Thursday, May 29


वो कहते है ख़त का मज्मु भांप लेते है लिफाफा देखकर
कोई पूछे उनसे की खू देखकर बता देगे किस काफिर का है
आह निकलती है खुलद से मोहम्मद की भी
फिर यह बता दो की इस राम की खता क्या है
दुआ मे मांगे थे नुज़ुम खुदा से नामाबर होकर
काता-ऐ-अमार और बलाएँ मिली है झोली भरकर
नज़र लगी है किसी जालिम की इस दर पर
दिया और इतना दिया है छप्पर फाड़ कर
बस तवक्को है इतनी खुदा से इनायत मे
दे दे मोहब्बत भी इस सितमगर को झोली भरकर

--------------------------English Translation------------------------------
They say the know the contents of letter just by looking at the envelope
Ask them whether they will tell by looking at the blood that whose is it?
Even Khuda curse them from the heaven itself
Then tell me whats the fault of Ram here?
We prayed as messenger to the god for stars
Killers and casualties is all what we have got in excess
Someone has cursed this land of ours
That god has given us a lot of all this
We just expect from the god in our prayers
That he teaches these killers how to love too!!!

Was thinking a lot when i was stranded outside my door as i left my key inside, thinking of calling someone' but had nothing to talk about, so called home, friends, all the lost contacts and then thought of this... Had a discussion with someone somewhere on the same lines in the morning and I was thinking this all along!!!
Don’t know how much i would be able to translate in English but i have tried my best.

I pray that those who are killed in the blasts, Gurjar Aandolan (something going on for reservation in northern India), China Quake and all the others who are losing their lives everyday because of terrorism and natural calamities, May their soul rest in Peace!!!


Sunday, May 25

An Unsent Letter

Hello Adam,

How are you?
I have few questions in mind and I dont know whom to write to, but then i thought of you, but I am not sure whether I am going to send this to you or not... Still I need to tell this to someone, so I think of you...

Isnt it is easy to say, dont feel alone, we are with you?

At times many of us say that, but how many are truly there at the time you need them most, at the time when you want them to forget the ego and listen to you, you venting out on anything, cribbing, and them not thinking that you are wrong because every normal human being goes through this phase in life...

Its easy to say that we dont, but just be truthful once... even when you argue you vent, otherwise when you know you are right, there is no need for you to explain... I do explain myself a lot of times...

Its easy to say, why do you? but then do you understand the way I want to say it, do you always look at the better side of it, not thinking the flip side of it?

I have you my friend and I still feel alone!!!

I feel alone even when I have so many friends and then i find no one to talk to, i feel alone because you dont want to listen to me, you dont want me to say so much, you have a mind to listen to but you cant give me your heart friend, you dont listen from your heart so your mind always judge me for what i say!!!

I wonder that how when I am in worst of the mood or going through a bad phase, and I take out my cell, i dont find no one to talk to, because I am afraid of you not listening to... ME!!!

I know I am over things as suggested but how now i think you arent over those things which you asked me to!!!

You call me a friend Adam, but sometimes you need to feel what you say, by your heart!!!


Thursday, May 22

Childhood Memories...

M B'day reminded me of the childhood day’s memories, pretty and nostalgic...

So let’s have a Deja Vu with those by quoting some happy memories from childhood.

1) B'day Celebrations!!!
It used to make me really happy when I got all the attention, and moreover all the gifts. :D

2) Chocolates!!!
My mom used to give me and my sister a chocolate every day after her day at work. I remember the name too… “Milky Bar…” Havent had any other chocolate than this one. It was my favorite.

3) Dresses!!!
It was an occasion when I used to get a new dress and it was a reason to celebrate too. I still remember how before the birthday or any festivals we used to prepare for the shopping. :D
4) Lunch boxes!!!
I am an admirer of good food since childhood and I still remember all my female friends used to fight that whose lunch box I am going to eat. :-P
I still remember this one girl who used to bring sweet sandwiches just for me. :D

5) Picnics!!!
Oh… at that time, even going to a local garden was celebrated as picnic. We used to take the lunch and water bottles with us and then used to eat there sitting under a tree.
Used to play cricket or some other game and had so much fun.
If it was some other city we used to be so excited and used to boast a lot to our friends about it. :P

6) Cards, Chupan chupai (Hide n Seek), Langdi Tang!!!
The best games we played, not like the present generations spending whole time sitting in front of TV with a X-Box. So many games there were and so many kids. Playing Cards were the best thing still and so were Sitolia, Gulli Danda!!!. :D
But I miss playing “Kanche” the most. My mom never let me play that because she said it is a bad habbit. :(
(Sorry keshi, I don’t know the English versions of these games.)

