Thursday, September 11

Just Thoughts...

Okie... I think I should make you feel good first so that you guys read it all!!

So, I admit to all those who used to think, this guy is mad,then I accept, I AM!! :D :P

I really dont know what I want from life, One day I think of something, and the other day I think of something else!! No fixed goals, no short term set targets, just dream big but no plans to achieve them!! :D

I think i want to be aloof, alone and then sometimes i think i badly need someone. I need to be taken care off, coz i hate to pretend that I am a very strong person!! 

And then I again think, No, this is the way i should be... Lonely!!! 

I think of giving up on sweets and carbs one day, and the next day I think, just once more...

Think of start running in the morning and then it starts rain in the mornings... even i think god is also not with me!! lolzzz

Sometimes, i think i should reduce my weight, and then I think, so what, if people like the exterior more then let it be. Y should i change for others... and then i think, no i should!! :P

I think of giving up the time i spend online, then i think i cant live without it, which is quite true, I am addicted!! 

I think of not living with friends, but then I find it most difficult not having them. Then i make the mistake of too early calling someone friend and then it hits right on the head, for making the mistake of calling them one!! !

There are too many things for which i repent, but the most I do was to be loved and to love!! But that is for myself!! 

Still someday i feel like i should fall in love, and someday... 

Still... Life goes on... killing everyday slightly!! ;)

Disclaimer: All above written is totally inspired from a movie!! lolzzz


aqua gurl said...

which movie all this comes from:D:D:D

btw i think i am like this most of the time...but you know, i think its better to stay confused sometimes....coz once everything is clear cut...things get too repetitive and then there is no fun or surprise element left in life:P:P

Lena said...

Is the movie called "Ankur's life" by any chance?
you think to much, i always am telling you. Live life as it comes, whatever should happen, will happen, no matter if you think about it or not.


And in the end it all will be fine, i promise! :)

Cess said...

which movie? Have to see it? I totally see myself in it
++Think of start running in the morning and then it starts rain in the mornings++ totally, but i have an excuse not starting at all since it s raining 85% of the time where I live ;)
Cool post, i need this movie name ;)

gunj said...

too much of thinking leads to weight gain :P
cut it out n chill maar :D

Solitaire said...

Okie so basically you are confused as most young adults are...

Anonymous said...

arre.. 'it is some book' put it dwn and go to sleep u *&^%


Take care!

Actually everyone of us thinks on these lines.. :)

so dontcha worry

and I second Gunj :P

Prats said...

Maybe the process of age has set ni...heheheh :P
Cos i'm doing that all the time...
And which movie is this which parrots all what we think???

Just chill and let go of these thoughts, if something happens it happens..just let it

Ankur said...

@Aqua girl

i m not tellin u the name of the movie!! :D

haha... my life only has surprises i think, and that too i cant see!! :P


Ankur said...


It will happen and thats the problem!! :)

i hope it does!!

thnx for being there...

Ankur said...


hehe... the movie name cant be revealed!! :D :D

thnxx for the post!! :D


Ankur said...


omg... tune yeh kya bata diya, kahin isliye toh nahi i m fat!! :D :D

thnxxx!! :)


Ankur said...


ya... may be... may be not!!

Dont know really!!


Ankur said...


hehe... which book re, now i m curious!! :D :D



Ankur said...


hehe... i cant reveal the parrot!! :D

and yeah... may be the age is setting in !!

i hope they go away fast!! :P

Solitaire said...

OMG!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ceedy said...

Did not comment earlier as needed to give you a song that summarizes your predicament :)


ceedy said...

Here is a better link

Ganga nahale chahe tilak lagale

Got it - we both need the same medicine :)

and a nice gesture for Solitaire...hope all goes well

Ria said...

he he!!its perfectly fine to b confused at times. After all humans r the biggest paradox! :P

RADhika said...

oh good your mentioned the disclaimer! :)

aur please, public demand pe ye movie ka naam bata hi do!

Vandita said...

movie kaunsi thi .. bas yeh bata de... baaki main sab samajh gayi :P

Princess Mia said...

even though they r coming from a movie i guess some of em r connected to u inne...

trust me am sailing in the same boat....a big question mark for everything heheheh....

Anonymous said...

y did u delete the last post!

i think u were right in many things you said :(

Priya said...

And sometimes I feel that I will mask my post with the last line :)


Chakoli said...


Lats line takes the cake :PPP
wts the movie name and actress?? :PP

Pri said...

ahhh welcome to the 'confused' club!! :p