Thursday, August 21

Vacations Over!!

I am back after a long vacation from back home... It was fun and costly too (cozz of Rakhi! !:P )

On the eve of Rakhi, me with my cousins and Chachi(Aunt) went to eat some chat pakodi, and the shopkeeper asked me, Bhaisahab, aapki Rakhi ki shop hai!! :P
Look at my hand...
and i said, nahi, but i have sisters in lot!! :D
and i m lucky with that, i have so many sisters that i feel lucky to be pampered by them!! :D

Also trying to catch up with all of your blogs but i think the backlog will take some time for me to do the act!! :D

But yes, the good news is that it was a great day for Indian Sports, and finally we won 2 medals in Beijing today (1 Bronze, and 1 more bronze atleast), so its time to cheer up. Hopefully this will make the government realize and take some steps towards the betterment of Sports.

Also to mention the fact that this country has a popular slogan, which is... "Kheloge koodoge toh banoge kharab, padhoge likhoge toh banoge mahan..." and i think its time to change the mentality towards the sports and sportsmen. They come from our families only, and we need to praise them for what they are doing. Medal or no medal, but them having the fighting spirit is what matters in the end.

Also liked the approach of Media too which actually didnt showed the cricket news, but kept focusing on the athletics achievement in Beijing. Time for some change now i guess!!!

Also, Indian cricket team finally won a one dayer in Sri Lanka and Mr Mendis didnt trouble them much. I hope in coming future they are not going to be bowled completely over by Mendis Gugly!! lolzzzz


Vandita said...

haha rakhi ki dukaan :P
welcome back dear :)

Princess Mia said...

OMG......itni saari behene.....wah wah.....

n good inne that indian sportsmen are not so bad as we think em to be inne. ah neat.

damn....wondering how wud u manage to go to work after a good holiday n home made food....enjoy

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful vacation!! Glad you are back also.

I am sure you are full of post for us now!


Solitaire said...

Rakhi ki dukaan hi lag rahi hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keshi said...

WB Ankur! :)

So it seems like u had a nice lil break. Good to know that.

Congrattz India for doing well in Olympics WOW!

**Mendis Gugly


India vs Sri Lanka cricket matches creates tension between me and my Indian friends here in Aus. :):) One Indian friend of mine got angry with me for 2 days just cos they lost against SL and I laffed hahahaha!


Lena said...

welcome back! now start doing something which ibm is paying you for.... WORKING :P

RADhika said...

that is so coool... :D .. bahot saree behene hai aapko... waise, to tell you, i am the only sister to all my 10 cousin brothers!! just think abt the fun i had! :D

wlcome back!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

seems tht someone hd great fun..sahi hai :) yeah welcome back... ;)

Ria said...

Hmm gud to c u back!so did ur sisters rob u for Rakhi!? ;) Yeah me too happy for India's win at Olympics. :)

Sach! said...

:) welcome back!
Kaash mere @%#^&*(bhai log read this as sweet :D) cousins thode ameer aur dayalo hote!
Me too happy with sports thing..specially with Abhinav :)

Anonymous said...

sir how was ur some sweets ?

and i feel media is goin overboard in projectin this kids who have got bronze medals and making an ass out of them.....

and thing is cricket would remain # 1 sport in the country.....And i dont think Mendis is that big threat....real test would come up when he travels out of SL....

Scribblers Inc said...

that picture speaks a hell lot more than your post!!welcome back!!:D

Scribblers Inc.

Cinderella. said...

Lol ! our pic reminds me of my lil cousin who's about 7-8 yrs of age.

On Rakhi, he was so hell bent on aving his hands full that he ended up persuading his grandpa (bua's FIL) to take him n shop for rakhis for himself.

Dukan gaya aur haath bhar kar ghar aya with the ear to ear grin on his !!!!

I'm still waiting foy my bro to earn so I could get pampered too...untill then I'll do the pampering job.

Rakhi jab mila use, yeh nahi bola k di rakhi sundar hai, ulta daanta k letter q nahi likhi ! Eh leh !!

Aur kya haalchaal hai yaar ? How are you ?

Nice to have you back.

