Tuesday, September 16

Kshama Daan - Forgiveness!!

I am a Jain by religion and sometimes i do follow some good things which are said by my religion. Today is the great day of "Kshama Vaani" (voice for forgiveness), which means that today nothing else but the words of forgiveness shall come from my mouth!!!

So Today, here, I bend both my hands in form of Namaskar and I ask for all of your forgiveness. Whatever mistakes I have made, directly or indirectly which has resulted in hurting you or insulting you by any means... I am sorry for all those!!!

I think its time for me to publicly apologize for writing nasty comments, insulting you or anyone at your private space, not visiting you even after promising, making fun of you or your posts. If I have committed any of these acts or any other mistakes, then i publicly apologize to all of you!!!!

I apologize to all of you... Chintan, Dr Priyanka, Veena, Sneha, Keshi, Anvita, Pallavi, Neelabh, Priya Handa, Anjuli, Samby, Nehya, Vandita, Lena, Ashu, Ria, Radhika, Vrij, Gunj, Kamaljit, Prashant, Nirmal, xh, Mishra, Rayshma, Amy, Chakoli, Gonecase, Craziest, Prakruti, Kashmira, Pavi, Stupid (sorry that i dont know ur name!) and everyone else whom I have not mentioned here (not intentionally) but i ask for their forgiveness!! :) (no order for the list)

You all count in my family as this is the place what I call it, my life after life!!! :)
So I ask for all of your forgiveness!!! :)

Those who i know personally and i have emails or contacts, I will also ask for it one more time... :)

Hope you all will forgive me!!! :)

Also, just to tell you that this festival is not so that we can make mistakes intentionally thinking that the day will come and we will ask for the forgiveness, but as we are human and bound to make mistakes, we accept it with humility... And also promise not to repeat it...

KshamaDaan Mahadaan - Forgiveness is the biggest gift!!! :)


Cinderella. said...

Ankur ! This wasnt necessary yaar ! Frenship mein no sorry no thankyou...jaanta hai na ?

So we are all here your frens, n we understand the jest of the mater.

Howvere it was a very very sweet n genuine gesture on your side. And keepin your tradition, I apologise if I have ever hurt for anything. Hope you will forgive me.

Have a gr8 day mate !

Keshi said...

We all make mistakes Ankur. So nobody needs to forgive u. Cos we r all equal in that sense.

Im sorry if I hurt u, cos I was being a biyatch yday. HUGS!

From this post, all I can say is ur hv a BEAUTIFUL heart! A genuine one. Luv ya Ankur!


Prats said...

Yes!!! forgiveness is divine. But you dont actually need to say that...we love our friends however they are..and that what should last.
Have a nice day and hope you feel great at the end of it
take care

Lena said...

I dont remember a single time when you hurt me, but the gesture is really a sweet one, we have something like that in our religion too, but it comes in spring .. just before Easter :)

Ankur said...


ya, but sometimes we need to say it... express it!! !:)
Its necessary to show few gestures when u really mean it!! :)

I dont remember you making any mistakes dear!! :)

but wat i havent seen is ur forgiveness!! :P


Ankur said...


I am really sorry for not visiting you all these days... and I really dont want to give you any excuses now!!

I m just Sorry!! !

Hope u have forgiven me ... and u were right with wat u said... i was wrong... so i seek forgiveness!! :)


Ankur said...


yes, we love our friends, but sometimes we can hurt unknowingly too... so i seek forgiveness for that too!!!

i wish u forgive me too!!! :)

and yes, i too hope to feel a lot lot better at the end of the day!! :)


Ankur said...


gr8 for u to say that... :)

thanks!! :)


RADhika said...

hehe.. everybody is saying tat you neeed have to do this... so i'll not say that....

you've asked for forgiveness.. no here it is... :)
maafi mangne wale se baada maaf karne wala hota hai!! so, you're forgiven! :)

Ankur said...


i think a letter made a whole lot of difference... u said....

**you've asked for forgiveness.. no here it is... :)

pun intended!!! :D

thanks a lot for forgiving me!!! :)
and yes, ur last line is absolutely perfect!!! :)


Enigma said...

All of us are humans and mistakes are made by all, true that asking forgiveness and giving the forgiveness are the best things...

Sweetstickychewy said...

Interesting post.

And forgiveness..Not many ask for it. To think you would ask for forgiveness just incase you hurt someone unconciously shows your beautiful soft spirit.


