Monday, June 30

I am Embarrassed!!!

Now this is the creative side of mine, so i decided to create a tag and tag ppl too. Always use to thought that somewhere these must originate, now i know where!!! :D
So here i go with 5 moments which actually embarrassed me, the most!!

1) My dad was transferred to a small town in Rajasthan, and i actually decided that i should move too. Everyone said No to it, but then...
So this was a new day in school, year 1992, i wore a blue short with draw strings and as usual a nice pair of specs. But to my amusement ( not at all), in the interval these guys in the school decided to bully me... and i was called as "Chasmudin Chaddiwala" (cant translate as in English it means nothing but a funny term coined just for me in hindi!!! ).
I decided to ran away from the school and then in the interval, i ran! I didn’t wait for the nice cab which use to pick me up and walked almost 6 kms on my foot! That was the last day of my school in that town, i was back to my convent!!! Lolzzzz

2) As a usual teenager, i was driving my bike but rather concentrating more on the girls driving a kinetic. So i didn’t saw the divider on the road and rammed my bike into it!!! To save myself from the embarrassment, i got up immediately, tried some stretching and all, and picked my bike from the scene. The girls stopped and as soon as i got up, they left!!! It pained lot girls!! :P

3) I have done blunders in typo. Once i was discussing SEZ's (Special Economic Zones) in a public chat room on a website forum. Now there was a girl who was showing her tremendous knowledge, so i wrote... Sammy (name changed) is an expert in SEX, so u can ask anything from her... and i didnt realize!!!
Later on i was all bombarded with calls n msges, and i was blocked on the site!!! Somehow, ppl realized, that how near Z & X is!!! :P

4) Same typo with another blunder, I called Sneha a Shrek instead of a Shrink (Sorry Sneha), and didn’t realize it until Chintan explicitly told me what I have done!!! :P
I was calling her Shrek and above all i told her that she has never said she isn’t one!! (Thinking of her as a Shrink :P) and also that Shrek’s are beautiful!!! :P

5) A friend of mine called me at 11 in the night, he needed some songs, and i said that I am not at home, at some friends place so he can come tomorrow!!!
The last thing i expected, my rommie came in next 2 minutes and i saw this friend of mine with him!!! I felt like... Gosh!!! And then i was just making excuses that i was busy and all kinda!! :P
Guys, i felt like i should be alone!!! :D

Now i tag Solitaire, Ria, Ashu, Pri, Ceedy for the same. Rules are: 5 moments and 5 ppl to be tagged!!! Come on guys, please help me spread my creativity!! :D

btw... among all this, yesterday was like a dream come true for me, I clicked a photo of mine with Mclaren Mercedes F1 car, the original one and it was on display in India for some time. I was lucky enough to be clicked with it. It was like a dream come true. Offcourse the bigger one is to drive a Ferrari someday!!! :D
I know, i know i am asking for too much Guys!! :D but if Vijay Malya can y cant I !!! :D

Here are the pics... Enjoy!!

Tuesday, June 24

Have Ur Say!!!

It was a chat which took place between a friend (D here)of mine and me, and she wants to know how you all think about this!!!
So read this and I am waiting to hear all of you on this!!!

D: Life is what's coming....not what was.

12:32 PM me: heheh
yeh kahan se aya

D: pehle bata sahi hai na

12:33 PM me: yes

12:34 PM D: hmm ek friend ne forwrad message bheja

me: yes... we all are futuristic
so its kinda true

12:35 PM D: past cannot b changed present and future can b changed

12:36 PM me: well... agree a lil
not completely
present is a repurcussion of past
future will be the same too
those who believe in destiny... future cant be changed for them
12:37 PM and its written!!! :)

D: absolutely correct now it depends on us how far we want these repurcussions should take us

me: it has taken us this far
and its not abt how far they take us
12:38 PM u know one scientific fact!
forgetting something is never been proved, its just that we dont tend to remember!!! :)

12:40 PM D: human psychology is difficult to understand we all ve our point of view but then we create most of the situations in our life
and life is not wht has happened it is about wht is and wht will

12:41 PM me: what has happened has to do a lot with what it is and what will
12:42 PM we all carry a shadow of our past with us
its how we develop ourselves, and learn things
may it be speakin some language, knowing our parents or understanding wat relations mean to us

12:43 PM D: Past is a gr8 teacher i agree but it is not life
u cannot stick it on ur face and move ahead

me: but it makes life

12:44 PM D: a part of life

me: nothing is life then
life is a set which consists of multiple subsets
12:45 PM its an equation which cant be formed witout past
and the outcome definitely depends on how the past was for us

12:46 PM D: its an equation which cant be formed witout past...but it cannot b formed without present and future two and if u c the ratio is higher here.

me: no my dear

D: is my friend

me: that where the difference is
the equations leads to present
12:47 PM and then present takes the form of the past
and future of present

12:48 PM D: i agree so the better U make ur present and future. The better will be the past and the equation of life will b set right

me: yes... but whats important is the past

D: nah imp is wht u make it

me: as u said u agree
u agreed to the fact that its how the past shapes the present
12:49 PM and on which will depends the future!!! :)

D: not at all
i said u creat ur present n future which will become ur past
past is the result

12:50 PM me: hahah
now thats the funniest i have heard
past is the result
we are moving ahead

D: it is

me: not from old to child

12:51 PM D: arent u mixingtwo things

me: nope
i m not

D: when u get born thts ur present

me: i m pretty sure
without past incidents it would have been possible???

