Wednesday, August 27


While coming back from Jaipur (home), I travelled with India's most prestigious Airlines... INDIAN!! Now i hope after reading this post, Mr Prafful Patel, honorable cabinet minister, Ministry of Civil Aviation, doesnt sue me, so please any lawyers for the taking!! lolzzz

I entered the Jaipur aiport and moved to the scanning counter and much to my surprise there was no one from the prestigious airline to Welcome, but yes 2 of the civil servants (mockingly and not IAS) were sitting there chatting with each other. Almost every other airline which had a flight then (Jet, even Spicejet) was there. Now i shlould tell you that this was my first fight with our national airlines, previously i have only travelled with Kingfisher (my favorate) and Jet several times, but not with any other.

Then i went to the checkin counter and there were 2 GUYS (service industry yaar :P ) sitting there, and without asking me my prefrence and before i could have said, Aisle, he gave me the ticket, Luckily for him (and offcourse me ;) ), it was an Aisle!!

Cleared secutiry and moved to the other half of the airport, and no one to welcome there also, just one to confirm in his sheet that yes, 18C is booked. I walked to the aircraft and it was an A320. But believe me, the real surprise was yet to come...

I climbed up the stairs, and guess what... 2 aunties were there to welcome me!!! Gosh... terrible, but somehow she said Good Morning!! :D Once uncle was talkin on the phone as the announcement for seatbelts and take off was already made, and one of the aunties, in a sarcastic language asked him to stop!! It was terrible, believe me!!

After some time in the flight, I pressed the switch to call the steward, she came, i asked for water, she said ok, did not switch it off, and till next 15 mins no one was there. Luckily there was a young one in the business class, she came, asked for what i want, and she came back with a water bottle in next 2 mins.

And yeah, before that i also asked for Economice times, which was never served, the uncle sitting on window asked for a hindi newspaper, and still Indian Express was served, Third time i gave him the one lying in front of me!!

The only thing good about the whole experience was the breakfast served which was the same as i have it in King, and also the safe landing! :P

And yeah, the Mumbai Airport has changed a lot, and the change is for good... :)

But my only advise is, howsoever nationalist you are, still capitalism is the key! lolzzz. If you are a visitor then dont dare travel in the prestigious airline!!

King is really the king of good times!!! :)



Chakoli said...

Hehhehehehhee :))

But u are thankful to them na :))

they made u alnded safely :)))

on my trip to London by Air India, as passengers were less...and the adjacent seats were vacant i simply lie down and had a nice sleep :))

infact many did that :DDD

Jawab nahi india ki airlines ka :DD

Vrij said...

U can give as many gaalis as u like to 'Indian' bcoz as a legal entity it no longer exists. Air India is the name of the merged airline as of today.

And yes.. I hate the Aunties on that airline.

Ria said...

He he my sympathies r with u!dont even compare Kingfisher with Indian Airlines!! The comparison itself wud b ridiculous. :-/ Anyways, tht is the reason for their downfall. And their service has always been poor. Nothing can b done abt the aunties coz all the hotties go for private airlines. So i guess all the left over aunties go for Indian Airlines. And yes u r right the Mumbai airport has truly transformed like anything, the only challenge now is tht how long is it gonna stay this way!! ;)

Anonymous said...

kingfisher with indian airlines?

Vandita said...

point noted!
but atleast u survived without having to endure wailing babies and chatty aunties...

Princess Mia said...

oh yeah no doubt abt it tat kingfisher is the best

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back safe even tho the service was Crappy!!


aneri_masi said...

all i can think of is...

"aunty mat kaho na..." :)

aneri_masi said...

I wonder if the employees are so rude because of the way they are treated by their employer...
I bet the private ones take much better care of their ppl.

Keshi said...

very sad!



Keshi said...

rather TRAGIC.


P said...

haha..if you want even better (ahem) experience fly with air india sometime.

I was on a NY to Mumbai flight (15-16 hrs!) and they didn't have blankets for everyone. I asked for coffee as I was feeling cold. They didn't have that either. They had only 2-3 types of soft drinks and tea to offer. No diet drinks. And at dinner time they asked if I'll be ok eating a veg meal as they were out of non-veg meals (and I booked my ticket with meal preferences many months in advance!!!). The 'aunty' on my side of the flight was limping and wiping her nose (yuck yuck yuck) through out service. They had only one big screen tv and so we had to watch whatever bakwas movie they were showing..that too craning our neck above other peoples' heads. People who wanted to sleep had to tolerate the light and sound of the movie. And finally they didn't give any immigration papers on the flight because of which we got extra harassed by the most unfriendly airport personnel of mumbai airport at 1 a.m.

I have pledged that I will spend more money if I have to, but never fly with air india again.

Solitaire said...

You are spoiled!! In my days, there used to be ONLY Indian Airlines and later, Jet was introduced. What the hell is Kingfisher? I thought its the name of a beer!!

Considering whatever you wrote, seems like you get VIP treatment. No one here comes and hands over newspapers of requests to passengers already seated!!!!

Solitaire said...

@ P,

I have heard soooooooo many horror stories about Air India. Personally never flown that airline but I guess I never will!!

Aqua gurl said...

never travelled on indian airlines lol but i heard it was bad and now i read it here!!

mumbai airport changed for good?? now thats news to me!!!

looks better and cleaner??

Prashant evolving.. said...

