Thursday, October 2

A Tribute~~~

A small tribute to a tall man.... Gandhi (its his anniversary today)!!!

Hindi English

कैसा वो समय था
इंसान मर रहा था
खून की थी बारिश
हर कतरा डर रहा था

खड़ा रहा अटल वो
लेकर के एक लाठी
डिगा न सकी उसको तो
फिर गोलियों की आंधी

सच्चाई और अहिंसा
यही था उसका नारा
एक धोती मे जिसने
हम सबका जीवन सँवारा

गाँधी था या महात्मा
ये उसको ना पता था
दिल मे तो उसके खाली
देशभक्ति ही भरा था

सोचा था उसने भारत
एक देश ऐसा होगा
इंसान ही रहेंगे
ना भेद कोई होगा

हिंदू हो या हो मुस्लिम
वो प्यार ही करेंगे
ईद के आने पर
भी दीए भी जलेंगे

क्या ऐसा था वो भारत
जो उसने भी बुना था
प्राणों की देके आहुति
हर ईंट को चुना था

गोली ना मर सकी जिसको...
ना मार सके हिंदू मुस्लिम
हर वक्त मर रहा है वो
आपने ही आदर्शो के साथ

रोता होगा वो भी आज
देख कर ये नंगा नाच
आदर्शो का तिरस्कार
और इंसानियत का बलात्कार

दो माला फिर चढ़ जायेगी
समाधी भी पुत जायेगी
गाँधी के नाम पर फिर एक
भाषण भी दे दिया जाएगा

मगर क्या याद रखोगे तुम
उसके आदर्शो की धुन
सच्चाई और अहिंसा
ये है गाँधीगिरी के गुन
ये है गाँधीगिरी के गुन....

how was the time
humans were dying
blood was raining
every bit was scared

he stand still then
with his Stick
he wasnt scared the
with the storm of bullets

Truth and Ahimsa
those were his principles
in one piece of cloth
he changed the life of us all

Gandi or Mahatma
he didnt know it
in his heart only
patriotism was there

he think of India
will be a country
where people will live
without any differences

hindu or muslim
they will only love
on the Eid too
there will be Diyas(lighting)

was this this India
he wove with others
sacrificing his life
he put every piece together

bullet couldnt kill him
nor did the riots
but he is dying every moment
with his principles

he must be crying
looking at this ruined state
principles being demolished
and rape of humanity

flowers will again be showered
memorial will again be painted
on the name of Gandhi
one more speech will be given

But are you going to remember
the motto of his principals
Truth and Ahimsa(non-voilence)
are the features of Gadhigiri
are the features of Gadhigiri...

And Happy Eid to everyone... time to celebrate!!! :)
Have fun... Cheers!!!!


preeti said...

visiting first time. Loved it. Simple, yet powerful and leaves a deep impact :)

Lena said...

Thats indeed powerful, how often we forget the actual ideas and principles behind some outstanding personality and remember about it only on some memorable days, just to forget again the day after. Somehow thats really sad.

ceedy said...

:) - was good you had a lull....really be more lullabye if you are going to come up with such write ups...

कैसा ye समय hai
इंसान मर रहा hai

खून की hai बारिश
हर कतरा डर रहा hai....

kya naye gandhi ka janam aavashya hai?

Ria said...

Oh wow nice post and a nice tribute too! Welcome back. :) I thought u wud b gone for long.Thank god it wasnt true!

swati said...

a real eye opener..

Princess Mia said...

u write so beautifully yaar ....i cannot even attempt to write a poem....

megha punater said...

lovely post ankur.its a beautiful tribute and a well written poem.

gunj said...

d man deserves it!

Keshi said...

yeyyy good to see a post fron Ankur!

yes ur absolutely right...its so EASY for ppl to remember Gandhi's principles but its so HARD for ppl to really LIVE em.


Keshi said...



Vandita said...

a toast to the father of the nation !

Princess Mia said...

mein na kehti thi.......somethiongs not right....dekho ab gayab ho gaye....

anwyays i will be off this week so hoping when am back yur back to yurself as well.....

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Really great!
And the guy..he deserves it! =)

Pavi!!!! said...


carolinagal said...


Macadamia The Nut said...

Send me your pic... and I'll do the caricature
BUT... i'll take my time.. k?
Coz college starts tomorrow


Ankur said...


Thanks a lot for ur comments and appreciations.


Ankur said...


omg... thanks a lot!! :D
i will send it but i dont have ur id... can u give me urs!