Saturday, June 21

10 Things you dont know about ME!!!

I was tagged by Solitaire to tell my ten secrets you dont know about me!!!

My title sounds like a book title, isnt, and yes coz i have so much and so many secrets to tell you, but lets start with these 10 ;)

1) I am phobic to public toilets, i hate using them!!!
When they showed the toilet in movie Aamir, i literally shivered!!
Also for the same reason i dont stay at any of my friends place coz i like the toilet to be neat n clean... otherwise its better not to use it!!!

2) I cant touch or pick any insect, specially bees n cockroaches... yuck, they dont take a wash ever after their birth!! Dirty Beings!!! lolzz

3) I have got 40 stitch marks in all on my face, 32 from a single accident some 10 years back where the left side of the face was literally opened!!! I have a bad history of accidents!!! Hope u wont be afraid of becoming my pillion now!!! lolzzz

4) I am a big junk food fan, anytime, everytime!!! I can tell you the best shop for any particualr item in my city (Jaipur)!! I drive for 12 kms to eat a Kachori infact at times!!! :D

5) I started walking when i was 9 months old & reading the newspaper at the age of 2 years!!!

6) I am a big time nature fan, i can sit for whole day at the shore of a river in a jungle, or top of a peak just watching the beauty around!!!

7) I had a crush on my teacher in class 1st and she used to invite me a lot to her house in every function!!! I think she liked me as a child!!! :D
I still miss my mam!!! :)

8) The day when i gave the interview for admission of MBA at Symbi, my dad was operated for open heart surgery!!! I still hate myself for doing it just because Dad said so!!! He is perfectly fine now.

9) I was once stranded in the middle of a mob (some 200 ppl), when i asked some guy not to tease my neighbour Didi and hit him hard when he said NO!!!
He later came back with the whole bunch and later got a good stick from Police!!! lolzzz
And the funniest part was that i were thinking that i can beat all of them up!!! :D

10) After my XII standard exam, as per most of my relatives and friends, i only deserved to be a Gadariya( Shepherd)!!! lolzzzz
I screwed it bigtime after my accident!!! :D

Now i tag,

Pri, Ella, Radhika, Aneri, Veens, Ashu, Keshi, Vrij, Anvita, Chakoli & Ceedy!!!

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Anonymous said...

ok i lost the first one. the song on ur blog represnets ur thots write tht u still feel for her ?

abt u tagging me, the pendingCountTag goes to 3....

lot of points i can concur u like i hate unclean loos and restrooms, i hate lizards n cockroaches,
i m a foodie too and no city can beat the zeal that my city shows for food, u r a big fighter as i am etc etc...........

good tag and u were honest in it, liked it

Ankur said...


a lil yeah... but moreover its one of my most favorate song till date since the movie is released!!!

hehe... no problemo, give this a prefrence!! :D

oh mine mine.. didnt know we have so much in common...

i hate lizards too but cockroaches... just yuck!!! :(

thnxx... :)


Prashant evolving.. said...

yaar i read the 1 point n got disappointed.. you mean to say tht your friends live with a shitty bathroom.. u hve every right to be finicky abt whatever you want to but respect others if u can

Anonymous said...

good write up....i m expert in killing lizzies , if u need ne KT i would pass on

Ankur said...


Darling, this may sound generic but few arent involved, i was specifically talkin abt single friends who are living alone!!!!

but of ur bathroom is not clean... then i cant respect u for tat!! :D

samjha ;)
aur bata kya chal raha hai life mai???

Ankur said...


thanku... but i dont need it, i hate to kill!!!

Life is something which i would love to give, but to take... never!!! :)


Ria said...

#1 seriously man cant agree more!
#2 Who wud want to pick them anyways...btw i dint take biology in class 12th despite being a science student coz of dissection being a part of it!
#3 OMG i suppose u hav been very careless abt urself!Plz take care and b very careful more so coz u hav a gud affinity to acidents.
#4 He he nice so u a foodie!
#5 thts were a born intellectual.
#8 tht must hav been so difficult for u. But never mind wht matters is he's hale and hearty nw. :)

ceedy said...

