is one, there is always a possibility to repeat the mistake in future...
And when you ask the remaining 20%, that will you accept a girl then who has slept with someone before, another 80% are gone, and this time with a bigger NO NO.... Typical us, I must say... We are ready to bang every girl which comes to us, not thinking that eventually she also will find someone like us, but when it comes to us... we need a VIRGIN!!!!

I don’t believe it, and I have my arguments many a times with my friends over this, and they say...
Ankur... You are a Ch#$^a
heehaw... yes I am, but I know what I am doing, and I wont regret it ever, because I wont give her a chance to make me regret it. Love is the key I believe. :)
I believe...

Marriage is an institution, a promise you make to your companion to support and be with them at every single step in their life, where mutual trust and respect is necessary, where you look towards a future which is for both of you...
When 2 individuals become one... WE!!!

I think there is more to write on this... so more will follow soon...


Saturday, April 19

TAGGED!!---'30 questions'

I am tagged by Pri today and as I don’t have much to write so I am better off completing this one. (:D). Believe me; I won’t do justice to this tag because this tag has more questions than I ever answered in a single class (:-P). I am privileged enough (or more technology literate) to copy->Paste the questions so my task is much easier than her, I just need to ensure that I write my answers (lolzzzz…).
So here I go, one by one…

“Shaurya”… amazing, though a copy of “A Few Good Men”, but it has done justice with itself. The movie is blank at places, but I really liked it.
Also the dialog specially, when at the first place Rahul Bose (who acted as an army lawyer) says,
"Army got its hero, but I lost a father. "
It is a great watch.

I am currently reading “The Man who killed Gandhi”. A different perspective to look towards what happened and how it happened. A book with many original photographs and literature and if you are the one who is interested in Gandhi or Indian Freedom fight… then I guess it’s a good book.
MRP: Rs. 395/-

LUDO, and I still play it with my cousins when I go back home. :D

I pick any, am not so particular, category is business & socio-economical generally.

The smell of mud, when it rains.
I also like the smell of Dettol & Petrol. :D
I like to smell fresh mangos & garlic chutney.
And my perfumes: Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Ferrari & Burberry.

When my phone rings for a particular no, guess I am missing that sound for so many months now (:P).
When my mamma & dad calls me beta and Anshu (my sis) calls me bhai… my jaan call me Dada(big bro), my grandparents (nana & nani) calls me Rinku(my nick name) :D

When I see someone begging on the road, someone in an accident, a dead body, and when I miss someone who is very close to my heart.

What time is it?

There are many, Pizza hut anywhere…
When I am in my hometown, there are many road side shops where I love to eat and they know me all… Specially Shankar Dal-moth in Chaura Rasta and Pandit Pavbhaji at Jawahar Circle (to tell u its Asia’s largest circle).

My wish is a daughter, can’t decide alone, 2 names are in…
1) Deepeika
2) Cant tell u… i discussed it and promise to someone that i will keep this name :P

probably open a school where all the special kids will be educated, will have a home for the people who don’t have one, will open a dining place which provides food 24*7 to people who cant afford to eat on their own(they have to wash dishes, clean floors, coz I don’t want to make charity, its moreover like LANGAR if u r familiar with the term.)

Well, to tell u the fact I used to, but guess the days aren’t good for me. Have met 4 accidents in past 3 months, and now I afraid to drive infact. Yesterday was hit by a Qualis on the road, fell down, hurt my left knee again. :(

Haha… the only stuffed thing I have is a bed full of some cotton, and my pillows, give me as many I will always complaint. :D

Cool… always… :)

My first, I take this as one I bought, a Wagon R, gifted to my parents.

1) Café Mocha
2) Peach Ice Tea

Read all the books in this world and watch all the movies.

I love them…

Don’t wanna answer, cant ask this to a man who recently shaved his head, lives in Pune where hairfall is a big problem, and facing baldness. :(

I have been to many, lived in Jaipur, Ajmer, Nagaur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi ,Guwahati, and Pune(currently).

Omg, u kidding me, I can watch
F1(my favorite)

Isnt this list enough :P

This is too much... one nice thing... lemme think... *sigh
likhna padega kya??? compulsary hai???
wait... yes, she is a doctor... oh.. but is it nice??? :P
ok... here u go..
She is a great human being, a fine writer, superb narrator. :)
and yes... she is a poet too... gud one :)

I have a floor, no hollow space :P

Oh man… I would love to… :)

I sleep at 2 am and wake up at 7am… what do u call such a person?

