Tuesday, July 29


Its raining here in Pune, for past 3 days. The weather is awesomely romantic, and I want to be out there, in the mountains, camp firing, rain dancing!! :D

But I think of a question too...

Why cant we just be friend with girls?

Dont know, but i think, most of the times, when a male approach some girl, its always seen as flirting!!! If a male try to talk to them, it seems that he wants to take her out on a date! If a male asks her out, it nothing but a date! If a male ask for the mobile no, oh, he will send them all creepy msgs!
Which city, email, blah blah blah... the male one just want to exploit, he is not real, he is weird, he will misuse!!!

But if the same happens from female side, then males arent allowed to say No! If they ask for cell no, then males cant say No!
Males should tell everything, because they are the worst of it kinds, if they dont, then they are fake!!

If a male is not telling, he is bhav khaooing (showing attitude), but females, they just do it for their safety!!!

And if it is asked to some female, its her choice, when to tell and even to tell or not!!!

I dont know why we males are treated like this, Cant we be genuine, do you think all male are hungry for sex, and that too everytime!!!

I as a male understand that yes, their are bad ppl, who can exploit, but then why is it everyone who is blamed? And the same goes for females too then!!

C'mon, We are real, emotional, and we can be friends too... Some bad experience of yours cant blame the whole gender!! :)

If we think of(just think of) some female to be a friend, its just labelled to be Love, too soon!!! There is a lot of difference between liking and loving, just like boy friend and lover!!

And ya, may be i m generalising, coz it happens most of the times, if not always!! :D
and i m certainly not a hunk, or Cutie pie... :P

God, how horrible it becomes!! :P
Male bhais, plzzz dont take the liberty, ask them... what they want, after all we are the inferior ones!! lolzzz

To all my female friends, this was a general thought which came to my mind, not that i have experienced it today and i am ranting out here!! lolzz

I know it sounds like some hindi movie dialog, But...
Cant We be just friends?

Besharm hoon, kya karoon!! :D ;)

Thursday, July 24

Saza~~~ Punishment!!!

दिल के किसी कोने मे जगह खाली है
हमे बस उसमे तुम पनाह दे दो
कुछ न मांगेंगे उम्र भर तुमसे
खुदसे मिलने की बस ये सज़ा दे दो

English Translation

There is some space in the heart
give me the a place to stay there
Wont ask you for anything else but
give me the punishment to meet u once...

Not well and down with fever, still working in office!! :(
Catch up with you and your blogs pretty soon! :)

Happy Reading...

Sunday, July 20

The Business of Trade

No, I am not talking about Share Bazaar (Share Indices or Sensex), but offcourse I am back with one of the most favorite topics of mine: - The Great Indian/World Politics!!!

Those who aren’t aware, Currently India (a democratic state) has/had a coalition government (Congree+Left+SmallParties) in power, but LEFT(leftists) has withdrawn support due to the Nuclear deal which was to be signed by Dr Manmohan Singh (PM), reason being, India will be sub-servant to US.
I don’t know much about this deal in detail so won’t comment on it.

There is a high voltage drama which is going on, and MP (Member of Parliament) is traded for a sum of whooping 5-10million USD. This has made the situation worst, and poaching/trading/buying, all of them are allowed!
Now you must be wondering how it does matters you (mostly Indians), so I present 2 examples to you:-
1) I booked the tickets online for BATMAN (The Dark Knight), and then waited in a Queue for 15 minutes to collect. It was a multiplex so the crowd was supposively the educated Indian Middle Class or high class, so they weren’t ready to wait and everyone wanted to bypass everything... I actually ended up telling 5 people to come in the Queue, shouting at the service person not to
entertain people who are not in the Queue...Now its easy to blame that such is the system in India, but believe me, it was us who was making this a Chaos!!!

2) 2003 IAS (Indian Administrative Services) topper being asked in one talk show, Why do you want to be a part of bureaucracy when it sucks big-time?
He answered, sitting outside, its easy to judge for us, but would you like to be a part of it to change, and if not you, then Someone, someone has to get her hands dirty to clean up!!!

Both the instances aren’t one of its kinds, but they teach us a lot!!! It’s easy to blame people/politics/society sitting outside, but it’s us, who form it!!! May it be the government or the society!!!
Let me ask you a question, how many times you have done this, reaching late to the movie hall and then trying to bypass so that your turn comes faster? Just because you think you don’t have time, or you are late for the show, does it means that others time has no value?
Or who forms this government, not the Parties or MP's but you and me, who vote (and if don’t then we shouldn’t be saying a word against the system!!!)?

