Saturday, September 13

How Long???

Note: - I know there are many of you reading me, who will just say that we dont have any interest in politics, but I hope you have interest in your and your loved ones lives. Even after being so literate we just wait for the things to happen to us, and then only we will have a voice over things!! I hope the day dont have to come where you go through it to understand what it is, but to understand you only need a heart... Hope you are listening!!! :)
Its just not about a country, but its about what the world is turning to!!!

It has been a long time since we are living in the shades of fear. The never lasting series of blasts is taking a toll not only on the lives of many, but also more and so on the lives of who go through it and also who fear it to be true!!!

The series started with my hometown this year and has been extended to Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Surat and now Delhi. Innocent people die, they give up their lives, because some people who are mad enough not to understand that this wont help anyone, keep doing it in the name of Religion. The so called Zihaad is helping no one, the people who die have no religion, the people who suffer have one though, and the religion they all share is called "Victim"!!!

Watched the news, and the central government declined the demand of the state of Gujarat to have a law which enables better law enforcement while catching terrorists (I know many will have a different view, and certainly we can debate!!), but it has been declined because of so called communalism but the bigger reason is a political one where the opposition wants to become the ruling party by having the votes of one community!!!

There is a lack of political will and the focus is more on to catch the people after the act, rather than been proactive and preventing them. When such terrorists are caught, the so called human activists come out to save their lives. The people in one state are demanding to join another nation, and in some other states people are thinking that their state is a nation.

If you hear some of the political leaders talking in one of such states you will surely think that whats the law enforcement agencies doing. One person think that he is the voice of millions living as if the place belongs and owned by his forefathers!!

What lacks clearly is a political and social will to punish and end it at once. I watched Wednesday, and I think that some one has to come out as a common man to tell the powerful people that they arent gonna be watching endlessly where many like us give up their lives.

I dont know a solution but yes I surely know there is some problem!!! How Long are we going to let this happen and play with our lives???

The only thing I know is that this will only strengthen my will to join the Politics!!!


Cess said...

u ve been rewarded ;)
I m just passing by, i m off to Italian restaurant foodie ;) so i ll come back later to read ur post ;)

Princess Mia said...

i dunno how long but we the people of this country need to do something abt it......i think our country needs military rule for soemtimes to discipline our lives....whoever commits a crime shot dead ......n we shud start with the terrorists

Vandita said...

umm i saw wednesday too, cudnt debate the anger of the common man...
maybe that kinda motivation is necessary to wake ppl up, ppl who can act without bein bothered abt petty politics.
anonymity goes a long way, u see the common man in wednesday is also just that and nothing more... he cannot be identified.

Cess said...

;(, i still don t understand these people... in the name of religion...that s why I don t really believe in anything ;( I m afraid we can t really negotiate with this kind of people ;(
PS: i m not really good at politics ;(

ceedy said...

True true true...but one has to be calm....I know everyone has pent up anger...but retailiating and creating chaos is exactly what they want....

what is the name of the party???you will start...serious q...

ceedy said...

@princess mia

*whoever commits a crime shot dead ......n we shud start with the terrorists*
agree you have pent up anger but you cannot do know the repurcasion of such an action...

it can be used in a very drastic and depressive way....little suspicion and boom...that will be more choatic than it is now....

Prashant evolving.. said...

Hey Ankur time has come we start doing something and not just write bout it..I think if guys like us who can manage companies cant mange that how we have to proceed in this direction than we are useless fellows..
I am thinking on it how to do it if you get some point I am ready for it.

Ria said...
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Ria said...

Hmm tht was a very strong post....and i totally agree with u but the point is where does one start from our system is so hollow tht whoever tries to take a stand will end up losing his/her life. Yuva was one movie which tried to show tht. In movies the hero survives, but in reality whoever tries to raise his voice is quietened for ever!! Thts the sad part, i feel like leaving India and goin somewhere... may b Iceland! Atleast we wont hav politics and terrorists there.

Tarun said...

Its utter helplessness.
WHy are we still interogating people who have confessed their roles in bomb blasts?

WHy is there a lack of political will

carolinagal said...

Very strong post Ankur. I agree with you, but at the same time, I also agree with Ceedy. The so-called 'Jihad' WANT to get a rise out of the will only enforce their actions.

Ankur said...


I am coming soon to collect the reward... not well i think ur flu caught me!!

thanks a lot but!! :)


Ankur said...