1) Well agree with you but sometimes specially in India there is no choice as I have travelled all over into remotest areas...
2)Me have no problems playing with them :) I know what to do to make you shriek!!!!
3)Where did the other 8 come from?
4)Only will share a smile :) for this
5)Kewl...what was in the news then ;)
10)Hope it did not screw up your brains?

Anonymous said...

Ankur! I so agree with you when it comes to public bathrooms!! I cannot stand them at all!!

I WILL NOT pick up any insect, SIMPLY NASTY!

Sorry for you accident!! I have many but none required Stitches!!

Like hearing about you!!


Anjuli said...

are u actually so nice :-P

Anonymous said...

hey ankur, lizzies r yuck n they suck, cant stand them..

want to add you...i do?

u in pune? me tooo.

g-man said...

i absolutely LOATHE going to public toilets! i prefer my own bathroom :)

i'd be yer pillion anytime man, no issues. i strongly recommend that you don't get on a vehicle i'm driving though :D

good one bro

Keshi said...

awww...nicely done Ankur :)

**I cant touch or pick any insect, specially bees n cockroaches

cmon Ankur ur not helping me here! Im terrified of roaches n insects, so who's gonna handle em when we r on a date and if we see one? LOL!


Ankur said...


1) :D
2) y wanna pic is sometimes u cant ignore, there was this roach in my room one day when i came back and i ran after him for 1/2 hr to throw him, finally he was killed in the war!!! :P
3) hehe... now i drive very carefully!! :)
4) yep... bigtime...glutton ifact!!! :D
5) hehe... may be ;)
8) yes... :)


Ankur said...


1) i know no choice... but then i cant!! :(
2) hehe... :D
u rnt tat bad either!! :D
3) 3 more accidents!! :D
4) :)
5) dont remember... did i say my memory is too sharp!!! :P
7) :D
10) yes it did almost for a yr!!! :(


Ankur said...


hehe... looks like no one can!!! :P

it is.. yuck!!! :-/

good lord... and hopefully u dont need any in the future also... :)

thnxx for dropping by!!
blogrolling you!! :)


Ankur said...


not at all... d worst being arnd!! :D


Ankur said...


hehe... yes dey r!!

thnxx for droppin by.
blogrollin u!! :)


Ankur said...


same here man... apan bathroom is d best!!!

hehe... ok.. then u take a back seat everytime ;)


Ankur said...


thankuu :D

**Im terrified of roaches n insects, so who's gonna handle em when we r on a date and if we see one? LOL!

dontya worry keshigirl... will take u at a place just free of them!!! :D
u will absolutely love it!! :D



Cinderella. said...

This was damn cute !! And I guss those were indeed things we didnt know, and wuoldnt either hadnt you have said them here....


1.About the toilet thing, I have a major toilet phobia yaar...
have you read Carolinagal's post on the same ? I do that too...maybe you should try it !!!!

2. Eh, who on earth can pick insects ?! Waise I'm ok roaches (XII mein disscetions itne kiye the saara darr gayab tabse!)

3. This one made me go :O

4. You know we both used to do that during college days. The place where my college was, there was a guy who used to make amazing dahi-vada+aloo dum. Hum dono uske major fans the. Used to travel 40 kmw to and fro for that...

5. I walked early too.

6. I'll get scared of I'm lonely, and I have to get back before nightfall.

7. Pssst : I have a crush on my boss. He's 40, he's a biker, and damn handsome !!!!
Never got any handsome teacher, though there was a college prof who had a crush on me...hehe...

8. I pray for his good health.

9. LOL...I guess you can yaar...

10. !

Ankur said...


yes... :D
n here goes ur reply!! :D

1) no.. i havent, and now she has made all her blogs private and she doesnt figure in my blogroll list for the same!!!
2)hehe... there are many, my sister is one!! :P
god... dissection, then how come u landed with architechture???
3)dont be mad!! :D
so much...hehe...
4) wow... but looks like u use to enjoy the ride more than the dahi-vada!! :D
teri sehat dekhkar aisa hi lagta hai...
n 40kms!!!
u r crazy like me!! lolzzz
5) wow!!! kab??
6) even i m scared when i m lonely of myself... but then nature is something which doesnt let me feel lonely most of the times!!!
7) hehe.. dont tell me!!
hehe... prof ka crush tujh par.. wow... now tats a story worth readin ;)
8) thnx :)
9) hehe... n wat makes u guess tat, my built??? :P
10) :D
cool toh ab hai when i have proved all of them wrong!!! :D


Cinderella. said...

