Monday, May 11

Why Love?

Why do we love?
Isn't it a difficult one to answer... lol!!

May be we love coz we need love, or may be love coz we have a heart, or may be love coz we like someone, or may be love coz we feel we are compatible, or may be we love coz we want someone to love us...

Reasons may be many, but one thing i can say is that we all want to be loved... or should i say most, coz some may take offence!! :D

Some of us love irrespective of what they get in return... or shall they expect returns? yes i guess everyone does, saying that we dont want to be loved back is ideal... i think even god wants to be loved!! ;)

I dream too much... and moreover i dream too much about love. I just want to settle down on a lakeside in a small house may be with my love... where i can just admire her beauty in a perfect natural setting!! :D
ya ya.. i dream too much!! :P

I still miss those miss calls on my cell, some msgs which change the whole day or may be someone smiling on the phone and saying few words to u which make ur day...

Sometimes i feel even i want to be loved, is that wrong :P ... read a post today on some blog which made me realize that what I am missing... and today after ages i remembered my Ex... may be those were good days... atleast i were loved!! :D

P.S. Dont comment if you cant say something very very good!! :P

Friday, May 8

My Dear Life...

Dear Life,

I know you told me how much you wanna tell people all that you dont like in them, or what they do which is not liked by you...
I know how much you care about them so that you dont leave them, as well as you have the fear of them losing you...
And for the sheer love, you stick with them, not telling them what you dont like, or what you would like to change in them!!!

I know I have done things which are not liked by you. I know I have hurt you but you stuck with me during thick and thin!! I know saying these things wont change anything, but my dear life, I love you too... I am trying to change, change for the sheer fact that I wanna live with my life and I believe one day will come when you will also like me the way i do you!!!

God is kind and cruel in its own ways... It gives the best of life to those who may not care about it, or may not want it, and even life loves them, but those who think that life is of utmost importance to them, god deprives them getting the best of life!!

I know i have you, in some way or other, may be you dont want the way I do, yet you want to stick with me... you care about me and I know god has been kind enough to me for atleast having you for so long!!

I love you my dear life, and i wanna live with you forever!! Even if the eternity passed by, I want people to rememeber that me lived a life. Me lived a life, where not only my life made me happy, but I made my life much more happier...

You say, that life doesnt stick, If one goes, there come another, If this would have been so easier then no one would have cared enough for life. I will stick with you atleast till the time god asks me to give up, and thats where the death comes!!

I value you, not because you have a form, but for the fact that what you are, how much happiness you spread around, how much smiles you bring to the faces of people around and how much of what you are... LIFE!!

You may be golden, brown, black or pink, but you are a sunshine to me, the inspiration to live and to do things!! For me you have all the colors which makes me see a rainbow every now and then..

May be i fight with you by driving rash when things dont go alright, but then in the end i know and you know how much we care for each other!! In the end I know that atleast that little bit you love me is there...

My dear life, I never want you to give up on me, I would die if you will... I can spend my life in summer with the heat beating when you are around or in winters when the ice freezes me and you may keep me warm...

If I love anything more than myself, its you my life... I value you, respect you and I live because of you and for you!! :)

Love, hugs and kisses
yours and only yours...

P.S. Thought of writing something which may be called weird and which belongs to everyone of us...

Tuesday, May 5

Holding Back...

Can we love two people at the same time?

I always try to answer this, and the answer i find is yes we can... may be we cant commit to two, but we sure can love too, thats what i think at least and i may be completely wrong!!

What is Love? Its a feeling, a feeling which comes to us automatically, we dont force ourselves to feel that way, so how can we stop doing it when we love one???
Or is there any chemical reaction which i havent heard about which says that if u love one, you cant love one more... May be I am not talking about love as a child, friend, father, mother or such things, but am talking about the romantic love... yea.. Romance!!!

But Is love about romance all the time? Cant you love and yet you dont want to romance? May be possible, the only thing is that you have to accept it for yourself. But we cant blame anyone. I am not saying that he/she shall do it. I am not saying that principally one should accept it... Its about individual, some may accept it some will not!!!

When we say love is pure, why do we say that people who may love two people will make it impure? Does love actually use mind? Or are the feelings controlled from mind... May be in this world where we control everything using our mind, but is Love the same then?

I may sound out of my mind to many, but yet I am talking about a practical scenario where a person may love someone who is already loving someone else. But can this person love both?
Would you call it two timing? Am not talking about changing commitment, but even if he/she doesnt express it then also those feelings are there? Or is expression a crime?

I dont know may be love is something which in itself is not answerable, and one sided is the worst love which can happen coz then u r pitied at times. May be we should love only when we know that this would be answered with yes. :P
May be its like a interview you only appear if you are sure you will be selected.

Love is a mystery truly which has only entangled me. Love is something which I have never been able to understood. When to love, why to love and whom to love... If you have these answers then share ;)
But i think only then love would be impure, coz then u wud control it... ;)

And those who love, dream and those who dream love... There is no safer side in life, there is only a side you take thinking safe but you dont know what will happen eventually.

On a brighter note, I always want to remain a child, looking for answers... not giving those!!
May be i always want to be a child coz then I dont have to think what will happen eventually, may be i will just live a life and leave rest on time... but even when a child demands for chocolate, he cries thinking that he will get it!! :D

And I dont wanna give up on my dreams... may be i say giving up is easy, but comparing to sticking to ur dreams... coz those who dream believe in it!!

And may be those who give up their dreams, look at me... thinking that this ass can dream then we may too! :P

Live life, question wisdom.. and remain a child... may be u will still smile at the end of the day!!

And as they say... You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back!!!