Wednesday, April 16

A New Day...Updated

No suprises... happy days are back again

I have decided on a new camera, Canon EOS 400D costing me a moolah, but i have taken suggestions from a friend and he said its a very good one. This one is a SLR (Single reflex lens), and i can also use extra lenses to enhance the capacity... :D

I talked to my jaan, my bro, my cousin, he was happy though he initially said that he wants me to be there in his birthday party, but later we settled with his long list of demands (read Farmaish :P). Still I am very very happy that he is on talking terms with me. :D
Love You Cutie boy!!! :D

The fight with the friend is over, though I had to pay a huge price for it, but cleared differences(if we may call it).

In the morning i saw a comment out of a cold war. It made me more happy at 7am in the morning because it wasnt expected ever. :D

I forgot to mention one thing, went to FC Road in the evening, from office, had no work today, with friends, to eat Jalebi and Rabri (both are delicacies in sweets) at Manmeet restaurant. It was yummy.

I am Happy!!! :D

This is one I scribbled long time back but didnt put it up... but here it goes, though it doesnt suits my happy mood... still i m happy to post it :D

आंधियां कितनी भी चले
फूल फिर भी महकेंगे
तेरे आने की आहट से
मगर अब हम न चौकेंगे

गूंजती है आँगन मैं
तेरी किलकारियाँ अब भी
वो हँसी के कहकशे तेरे
कभी भी हम न भूलेंगे

वो जरा धीरे से
बालो को झटकाना तेरा
तेरी आंखों का महकाना हमे
कभी भी हम न भूलेंगे

करते हैं याद तुझे हम
अपनी धडकनों से ज्यादा
मगर जीने के लिए
साँस लेना हम न भूलेंगे



Pri said...

heyy that hindi poetry was awesome...
rock on!!
glad to know ur cuz is happy and nobody is complaining...
congrats on the decision for a CANON 400D SLR...good u dint hurry up and buy the other one yest...
see sabr ka fal meetha hota hain! :D

Cinderella. said... much happened in just 2 days !!!
Congrats for the make me jealous. I lost a brand new first last year. Someone I know stole it, while we were guests at their place yet we couldnt do anything about it.
Kinda jinxed my entire appetite for another one. i am fiercely possessive about my gadgets and dont chuck them just for the hedk of it...I miss my baby terribly...she was with me for only about 5 months...


Cinderella. said...

I glad you made up with your frens. Reminds me of the walk out I had with mine last Oct...
Aint not gonna go back though...some reconciliations are just not worth it.

May the sunny times be always tyhere for you.
Cheers !

Cinderella. said...

And oh forgot to say, that song from Love Story ....ah, bliss !!

Pure innocent love in days of yore....

vEENs said...

wowz! sab theek..sab khush.. hum bhi khush :-]

waise woh poem is awesome ;) best i think frm u :-}

take care

Sweetstickychewy said...

This just lurrrrvely Ankur!:D

Am so happy for you! Things are definitely in place i see.:D

Enjoy it explosively.:D


Ankur said...


tu meri jhooth moot ki taarif mat kare na :(
par waqai main kya woh hindi poem achi thi
*rolling eyes*

complain toh ussi din kar di thi na usne, kids ke saath this is the best thing, they dont remember most of the stff

didnt hurry up means i now have to spend almost 15k more than the earlier one :(

haan.. us mere idiot friend ko bhi yeh saamajh main aa jaye toh baat hi kya... idiot hai woh ekdum :D

hows ur cold now??

Take Care

Ankur said...


yeah... a lot happened :D
i can see the zig zag of life :D
oh... :(
i can understand wat losing a camera means... i lost my camera and PDA for the same reason... and then cudnt buy a new one :(

Ankur said...


thanks... i know... sometimes i do wonder but u never know what future holds for u, if not now, who knows not necessarily in the future...
i dont like to lose any of my friend, tat too for some of the silly reason. I still remember that i lost a very good friend just for the reason we argued for some 100 bucks. It was some 10 years back. He was a very dear friend and he still is, but just a friend :(

I hope u and ur friends be together... forever and cherish wat u have :)


Ankur said...


tats amazing, lyrics superb, picturisation superb... and though i dont like ppl running around the trees... this one i just love...

too romantic... cute n sweet :D
i just love such setups :D


Ankur said...


hahaha... tu khush toh hum bhi khush... ;)

sach bata... and wat do u think frm me???

and these smileys??? i dont get the meaning of any of these lolzzzz

Take CAre

Ankur said...


Thanks a lot :D

yeah... things are in place and i m enjoying them :D

heehe... will have fun this weekend :D

Take CAre...

Keshi said...

Ankur Im glad abt u getting bak with ur mate. I hv had several tiffs with some mates of mine..but I hv always been the one to apologise n forget when it wasnt even my fault! So now Im sick of their tanties.

Like Cidy said:

...some reconciliations are just not worth it.

Happy clicking with ur new camera :)


Keshi said...


Chakoli said...