I tht why nt i too share an experience (wud be short had on my blog so dont bore u all who have read tht)

My father had a flight frm jpr to calcutta on 15th of a month..we reach airport and come to know frm a very smart looking air hostess tht the flight frm jpr to calcutta had been cancelled since 1 of tht month..and they had my email id my phone no and my address and they cannot convey me the message somehow and you know the flight name...KINGFISHER AIRLINES..

just an experience..i dont say tht this makes Indian better in any ways.. but u know there are two sides to a coin.. :)

waise ankur feeling sorry abt you...waise Indian wale kuchh promise toh nahin karte..

Cinderella. said...

I am surprised and I know many will be when I shall say I beg to differ !!

I have travelled many times by Indian Airlines and I think their service is pretty good !

No doubt Kingfisher is the best...but spicejet sux big time man ! You feel like you were sitting in a cave all along by the 2 odd hrs of flight !

Pavi!!!! said...

Hmm..if i don't travel as much as i do...i would have said empathies n sympathies or even mabbe "u get wat u pay for"... but thats not the truth..
Sincerely wats with the welcome n greeting at each point..really should they have man-power wasted just on that?
I have had to wait for 1 hr for a cup of water in "virgin-atlantic" (one of those cheap flites) and i have also had Air-France (the xpesive one)tell me they ran out of veggi food and didn't have any snacks to serve me on a flite from paris to Boston...
On a recent "United" flight..there was chewing gum stuck on my seat belt n all tht the air-hostess agreed to do wa get me paper for me to remove that piece of gum myself. she refused to do it and said i could get off the flight or take a seat at the back if i had a problem!
So i guess its all a matter of the luck!From personal experience i can say any airlines in india is far better than any airlines in the US.
Yes agreed. kingfisher is a class apart. That man does employee beautiful women! Not that it shld matter to passnegers if the air hostess is an "aunty" or "young women"!

n did u know in RD's yearly survey Indian Airlines was the most preffered flight by Indians? Depends on wat ur lookin for...

Anonymous said...


Lets set the context right. The talk here is for Indian Airlines -- the flying company.

Rt now it seems that its "Indian" being caved upon, which is not true. being an INDIAN is a pride for everybody, but flying in "Indian" is surely not.

so i would suggest Ankur change the title of the post. May be Patel bhai (minister) doesnt understand that shoddy services tarnish Indian, but let us not do it. Let us not tarnish the identity each of us -- residents of this country have.

Tarnish Airlines i care 2 hoots.

Anonymous said...

Aunites on flight from jammu to srinager have moustaches too

ceedy said...

Really dunno what to say....

Never expect anything for any service you pay - remember they are all also "disgruntled" employees of big companies - and have a right to do what they are doing just like us - when we complain :P

next time take a banarasi saree for the aunty - k

and I think I will get you some inside info on Jet - you can use next time ;)

how have you been - long time man

Ankur said...


hehe... thats their job, agar safely land bhi nahi karayenge toh aur kya karenge!! :P

yes.. jawab nahi Indian ka!! ;)


Ankur said...


hehehe... i didnt know that!! :D

and i dont hate them... but i dont know wat!! ! :P


Ankur said...


oh yes... all the hotties go for private, and the main reason is glamour and money..
Mr mallya keeps throwing good parties for them!! hehe

and even i hope that it remains same for long!! :)


Ankur said...


kyon nahi!??


Ankur said...


hehe... :P
yes... atleast usse toh bacha.. :P


Ankur said...


ne doubts!! ;)


Ankur said...


thank u :)


Ankur said...


**"aunty mat kaho na..."

i think it was the best show ever!!
keku and koki!! :D


Ankur said...


yes... but believe me, i have a friend workin as air hostess in the same airline and they arent treated badly, rather royally i must say!! :)

still they are rude coz they have a safe job, while in private they can be fired!! :)


Ankur said...


heheh.. yes.. indeed!! :P


Ankur said...


omg... this one truly sucks.. i dont know y they dont care abt customer service...
u know they were the leaders in this, but after Jet and kingfisher, they are just sliding down and i dont think our minister do anything just than to take bribes!! :(

yes.. thats the reason i even prefer jet and king.. but this time the difference was huge and i already paid a big price for the ticket!! :D


Ankur said...


**in my days...
what?? :P
u still are young!! :D ;)

and i m not spoiled, khudke paise se udta hoon, believe me with my parents money i only flown once!!!! :)

and kingfisher is the best of the lot!! :D

hehe... arre yahan par aisa hi hota hai, u come here, u will get the same, just that u have to choose king!! :)

Ankur said...

@Aqua girl


yes, it has changed for good, better in everything... a lot cleaner and more modern!! :)


Ankur said...


i knew that one...

and nahi karte, par kameene apne kuch armaan bhi toh hote hai!! :P


Ankur said...


hehe... my first time u c, and may be i just compared them, coz i dont travel in others!!!

well... i have never travelled in spice, but maine bhi kafi burayi suni hai yaar!!

but u know, kingfigher is the best!! :D :D


Ankur said...


aree, not like ki mujhe welcome do and all.. but all the others do it, atleast scannin counter toh batana chaiye na, checkin counter woh???
india mai kitne instructions written hote hia?? so shld i figure out everything!! :P

omg.. chewing gum, and she didnt remove it...

i think u shld post such experiences coz Indians like me who think that the services are amazing in US come to know the truth!!

and arre bhai, matter nahi karta hai, but somehow... expectations after king!! :)
:D :D

and i also read the survey and the most obvious reason is that they feel nationalist after travelling in it!! :)


Ankur said...


those who willl read it understand it!! :)


Ankur said...



bhai, i asked ur contact no, where r u???


Ankur said...


hehe.. i spent a moolah. Some 7000 bucks from Jaipur to Mumbai... is that cheap??? :O

and i will look for that jet thing!! :)


gunj said...

itni tareef k baad hw can anybody sue you :P