I completely agree with you that we, the people of this country need to do something about it, but i dont think military rule wud be a good option!!

and also, whosoever commits a crime shldnt be shot, but yes, terrorists shldnt be let go like that... they shld be shot!!!

Military rule wont be good option, i think u shld think over it, but if u have a perspective and u want me to really answer than just let me know!!

but... thanks a lot, atleast one of us think that we need to do something!! :)

Cheers!! !

Ankur said...


The anger of common man wasnt wrong, so how can we debate!!

U r absolutely right that motivation is necessary to wake ppl up, but u know wat i hate, that ppl wait till the time the same happens to them... we at least need to have a voice over this!!!

Also, as u said anonymity goes a long way... thats the whole point, we cant identify who the common man is, who is gonna have a voice over things!! :)


Ankur said...


Well, the time to negotiate is over... its time to act!!!!


P.S. We all understand politics, as we all are a part of it!! :)

Ankur said...


Calmness is something which hasnt paid at all in the last few years!!
I think we have seen enugh thinking that we will be Gandhian and the things will change over a period of time.

Even in that case the politicians and the policies has to do a lot, but they havent done it so far!!!

I think the time has come that we should atleast tell them, that we are ready for the fight... and how many of them are here???
may be a lac or 10 lacs... rest all belong to Hindustan, and if they stand up and start doing things... the life is gonna be hell for these 10 lacs!!!


Ankur said...


yes... u r right bhai, the time has come... to write is important so that the people know that wats going on and they just dont be so ignorant!!

and political party, i toldya my pov over it!!


Ankur said...


I think my answer to u will be my next post!!!
I loved ur comment coz it made me think so much!! :)


Ankur said...


there is a lack of political will coz me and u never use our rights intelligently!! :)

thnxx for dropping by!! :)


Ankur said...


Thanks a lot!!
and the answer to wat u said will be in the next post!!! :)

Cheers!! !

Keshi said...
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Solitaire said...

Hey! Just thought will let you know about the hurricane. I put up a post about it on Psychobabble.

And yea..I watched Wednesday too and liked it. I think what you are saying makes a lot of sense.

You plan on becoming a politician?

Enigma said...

it was so shocking to know abt the blasts...ya true that so many innocent people r trageted and that life is not so safe anymore...on top of the the terroists hav become bolder....wat to do....the govt has to take a stronger stand...

Chakoli said...

I dnt htink that just joining politics cud offer soln :))

but yup...surely... we need to boost to "make a difference" as u said earlier :PP

Anonymous said...

military rule can never be a good shoudl never be an option....

one of the most depressing snarios for a soldier is policing his own home state... the toughest nuts WILL crack..and there will be anarchy all around....

what we need is mmore power given to the forces responsible to prevent this...

if terrorist give back our bodies cut and slashed and send them in exact 7 separate shipments... and we keep own burrying them with pakistan flags bought by ur and mine tax money... still those idiotic politicians have the nerve to do ocffin ghotala ( kargil) where the indian soldiers were sent shorter coffins and shorter than offical length flags just for the contrators to make more money..they should be shit first....

everyone deserves a second shance but not them...

Cinderella. said...

I come by earlier n read you post Ankur, but its all so numbing...that I could never manage or muster a few words.

Words of what, I wonder each time. Everything has been said already, and all the has been done is clearly not working.

Its a sad world. We are sinners to be alive this way in our own happy lil lives.

ceedy said...


I read you post with a fresh mind again. And as I said I agree with you. What you are professing is a proactive participation which makes a lot of sense.

But at the same time I beleive and am a firm beleiver that no matter what you cant add fuel to a fire and cant play into the hands of these miscreants. Their sole aim is to divide the people and create chaos and we becoming like them is simply joining them in their dirty game.

Your idead of joining politics is a good one but history has shown that once you get power the power gets you.

My argument is _ how will you ever know the good from bad once you take a stance to retaliate....are you able to control your anger towards your friends/family...then how will you control it towards strangers.....diplomacy no matter how long it takes is the best way....

But again you are in the harms way...and you are facing respect your thoughts...and your writing shows that you really have a rational outlook - so use that to spread the message....

Pavi!!!! said...

The Delhi blast was shocking..
So many blasts keep happening..n yet each one of them keep shocking us..we don't xpect it..we keep hoping that sumday it will get better..n im waiting for that day!

