Saturday, March 29


This is a small and honest effort by me to write a ghazal... i hope u like it and i am looking forward for your critical remarks to improve upon it in future. :)
For all my blogger friends who dont know Hindi, just leave me ur email, and i will send u an translated version, though i dont know how much sense it will make...

तू है एक हसीं नगमा
जिसे गुनगुनाने को जी चाहता है
तू है वो हँसी
जिसे होठों पे लाने को जी चाहता है

तेरा हँसना
सितम है जालिम
फिर भी तुझे अजमाने को
जी चाहता है

तेरी चूड़ी
तेरी पायल का खनकना जालिम
दिल के हर जर्रे पर
सितम धाता है

तेरे हँसने की खनक
तेरे चेहरे की अदा
तेरा चुप रहके भी
सब कह जाना

तेरा चलना
चलके थमना
फिर यूं इतराना
हाय जालिम
क़यामत का जैसे मंजर हो...

तेरे आने की आहट
पर भी हम मरते हैं
तुझसे ऐ हमदम कहें कैसे
कितना हम डरते हैं

हँसते हँसते तेरे सब जुल्म
यूं सहेंगे हमदम
तेरी बस अदाओं के सहारे
जी लेंगे हम...

Thursday, March 27


Am I in midst of some hope
thinking someone will help me
a star falling from the sky
giving me everything i wish for!

Am i too confused
thinking wat to do with life
shd i sleep or shld i eat
or i shld say bbye

Am i making friends
or losin them too often
thinkin all this time
that this is all so human

Am i making mistakes
but not knowing them
or is it the feeling of
all the loneliness

i think i need someone
someone looking at me
i think i need someone
someone talking to me

But in this virtual world
ppl are selfish
doin wat they want to
forgettin the rest

i think m obsessed
with ppl arnd me
i think m distressed
with the way they react

i think i have given
too much to ppl i dont know
or may be it was hope
that they r all so human

Dont know wat to do
to live or to die
to go to Himalyas
or some Pub HiFi

but i know i will survive
all of this somehow
i m hoping m gonna win all
all of them one day

I think m gonna live
all for me myself
forgetting wat others
doing with d rest

I challenged myself to write a poem based on hope, cudnt think of better :D
As they say, Chill Madi!!! :P

And my best friend and my sis tells me, its her who is inspiring me to write, she says, every end has a new beginning :P
"That relation ended giving u're personality a new dimension!!!"
She is true though, may be its all coz of u, my lost world :P

Friday, March 21

The A-Z of Moi :D

I must say I was tempted to write this, I wasn’t tagged for this, but I thought it would be great fun. So here it goes...
the rules are simple---u just need to answer what every question demands...and its called the A-Z tag because I guess it covers up all the questions from A to Z...

A- Adore?
My Mamma, she is the most beautiful person on this planet!!! :D

B- Believe?
Every friend of mine!!!

C- Careful?
Yes I am, a lot many times, specially when I am meeting or talking to a stranger, because there is always a possibility of minunderstanding!!!

My best friend, I will name, Narendra, he is a gem and my mammas second son, oh I guess, 1st he is older than me :D

E- Eggetarian?
I really don’t believe in any such terminologies, you can either be veggie, or non-veggie, there’s no way in between!!!

F- Flabbergasted?
Yes, reading all the posts around the bloggersville which says like, 10 things we hate, we don’t like, we don’t want, men to do!!! Guess u r writing coz they r important to you, otherwise do u care abut some Raghu or Madho... no u don’t!!!

G-Gee(read Fit of bad temper)?
:P, really I don’t want to write it here, :P, but I guess I will write one politician, and the award goes to Mr. Raj Thackrey. Do I really need to write why??? :P *ROFL

For me to do something, which will change the lives of people around the world, may be by donating my eyes, organ, wealth, or some other way. I can and I will change the world!!!

Yes, Saif Ali Khan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton :P
All these are the jokers of the world, the way they express their love, or hate... is mind-blowing I must say. lolzzz

K- Kewl?
Himachal Pradesh, really cool, with less traffic, lesser people, and the beauty which surrounds the place, omg... with the trees of apple and apricots on the roadside, I just wish I can see the snow all the time, watch the beauty in the mountains and the valley... wow.. Just so beautiful.

Yes I do, something else now (:P, my blog i guess :D), guess m moving on !!! :P :P
And yes i love my parents and my sister a lot. :D

There are many and recently someone completely misread me when I said there are many in this world. Around the bloggersville, I recently noticed a moron who was invited as a guest blogger on one of my friends blog, and he completely(read cynically) created a battlefield over there.

