Friday, April 25

Another Sleepless Morning!!!

Another Sleepless Morning, where I woke up at 7 am. I slept at 1 am in the night but still i couldnt keep sleeping after 7. Everyday i put my alarm for 8 am but... :(

I tried to sleep again today also, some 20 times, tried not to think nothing, but...

The morning is so beautiful today... i can hear the birds chirping, a clear sky and its not so hot... The tree next to my window is making noise too, even he isnt sleeping, there is some kind of smell in the air, a nice one, its a lil cold...

A new morning... yet sleepless!!!

Looking forward at the weekend to sleep n sleep n sleep!!!

I am very happy that Rajasthan Royals won yesterday night after beating the Hyderabad(blues for them :P), everyone called them the UNDERDOGS, and now, the dogs are biting without barking. :D
Beware, We r gonna win!!! :D



Chakoli said...

Kitni garmni thi aaj....:-((
pune is getting hOT......:-(((

MEdiatte dear...if you are sleepless would surely help.......

try to be on bed at time...dnt delay it....

I agree..RR...took a U turn and are looking kewl:_))

but delhi dareveils hain na..jeetne ke liye..:-))

aneri_masi said...

Same story here too...but I wake up coz of snoring, no way to stop that, arghh!!! check out my "PEACE" post to read abt my morning!
And yeh RR kaun hai?

Ankur said...


day is hot like hell but office main hote hain toh pata hi nahi chalta hai... :D

and no dear, i m not having sleepless nights, till 7 its like amazing but achanak at 7... i wake up everday.. and i dont tell my pillow too to wake me up

aur humne toh bola hi tha.. RR Rocks!!! :D :D


and i m tryin to improve upon waking up till late :)

Ankur said...


haha.. snoring... :P :P



RR bole toh Rajasthan Royals, IPL cricket matches chal rahe hain na.. ussi main ek team hai :D :D

and as i m from jaipur so supporting them :D :D

will check ur post soon :)


Pri said...

ahh..someone is turning into a morning person and a night owl ...both!! :D

acchi baat hain..ul get to blog!!


Anonymous said...

good night then :)

jo bhi win kare...whatever :P


Ankur said...


yes... i m already since long but was able to sleep till 8 atleast and then used to put the cell on snooze till the time i realise its already too late for the office. lolzz

haan... tats wat i m doing... blog more!! :)


Ankur said...


abhi kahan se good night... this is time for work :P

and dekh liya tune... symonds wali team nahi jeeti. maine tujhe bola tha :D :D

ehehheh... we won.. D RAjasthan Royals!!! :D :D


Cinderella. said...

'Rajasthan Royals' - wow, whatta name !!!

Yep ,its time to just chew...bite toh fir bhi subtle hai...

Cinderella. said...

I am planning no having a totally sleepless weekend...bhai kal aa raha hai..yipeee.....!!!!!

p.s : How are you now ?

ceedy said...


Jagte you have a laltain?

IPL I need to seriously setup everything to watch it. That is my plan this weekend.

Was reading about the Roayals Challenge but would love to see it - here I come You Tube

Macadamia The Nut said...

Maybe it sounds mean, but when that silly bird chirps incessantly outside my window at 5am on weekends I simply crave Birdsoup :|

aneri_masi said...

HELP! I updated my template (not sure I like it, but well, I changed it!), and I have lost the "blogger bar" on know the one where there's a link to blogger home, and search blog, etc. How do I bring it back?

Ankur said...


Rajasthan Royal, the name is as royal as the team ;)

:D :D

hehehe... nice one :P


Ankur said...


and i was plannin to sleep all day long, but i woke up at 6.40 am in the morning again, i slept at 1.30 in the night!!! :(

I am doing fine now :)

happy weekend

Ankur said...


funny question bhai, but i have a lamp :P

bhao.. dekho aur maje karo :D :D

bhai.. jeetna toh sirf Rajasthan Royals ko hi hai... aap kisi ko bhi dekho :D


happy weekend

Ankur said...


**Maybe it sounds mean, but when that silly bird chirps incessantly outside my window at 5am on weekends I simply crave Birdsoup :|

hehehe... u r one cruel being :P:P

and i m completely vegeterian :D :D

happy weekend

Ankur said...



aapko maine chitthi daal hai aapke blog par :D :D

happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Oh yes rajasthan royals are growin up in confidence, they beat Bengaluru s royal challengers quite convincingly. thanks to superb SHanes from Aussie land

Ankur said...


haan ji... RR are gonna beat the hell out of everyone... Bangalore and Mumbai are the ones which are gonna end at the losing side...

i m so sorry for Sachin... :((

but yes... RR r gonna win :D :D

Vandita said...

yaar ankur plz tell me how u manage to wake up at 7am after sleepin at 2 or 1 ....

Ankur said...


even i m tryin to figure it out to curb it :D :D