Friday, December 12

The Politics of Terror and We!!!

I wanted to write for long on this topic. Finally after watching the proceedings, I am writing what I felt.
Also just to remind you, there may be a long post ahead as the feelings are...

26 Nov, the day when terror strikes Mumbai, the horror show is on for more than 60 hours, and it takes the life of more than 200 people including the life of those 10 people who were acting as terrorists.

Suddenly, what you see is that the terror has come to your bedroom, living room, and nobody is safe. Life doesn’t care any longer about class, society or status. The whole India becomes evident of the scariest moment of their lives. Tourism takes a blow and so do sports but the most hurt part is the humane nature of mankind.
This isn’t the first of its kinds, and nor that the signals weren’t on for long, but a delayed attacked proved too costly for many. The bread can’t be earned and butter, forget about it.

The most interesting which lately becomes evident is, that people wake up from their sleep, not most yet many. I have seen people not taking interest in politics and now what they talk about is that how this can be politically handled?

I have also seen those people saying, Politics is not our cup of tea, and suddenly they wake up as now the attack has been made on them. I remember writing in one of my posts that people are insensitive about such issues unless they face it. I clearly see that happening now. People are marching on India Gate. People are forming a human chain. People are doing this; people are doing that… good for the nation that atleast even if we aren’t proactive atleast we are responsive, our emotions aren’t dead, and we all have a fear which comes out eventually.

I am happy to see that people are really participating in the events which are taking place everywhere. People are even taking initiative which in a way can help the nation to rebuild and re-strengthen. I am only worried about how long this is going to last!!!
I have seen in the past that people react in this way every time something goes wrong, but that’s only in the wake up of what had happened.
You may find me pessimistic, but believe me, past only suggests that such enthusiasm lasts for some time and not forever. However we need to keep this ever lasting. We don’t need to be retroactive every time but proactive so that our or any nation doesn’t become a part of this anymore.

I hope people who were earlier saying, we don’t believe in politics; understand that our nation’s base is democracy. It’s a state of politics, where people, who are chosen by us, for us, rule the nation. We are equally responsible for every action of theirs. We can’t move ahead saying they are corrupt, but atleast we can do our bit so that corruption doesn’t takes place. It’s not they who ask for money, but it’s us who give them the money and make them corrupt. As we always say that we have connection, and we act just like that.

It’s easy to blame politics, but we never blame ourselves, how many of us are ready to move to politics, if not now but later? You know its like earning disrespect, but isn’t it true that one has to make his hands dirty to clean the surface.

We all believe in love, yet not hate. We disown people who hate, and it’s very easy to do, but hatred is somewhere been brought up by the actions of some among us. We always have an opinion about everything, like how we blame Pakistan for the wrong doings of Mumbai. But isn’t it the case that people from our nation are equally responsible for the same. We always gave terrorism a face, a face in the name of religion. Why so? Why can’t we just act like when we say that terror has no face?

The rallies, the marches, how long this all is going to last is my worry. Very soon, we all would be living our lives. It will hardly take another month to forget what has happened in Mumbai, if not a month then may be a year, but eventually we are going to forget about it. Another attack somewhere and we all would again be woken and shocked by the reality. It always hurts the most when it’s us, and we just keep praying that hope its not us, but how long is the question.

Also, we all talk about having a war with Pakistan, Is it really easy? When we are so much scared by killing of some 200 people, war takes life of thousands and millions. May be it acts as a corrective measure but it doesn’t bring any final solutions to the table. The final solution lies in our hands, to spread love, to make this nation less corrupted. Saying that illiterates only become politicians is easy, but where are literates to fight for votes?

Wednesday, December 3

After a long lull

Firstly, Sorry for not being active for so long now. I was damn busy first and then was at home at Diwali and then again in Nov for 10 days for marriages of two of my best friends (rather 3 ;) )!!!

No to update you guys, life is a lot happening these days. There is loads of work and so I dont get the time to be active on bloggersville that much. The past few days were quite exciting as i was traveling across Rajasthan and Delhi. I attended a friends marriage at Ajmer and the Shaadi ka Mandap(set) was amazing. There was a natural waterfall in the background. I just loved the place.

From there we went to Pushkar, the place where the only temple of Brahma is located and the place which is known as "the most sacred place" for Hindus.
The trip was amazing and the number of foreigners was more than anything else in the world.

I spent 4 days in my home town Jaipur then, and believe me, it was amazing and I had loads of fun. Luckily Mom's B'day was on 26th November (same day a very dear blog friend had her b'day... Anvita, wish u once more!!). I celebrated mom's b'day and everyone was happy. All my near and dear ones were present and they thought it was more of a party for my surprise engagement, which supposedly was not the case!! :P
The birthday took a tool on my pocket, as i gifted a new cell, a birthday cake and the whole party was sponsored by me!!! :D

Then went to Delhi for Sudipt-Swati's Marriage, and spent three days there. The marriage was fun. I have already updated you guys about their engagement which took place in May. The sangeet was on Friday and it was fun... we danced and danced and danced!! :D
I mean we literally danced too much.. it was so much fun!!!

Then was the day of marriage where again we had fun... more friends from my MBA school joined in and we had amazing time. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan came, but i was waiting for Viru (Sehwag) and he didn't come.

Came back to Pune on Monday(1-Dec) and then there was bomb hoax in the office and we all had to leave the building early. I was anyways still working from home! :P

In the midst of all this, I kept watching the bad news about Mumbai & Taj... I just hope things will be better soon. I salute to all the martyrs and pray that all those who suffered and died, may they all rest in peace.

I am back and will update you more soon...