I think I am over easy.

Moi home… and mamma’s lap, I just love it :D

I don’t eat… pie’s :P

Seetaphal from Naturals,
Kiwi from Gelato
Watermelon from New Zealand Naturals.
And above all, the one kulfi wala uncle which comes with his trolley, rings the bell and we eat that Dandi wala Kulfi… it’s the best :D

I haven’t tagged yet, but now I will :
1) Veens
2) Keshi
3) Cinderella
4) Ceedy
5) Amy
6) Aneri
Plzzzz some of u take this up :D :D

I guess this will do, I am exhausted and just want to sleep now.
hehehe, have fun guys!!!


Wednesday, April 16

A New Day...Updated

No suprises... happy days are back again

I have decided on a new camera, Canon EOS 400D costing me a moolah, but i have taken suggestions from a friend and he said its a very good one. This one is a SLR (Single reflex lens), and i can also use extra lenses to enhance the capacity... :D

I talked to my jaan, my bro, my cousin, he was happy though he initially said that he wants me to be there in his birthday party, but later we settled with his long list of demands (read Farmaish :P). Still I am very very happy that he is on talking terms with me. :D
Love You Cutie boy!!! :D

The fight with the friend is over, though I had to pay a huge price for it, but cleared differences(if we may call it).

In the morning i saw a comment out of a cold war. It made me more happy at 7am in the morning because it wasnt expected ever. :D

I forgot to mention one thing, went to FC Road in the evening, from office, had no work today, with friends, to eat Jalebi and Rabri (both are delicacies in sweets) at Manmeet restaurant. It was yummy.

I am Happy!!! :D

This is one I scribbled long time back but didnt put it up... but here it goes, though it doesnt suits my happy mood... still i m happy to post it :D

आंधियां कितनी भी चले
फूल फिर भी महकेंगे
तेरे आने की आहट से
मगर अब हम न चौकेंगे

गूंजती है आँगन मैं
तेरी किलकारियाँ अब भी
वो हँसी के कहकशे तेरे
कभी भी हम न भूलेंगे

वो जरा धीरे से
बालो को झटकाना तेरा
तेरी आंखों का महकाना हमे
कभी भी हम न भूलेंगे

करते हैं याद तुझे हम
अपनी धडकनों से ज्यादा
मगर जीने के लिए
साँस लेना हम न भूलेंगे


Tuesday, April 15

Pinch of Salt...

Today was a bad day...

I wanted to buy a Semi-SLR Camera (Sony HS9) for long, couldn’t buy it earlier because of finances. Today when I really wanted to buy it, visited 4 stores, thinking that I will get a piece somewhere, couldn’t get even a single one... they say, it’s out of market, obsolete they call it. :)

Random thought:

Mamma called me, as my cousin's birthday (my jaan, he is 4 yrs old) is tomorrow, he was at home and wanted to talk to me. I was disappointed, not wanted to talk, picked up, said, I will talk later, guess what, now he doesn’t wants to talk to me, and I am dying to hear from him now!!! :(

Random thought:
Bhai... I miss you so very much here... I love you a lot... :D

Fought with a friend in the morning, over nothing... i guess the phase will be over, but today was the day, i felt so bad about it.
Trust me for lord sake...I don't ask strangers to do it... dont you get it???

Random thought:
I wish I would be at home today...None of this would have happened!!!


Saturday, April 12

The 8-Star Tag...

Pri tagged me on Tuesday for this, and here i go...

Eight things I am passionate about
  • My Parents
  • All my Friends including few from bloggersville
  • Food (pure veg though :D)
  • My Blog
  • My Writing
  • Photography
  • Rafting
  • Movies

Eight things I want to do before I die
  • Become a politician
  • wish i can make one person happy for real
  • spread humanity across the world
  • spend a year in Alaska & New Zealand
  • Open a Restaurant (Fine Dine & Finer Wine :D)
  • Writing a book
  • Make my parents proud of me
  • to change the past for once :D

Eight things I say often
  • kiddin
  • just pullin ur leg
  • kuch nahi
  • As#$#%e
  • Wow
  • Sexy (even abt food :P)
  • OMG
  • KEWL

Eight books I've read recently
  • Shantaram
  • Lord of the Rings
  • 5 point someone
  • Interpreter of Maladies
  • Blink
  • The Wealth of Nations
  • Angels & Demons
  • The Man who killed Gandhi (reading)