What’s going on currently sounds ridiculous, the ruling party wants to prove the majority because Inflation has hit the peak (more than 12%), SENSEX is down to 12000 from 20000, Crude prices are high like anything... but do we try to change any of this?
May be I sound like a mean critic and you may show the attitude, who cares, but really, if we wont care, then the tomorrow wont ever be the same!!!

Wish ourselves luck guys and hope that if we think of changing this society, then we act too...
Leaving you with a video, a small girl rather a Woman who touched my heart with her VOICE!!!

Wednesday, July 16

Would have Millionaire!!!

I have been given quite a few chances to became millionaire, but for that i should have been in US to sue them and claim it! :P
Here it goes ;)

1) It began with Mcdonalds (Gurgaon, MG Road). I ordered a McVeggie and a bottle of Pepsi. I started my meal and realize in the middle that the Pepsi isnt testing the same (yea yea it has a taste!! :D )!!!
I checked the bottle and realize that the "date of bottling + best before 3 months" is gone, so i called up the customer care again. The kid was really fundoo and this is what he told me... "Sir its best before, you can still drink it..." and i said Wow!!! Which means Mcdonalds offer me something which is really not in best of condition. Somehow i had a word with his Manager and he said Sorry to it, and sent me a new bottle and to my surprise, 2 more burgers and 2 shakes!!! :P

But its India, Deepeika advised me to sue them (my ex, she is a lawyer) but then we decided to go against it coz it was more of a pain for her!! :P
Lesson Learnt: Check the best before date on the bottle before drinking it...

2) Pizza Hut (Forum, Bangalore), Ordered a Pizza and paid on the phone using Credit card. I happily signed the reciept without offering a tip. My AMEX statement comes and what i realize is that i have paid some 50 Rs of tip for the Pizza!!!
And more than 50 Rs, i was worried that what this guy would have done with my CC number... which made me more angry. I had a word with the manager, the delivery guy was fired and what i get eventually is a dinner free at Pizza Hut!!!
And yes that was the last time in Bangalore they took an order on phone with credit card! :P
Lesson Learnt: Please make sure from the next time to encircle the final amount on the reciept!

3) This is the most hilarious one, coz i ordered a Pasta in Pizza Hut (Domlur, Bangalore, Veg offcourse), showing the picture of what i want, and what i get is a Chicken Pasta!! :P
And the hilarious part, this dood is showing me the picture of the Veg Pasta and telling me that I have ordered this Pasta which is a Chicken one!!! It was 11 pm in the night and they were about to close, other restaurants were also closed and I was hungry as anything!!!
But when such things happen they kill your hunger so i was more interested in fighting!!!! :P
I asked the Store manager to make sure that the GM talks to me ASAP!!! Somehow i get this impression that when i leave my card with people, they think i am some big shot!! :P hahaah
So the General Manager Pizza Hut came to my house after a day and surprised me... He Said sorry and gave me a written apology. This time frankly i was looking for a bigger compensation, so i told him that this is not done and all and this is the second time it is happening!!
He came with a free coupun and also offered me a dinner where he himself served me at the restaurant!!! This dood also came out to be my senior and it saved Pizza Hut coz all of marus or gujjus(pure veg :P ) know how it feels when someone serves you a Non Veg cuisine!! :P

Btw... i had 3 free meals there!! ! :D
Lesson Learnt:- Make sure of what you are eating even when you are eating in a MNC Restauruant!!!

Friday, July 11

Maa Ki Umar Ki!!!

I was thinking of writing a Thank You post for all you guys for really making me realize that neither should I hurry nor should i close myself for love, but this incident really boiled me up!!

I was coming back from office today some 30 mins back. I was crossing a signal and the vehicle in front of me pulled break and so did I. Suddenly i realise that my left feet is crashed with the front wheel of a Qualis!!!
I stood there and realized it, it was a cold feeling, and as everyone was blowing their horns so I made a move!!!

Now you can imagine that when I was driving almost at 10 kmph and I stopped some 2 mtrs before the vehicle in front of me, how much speed this Qualis was in!!!