Vrij said...

Ok.. ok.. Sorry Sorry. I apologise.

( Now tell me.. wasnt that ur ulterior motive.. that ppl should come and apologise to you.. a la Bachna ae haseeno)


Cinderella. said...

LOL !! Perhaps I aint that forgiving by nature ?

Whaddya think ?

Chakoli said...

Sorry Sorry...

for what??

u torturing us with your good posts :PPP

Hey... its a good gesture... but u dnt need to feel sorry fr anything :DD

Chakoli :)))

Anjuli said...


chal theek hai maaf kiya :-P

Pri said...

micchami dukkadam!!(from my side too) :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh G-d Bless you!! I cannot say I forgive you tho, because you have been sweet and kind to me!

This is very nice of you, I can tell you are a good person!


Pavi!!!! said...

Hmmm...okay I forgive u..but i have no clue for wat :P !

aneri_masi said...

yeh kya tha? i mean you hurting anyone in the first place is highly unlikely. upar se itna saaara sorry?

Micchami Dukkadam (is this correct?) to you :)

Princess Mia said...

KshamaDaan Mahadaan or Michami dukhadam......sorry....

forgive me for unintentionally forgetting abt the foodie promises i keep making to ya heheheh

n yur a good soul on earth....keep it up....

ceedy said...

Ok - here is what I think - and after this dont expect me to ask you for any forgiveness....cause by doing so you have questioned a very basic thing - friendship itself....

- First you are a madu and I am a gujju....so like Vrij - says WHY? what was or is the ulterior motive?
- I am not sure if you are capable of doing something that needs forgiveness and if you really have done something - and if all of us are forgiving you - you will take it for granted...and make more mistakes...so in that case I dont forgive you

So you and your two horns of dilemma can go to beech bazaar and ask for forgiveness there :)

(you really know what I mean by all this right - cause if i had written a mushy reply - you would be Bhai aapne maaf nahi kiya)

Stupidosaur said...

OK Ankur, I forgive you. For whatever.

You see I hadd to forgive you
Because Keshi said

So nobody needs to forgive u. Cos we r all equal in that sense.

Yeah me and you are both nobodys so I mussst forgive you ;).

Cess said...

I forgive U son ;) though u did not put me in ur list ;( for all the mean stuff u said to me ;(
Fine, I m kiddin ;)
u tc

Keshi said...

Hey Ankur!

**I am really sorry for not visiting you all these days...

Visiting my blog and commenting in every post doesnt prove anything. To me, a friend is someone like u...someone who can quite honestly, courageously and so humbly say that he's sorry, when he doesnt even need to. :)

The point is u have done nothing to say sorry...there r so many ppl out there who really need to say sorry but dont. Thats life I guess. Those who really hurt others dun admit to it. And those who never hurt others are always r humble and ready to apologise...like u.

So ur not forgiven, cos u dun hv to be hehehe. HUGS! Am I forgiven now?


Keshi said...

**So nobody needs to forgive u. Cos we r all equal in that sense.

**Yeah me and you are both nobodys so I mussst forgive you ;).

lol Stupid!

How abt this then:

Nobody needs to forgive each other cos everybody makes mistakes that hurts somebody and it can be anybody.



Nirmal said...

i never heard of this day.....but actually thers no point in this day....atleast 4 u i guess...

Ria said...

wow!beautiful post there....and i dont see any reason not to forgive u coz u havnt done anything tht has hurt me so far!! U r a dear friend and u hav a very pure heart. Thts wht reflects from this post. :)

gunj said...

i hav a lot of jain friends n i absolutely love this day!!
even though they neva seek any appologies, i love to iritate em by askin em to say sorry to me!!

but u pal really dnt need to seek forgiveness atleast from me! all uve eva dne is spread smiles:)

Solitaire said...

Baap re baap!!!

Mujhe toh yaad bhi nahi hai ke tune mujhse aisi baat kab ki thi ke you have to say namaskaar and say sorry to me!

Here is a dialogue from my favorite movie.

"Dosti ke ek usul hai.. no sorry no thank you, ok?"

Vandita said...

i have no idea why ure apologising but kyunki aapne kshama maangi hai ... ure forgiven.
keep rockin buddy!

Anonymous said...

argghhh! maafi aur tujhe kabhi nahin :P

DestinyFavChild said...

God Bless Ankur ! :)

Priya said...