Saturday, October 18

Salty Water...

water comes down
still from the eye
thinking or wandering
of all that "high"

the love the pain
it still remains
walking slowly
down that lane

looking at the moon
which bright the sky
oh lord i wonder
when shall I

the darkness in heart
breath thats still apart
in the cage that lights
it holds the life

its full moon's night
which makes me remind
the girl i loved
and when it rhymed

its all not end
but i still rewind
to play it again
with script all mine

the happy notes
camera and light
singing and cheering
chorus and chimes...

Image Courtesy: Corbis


Lena said...

maybe sometimes we should stop rewinding and rather start forwarding and make new happy notes.
And then the darkness will disappear :P
Dont tell me easier said than done :D
But it is always worth a try and then we will read another masterpiece but more happier one :)

Solitaire said...

The best is yet to come.

Anonymous said...


swati said...


Cinderella. said...

I totally second Lena buddy !
Look forward...walk ahead...

lukkydivz said...

ahem ahem ;) you are the greatest poet of bloggerville!!


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

the poem touched a chord in my heart. very poignant, yet beautiful.

its full moon's night
which makes me remind
the girl i loved
and when it rhymed
......... i find these lines the most beautiful.

keep writing... :)

take care :)

Ria said...

Beautiful poem.

Indrajit Ghosal said...

Very sweet Lyric with hummable tune.
Keep writitnng.

Keshi said...

Its ok to look back, cry a lil if u must and remember the good times that arent here anymore. But always look on the bight side of life...u r who u r today cos of all the painful past...and u hv a beautiful PRESENT called TODAY. So smile and be happy Ankur.



¢яŷştąŁ said...

Ahead shalt you go when the past shall be put on a pause! :)
I agree with Sneha..the best IS yet to come.

Jagjit said...

nice one...:)

Anjuli said...

arrey wah koi poetry bhi karta hai! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking back is something that one has to do sometimes... we just have to make sure we all know that looking forward is going to bring us new Joys and songs!!

The many tears that I have cried, have turned in to happy tears, that is now the memories of my life I look back on and say wow Nehya Look how far you have come... So I know what lies infront of me is ENDLESS!

This is a great Post!!!


Ria said...

hey where hav u disappeared!? My blog and me r missin ur presence. :(

Keshi said...

Ria hey, Ankur doesnt visit some of us anymore...mebbe he got bored with us hehehe...

Ankur Im not forcing u to visit my online home ok . Im making tea for the 100s of visitors so far, but the door is open for u usual.

Take it easy. ;-)


Macadamia The Nut said...

And poetry too?

Ankur said...


hehe.. thats what i always say no!! :P

i will try!! :)

Thnx for being there...



Thnxx!! :)






Thnxx :)



I am already!! !:)



heheh.. i know abt this story!! :P



Thnxx... :)



Thnxx :)



thanks for those kind words... it made me feel good when i read those!! :)

Cheers!! !


i will...



Thnxx :)
thnx for dropping by...



haan!! :D



i think u described it for me... thanks a lot!! :)



I am here, and sorry for not making to ur blog sweetie, but i m there...

and i will be... :)

Cheers!! !


Dumbo, i will keep reading u swetie, just that i wasnt feel like dropping a comment, but u can always find my footmarks there... :)

and dont worry, i dont visit u coz u force, i visit u coz i like to read u... :)


@MAcadamia the nut

yes nuttie!! :D :D

thnxxx :)


Keshi said...

Im not forcing u to read me Ankur...just that when u read and dun say HI, how wud I know if ur visiting me or not? Im being honest here. :) I like my friends to be in touch with me...and in the blogworld, the only way I'd know that is if I see a HI from them in my blog.

but nah, I aint expecting anything from anyone anymore. :) Its a fact, believe me.


Vandita said...