I stopped myself at the beginning of the other road, and waited for this Qualis. The car came and i shouted at the driver (it was paining a lot!)... "Dekh kar nahi chala sakta kya, itni jaldi hai kya tujhe???" (Cant you drive watchfully, Are you in so much hurry???)

And suddenly i heard the sound of this lady, who was sitting in front seat of the vehicle, and she said "Yes, we are in a hurry!!!", and this was in English!!! and that totally pissed me off!!!

I shouted at the driver, "Itni jaldi hai kya ki kisi ki jaan le lega??" (Are you in so much hurry that you are going to kill someone?) and instead of driver the lady again replied, "Yes... We are in hurry!!!"
And that was the end!!! I shouted, "Lady, If you know 4 words in english, dont think you can do anything you illiterate!!!"

And she replied back... "We are in hurry, do whatever..."
I said... "I will report this... Wait a sec!!!"
And she said... "Do it...Driver chalo(leave)"

And it made me furious... and i shouted at the driver... "Isko sikha ki how to talk when you hit someone!!!" and i was about to get off my vehicle so that i stand in front of the vehicle and let it wait there till the police comes!!!

And then suddenly... "You are illiterate!!! "
And i said.. "Fuck off!!!"
And then she said... "Maa ki umar ki hoon teri mai..." (I am of your mother’s age!!!)
And i said... "Maa ki umar ki hone se kuch nahi hota, and I pointed my finger towards the brain, it comes from here!!!" (Being my mother’s age don’t help...)

And i just said... Asshole and left, coz if I really would have stopped then, i would have slapped her there and then!!!

Is it really justifiable, that if you are in hurry you kill someone???

Is it really justifiable that if you are an old aged woman and your car hit someone, it gives you liberty to talk like this, "Maa ki Umar ki!!!" ???

If someone doesnt behave like a human, should be differentiate then on the basis of Gender?

I havent changed anything what happened, not even the 2 words i said to her, because i felt completely pissed and furious, and if it would have been some guy, for sure i would have beaten him up!!!
I dont know how much right or wrong I am... but I am hurt without any of my fault, both mentally and physically!!!

Still guys, Thanks a lot for the responses on the last post, It really helped!!! :)


Tuesday, July 8

Love or No Love!!!

Today i decided to remain single for next 2 years which will turn me 30. No love, no relationships, no marriage!!!

Was having a discussion with a friend, and she said.. there is a time to everything Ankur... i said yes.. it hasn't come!!! :P

and just now one friend was sayin.. u bet!!! :P

Well, dont know... have read it a lot of places, commented on it.. but u do tell me... how does it feels to be single at 30?
Is it good, bad or kinda mix???
Implications u think???

Really dont have anything great to write so discussing my personal stuff here!!!
but really need u all, for me to look into my decision!!! :)


Thursday, July 3

No Title!!!

A Small poem written by me recently...

ये जो एहसास है
वो बहुत खास है
दिल की हर धड़कन पर
अब तुम्हारा नाम है
आंखो में तुम
लबो पर तुम
ख्वाबो में तुम
साँसों में तुम
फिर भी नही जानते है हम
क्या यही प्यार है!!!

English Translation

This feeling
is something special
on every heart beat
theres ur name
u r in sight
u r in talks
u r in dreams
u r in breath
but i dont know really
Whether this is Love!!!


This is an old one written by me some time back...

इंसानियत ही है मजहब और है ईमान भी
इंसान भी है तू और है मुस्लमान भी
खु का रंग नही बदलता है मज्हबे पाक से
न ही बदलती है शिक्षा पंडित या इस्लाम से
कुराने पाक हो या गीता सिखाती है सब यही
इंसानियत बड़ी है मजहब और हर इंसान से
मुक्कमल होने की तो बस तासीर होनी चाहिए
इंसान बन गया तो फिर और क्या चाहिए

English Translation

Humanity is religion and practice
Human you are so are you Muslim
The color of blood doesnt change with religion
neither the education with Pandit or Islam
Quaran or Geeta they preach this
Humanity is greater every religion and individual
U just need the flavor to be complete
If you become a human then wat else u need!!!

None of these 2 poems here has anything to do with any person living or dead currently...
I dont know how much sense these 2 here will make to you, but then they make a lot of sense to me! :)

Also, Making a lot of mistakes these days while commenting, so forgive me if I dont comment on your blogs for sometime!
I think I am out of my mind these days!!! lolzzz

Have fun.. Cheers!!!