Tuesday, October 20


I love you... those were his last words!!!

They were getting married on 17th...
He went to buy her the Solitaire

She still thinks he is coming... in a mental asylum.

Guess this is what is called FATE!!!

P.S. This is after long i putting up something. I missed being here, but whenever i come back i dont know what to write. Its not that I dont have anything to write, but there are so many thoughts...

Wednesday, September 16

In the Search of Infinity...

Empty mind is a wanderer. The most notorious kid and the most brilliant minds can't think of what an empty mind can. Sometimes it just lets one weave a nice web of dreams and sometimes it just shatters everything... even what seems real!!!

Mind takes wherever nothing can, to the skies, to the oceans, even to the heart and dreams of yours. It all seems so real when one is travelling. It all seems to be nice, but one realizes the reality when ones back.

Empty mind has no limits, no inhibitations. It goes away with someone and comes back with something. It lives a life of its own... free like a bird!!!
It has nothing to fear of, nothing to worry about... what it knows is whats gonna come... just when and how?

It has no limit... imagination begins from where it ends in real life... and thats where the search of Infinity begins!!!

A life of dreams, and a dream from thousands... its all here... Search from the infinity and make it yours!!!


P.S. Was thinking of what to write for long... thought of another hindi poem, but then something like this... which even makes me think...
P.P.S. The image here is not for any commercial use and all the rights remain with the author

Tuesday, September 8

Is It what we want?

Why does it happens that when we want something badly, and when we have it... We dont like it that much!!

Is this what we want or are we searching for something which doesnt exist???

Monday, August 10

Missing ...

Ok... let me begin by saying that I dont like the fact that most of my friends on blogsville are leaving it or hibernating. Though the fact is that I dont update here regularly... but months... no ways!! I am not that lazy!! :D

but on a serious note... guys I love you and I miss ya around... guys like CD, Sneha, Pri, Kashmira, Keshi and Veens... and many more ... some are back and some are yet not!! :) Miss you around guys!! :)

I read many posts on blogs ville today and one thing i found was common... most of them talk about past... somehow it made me re-look into mine!! :D

This year has been good for me... I am holidaying and enjoying at the same time... Went to Delhi in Feb, Goa in Mar, Jaipur in Apr and then again to Rajasthan and Kashmir in July (not naming some of Mumbai trips meanwhile :D)... though at the same time i missed meeting a beloved friend and I dont know if I would ever get a chance to meet her again... (she lives in other part of the world)!!! I am sorry dear friend!! :)

Also, at the work end, successful years with some awards (not many rewards though!! ;))... still after all this my past doesnt let go!! :P

I cant stop remembering those school days when we used to fight for lunch boxes and who will eat what... A 2 rupee note was big enough to buy happiness! believe me... its true!! :)
A ride on the bicycle... in the cool breeze to a friends place was like... wow!! :)
Playing in the mud... making paper boats and making them swim in the water when it rained!!
Flying kites (i still love it), painting people when it was the festival of colors (HOLI)...

Those were the days...

Grew older... fell in love and did some non sense things...

like calling her endlessly... just to listen to her voice
messaged her a lot... just to let her know how much i love her
gifted her whatever she wished for...

me was mad!! :P

and then... MBA... those were the best days man... on the campus how u really start loving people and how they became important part of your life... Friends for lifetime... just to tell u guys... and dont wonder... and touchwood... we have a group of 7 friends (including me) and we almost share 100-287 (was the highest) mails per day.. irrespective of our busy schedule... so we know whats wrong or right with us and what we are doing... touchwood but even after 2 years of leaving college, even after their marriages, promotions, work, and whatever... we still share ourselves... we fight and we make up... and we make sure that we are around!! :)

and then came work... which made me let go my love... or my love let me go!! :P

Life has changed... a lot, i miss old days... not like i could have done something else.. but i miss being a kid, driving that bicycle around like crazy... begging mom for 2 extra bucks which cud have changed the day...
I have changed, only wear brands... dont know what brands were then... every new cloth was a bliss... an ice cream was something special... and so was a chocolate!!!

I feel we have become victim of this world (atleast me) which is changing so fast that i am not feeling like keeping abreast with the change... I miss being the same person who thought 100 times before spending a buck and when spent was happy like hell!!!
I miss being like the same person for whom happiness wasnt slave of money or success for that matter... but it was in small things... like when dad come home and bring something from the market...
I miss to be with them.. my parents... people love to leave family and yet i hate it when I have the pleasure for past 4 years!!

I miss... a lot many things... a lot many... and yet I LIVE!!! :)

Sunday, July 5

Some of my recent hindi writing...