7) Comics
Omg… the best thing created by god ever…: D :D
I am an ardent follower of PRAN, the author/creator of Chacha Chaudhary, Pinky, Bablu and many more. :D
I used to read Nagraj, Dhruv, Doga, Ram Raheem, Krookbond, Bankelal, Chacha Bhatija and so many more comics.
Also Mendrek and Phantom were my favorite characters. :D
On my b’day I visited LANDMARK and asked them about hindi comics, but bad luck… :(

8) Ride on someone’s bike or own bicycle
In those times, it was an luxury and so does the car. I remember my dad bought an Ambassador in 1985 which he sold later, but till 1987 we used to ride on his Luna. :D
I had my own bicycle in class 8th (auto till then), and it was stolen too :(
But when we used to ride on someone’s bike it was an amazing experience and we used to talk about it. Hehe

There were so many other things which used to make me happy. They were small but beautiful. I really wonder nowadays when the children don’t know even the name of the kids who live in the same building, leave society even. We have been too busy with out laptops, TV’s and above all with ourselves.

But I surely had my happy childhood days. Tell me yours!!! :)

This is a pic i clicked recently on my trip to Delhi...


Sunday, May 18

Thank You...

Completed 28 yesterday... Thanks a lot to all those who did wish, and to all those too who are gonna wish me after reading this and cudnt earlier, know that you all werent aware...

Now 17th hold a great importance in my life beacuse
17th May :Moi B'day
17th June: B'day of someone special
17th Dec: Another special day as many of u said...

So yes, 17th is special for me ;) :D

My roommate and good friend Nilesh got this for me!!! :D :D

It was a fantastic day yesterday as friend came down from Mumbai and another cudnt came coz of flight delay!!! but a lot many friends from bloggersville too made it memorable by wishing me (actually remmebering it is a big task :D )

The most memorable thing which happened was that my parents and relatives partied on my behalf, called me, and they sang happy birthday to me (WOW!!!)... and my JAAN cut the cake (idiot) and also he was itraooing too... but i was really surprised as they didnt tell me this thing in the morning... oh i love and miss u all!!! :D :D

So there were actually 2 dinner parties thrown, one back at Jaipur and 1 here in Pune by me... BASHOs is the name of the place where we visited!!!

Another memorable thing happened in the noon when a friend of mine called me and she told me as she wasnt here and cudnt gift me something... she wrote a small piece for me which goes like this...

दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती अज़ीज़ है ,
तुझ से मिले नहीं फिर भी तू करीब है,
मोड कैसा भी हो जिस पर हम मिले,
खुदा की रजा से हम मिले हैं हम खुशनसीब हैं

and it goes like this in english...

Friend your friendship is very precious,
Havent met but still we are very near,
whatever were the crossroads where we met,
we are lucky that we met by the wish of god.

Aww.. Thanks a lot, You really made me feel special!!! :)

Also searched a lot to buy a new clothes and pair of new shoes (like a kid who's dying to shop on bday :D) in the noon but cudnt get one :( (I am really choosy when i go with the mood to shop, and when i m not in the mood then i like many :P).
Finally we went to Landmark in the night coz i wanted to buy something and friends were saying that i should something... i did buy.. Discovery of India by Jawahar Lal Nehru, an old book but recetly adviced by someone when i was travelling.

It was a great day yesterday... enjoyed a lot after a long time and Thanks to all dear friends who were there with me...

And yes, a friend recently said abt obesity and i m taking it positively and I am sure am going to reduce 5 kgs in the coming month, so 17th Jun.. i will be 75kgs, not 80... and do i look like 100??? :P :P
hehe... but yes, gonna work a lot on obesity... i know u said it for my good!!! :)

Hoping tat I will become a lil better human with time!!!


Saturday, May 17


This date is of a great significance in my life!!!

Any guesses...

Wednesday, May 14


Dedicated to a very dear Friend... :)

गालों की रंगत हमने देखी नही
आंखो की मस्ती भी देखी नही
लबो का चलना हमने देखा नही
देखा है बस तेरा यह इठलाना

नज़रे हैं बेताब हमारी
कान भी हैं बेकरार
करते हैं बस तेरा
और तेरा ही इंतज़ार

तेरे हुस्न के दीदार को
दिल भी बेकरार है
तेरे होठों से सुनने की
हमे फिर भी आस है

करते हैं इंतज़ार हम
तेरे दीदार का
कहेंगे क़यामत से भी
थोड़ा इंतज़ार कर

आने वाला है हुस्न वो
जिसका इंतज़ार था
पुरी होंगी हसरते
जब उसका दीदार होगा

जिंदगी के आईने मैं
सब कुछ साकार होगा
मरने या जीने का हमे
न कोई एहसास होगा

धड़कने रुक सी गई होंगी
जिंदगी थम सी गई होगी
और उसके हुस्न से
पूरे चाँद का दीदार होगा

Tuesday, May 13


Motherfuckers rocked Jaipur too...

