Tuesday, March 24

The Politics of Sports

Elections are here... and how do you know??
When you watch the news and see the accusations just increased by parties...
When you look around and find out the posters of various parties...
When you see any Neta(politician) visiting your area...

But this is not about elections, we will deal with it later...

Its about the politics over sports... A country of 1 billion and how many medals do we produce? I guess 3-5 every Olympics (i know its exaggeration), and still no one listens to it ( the cry of sportsmen). One Vijander Singh wins a bronze and he stops playing sport and get more active in Modeling and Body Show business. Well, not his blame, but he knows that if he wants a good future, this is the only way to do it in the country which only plays to the administrators and not the sportsmen.

A Mr Gill named person runs the IHF and another someone Mr Politician runs IOA (Olympic association) and when one smart minded Mr Modi runs a show in cricket, everyone calls him a politician... IRONY, isnt!!

A country where I cant find a good swimming pool in my area, leave the sports complex apart, how are we supposed to produce talent, by asking them to swim in the dirtiest of the rivers around? and may be then die with some allergy or may be what i dont know...

A sports person earns what, less than me i must say... but the glory he brings to the nation is unimaginable and also a big contribution to the society. In the end he gets a beating if he performs bad in one game being axed from squad and the man who runs the show (poor poor show) as administrator for years... he is awarded with some Ratna for his outstanding commitment... commitment to what? himself? the money he sees there? the power he has? or his age as he knows he isnt good enough to do anything else???

And then comes... Sports vs Elections... obviously Elections are there to take place... whos saying NO to it???
But the question is because of one bad incident in Pakistan, Are we gonna be so afraid and keep thinking that this may happen here too??
Then do we think the same about Mumbai 26/11 or the train blasts? Do we stop traveling or staying in a hotel just coz such has happened?

And then they say... It may hurt the whole prospect of India arranging Commonwealth... oh ya? Do you have the infrastructure... do u have the grounds? What do you have I should ask... You build the hostel for athletes on the banks of Yamuna which is risky and prone to earthquake... you could have atleast stopped that as it was in your hands... Isnt?

Now the IPL has moved out of the country because our country's politicians cant provide adequate security to both... What do you want to say, we arent able enough... being the 3rd largest force in the world, we arent able enough??
Cant be do some management here to show to the world that everyone is safe here... I believe it... so when will you start believing it Mr Politician??

When will you free sports from politics????

Wednesday, March 4

The trip to GOA... Part I

Hey all... m here, back from Goa yesterday... and it was an amazing trip!! Went there with one of my friends as he came to Mumbai and i induced him to come to Pune just on the condition that we will visit Goa!! ;)

We started with a train journey on Friday and initially it looked like its gonna be damn boring. The compartment was filled with some boring people but I somehow asked them to swap seats and we moved to a different one. We were accompanied there by 2 girls and a group of some other people who were going there to visit a Church.

The best part was that we made everyone sing one song! :P though some were pathetic, but we actually made the girl sing too much!! :P
it was damn funny... :D

The real fun started in the morning when we reached Vasco De Gama at 7am in the morning. My friend works there in Navy as an Asst Commander (equivalent to Major in Army). There is a naval base there in Vasco and he took us there to his quarter (house). The best part was that we saw a fighter taking off from some 50 mtrs, and another commercial flight landed in front of us, we were just 50 mtrs away from all the excitement.
The best part was to watch the fighter plane taking off at an unimaginable speed. I wanted to click but we weren't allowed to do so. Then we crossed the runway and i did it for the first time in my life using a personal vehicle.

The best feeling was like how we watch in movies, people walking saluting him and calling him "Saheb", it may sound common but to experience it is altogether different.
The naval base is situated just next to the sea shore and Navy even has a private beach there. The view was also available from his quarter and we sipped the tea watching the sea... i mean the sun, sand and the beach! ;)

Its not like i havent seen a beach before but this experience was certainly different from all of this. I guess I should thank Anvita for that. She almost pushed me to South Goa and that where we landed next. We took a Cruiser bike from Vasco, drove some 70 kms and reached to a beach called Palolem. As this is an off season time, there were not many people around. We were getting a shack for some cheap money but we choose a shack right in front of the beach which costed us a moolah in this season.

Palolem is a great beach I must say. Its one of the cleanliest beaches in India and the natural beauty is all around. It has clean water and one can really enjoy the day there.

More to come in next post...