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over
boss, this list is never gonna end :P
  • Woh Kagaz ki Kashti... Jagjit Singh
  • I am leaving on a Jet Plane...John Denver
  • A song for all Lovers...John Denver
  • Walk the Line...Johnny Cash
  • Radha kaise na Jale...Lagan(movie)
  • Love will Never lie...MLTR
  • Dekh lo aaj humko...Jagjit Kaur
  • Sarakti jaaye hai...Jagjit Singh

phew... this was difficult!!! :( *sigh*

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends
  • honesty (abt me and themselves)
  • sense of humor
  • we can fight, cry and laugh at the same time
  • letting me decide the food everytime :D
  • providing mental and economical (:D) support whenever i need
  • listening to me forever and asking me to get a life :D
  • not caring abt my academics, cast, religion, color, weight, hair... :P
  • and even after telling them that i cant help them get a new job, coming back again and again asking for the same :P :P heheheh

8 people i shld tag this with...
whooopppyyyyyyyy... no one... i have 8 in my mind... so if u know or guess u r one... take it, i dont want to force u ;) :D

This is official... and my 1st tag *grin*

lolzzzz.... but yes, never been tagged earlier, Supriya actually asked me (not tagged ;)) and i wanted to be... looks like i m in the groove now :D

I tried to copy few tags coz i liked them, and then i thought how long... :D, coz to really be a part of this world, you need to be tagged.
But then i thanks you all, to making this journey all the more comofortable for me. I write for myself, what i feel... And your advices and suggestions have actually made me think a lot deeper and i have gained a lot of insight from all of your posts. Few of those who i really like to read for substance as of now are Veens, Pri, Keshi, Samby, Cindrella, Lena, Amy & Ceedy(sometimes :D)... Thanks to all of you, not because you all are great writers, but you write what you think, the harsh truth and the reality, and above all you write for yourself... Cheers!!!

Image Courtesy :- National geographic News

Wednesday, April 9

Hunderd Thoughts...

Why do I keep...

referring people as FRIENDS...
bugging people...
visiting people who don’t want me to visit them...
thinking that people will understand me...
justifying myself...
talking of an egalitarian society...
thinking that woman will someday believe that they are equal...
thinking that woman will believe every man doesn’t think the same about them...
myself in solitude......
feeling lonely...
thinking about her...
missing her...
thinking that she will come back...
thinking that the old time will come back..
thinking that I can’t move on...
thinking that my life isn’t the same anymore...
thinking that I can love her till eternity...
talking of her every time
thinking that I won’t be sad anymore...
thinking that I can bring smile to the face of people around me...
thinking that people will understand me...
telling people what to do...
thinking before writing...
commenting too long...
giving hope to people...
thinking while driving...
meeting with accidents...
forgetting things...
believing that forgetting and forgiving is everything...
hurting people...
loving poeple...
sayin but...
doing the same things again and again...
fighting with myself...

I think I have so much to write and yet I can’t write anymore… I feel a blank...

A reader on my blog and one post by a blogger made me think all this... I still hope though!!!


Saturday, April 5

Life... Bitter or Sweet?

I wonder how many times we remember the bad deeds and forget the good which was done to us, we break a relationship coz of 1 wrong thing saying that it won’t be the same again; we break friendship saying that a friend can’t do this to us...

I wonder, we are in love with happiness, or may be...FACE OFF!!! We can’t take the truth, we hate when one sad moment appears in our lives and we discard everything which was there for past few days or years may be....

We think too much of what happened, y it happened, but do we think the same when someone gives us the happiness we want??? Do we think over it again n again... do we crib over it, do we fight over it...
And just then I wonder, we don’t love happiness, we love sadness, and we love the hatred around so we keep it in our lives...

People don’t believe in forgiveness, they don’t believe in forgetting what happened; a slap on your face can’t be forgotten like the gift which was given to u on your 5th birthday by your parents, which kept u happy for atleast 15 days then...

I wonder and I wonder...

All these phases are so long, because we want them to be... and we call them the little truths of our life, but y do we tend not to remember the bigger ones... Y don’t we remember that it may the relationship which kept u alive for 6 months, or may be a year... all those happy days are just gone like the moment, the time which will never come back.