Yes, I love to be, I play a lot of pranks on my friends, pull their legs (though they are heavy :P), and recently when I said, I test reactions, someone tested mine... and I was really scared... God, I don’t want to lose you!!! :D

O-Oblivion(read absent minded)?
Yes, I am, many a times, while driving most of the times I get crazy, thinking and thinking all the time, of something, some other world. Met with an accident in the recent times coz of it!!! :P
Even while talking to you, i can be, i always think too much!!! :(

I do.. i do believe there is god!!!

Yes, for knowledge. Someone once said, "Knowledge is all around you, you just need to look at it!!!" Great!!! And yes, we don’t look at it often... ;)

Yes, my sense of humor and me... :P, I m sorry for pulling your leg too often ji!!! :D

S-Stoppage(read Failures)?
There aren’t any, I always believe its temporary, a chance given to you to look back, check what have you done wrong, or what has went wrong, and not to repeat the same mistakes the next time. Introspection and Retrospection as many say.
When someone says there were bad deeds, I say, there were, but they gave u a chance to change the same in the future. Everything happens for good in this world. :D
"Failure are temporary, Learning’s from them are permanent." The Fifth Mountain-Paulo Coelho

Yes, many a times, last night also my friend listens to all my worries, and I was tranquillized, really!!! I wish I would be again an again, m selfish!!! :D When someone listens to you and your soul, its really wonderful, Thanks :P

An egalitarian world, my utopia, the day when women will be treated equally as of men, nobody will talk abut equality of sexes coz they would be equal. A society where women won’t be burnt coz of some money, where nobody will talk about "equal opportunity, equal pay", coz I guess you have to!!!!
And yes, my friend, its called Utopia so that we dont even think of it!!!

V-Vendetta(read enmity)?
I guess there shouldn’t be any, forgiveness and forgetfulness is what you seek, and they deserve. As they say, "Shamadan Mahadan". And yes, you won’t be smaller after saying Sorry!!!

The most beautiful thing god has blessed this world with!!! Guess, have written a lot about it, i have and i will. :)

I wish it’s true, someone is there to save the world, when I see Heroes(those who don’t know, it’s a TV series like FRIENS :D) too, I dream of it. Someone is there who is looking after everyone, as they say ;) :D

Yes, One thing you should practice, not coz Swami ji(though I respect him very much) says so, but guess its going to enhance your soul, energize your body, increase you life, may be for you, yourself, you can do it!!!!

Yes, life is, there is no definite shape to it, if you think you will always be happy or sad, then you wont be, I guess even you be bored of it then. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Enjoy it like you do when you see a zigzag of stars in the sky, a flock of birds!!!

I guess, it was difficult as I one chooses one question for myself, had so much to write and yet ended with so less. :P
Well, but it was fun, really fun :D (Gee, read surprise :P)


Wednesday, March 19

Happily Friends!!!

Well, this poem is a dedication for a friend of mine, whom was uncertain about few things, over some issues, but guess, everything has been sorted out now, all for friendship, Thank you friend, thanks a lot...

When the sun shines
and the birds start flying
i look at the trees
and think of you

When i travel
in the daytime
I look at people
and think of you

When the moon lights
and the starts twinkle
I listen to the silence
and think of you

All the time
the best i do
my dear friend is
i think of you

think of you
and your words
filled with silence
and versicles

i think of you
and feel happy
to have you
as my friend...

Wish U luck
all this life
and may we rock
as true FRIENDS!!!!


Friendship!! in 55 words

Suresh is very happy!!!

Five years back... Radhika shouted at Suresh... "We are just friends...". He wanted to explain her lot of things but...
In States, Radhika misses someone, his warmth and care, badly...

She called, “I wanna come back for you, just for you…”

5 years, but she realized, Today they are getting married!!!

Saturday, March 15

Forget n Forgive... Updated

I tried everything
everything i can
wat makes it worse is
that still she cant...

she cant forgive me
for the mistake i have made
she cant forget me
for all tat lost in faith

i told her everything
everything i could
i did everything
which cud make her sure

when i said sorry
she said No.. No...
i pleaded and i pleaded
long time but no

when i asked tat y
she said she feels hurt
she didnt realize
i m more than hurt

this is how things work
in this moron world
when the morning starts
with a loads of shuckss

but how long this will go
on n on n on
will this ever end
with a happy note

i still say sorry
it was my mistake
but will i be forgiven
all for frndship sake...

I tried everything..
if i miss something
do tell me and let me know
as soon as u can

Will she ever forgive me
oh my dear friend
Will she ever forget
all tat frndship can...

I think its over
over as it can
she'll never forgive me
for wat was insane

i have given up
given up on u
given up everything
with all tat faith in u

i think it is right
to forget it all
I wont say sorry
sorry nemore

I m now so happy
happy as i can
cant celebrate much though
given up a friend...

Thursday, March 13

Look into my eyes...