रूह की गहराई मे तुम झांक कर मे देखो,
किसी कोने मे क्या दर्द दबा रखा है,
लफ्जों मे क्या बयां करे जालिम,
हमने तो हर ज़ख्म हरा रखा है...

वो पूछते है नाम मुझसे मेरे इश्क का
और पूछते है हमसे इजहारे इश्क भी
हाल क्या बताये अपने दर्देदिल का
दो ओस की वो बूंदे बेहाल कर गयी
चांदनी रात मे चुपके से आकर
हमसे हमारा दिल लूट ले गयी
कर दिया बदनाम हमको हमने लूटा है
वो हमसे हमारी नींद चैन ले गयी
कुछ न बचा वो बस एक नाम रह गया
और मश्क़ मे ओस की वो दो बूँदें रह गयी
और मश्क़ मे ओस की वो दो बूँदें रह गयी...

Monday, May 11

Why Love?

Why do we love?
Isn't it a difficult one to answer... lol!!

May be we love coz we need love, or may be love coz we have a heart, or may be love coz we like someone, or may be love coz we feel we are compatible, or may be we love coz we want someone to love us...

Reasons may be many, but one thing i can say is that we all want to be loved... or should i say most, coz some may take offence!! :D

Some of us love irrespective of what they get in return... or shall they expect returns? yes i guess everyone does, saying that we dont want to be loved back is ideal... i think even god wants to be loved!! ;)

I dream too much... and moreover i dream too much about love. I just want to settle down on a lakeside in a small house may be with my love... where i can just admire her beauty in a perfect natural setting!! :D
ya ya.. i dream too much!! :P

I still miss those miss calls on my cell, some msgs which change the whole day or may be someone smiling on the phone and saying few words to u which make ur day...

Sometimes i feel even i want to be loved, is that wrong :P ... read a post today on some blog which made me realize that what I am missing... and today after ages i remembered my Ex... may be those were good days... atleast i were loved!! :D

P.S. Dont comment if you cant say something very very good!! :P

Friday, May 8

My Dear Life...

Dear Life,

I know you told me how much you wanna tell people all that you dont like in them, or what they do which is not liked by you...
I know how much you care about them so that you dont leave them, as well as you have the fear of them losing you...
And for the sheer love, you stick with them, not telling them what you dont like, or what you would like to change in them!!!

I know I have done things which are not liked by you. I know I have hurt you but you stuck with me during thick and thin!! I know saying these things wont change anything, but my dear life, I love you too... I am trying to change, change for the sheer fact that I wanna live with my life and I believe one day will come when you will also like me the way i do you!!!

God is kind and cruel in its own ways... It gives the best of life to those who may not care about it, or may not want it, and even life loves them, but those who think that life is of utmost importance to them, god deprives them getting the best of life!!

I know i have you, in some way or other, may be you dont want the way I do, yet you want to stick with me... you care about me and I know god has been kind enough to me for atleast having you for so long!!

I love you my dear life, and i wanna live with you forever!! Even if the eternity passed by, I want people to rememeber that me lived a life. Me lived a life, where not only my life made me happy, but I made my life much more happier...

You say, that life doesnt stick, If one goes, there come another, If this would have been so easier then no one would have cared enough for life. I will stick with you atleast till the time god asks me to give up, and thats where the death comes!!

I value you, not because you have a form, but for the fact that what you are, how much happiness you spread around, how much smiles you bring to the faces of people around and how much of what you are... LIFE!!

You may be golden, brown, black or pink, but you are a sunshine to me, the inspiration to live and to do things!! For me you have all the colors which makes me see a rainbow every now and then..

May be i fight with you by driving rash when things dont go alright, but then in the end i know and you know how much we care for each other!! In the end I know that atleast that little bit you love me is there...

My dear life, I never want you to give up on me, I would die if you will... I can spend my life in summer with the heat beating when you are around or in winters when the ice freezes me and you may keep me warm...

If I love anything more than myself, its you my life... I value you, respect you and I live because of you and for you!! :)

Love, hugs and kisses
yours and only yours...

P.S. Thought of writing something which may be called weird and which belongs to everyone of us...

Tuesday, May 5

Holding Back...

Can we love two people at the same time?

I always try to answer this, and the answer i find is yes we can... may be we cant commit to two, but we sure can love too, thats what i think at least and i may be completely wrong!!

What is Love? Its a feeling, a feeling which comes to us automatically, we dont force ourselves to feel that way, so how can we stop doing it when we love one???
Or is there any chemical reaction which i havent heard about which says that if u love one, you cant love one more... May be I am not talking about love as a child, friend, father, mother or such things, but am talking about the romantic love... yea.. Romance!!!

But Is love about romance all the time? Cant you love and yet you dont want to romance? May be possible, the only thing is that you have to accept it for yourself. But we cant blame anyone. I am not saying that he/she shall do it. I am not saying that principally one should accept it... Its about individual, some may accept it some will not!!!