12:52 PM D: n when u become two days old ur first day is ur past

me: not at all
my birth in itself depends on some past events
nothing is new
it all depends on past

12:53 PM D: /;0
u ve convinced urself well

me: u cant win with me in arguments.. but i rest my case
and arguments
and i agree to u

12:54 PM D: it was a discussion
u c
hey why dont u post something like this on ur blog
n lets c wht ppl have to say

me: okie
will try it out

D: cool

So guys... have a say!!! :)

Monday, June 23

Its Cindy's B'day Today!!!

It's Pallavi aka Cinderella aka Ella's Birthday today...

So let us wish her many many happy returns of the day!!!

May god gives you whatever you wish for... and hopefully u have a party ready for us tonite!!! :D

Wish you and your guy a lot of happiness!!!

Enjoy this day and have a blast!!!



Saturday, June 21

10 Things you dont know about ME!!!

I was tagged by Solitaire to tell my ten secrets you dont know about me!!!

My title sounds like a book title, isnt, and yes coz i have so much and so many secrets to tell you, but lets start with these 10 ;)

1) I am phobic to public toilets, i hate using them!!!
When they showed the toilet in movie Aamir, i literally shivered!!
Also for the same reason i dont stay at any of my friends place coz i like the toilet to be neat n clean... otherwise its better not to use it!!!

2) I cant touch or pick any insect, specially bees n cockroaches... yuck, they dont take a wash ever after their birth!! Dirty Beings!!! lolzz

3) I have got 40 stitch marks in all on my face, 32 from a single accident some 10 years back where the left side of the face was literally opened!!! I have a bad history of accidents!!! Hope u wont be afraid of becoming my pillion now!!! lolzzz

4) I am a big junk food fan, anytime, everytime!!! I can tell you the best shop for any particualr item in my city (Jaipur)!! I drive for 12 kms to eat a Kachori infact at times!!! :D

5) I started walking when i was 9 months old & reading the newspaper at the age of 2 years!!!

6) I am a big time nature fan, i can sit for whole day at the shore of a river in a jungle, or top of a peak just watching the beauty around!!!

7) I had a crush on my teacher in class 1st and she used to invite me a lot to her house in every function!!! I think she liked me as a child!!! :D
I still miss my mam!!! :)

8) The day when i gave the interview for admission of MBA at Symbi, my dad was operated for open heart surgery!!! I still hate myself for doing it just because Dad said so!!! He is perfectly fine now.

9) I was once stranded in the middle of a mob (some 200 ppl), when i asked some guy not to tease my neighbour Didi and hit him hard when he said NO!!!
He later came back with the whole bunch and later got a good stick from Police!!! lolzzz
And the funniest part was that i were thinking that i can beat all of them up!!! :D

10) After my XII standard exam, as per most of my relatives and friends, i only deserved to be a Gadariya( Shepherd)!!! lolzzzz
I screwed it bigtime after my accident!!! :D

Now i tag,

Pri, Ella, Radhika, Aneri, Veens, Ashu, Keshi, Vrij, Anvita, Chakoli & Ceedy!!!

Image Coutesy: Corbis

Tuesday, June 17

Love Me Again!!!

Disclaimer: After reading first few comments, i have to put this.
These are simple plain emotions, i m not begging for love to anyone.This was just a mood swing as the day made me a lil nostalgic, I am happy and happily single!!!

Not so happy morning, they all say I will be happy again, but they cant predict when!!!

Today is 17th June... and i cant stop remembering the past!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!
May u get wat u wish for!!!!
and u know i cant stop asking for u, ever!!! :)

Today i read a mix of posts, but they all were happy, still i find myself in the middle of emotions, when i read someones 'I' tag... i do cry for the crazy time which was spent together!!!

I cant forget nothing!!!

I think I need to be loved again, i need those emotions back in my life...badly!!!
I need someone who accepts me with what I am, no prejudices, no expectations... just be wat u r and i will be wat i m...
I miss the time which i spent with her, togetherness, when i used to look at her for hours, at times her making faces at me, showing me emotions, crazy ones...
I miss the time when i really was in love, red blue purple... every color was so true!!!
I miss the time when i used to tease her for eating something and then not eating something... When i forced her to eat when she felt like...
I miss her complaints that she is hungry while we were travelling and me fightin with her coz i asked her to eat something!!!

I remember the time when she used to force me out of some store because she said that i shouldnt buy for her coz i dont earn!!!!
and then how she looted me on my first salary...