5 Bomb Blasts have taken place in the city and that too to the core of the city, these bastards will never stop, i m furious!!!

will kill these ppl some day, i swear!!!


Latest news 7 blasts, 2 live bombs are under difussion, 35 ppl have died and more than 100 injured :(

God give these MF's some brains!!!

60 ppl have died, 150 injured and bomb still under diffusion!!! :(

75 lost their lives till time for wat??? why do they have to do this??? wats the purpose of killing human beings??? Is life so cheap??? Why dont u realise that this is something not worth enugh???? what will u answer to ur bhagwan, allah or rab??

So very Pointless!!! :(((((

Saturday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day

I would like to begin this with something for all you women readers there...

You all are special in some way or other coz u have been/will be mother one day or other (not necessarily physically). You all have the power to make all of us feel special by caring for us and showing wat a woman can be when she acts like mother (sister n friend too). When i read most of you, most of the times i feel proud that god created you and then us, because the way u look at life and situations is quite different and intelligent most times.
Also the fact that how previliged we are to be there in ur womb for 9 months where we learn a lot abt living a life.

Then i would like to say this about my mamma...

Mamma i love you a lot, i dont say it often to you, i take you for granted, i fight with u, shout at u, but believe me none of this is intentional... most of the times it is coz i dont want you to feel sad(but to make u happy) but eventually i lead u to be sad sometimes :(

but i know u know how much i love u... u r d best mom (n dad too). You have given me a lot in life giving up ur needs, wants, ur time, ur money, ur energy and above all urself for me... I realise that how at times u made me (n anshu) happy by buying us new clothes/stuff/chocolates when even u dont think buying something for urself... :)

I still try a lot by reciprocating that love but i know i cant ever give up like u did for us and ur family... and i dont want to return any favors of urs coz it was love which can never be returned, it was a gesture so unique that i can only dream of doing it, n my tryin it can only make me happy...n u too :)

Mamma, i want to give u the world and then to a lot many other moms, who are treated badly by their children, coz i have never understood how can u forget n ignore one who has given whole of their life for u... and then people say it was ur duty. No mamma, it wasnt, it was sheer love which u gave me and to ur family... :)
Also the fact that how money can be over and above u or dad? Did ya even thnk of money before us? I dont think and nor do i know any such parents... :)

Only u cud have beared the pain by keeping me in womb for 9 months and delivering me to this world where u risk ur life, all for me :) Only u cud have feeded me with ur milk when i needed it the most. Only u cud have given me all of ur love n care when i needed it the most.

Mamma, you and every woman on this earth is special...

Happy Mothers Day to you!!!

n this small poem is dedicated to u...

u r d best
all in one
so very special
not like everyone

u make me laugh
wit lots of smile
u make me happy
by giving wat i want

u r my mamma
mamma d best
u r whole world
to me above rest

mamma i love u
love u a lot
mamma u r d best
best than d rest

:D :D

Love you Mamma!!!


Thursday, May 8

My Best Friends Engagement!!! :D :D

This was one of the best night after long where we all met... and WE ENJOYED!!! :D :D

Tell me which one of these pics U like d most?

and Y?


Tuesday, May 6

Sweet Something...

I have been thinking
all of you
all about you
nothing but you

I think
u amuse me
u please me
all for good

when i confide
all in you
what i get is
calmness with hue

u know me
know me all
with my past
n my songs

but when i
think of you
what excites me
is all of you

all of you
and ur verses
a lil writeup
n some cues

yes i do
i fight with you
coz its fun
figthin wit you

u r the one
who provokes me
and my thoughts
to fit into me

you know
you call it crush
and lil flirting
with all fun

but i know
i respect u
i adore u
my dear friend

i love to do
all the pranks
pull ur leg
with a lil tang

when u said
u tested mine
my reactions
i was surprised

was it all
all for real
or you still
dont believe me

but i know
as u said
as u promise
u know me a lil

i love ur words
ur talks
ur smile
n lil twinkle

I dont know
what seasons fold
future beholds
all for us

But yes i know
u r precious
as a friend
all to me

yes i know
u r special
less not more
real like anything...

Image Courtesy: - ABCE Cards

Monday, May 5

Moi Ja@N - Ich Liebe Dich!!!

Love Ya Sweetie!!! :D :D