Ah... i was tagged for this by supriya and totally forgot about it, but when i visited her blog yesterday, that made me remeber... Arr... the mistake... :P
Ok, so here it goes, all the questions should be answered with the name of a song, but I am going to write all hindi songs here guys, beacuse the kind of english songs i listen to, most of you would not be... :P
For the same reason i am not following the exact tag rules, which says... put ur ipod or watever music player is there, on shuffle mode, and the answer of each question is going to be the song which is playin on ur ipod...

आशाएँ आशाएँ ... (hopes, hopes... )
i can see hope..

चाहे कोई मुझे जंगली कहे... (Even if people call me a stupid...)
:D i dont mind it at all

एक चंचल शोख हसीना दिल ढूंढ रहा है... (Searching a beautiful, naughty gorgeous girl...)
:D searching, searching... but.. the server has responded in an unexpected manner, kindly send another request :

जिंदगी कैसी है पहेली हाय ... (Life is a puzzle...)

चला जाता हूँ किसी ही धुन मॆं ... (i am walking thinking wat i dont know... )
I am searching for it. :

चक दे, ओ चक दे इंडिया ... (Chak De India, India Rocks!!!)
I can and i will make the difference one day...

अल्लाह मेघ दे पानी दे... (God give clouds and rain...)
just replace water and clouds with some brain and hair on my head :P

अल्लाह तेरो नाम, ईश्वर तेरो नाम... (Allah, god are all your names...)
I love you mom and dad, very very much. :)

दर्द मैं भी ये लब मुस्करा जाते हैं , बीते लम्हे हमें जब भी ... (In the pain, my lips make the smile when i remmeber the old days...)
again speechless!!!

10) WHAT IS 2+2?
'Its better to be safe than worried' :P
my fav line from the movie, Jhankar Beats

यारी है ईमान मेरे यार मेरी जिंदगी... (My friend is everything...)
Really, i wouldnt have been here without you!!! :

चौध्वी का चाँद हो या आफताब हो ... (Are you the full moon...)

जिंदगी भर जिंदगी ने गम दिए, जितने भी मौसम दिए सब नम दिए... (Life has given sad moments all life, and all seasons with water in my eyes...)
hehehe, everyone will laugh now :P

Cant really find a hindi song for this, suggest me :D
i just wanna be with you... :P

तेरा मेरा रिश्ता पुराना ... :D (Your and my relationship is very old...)
really??? :P

चंदा है तू, मेरे सूरज है तू... :D (you are everything son...)
ehhehee, not exactly this though... :P

Phew!!! बहारों फूल बरसाओ मेरे महबूब आया है :P (Seasons draw flowers, my love has arrived...)
oh man, this was again difficult, or may be... mere yaar ki shaadi hai... :P

मेरा जीवन कोरा कागज़ कोरा ही रह गया (My life remained blank...)
:P truly!!!

मैं शायर तोह नही मगर ऐ हसीं (I am not a poet, but you my love...)
yes... all coz of u :)

आशिक भी हूँ, कातिल भी हूँ (I am a lover and a killer too...)
;) ;) ;)

बीते लम्हें हमे जब भी याद आते हैं (When i remember the good'ol days...)
really, recently visited my college, and again i became nostalgic.. wow, those days were the best days of my life, Symbi Rocks!!!

कोई फरियाद मेरे दिल मैं बसी है ऐसे (there is some request still in my heart)
तुने आंखों से कोई बात कही हो जैसे (u have said a lot with your eyes...)
The best line... जानता हूँ आपको सहारे की जरुरत नही है, मैं सिर्फ़ साथ देने आया हूँ (I know you dont need someone to help u, i m just here to be with you...)

अहह... आईटी वास दिफ्फिकुल्ट...
:P still in hindi mode..
It was difficult supriya.. but yes.. i loved it in the end.. :D
Thanks a lot..
i tag neel and priya..
neel and priya ... if u r reading!!!
and guys.. dont mend the rules like me... plzzz... :D

Tuesday, March 11

Women... n Thinking

After reading my last blog, one of my sweet cute little friend asked me, "Why do you write about women so much?". Frankly, i was stunned with the question, but the instant reaction was, "I am fond of them." Many must be laughing after reading this, but those who know me, will say, yes, he is. Phewwwww!!!!

I think i should admit it here, I am fond of woman, beacuse of their body, mind and soul, everything. I am like a normal guy, who looks at girls, and yes, at times, do a lot of commenting with my friends. I do like to flirt with girls. No experiments though. :)

Woman has played a very important part in my life since my childhood, had many of these girlfriends since the beginning, and now i realize how lucky i was at that point of time. :P Also the fact that most of those girls use to share a lot of things with me, from their day to day life to their love affairs and so on. I also think that i was a center of attraction at that point of time as i was among the top rankers in the class(sometimes and sometimes not). But this definitely gave me an edge over others, when it came to having girlfriends. Though the beauty at that point of time was that our minds were not so corrupt as they are now.