I miss her waiting to eat that sizzling brownie and giving me those looks, and then her eating it with making faces at me!!!!

I miss talkin to her endlessly about our kids, or the only i dreamt of, a girl...
I remember how she actually didnt talk to me for 2 days coz i jokingly said i want my girl to be like Priyanka Chopra and she yelled!!!

I miss that miss call on my cell, I miss her sayin that dont keep the phone plzzz... i miss her sayin dont give me a call when I am in the class coz i cant concentrate then!!!

i miss looking into those eyes... i miss the touch, the warmth, the love and the affection... i miss the care...

I misss everything but above all i miss being loved!!!

Love me Again!!!

This post was started by me in the evening but cudnt complete it!!!
So here i m :)

Friday, June 13

Break Time...

I am playing a host to my mom dad, so taking a break from blogging for whole of next week and more.

Will keep visiting you Amigos, may or may not leaving the comment!!!

Happy Weekend...
Have a Rocking Time...

Tuesday, June 10

I am What i think!!!

I have been tagged by Vrij for this. I really liked this one.

So here it goes...

I am: A nerd and a child.

I think: A lot especially about people and her.

I know: Past cant be rewritten.

I want: A lot from life and satisfaction with it!

I have: Wisdom and Emotions!

I wish: My past revisits my future. :)

I hate: The fact that i feel so lonely with so many friends around.

I miss: Time Spent in Delhi with someone special.

I fear: Myself!

I feel: Miserable!

I hear: A song playin on my laptop. "Tere mere milan ki yeh raina..."

I smell: Joy!

I crave: People in this world will be more happy

I search: Myself!

I wonder: If i can have a home in Himalayas!

I regret: Lot of things, better unsaid!!!

I love: My parents and friends!

I ache: Rarely!

I am not: Foolish though u may call me stupid at times!!!

I believe: That i can make a difference.

I dance: When I am really happy!

I sing: "Ab to aadat si hai mujhko aise jeen mai... " from Kalyug!

I cry: A lot inside!

I don’t always: Fear the truth!

I fight: With myself!

I write: What I think!

I win: I wish people's heart!

I lose: A lot when i fight!

I never: will regret that i loved someone!

I always: Want to be what I am!

I confuse: Others mostly!

I listen: People at the roadside begging!

I can usually be found: Just look around if you are a friend!

I am scared: Of Myself!

I need: Someone for sure!

I am happy about: That I have lil power to make others happy!

I imagine: A Dream World!

I tag: No One! Feel free if you like it!

It was raining outside when i started this and it has stopped now... I wish it remains the same whole monsoon... :)

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Friday, June 6

D Quirk-tag

The Rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you… Ceedy Bhai
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged..


1) Girls find me a flirt in the beginning and later on they became good friends. Most of my real life girl friends actually thought i was flirting with them... :P
and yes, i love them all!!! :D

2) I am a complete foodie. Even when i am dating (i mean used to!! :P ), i still used to thought a lot abt food (dont think dirty fantasies!! :P ). My girl always liked to order Cheese Pizza at Pizza hut which i hate coz i like veggie supreme a lot... and then i cudnt share with her ;)
But when i m eating, u really need to be alert if u wanna eat something!!! :P
Also I dont like to experiment with food when i m super hungry!!! ;)

3) I am super emotional... any relationship means a lot to me!!!

4) I have become a complete net freak lately, anytime, everytime... cant live without it!!! If you ask me for a day without net, i find difficult to sleep!!! :D

5) I am talkative, you all must be knowing this with the size of comments i leave on ur blogs!!! :D

6) I am a complete movie buff!!! God forbid if on a date u talk abt some movies, coz i have loads to prescribe!!! :P
I can talk at any length about movies, relationship, and love!!! :)

Now tagging:
Keshi , Pri, Aneri, Veens, Ella, Vandita


Tuesday, June 3

A Day of Celebrations!!!

A fantastic day...

Started at 6.45 in the morning and then played cricket. In the office had loads of work so couldnt connect with my friends but did what was best possible!!!
A lot of issues at work (not with me but with my client ;) ) so day went by solving and answering them.

It rained a lot in Pune today, it started raining around 4pm and its still raining. I loved as i got completely wet while coming back. Its still raining in some parts so almost 5 hours it has been :D :D

Happy B'day Celebrations!!!

Well today is Dr Pri's Birthday. So lets all celebrate it here missing her as she is in Singapore enjoying the vacation with her parents and she will be back on 9th June.

So wish you lots of happiness and may god gives you everything you dream of!!! :)


Our own Kashmira aka Aneri_Masi wasnt happy today so lets give her a hug so that she feels great!!! :)


Our own Ella is back after a long hibernation (:D) so its time to celebrate ;)

Happy Moi!!!

Keshi left D 1st dedication for me at Ashu's place which made me very very happy!!! :D :D


Our own Ashu came up with a brilliant idea of Crush dedication which made my day!!!