I do have a past, I don’t like to call it bitter coz I don’t believe it was bitter, I can’t come out of it because I remember the happy moments which I spent for 6 years. The feeling was amazing, and its not letting me get out of it, guess someone said rightly more than love I m missing the feeling of being loved.

I don’t try to run away from my past, I want to live with it, but I want my present to be made beautiful because of it. When someone says, move on, I say, from whom... myself???

And then people say we are living in a parallel world, forgetting all the others around us, and then I say coz we wish to...
We are becoming meaner day by day, there are very few who live for others making them happy, most of us live for ourselves only, in a world full of illusions, doing things just for ourselves, and those who do it for others, people suggest them to move on... live for themselves...

I wish and I wonder!!!

I guess, those who live for others realize how important it is, even I sometimes think that I should start living for myself, and then I think, Should I be like everyone else then... no ways, that’s not acceptable to me. I believe if there are small things which make people happy, I will keep showing that gesture, and I don’t fid anything wrong with it.

I think at times, we should try and learn from people who don’t have a life to live to, who run rickshaws the whole day to eat their share of the bread and butter (butter huh?). Look at people who can’t buy a dress for years, kids who can’t go to school and never get educated. There are people who have a reason to be unhappy, the bigger reasons. Sometimes we can take our time out of our busy lives, to spend some time with these people, just to make them smile, to bring a new meaning to our lives, if at all we are able enough to do so.

I pledge, to visit a school every weekend, and give few hours to educate kids, as I was doing earlier and currently with my busy schedule was unable to do(I call it busy, and I wonder more… )

Another thought…

I keep visiting people, on their blog, trying to give a new dimension to my thinking, the way I react to situations, and I comment the way I feel about that... and when I spent much time on one blog, discussing and having a share of thoughts, people try to read through me, calling me a flirt, someone whose trying to impress the girl by visiting her... Gosh!!!

I wonder and I realize, I atleast make an honest attempt to read and understand what that person has written, and I write a long comment thinking that when u put something on a public blog, u want people to share with you what they feel about it, I certainly don’t try to make fun of it, I don’t go and crack jokes over there, I believe that everyone has their own set of beliefs and principles, so I respect them and then I may end up getting into a debate with them about what they think and what I think...
But to label as a flirt, I take this offensive...

This was a comment i was writing on Pri latest post... the little truths of life..., but the length was so much that i thought it would be better to post this. :D


Thursday, April 3


This is the one I scribbled long time back and put it in one of my posts too. But guess this is the time when i should put it again...

Girl o' Girl
Let me make you happy
By giving roses
and make you smile
but thinking
all the time
is this what will
make you happy
really happy
giving up
all your tide
giving up
all for me
all your life
thinking it will
make me smile!!!

This is another one which i wrote for one of my blogger friend, and guess after reading her latest post Stairway To Heaven, I dont think i have words to comment there or rather m speechless... but i want you to read the same poem not for the reason that everything happens for good, but because there will be a new morning and a new beginning...
I dont care whether it sounds good or not with the translation, but the translation goes along as it is for you...

घनघोर अँधेरा छाया है (its a blackout)
चारो और सन्नाटा है (There is silence around)
न कोई पंछी है (no birds)
न कोई आवाजे (no sounds)
हर तरफ़ है तो (if anything is there)
बस कालिमा और कालिमा (its only darkness)
डर लगता है मुझे (i m afraid of)
अपने आप से (myself)
कैसे बचूंगा मे (how m gonna survive)
ऐसी काली रात से (frm dis black night)
हवाएँ चल रही है (wind blowing)
तेज़ बहुत तेज़ (faster n faster)
दरवाज़े बज रहे हैं (doors r makin noise)
हर तरफ़ के (frm everywhere)
क्या ऐसा ही है वक्त मेरा (is dis my presnt)
चांदनी नही वापस होगी(no moonlit will com bak)
तारो की रौशनी की (stars shine)
क्या नही वापसी होगी(won't come back )

पर हर काली रात के बाद (but after every dark night)
एक सुबह आती है (there is a morning)
और सूरज की नई किरणे (new sunrays)
कुछ नया पैगाम लाती है (bring new msg)
एक नया सवेरा (a new morning)
एक नई सुबह (a new morning)
एक नई शुरुआत (a new beginning)
जिंदगी की (of life)...

I say...

Pain and journey never ends...its just tat u have to forget it, begin a new chapter, take a new path, thinking of another journey...

Take Care Girlie!!!