Arre Architecture ke liye you have to have your 11th and 12th in science...sisliye...

And yeah the 40 km thing was a two in one stuff - the ride and the food..hehe...

Prof story koi na hi jaane toh achha hai !!!

I started walking at the same 9-10 months i used to say so, i dont rem'ber properly.

Aur haan b'day wali baat, MMmm..mereko thoda ajeeb lagta hai aise bolna...isliye.

Plz dont be angry yaar...ab to pata chal gaya na, so chalo wish kaor, jaldi !!!!!!

Cinderella. said...

I'll mail you.

Cinderella. said...

Oye !! Inna gussa !!!!

Calm down gussa...pleeez..

It ish my budday...

Cinderella. said...

And I am working full time....lalalalala.....

Cinderella. said...

He too....lalalalala....

Sach said...

I could share many secrets with you...I hate insects...Though I can pick 'em but a look of 'em(spiders n lizards to be specific) makes me go crazy...People who meet me surely knows that am a total funjabi food loving kudi! And yes I love nature...Njoy the peace n serene part...

In lookin' forward to Ashu doin' da tag so that I get tagged too :D

Ankur said...


if thats the case first of all then i can tag u frm next time!! :D
no problemo!!! ;)

hehe... seriously u share so much with me...

and yes... nature me i too love the peace n serene part!!! :)


Princess Mia said...

1. meeeeeeeeeeeeee too, but its very unlikely of a guy yaar.....

2. meeeeeeeeeeeee too, specially roaches n i cant tell u i was living in a city of roaches in sydney, u will find more roaches there than the number of humans....eeewwwwwwwww.

3. OMG, how come??

4. meeeeeeeee too heheheh, am a foodie too, specially junk food.

9. apne aap ko super man samjhte the kya eh?

Sach said...

haan haan pakka se I ll be waiting for the tag(s) :-)

Ankur said...


1) kyon kyon??? kya humme safai pasand nahi ho sakti hai kya??

2) city of roaches??? yuck!!! :P
really eeewwww!!!

3) accident ho gaya rabba rabba!! :D

4) hehe... i m bigtime!!! :D

9) haan ... shayad!! :P



Ankur said...


ok.. then done deal!!! :D


Solitaire said...

EEKS! I hate public toilets too! But that's not technically a phobia!!

And you can't pick an insect. That's what boys need to do!

Oh no stitches! Baap re!

Aha! So you live kachoris huh!! Gainda!

You started reading the newspaper at 2?!! What were you reading?

Shepherd kahi ka!

Ankur said...


**EEKS! I hate public toilets too! But that's not technically a phobia!!

then wat is it???

**And you can't pick an insect. That's what boys need to do!

hehe... not all!! :D
i hate them... chiiii...

**Oh no stitches! Baap re!

yes :(

**Aha! So you live kachoris huh!! Gainda!

thanks for the compliments :D

**You started reading the newspaper at 2?!! What were you reading?

PAge 3 news!!! :d

**Shepherd kahi ka!
thanks again ;)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Aww! I'm accident prone too! Just got out of a bigge a coupla months ago :D

Anonymous said...

hmmm... wow ...yeh kuch baatein hain..that i dnt knw :D

but that mob waala thing was funtoosh :P

baba...ab i dnt have anymore sicrits abt me... that i can divulge :D

i have told yu more than i wud tell anyone in real life :D... so no i have nothjing to write in this tag :D

ishqia said...

accidents.. be careful

Vandita said...

the title is apt to the T, i didnt know any of those 10 things abt u and now im glad i came back and read this :)
even i have a thing abt unclean loos, i just cant even think of usin em...
newspaper at 2 yrs??:O plz plz rub that off on me...