When we say love is pure, why do we say that people who may love two people will make it impure? Does love actually use mind? Or are the feelings controlled from mind... May be in this world where we control everything using our mind, but is Love the same then?

I may sound out of my mind to many, but yet I am talking about a practical scenario where a person may love someone who is already loving someone else. But can this person love both?
Would you call it two timing? Am not talking about changing commitment, but even if he/she doesnt express it then also those feelings are there? Or is expression a crime?

I dont know may be love is something which in itself is not answerable, and one sided is the worst love which can happen coz then u r pitied at times. May be we should love only when we know that this would be answered with yes. :P
May be its like a interview you only appear if you are sure you will be selected.

Love is a mystery truly which has only entangled me. Love is something which I have never been able to understood. When to love, why to love and whom to love... If you have these answers then share ;)
But i think only then love would be impure, coz then u wud control it... ;)

And those who love, dream and those who dream love... There is no safer side in life, there is only a side you take thinking safe but you dont know what will happen eventually.

On a brighter note, I always want to remain a child, looking for answers... not giving those!!
May be i always want to be a child coz then I dont have to think what will happen eventually, may be i will just live a life and leave rest on time... but even when a child demands for chocolate, he cries thinking that he will get it!! :D

And I dont wanna give up on my dreams... may be i say giving up is easy, but comparing to sticking to ur dreams... coz those who dream believe in it!!

And may be those who give up their dreams, look at me... thinking that this ass can dream then we may too! :P

Live life, question wisdom.. and remain a child... may be u will still smile at the end of the day!!

And as they say... You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back!!!

Tuesday, March 24

The Politics of Sports

Elections are here... and how do you know??
When you watch the news and see the accusations just increased by parties...
When you look around and find out the posters of various parties...
When you see any Neta(politician) visiting your area...

But this is not about elections, we will deal with it later...

Its about the politics over sports... A country of 1 billion and how many medals do we produce? I guess 3-5 every Olympics (i know its exaggeration), and still no one listens to it ( the cry of sportsmen). One Vijander Singh wins a bronze and he stops playing sport and get more active in Modeling and Body Show business. Well, not his blame, but he knows that if he wants a good future, this is the only way to do it in the country which only plays to the administrators and not the sportsmen.

A Mr Gill named person runs the IHF and another someone Mr Politician runs IOA (Olympic association) and when one smart minded Mr Modi runs a show in cricket, everyone calls him a politician... IRONY, isnt!!

A country where I cant find a good swimming pool in my area, leave the sports complex apart, how are we supposed to produce talent, by asking them to swim in the dirtiest of the rivers around? and may be then die with some allergy or may be what i dont know...

A sports person earns what, less than me i must say... but the glory he brings to the nation is unimaginable and also a big contribution to the society. In the end he gets a beating if he performs bad in one game being axed from squad and the man who runs the show (poor poor show) as administrator for years... he is awarded with some Ratna for his outstanding commitment... commitment to what? himself? the money he sees there? the power he has? or his age as he knows he isnt good enough to do anything else???

And then comes... Sports vs Elections... obviously Elections are there to take place... whos saying NO to it???
But the question is because of one bad incident in Pakistan, Are we gonna be so afraid and keep thinking that this may happen here too??
Then do we think the same about Mumbai 26/11 or the train blasts? Do we stop traveling or staying in a hotel just coz such has happened?

And then they say... It may hurt the whole prospect of India arranging Commonwealth... oh ya? Do you have the infrastructure... do u have the grounds? What do you have I should ask... You build the hostel for athletes on the banks of Yamuna which is risky and prone to earthquake... you could have atleast stopped that as it was in your hands... Isnt?

Now the IPL has moved out of the country because our country's politicians cant provide adequate security to both... What do you want to say, we arent able enough... being the 3rd largest force in the world, we arent able enough??
Cant be do some management here to show to the world that everyone is safe here... I believe it... so when will you start believing it Mr Politician??

When will you free sports from politics????

Wednesday, March 4

The trip to GOA... Part I

Hey all... m here, back from Goa yesterday... and it was an amazing trip!! Went there with one of my friends as he came to Mumbai and i induced him to come to Pune just on the condition that we will visit Goa!! ;)

We started with a train journey on Friday and initially it looked like its gonna be damn boring. The compartment was filled with some boring people but I somehow asked them to swap seats and we moved to a different one. We were accompanied there by 2 girls and a group of some other people who were going there to visit a Church.