Chakoli said...


it seems u had a grt time :DDDD

behno ke pyaare pyaare bhaiya :DDDD

yups...three medals :DDD
congrats :D

rayshma said...

do din athletics ko praise karke media koi great kaam nahi kar rahi. if they maintain this beyond the olympics, then it'll be something noteworthy!
am really proud of the people who achieved what they did. because they did it despite being from a country which only encourages ONE sport - that too, one which is not even a part of the olympics!

waise, aap rakhi ki dukaan hi lag rahe ho! :D

gunj said...

omg!! so many rakhiz!! lutt gaya hoga tu to! :P

Anonymous said...

tum lutt gaye barbaad ho gaye :P

inni saari rakhis!!

and yah! proud Indian here!

yes... Media.. has been ding conentartin on Bejing.. i m happy abt that! happy abt the 2 medals that have come adding to the total of 3

and that... it wud be heart-breain fr th Akhil to have lost... i wish... he gives himself another chance

Indian Cric... hmphh!

Pri said...

heyy u really seem to be having a rakhi shop....
sab ladkiyan tujhe rakhi baandhti hain kya?? ;)
just kidding!! :D


Pri said...

waise its great to see u backkkk! (and i dont only mean on 'your' blog) :)

Ankur said...


hehe.. really dukaan hi thi!! :D

thnx dear! :)


Ankur said...


yes.. i have too many and i love them all!! :D

the money only flows in one sport as we all need and the others need both money and recognition, so this is something good!

hehe.. i m still findin it diificult! !:D


Ankur said...


hehe.. i m full of post, but still not feeling well!!

how u doing!!
and i m gonna visit u soon, i have too many pending posts there to read! :(

but i will complete my backlog soon!!


Ankur said...


hehe.. i m lucky u c... :D


Ankur said...


thnxx keshi..
yes i had a nice lil break which i enjoyed a lot!!

its sports sweetie, someone wins, and someone losses, so wat!!

though i always want India to win! ;)


Ankur said...


oye.. i always work!! :P

but i m too efficient u c ;)


Ankur said...


wow.. u r lucky, and i have more than 10 sisters including all my cousins, and kehte hai... behne ginte nahi hai warna kam ho jaati hai, and i dont want them to kam...! :D

i m lucky.. but wat all did u get on rakhi, i m sure u must be rich by now!! :P



Ankur said...


hehe.. yeah.. loads of fun..
thnx!! :)


Ankur said...


thnxx... oh they rob me, no.. they looted me is the right wordd.... rakhi par mai kangal ho gaya!!

how u doin?


Ankur said...


hehe.. itna bhai ka pyar milta hai, phir bhi paisa chaiye, saari behne ek jaisi hoti hai!! :P

yes, abhinav and others have made us proud!! :)


Ankur said...


rakhi was fine...

and yes, cricket will remain #1 for now but i do see that things will change in near future!! :)


Ankur said...

@Scribblers Inc

hehe... yes it does!! ;)


Ankur said...


hehehe.. funny!! :P
u know when i was a kid, i used to play this most rakhi on the hand contest and i never lost!! :D
had both hands full of rakhi!! :D
always! !;)

i m fine, just suffering a lil from viral..
tu kaisi hai.. reply bhi nahi kara orkut par??
kya chal raha hai.. everything alright!! :)

Take cAre

Ankur said...


pyar mai hi toh loot liya!! :P

and yes.. i had awesome time!! :D


Ankur said...


bang on... but if u watch indian news channel, they are still talkin abt it... i hope we just dont forget it like any other achievement... but at the same time, i think they are emphasizing the current state of practice arenas and grounds for money deprived sports...
i hope things change soon!! :)

hehe.. rakhi ki dukaan.. sure sure!! :P


Ankur said...


oye seriously yaar.. i m looted, and my mom helped my sister to looted me! :P


Ankur said...


seriously... main lut gaya!! :P
bahut sari hai na!! :d

i hope to see more medals coming our way in next olympics... :)


Ankur said...


hehe.. rakhi shop .. ya ya!! :P
haan, meri saari behne (ladkiyan ofcourse) se rakhi badhwai..

i m lucky u c!! ;)


Ankur said...


and same here... gr8 to c u back too!! :D


Keshi said...

yeah and I was joking too Ankur! :)


aneri_masi said...

welcome back! (and I am so jealous of you that I am hoping you get to work looooong long hours! ;-)

aqua gurl said...

hey ankur!!!!!

Good to see you back re, had fun naa???

Thnks for all the comments:D:D, now i think you've caught up with all my posts....impressive:)

And yes, i haven;t stopped visiting either re, bas kaam mein busy hoon, plus univ starts soon:)

yes i saw mumbai meri jaan on sunday, m from ghatkopar n vasai:) u relate to which place in mumbai?