I think I've mentioned this in one of ur earlier posts..politics is the that kinda field..where-in any1 who enters is forced to do stuff that he doesn't necessarily agree with..its a field which forces the bad in a person to come out...

I know ur going to ask...then wats the solution..frankly i don't know, but i just think i don't blv everyone or anyone entering or already in politics is a solution to any of this i don't blv everyone or anyone entering or already in politics is a solution to any of this

Vrij said...

I dont mind joining politics but then who will give me the votes? I cannot do poll rigging nor do i have the muscle or money power to hire gundas, I cannot pull crowds by giving them sarees or color TVs or feeding them biryani and tandoori chicken.. no, thats not a good suggestion.

I'd rather spread the message to each person I can to shun the 'chalta hai' attitude towards politicians. Screw them all with RTI applications, file police complaints against them, get the media focus on things that matter.

There is a need for a revolution, and not just change. Hope this post has sown the seeds for the same.

RADhika said...

see, i think joining politics is just one of the options... one could just form a community and fight it out, but people are busy fighting with each other and deciding who belongs to mumbai or UP or TImbaktoo... we need people to come together for this cause....

nice post!

rayshma said...

will come back, read the piece properly and then comment. a little rushed now.. just dropped by to say hello. hope all's well with u.

Ankur said...


Read the post... heartfelt!! :)

Wednesday is a movie with lots of sense!! :)

yea, i do plan to become a politician eventually!! :)


Ankur said...


Terrorists have not become bolder but our actions have become lighter... govt has to step up and make themselves count!! :)

thnxx for dropping by! !:)


Ankur said...


wel... just joining wont, but wat i do after become one can certainly!! :)


Ankur said...


I agree with u that a terrorist doesnt deserve a second chance in current scenario!! :)


Ankur said...


I am happy that atleast i made you think, and thats what my motto is!! :)

Dont worry ever if u fall short of words... :)
I know how it feels!! :)


Ankur said...


thnx for reading the post again...

Power is never bigger than human, but its us who make it big!! :)
I am not going to make that mistake!! :)

There is a way in which u treat ur family and others... and u know it. One cant think abt finding a right mix everytime!!

Sometimes, we need to kill the menace!! !
or i shld say it like, everytime the antibiotics doesnt work well... sometimes u need to kill the virus/bacteria!! :)

Cheers!! !

Ankur said...


naah.. i m not gonna ask u that wats the solution, coz i know there isnt any. I have to stand up as a man and accept that i can be corrupted if i become a part of it, but thinking the same doesnt stop me becomin one!!

I dont agree with you that it forces the bad person to come out, but at the same time, its upto u or ur goals... the time u start thinking of benifitting urself... things change!! !:)

And i strongly believe that in a democratic setup only politicians holds a key to this!! !:)


Ankur said...


Bhai, the people sitting on top are habitual of it... u r not talkin abt something new, the pressure is on them. Look how after4-5 blasts the Central home minister is talkin the same thing...
we need someone who can act!!!

and that person can only bring the revolution... its very important to be a part of the coal mine to bring out the diamond!!! :)


Ankur said...


and its who, which gives them these petty issues???
for a big and fast change we need to become a part of it!! :)


Ankur said...


thnxx... alls well except the flu! !:D
hope u r doing gr8!! :)


Prats said...

This is a debate which will find very difficult solutions...maybe none at all...not wanting to sound pessimistic, its an issue which seems to branch out more roots of anger rather than solving something.
I know anger directde is justfied...i've asked a similar question always, where are we heading to, in such a world of non-solvable issues.
Is there an end to this?
Somehow I find things escalating rather than getting broken down into factions that can be handled one at a time.
I am just hoping there will come out a solution for all this

ceedy said...

*Power is never bigger than human, but its us who make it big!!*
Well I go by historical data...and for me Power overtakes all rational factions of humans...if you can fight will be able to scribe new history....even M gandhi overcame by the power of his simplicity....

Well you are saying that sometimes you must kill the playing a devils advocate here...what makes you think that YOU or ME or the COMMON MAN dying is not a virus for the terrorists they say - he is a terrorist for us - and a martyr for their there is no end to this is it????

gunj said...

u are ight pal, politics isnt smething any of us can affod to ignore any more!
we've got to stand up n do something now!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment here, but i couldnt resist myself. i support your views and something should be done to address the growing concern of homegrown terrorism.