I still remember that few girls use to surrender their tiffins, specially to me. Many of them used to bring something special for me. Ahhh, what a feeling that was. They called me on their birthdays, and not only my classmates, but i remember attending many birthday parties of my teachers. Reason being, i was very cute, as a child, had all the trade marks of becoming a Casanova(though i personally dont like the way this term is used). Still remmeber, my uncles and aunts, chedofying me after attending the parties. Heheheh... But it was fun.

I still remember, how in class 8th i had a huge crush on this junior of mine, who looked like Sadhna, ahh.. she was beautiful, but my classmates associated me with another girl, and another classmate of mine(a girl only), told Sadhna ( :P ), that i have a crush on her, and then she never talked to me. Hate you Payal for doing it. :P I spent great time with the classmate of mine, talking, chatting, and even we passed on few love letters i believe. It was all great and my mum also used to like her. Should have taken the chance of proposing her then only i must say. Hehehehe...

But the biggest crush of my life came with my first job, early days, i was 20 and she 19. The crush was so huge that i took a tranfer later just to be near her. She was a great company, a girl with principals, courage, beauty, mind and above all, a great soul. Later i too realised that she had the same thing for me, which was great to find out. We use to chat and talk for hours, so the crush finally turned into a relationship with formal exchange of those few words. A relationship which i wanted to last forever, but i think it was against the wish of god and his creatures, so it turned into a turmoil. But i will never forget the days, months, seasons and above all the time i spent with her.

Again i think i started the post with some other thoughts and have ended it with some other. But i would like to mention one thing here :-
We are mammals and blessed with body hair, three middle ear bones, and the ability to nourish our young with milk, Although females have the mammary glands, we all start out in a similar way in the, embryo. During development, the embryo follows a female template until about six weeks,when the male sex chromosome kicks in for a male embryo. The embryo then begins to develop all of its male characteristics. Men are thus left with nipples and also with some breast tissue.<~~~ This is what Bio Science Says... that means... all men are females for 6 weeks in life,... so by manuscripts, by scienc and by nature ... evry life is Feminine... Males are just a variation to Class Mother and not different from class mother... We Males ... Adore , respect,... And completely surrender to female gender who is our creator... (excerpt from a comment from one of Priyanka's post, i loved it and did not find any better lines than these.)

Sunday, March 9


Thinking of what to write... my mind is flooded with thoughts.


Hope this woman day will bring a lot of change to the lives of many women around the world. They will gain the respect they deserve and will achieve success in this year too. Hope we will move forward towards the concept of egalitarian society and they them selves will play a big role in this. Hope we will give the due credit to them in our lives.

Hope women will also understand what they are made of. I listen to many friends of mine and really find them surrendering to the thought of giving up their personal career when it comes to marrying their loved one. I fail to understand that all these are the women who cry out loud when someone does something wrong with other woman. They shout a lot but when their time comes, they do surrender to so called circumstances to see that they live happily ever after. Ahem!!! I have 2 thoughts here
1) Your parents do everything for you for 20-25 years and you forget them for someone you hardly know for 6 months or 6 days sometimes, saying it was their duty. 2) You study for the period of 20 years and you give it all up, just because you feel you are in love.
For those 20-25 years your parents give you, you shout at them,cry, if anything goes wrong, if they take any decision which as per you will hinder the growth of you, professionaly or personally. And for 20 years you study thinking that you want to achieve something, some having a career goal and vision and then forgetting it all. All of this is given up just for one thing, for love, which many a times you dont know exist or not.
I am by no means trying to state that you should give up love, or you should not love, infact i am a firm believer of the fact that it is the most beautiful thing which can happen to you. But at the same time you should also understand that if you will grow professionaly, you will become inspiration for many to follow.
I does not understand that why its girls who give up, at the cost of their goals and vision. Why them everytime? If someone asks me to become a house husband, i dont know whether i will accept the same or not.
But its Love, above all, that is what is being told to me. Ahem!!!
Chak De is a story of Indian womens hockey team, which has changed a lot in the world of Indian sports. Chak De has become sports emblem. the one above all. Its again a story of girls who have changed a lot when it comes to the fate of Indian sports. Saying that i want to become like Barkha Dutt, Sonali, will not change the world for you.
Yes i have said and accepted time to time that we live in a world which is dominated by men. A unipolar world which revolves around US(still) and Men. Celebrating International women day is not going to help women of this world but they need to understand the significance of the day. I want to ask many of my female friends that what have they done, them selves on this day so that they call this a significant day in their lives. Cheering, congratulating one another, as per me doesnt give any significance to this day.
My thoughts are always weird, as me. No offences to anyone.

Girl o' Girl
Let me make you happy
By giving roses
and make you smile
but thinking
all the time
is this what will
make you happy
really happy
giving up
all your tide
giving up
all for me
all your life
thinking it will
make me smile!!!