Thursday, May 8

My Best Friends Engagement!!! :D :D

This was one of the best night after long where we all met... and WE ENJOYED!!! :D :D

Tell me which one of these pics U like d most?

and Y?



aneri_masi said...

Yeh post dekh ke bass school ke question papers yaad aa rahe hain.

Who killed Desdemona and why?

Saare hi ekdum jhakkaaas hai yaar, such fun!

Anonymous said...

yaar... i lov em all!

the girl Swati she is sooooooooo beautiful

i lov the filmy styl e;)

and i lov wen she looksinto the camera... a tear glistening in her eye.... her face so full of emotions... her eyes.. speaking volumes... i lov that pic.. in green sari .. it is labelled " d couple":)

and u my herooooooooo!

Gym ka effect dikhayi de raha hai ;))

bilkul.... sab se beshhhttt dikh raha hai :D

gunj said...

best frends big day! must feel great inne!:)
cool pics!!

Chakoli said...


Who is that cute gal in green suit...looking cute;-)))

I liked the most whr grrom is kissing bride...thats a sweet gesture..:-))

looking at all this...suddenly I felt that I shud also marry;-))

Pri said...

heehee i agree with exams ki yaad dila di :p

waise all the pics are nice :)

waiting for more updates about the engagement...maybe u should write a post...dulhe ki saaliyon ke baare mein ;)


Pri said...

ok i saw the pics a second time and i think ive spotted a fav---the one in wch the dulha dulhan are holding the card :D
now for the 'why' part---because i spotted a cute lil soft toy teddy (dulhe ke haath mein) in the pic which i think was gifted along with the card...heehee

Keshi said...

All the pics r lovely WOW!

If U choose a fav it wud be the pic where the girl arrives (in a pink saree). She looks radiant!


ceedy said...



since you MET everybody the pics with EVERYbody in the green is wat I like...and

BTW that was a wrong alarm on my boiday is 2nd jan and me a capri....I was trying smg with mobile blogging and they posted it.....

now is 2 a good number????

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Pehle to tune ese kaise kaha nahiiiiiiii....dekh aagyi tere yahan tu bulaye aur hum na aaye :aur dekh saare ache ek do karke...boy boy My best frnds weddin aha mast caption waise to tel u somethng i liked the slide show ki frame tis really cute :D hehe...
glad to knw tht u enjoyed cheers..
shaadi kab hai????newys my heartiest wishes n regards to the 'S' couple hehe :)
Stay happy
my wishes

Macadamia The Nut said...

Lol! Need you ask? I liked the 'prince' kneeling down ;)

Cinderella. said...

I JUst loved all the pix yaar ! Everything is just so perfect !!!

And can make a guess, which one might be my fave ?

Anonymous said...


Ankur said...


hehe.... acha... batao kitne marks aate the aise q papers main??? :P

aapke is answer ko padhkar mujhe yakeen hai ki ache toh nahi aate honge :P :P
:D :D

but thnxxx :D
even i love all those :D


Ankur said...


hehe.. she is :)

and tat filmi ishtyle was so instant, and he kissed her hand... it was all so romantic.. :)

hehe.. m ur hero *blushing*
*rollin eyes"*

thnxxxx thnxxx :D :D

u made my day sweets... eheh


Ankur said...


yes yaa... it was gr8 :D :D

thnxxx :)


Ankur said...


she is jaya, a friend... and to be wife of Ashish...

and yes... it was a sweet gesture, we werent expecting it to be so filmy :D :D


acha ji.. u feel like u shld marry, kisne roka hai.. ghar walon ko bata do... woh toh tayar beethe hain na :P :P


Ankur said...


acha ji... tu bhi :(
aneri ke saath *sigh*

yaar likhoonga... have clicked them too.. dulhe ki saalis and swati ki frnds :D :D



Ankur said...


kewl... u know wat.. i like tat pic too... where swati is leaning on to the teddy and the teddy is kissing her... its a wonderful pic...

Sudipt ne itna kuch kara... we werent expecting all this frankly :D :D

and btw.. where r u yaar???

Ankur said...


thnxx :D :D

and yes. she looks radiant n tats the reason sudipt got all engaged :P :P with her ;)


Ankur said...


hehe... uuuuuuu ... they all r my frnds ;)

i have more for u to look at ;)

i was sayin 8 taurian coz i share the same!!!


Ankur said...


hehe... yaar, look at ur comments recently on my blog, u do visit my blog but i dont think u comment on them... :)

even i tried some 20 frames and like this one very much :D :D

thnxxx... :)
shaadi ka koi nahi pata ;)

Take CAre

Ankur said...


awwww ... its a beautiful pic and beautiful gesture :D :D

thnxx :)

Ankur said...


haan re... the whole ceremony was awesome :D :D
we enjoyed a lot really.. it was all fun... a lot :D :D :D

waise if u make me guess... then when he is kissing her that must be ur fav :D
and the one with teddy :D :d

ur pick???


Ankur said...


main tere ko link bhej doonga... dekh lena saari :D :D



Sweetstickychewy said...

Beautiful slideshow there Ankur.

I loved quite a number of shots.

Esp the ones when both the couples were opening up that huge card. I love the way your friend was looking at his wife. :) Priceless!:D


Ankur said...


thnx :) its a very special collection for me too :D :D

and yes, really... the way he is lookin at her is truly special :D :D


Anjuli said...

saari pics inni puchchi hain...:)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Arre re..galti hogyi huzoor.. abse sab mein comment kr dungi boss ..bura mat manna.. :(
abse pakka every post wil hve my commnts.. :)promish

Cinderella. said...

The first guess was bang on !

Though I havent noticed any teddy anywhere ! :( Kausa wala photo ?

Keshi said...


at first I read it as 'stupid' and I was sorry!


Satish Bolla said...

i hope u enjoyed a lot. i liked the pic in which ur frnd is giving a rose to his wife. so sweet na?

Vandita said...

i loved the one where he's feeding her but he has his own mouth open too :P
very beautiful couple, wishin them both the very best for the future :)

oye but ek baat poochni thi, yeh slideshow kaise banaya??... me wants to know!!!