The best part was that we made everyone sing one song! :P though some were pathetic, but we actually made the girl sing too much!! :P
it was damn funny... :D

The real fun started in the morning when we reached Vasco De Gama at 7am in the morning. My friend works there in Navy as an Asst Commander (equivalent to Major in Army). There is a naval base there in Vasco and he took us there to his quarter (house). The best part was that we saw a fighter taking off from some 50 mtrs, and another commercial flight landed in front of us, we were just 50 mtrs away from all the excitement.
The best part was to watch the fighter plane taking off at an unimaginable speed. I wanted to click but we weren't allowed to do so. Then we crossed the runway and i did it for the first time in my life using a personal vehicle.

The best feeling was like how we watch in movies, people walking saluting him and calling him "Saheb", it may sound common but to experience it is altogether different.
The naval base is situated just next to the sea shore and Navy even has a private beach there. The view was also available from his quarter and we sipped the tea watching the sea... i mean the sun, sand and the beach! ;)

Its not like i havent seen a beach before but this experience was certainly different from all of this. I guess I should thank Anvita for that. She almost pushed me to South Goa and that where we landed next. We took a Cruiser bike from Vasco, drove some 70 kms and reached to a beach called Palolem. As this is an off season time, there were not many people around. We were getting a shack for some cheap money but we choose a shack right in front of the beach which costed us a moolah in this season.

Palolem is a great beach I must say. Its one of the cleanliest beaches in India and the natural beauty is all around. It has clean water and one can really enjoy the day there.

More to come in next post...

Sunday, February 8

Sociality Again...

Aha... its nice to be back here!! :D
I know many of you must be cursing me for not reading your blogs, but i do read them, just that i don't drop my comments that often now days... :)

Lets begin with the terror which rocked us on 26th Nov'2008. As I said, most people have forgotten it and they are living their lives. It has become normal, and we call it the "spirit of life" which as per me sucks... But proven again, we all have short term memories!!

Issues change and then comes the issue of morality... moral policing and believe me, i wanted to laugh more than worry. I don't laugh because the girls were beaten up in Mangalore, certainly not, but on the act of moral policing. I only hate to be Indian at such occasions. These people don't have any right to prove whats right and whats wrong, and yet they commit the wrong with so much of rightfulness that nobody actually says anything to them.
The act of cruelty in the name of morality... and whom do they beat? Some girls... If they are so brave then they should go to Olympics and beat some girls out there, I guess at least there they will win some medals if not anything else!!!
Or may be they should try their hands with the BHAI's in Mumbai/Karachi/Dubai and then they will come to know how much balls they have...

And yesterday read one more incident, a girl was caught with her friends brother while traveling. The girl wasn't beaten up this time because she was a MLA's daughter, but the boy who was supposedly of other community (Muslim) was beaten. Its crime to be a human if you belong to the other religion and hatred will certainly save this world as it will end this world soon and then we will again live in the stone age... at least thats the satisfactory part here...

I don't know how long such things are going to happen? I don't know when we will realize we are living in a free country which is free of religion and speech too. I don't know when we will realize that to rule is not everything but to live in a happily ruled is something. I don't know when we will realize that such small things matter too... This is not a world where we can live with one religion, one principal, one moral value, one thought... even in a house 10 people are bound to think differently... how long we will keep pressing them!!!

I only have such questions and no answers to these questions... but i hope someday i have the answers too...
Today I was reading that there is one guy from IIM-A(99 batch) in politics and he is the only IIMite. Luckily that shows me more prospects now to become a politician!! Not to be like one out there, but to be like someone as me... what i think, and i hope and count on that i remain what I am even after joining politics... Amen!!

Monday, January 5

Action of Conscience

I was watching a public awareness ad in morning. A beautiful situation was portrayed where a young lady, nicely dressed, at a bus stop fainted and within seconds she was surrounded by many well wishers at the bus stand.
At the same time, an old man, in torn out clothes was lying unconscious on one of the busiest streets, and no one even cared to look at him...

The question asked was...
Do you let your conscience choose your actions?

I certainly found it interesting and asked myself the same question. The answer i came up with... Honestly, not all the times!!!

But then i realized, this is a world where good looking people who are wearing brands and showing off are looked and cared off most, but may be if the most intelligent of minds is going by nearby... we don't care because he/she may not be good looking. We certainly decide our actions based on the mask wore by the other person and not with what the person is...

Beauty is all about what we see, but intelligence is over and above our judgment so may be we skip the part where we can be wrong!!!

So may be, this new year we realize that conscience should decide our actions and not the looks decide our conscience...

Happy New Year guys, Sorry for not being regular here and keep promising that I will be back... but i rather feel that I should be regular here and not promising anything this time... May be, promises are just meant to be broken.

May be this new year brings a lot of happiness to all of you out there. May be this year we don't have to see what bad things we saw and faced last year, not just India but all over the world!

Take Care Folks, will be there on your blogs soon!! :)