Wednesday, August 27


While coming back from Jaipur (home), I travelled with India's most prestigious Airlines... INDIAN!! Now i hope after reading this post, Mr Prafful Patel, honorable cabinet minister, Ministry of Civil Aviation, doesnt sue me, so please any lawyers for the taking!! lolzzz

I entered the Jaipur aiport and moved to the scanning counter and much to my surprise there was no one from the prestigious airline to Welcome, but yes 2 of the civil servants (mockingly and not IAS) were sitting there chatting with each other. Almost every other airline which had a flight then (Jet, even Spicejet) was there. Now i shlould tell you that this was my first fight with our national airlines, previously i have only travelled with Kingfisher (my favorate) and Jet several times, but not with any other.

Then i went to the checkin counter and there were 2 GUYS (service industry yaar :P ) sitting there, and without asking me my prefrence and before i could have said, Aisle, he gave me the ticket, Luckily for him (and offcourse me ;) ), it was an Aisle!!

Cleared secutiry and moved to the other half of the airport, and no one to welcome there also, just one to confirm in his sheet that yes, 18C is booked. I walked to the aircraft and it was an A320. But believe me, the real surprise was yet to come...

I climbed up the stairs, and guess what... 2 aunties were there to welcome me!!! Gosh... terrible, but somehow she said Good Morning!! :D Once uncle was talkin on the phone as the announcement for seatbelts and take off was already made, and one of the aunties, in a sarcastic language asked him to stop!! It was terrible, believe me!!

After some time in the flight, I pressed the switch to call the steward, she came, i asked for water, she said ok, did not switch it off, and till next 15 mins no one was there. Luckily there was a young one in the business class, she came, asked for what i want, and she came back with a water bottle in next 2 mins.

And yeah, before that i also asked for Economice times, which was never served, the uncle sitting on window asked for a hindi newspaper, and still Indian Express was served, Third time i gave him the one lying in front of me!!

The only thing good about the whole experience was the breakfast served which was the same as i have it in King, and also the safe landing! :P

And yeah, the Mumbai Airport has changed a lot, and the change is for good... :)

But my only advise is, howsoever nationalist you are, still capitalism is the key! lolzzz. If you are a visitor then dont dare travel in the prestigious airline!!

King is really the king of good times!!! :)


Thursday, August 21

Vacations Over!!

I am back after a long vacation from back home... It was fun and costly too (cozz of Rakhi! !:P )

On the eve of Rakhi, me with my cousins and Chachi(Aunt) went to eat some chat pakodi, and the shopkeeper asked me, Bhaisahab, aapki Rakhi ki shop hai!! :P
Look at my hand...
and i said, nahi, but i have sisters in lot!! :D
and i m lucky with that, i have so many sisters that i feel lucky to be pampered by them!! :D

Also trying to catch up with all of your blogs but i think the backlog will take some time for me to do the act!! :D

But yes, the good news is that it was a great day for Indian Sports, and finally we won 2 medals in Beijing today (1 Bronze, and 1 more bronze atleast), so its time to cheer up. Hopefully this will make the government realize and take some steps towards the betterment of Sports.

Also to mention the fact that this country has a popular slogan, which is... "Kheloge koodoge toh banoge kharab, padhoge likhoge toh banoge mahan..." and i think its time to change the mentality towards the sports and sportsmen. They come from our families only, and we need to praise them for what they are doing. Medal or no medal, but them having the fighting spirit is what matters in the end.

Also liked the approach of Media too which actually didnt showed the cricket news, but kept focusing on the athletics achievement in Beijing. Time for some change now i guess!!!

Also, Indian cricket team finally won a one dayer in Sri Lanka and Mr Mendis didnt trouble them much. I hope in coming future they are not going to be bowled completely over by Mendis Gugly!! lolzzzz

Friday, August 8

Vacation Time

Leaving for home today till next weekend which is Rakhi. Will be staying and enjoying in Mumbai for today and tomorrow and leaving from Mumbai tomorrow Evening!

I guess i will be a little late in catching up with your blog for time being, so just cope up with me and keep visiting. I will keep visiting you but may or may not be dropping a comment, but it will come later for sure!!!

and yes... i m leaving you all with a Question, taking the cue from Solitaire ...

What would you do if after taking a bath, you realise that you have left your towel in the bedroom and you have left the big window of the room open?

Waiting for your witty answers... have fun!!!


Monday, August 4

Weekend Fun...

Happy Friendship Day to all of you out there!!
hope u had fun...

My weekend was great and saw Mummy III and Ugli aur Pagli over the weekend, and it ended with this weird combo... i doubt any of u have tried it, but it was awesome!!

B n Sizzling Brownie

Sorry for the resolution of the pic!!!

I guess rain inspires me a lot to write, and its raining outside... And power cut is about to happen... :P

So i will have another cup of Ginger and Black Pepper tea!! :D