Wednesday, December 3

After a long lull

Firstly, Sorry for not being active for so long now. I was damn busy first and then was at home at Diwali and then again in Nov for 10 days for marriages of two of my best friends (rather 3 ;) )!!!

No to update you guys, life is a lot happening these days. There is loads of work and so I dont get the time to be active on bloggersville that much. The past few days were quite exciting as i was traveling across Rajasthan and Delhi. I attended a friends marriage at Ajmer and the Shaadi ka Mandap(set) was amazing. There was a natural waterfall in the background. I just loved the place.

From there we went to Pushkar, the place where the only temple of Brahma is located and the place which is known as "the most sacred place" for Hindus.
The trip was amazing and the number of foreigners was more than anything else in the world.

I spent 4 days in my home town Jaipur then, and believe me, it was amazing and I had loads of fun. Luckily Mom's B'day was on 26th November (same day a very dear blog friend had her b'day... Anvita, wish u once more!!). I celebrated mom's b'day and everyone was happy. All my near and dear ones were present and they thought it was more of a party for my surprise engagement, which supposedly was not the case!! :P
The birthday took a tool on my pocket, as i gifted a new cell, a birthday cake and the whole party was sponsored by me!!! :D

Then went to Delhi for Sudipt-Swati's Marriage, and spent three days there. The marriage was fun. I have already updated you guys about their engagement which took place in May. The sangeet was on Friday and it was fun... we danced and danced and danced!! :D
I mean we literally danced too much.. it was so much fun!!!

Then was the day of marriage where again we had fun... more friends from my MBA school joined in and we had amazing time. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan came, but i was waiting for Viru (Sehwag) and he didn't come.

Came back to Pune on Monday(1-Dec) and then there was bomb hoax in the office and we all had to leave the building early. I was anyways still working from home! :P

In the midst of all this, I kept watching the bad news about Mumbai & Taj... I just hope things will be better soon. I salute to all the martyrs and pray that all those who suffered and died, may they all rest in peace.

I am back and will update you more soon...


Lena said...

someone had too much fun!
now work :x

Chakoli said...


cudnt find you anywhere in pics ;)

and the first pic I thot u got marreid... so hurridly opened by ur post... to catch the news... but nopes :(((


Anonymous said...

some fun :)
now work :P

lukkydivz said...

plz sponsor my birthday motu :(


if i called u janu...would u? :P

Keshi said...

Hey Ankur so lovely to see the pics and also to know u had a good break with so many weddings and lots of fun. Nice! :)


Ankur said...


working only!!! :D

Ankur said...


I was the one clicking... :P

hehe.. sorry, i didnt get married yet!! ;)



Ankur said...


working only re... :D

Ankur said...


hehe.. thanks, i really took 2 long breaks on Diwali and now for Weddings... :D :D

hows u doing?


Ankur said...


u have already called me... ;)
now think of something else and i may consider!! :P

whens ur bday btw...

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

wowwww so much of fun in one go. greatttttttt :)

so here i wish belated happy budday to ur mother and a very happy mrrd life to ur newly wed frenz.

pics are also nice.

take care :)

Pavi!!!! said...

So many weddings! So much fun! Glad u had a great time!

n engagement party..ahem!hmm!

Sure ur mom had a gr8 B'day :)

n dont be sorry abt not bloggin often..there is our REAL life that all of us have to live :)

lukkydivz said...

my budday is on december 6th :P :P plan a surprise for me :(

Chakoli said...

What is thr to be sorry for ? ;-))

its good for the girl :PPPP

chakoli :))

Princess Mia said...

aish hai....enjoy karo.....

n is life is happening then pls update yru blog more often as i am back....

am missing out all the weddings back home :(

Prashant evolving.. said...

to re tu kab kar raha hain shaddi hum kab aish karnege

Prats said...

Welcome back after your break...and am glad you had a great time attending weddings...

Keshi said...

Im good tnxx! I feel great to be bak :)

I was so down last week...after the attacks. but yday after that post, something told me I hv to snap outta of it n be bak for everyone who's waiting for me :)


Ria said...

Good to know tht u had a good time. Hope to c u around more often now. I too had gone for a vacation. and i m back now. :)

Keshi said...

btw I updated that post Ankur...come n check it out. u won too :)


swati said...

lucky u....njoid haan..

Vandita said...

sounds like super fun...
and u came to delhi aur bataya bhi nahi ... not fair!