Alreday commented on ur poem...but still doing it again.....

too beautiful:-))

hmmmm.....jalebi and rabri...hehhehehhehehe....even I had those but few days back;-)))

SO u gt camera... spoke to jaan... got a comment....

now no complains na;-)))

Ankur said...


thanks keshi... even i m happy abt it :)

and i keep doing it even if its not my mistake... does it really matters who says sorry and who doesnt :)

cidy ooops Cindy (lolzz) is right in her own way :)

heehe.. i will be :D

Take Care

Ankur said...


when did u commented on this poem???

i didnt post it... ?????

hehehe.. i had it after long.. :D :D

yes... i dont have those complaints now :D

I am Happy!!! :D


crasiezt said...

Aila Hindi! Good good!

Ankur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ankur said...


haanji... hum hindi main bhi likhte hain... scroll down kijiye pata chal jayega :D :D


crasiezt said...

And wow! for the camera!
I loooooove jalebis so much...aaj hi khaongi:D

Ankur said...


hehee... thanks a lot and its really wow :D

touchwood!!! :D

waise i love jalebis like anything, but the kinda we get back in jaipur isnt available here :D

they are just amazing :D :D

SambY said...

wah bhai...rabri n jalebi...hmm glad u talked to ur cousin !! aur camera...i am gadget crazy...except cellphines...dnt get me started...U GOT A SLR !!!! quiet...

Am In Trance said...

**आंधियां कितनी भी चले
फूल फिर भी महकेंगे
तेरे आने की आहट से
मगर अब हम न चौकेंगे**

Are U Sure ??

Ankur said...



waise SLR is a must... wat say ;)


Ankur said...

@am in tance

yeah dood... now i m :)

c e e d y said...


waisa hone ke baad aisa bhi hota hai

cool - no prepare yourself for another fight - thats what friends are for...

SLR is cool - if you dont mind can you tell me how much - just want to compare prices here and there (email me)

and sahi kavita....

and btw - where are thou manmeet located???

Ankur said...


haan bhaijaan... waisa hone ke baad aisa hi hota hai... :D

hahaa...iknow... we keep fighting... and she thinks its not funny... and she only fights... :P


thanks for the kavita...

Manmeet is located on FC road, in front of Fergussen college... near Chaitantya Parantha...

and will email u... temme the price.. :D


c e e d y said...

so thats all in pune right? yeah man....

ever visit jaws in camp?? for a burger (it is veggie)

Ankur said...


no..i know many joints and my fav is one in Aundh, but its far off from my place.

I have visited it once.

btw... there is another one on MG Road with the name of BurgerKing... its also good. :D


Chakoli said...


u didnt saw it on original post....;-)))

mujhe baar baar "golden words" repeat karna aacha nahi lagta;-)))

Ankur said...


arre hello... tat one was different... this one is different... i was sure u r confusing both... :)

isliye maine likha ki u havent read it before... they both may lyrically sound the same... but they r different...



Congo for the new camera..Be happy always !!

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(This is not a spam comment..This is also not a porn blog.)



Cinderella. said...

I forgot to comment on the poem the other day...

Kitni spirit hai us kavita upbeat, accepting, knowing, understanding and believing truth as it is.Kinda like the "Let me be your hero" post I think.

I wonder how things connect !

Chakoli said...


are they different:-))))

sorry fr the confusion:-)))

Ankur said...


Thanks Trojan

abt the blog... thanks for inviting me... :)


Ankur said...


thnx for all the kinds words... :)

and u damn dont think this is plagiarism... grrrrrrr...

lolzzz.. just kidding :D

thnx... even i think sometimes do we think alike?


Ankur said...


yes they are... it happens when someone comments without reading it carefully... :)

guess confusion isnt ur fault ;)


Sweetstickychewy said...

Have a good weekend Ankur!!:D


Bla said...

I wish good weekend to us all! Amen! :)

aneri_masi said...

oh mannnn!!!! Manmeet ki rabri mujhe bhi chahiye!!!!

My mom actually sends a dabba of rabri to the bombay airport when my jiju goes to India. He says I would so love to be welcomed with rabri and she sends it :)

Ankur said...


Thanks a lot amy...

u too have a rocking weekend ahead!!!
Cheers!!! :)

Ankur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ankur said...


good man...

wish all of us good weekend!!! :D


Ankur said...


hehe... aap aa jao pune, yahan par hai Manmeet toh... nahi toh parcel mangwa lo :D

haha... good hai yaar... acha hai, u r lucky and moms always take care of their children, they r the sweetest in the world... yet i fight with her sometimes :D :D

Take cAre...

aneri_masi said...

yaar, main jaanti hoon manmeet ko, have waited in the queue while they make those fresh jalebis. I am from Pune :) My folks live near the univ.

Ankur said...


wow.... cool, but i tell u this city has changed a lot.... and none for good except few :(

and Manmeet really make those great Jalebis :D :D


gunj said...

Canon EOS 400D !!!!
u are one helluva lucky so J!

Vandita said...

arre i keep forgettin im catchiin up after long, maine pichli post pe jo comment kiya tha wohi hua :P
super cool... congrats for the new cam
and jalebi :( mujhe bhi khaani hain!!!

Ankur said...


hehe... dont be so jealous... :D :D

have one ;) ;)


Ankur said...


i believe u r from delhi.. aur wahan par yeh sab bahut aasani se milta hai.. :D :D

have it ;)

m goin home jaipur there m gonna have all this :D :D