Thursday, April 3


This is the one I scribbled long time back and put it in one of my posts too. But guess this is the time when i should put it again...

Girl o' Girl
Let me make you happy
By giving roses
and make you smile
but thinking
all the time
is this what will
make you happy
really happy
giving up
all your tide
giving up
all for me
all your life
thinking it will
make me smile!!!

This is another one which i wrote for one of my blogger friend, and guess after reading her latest post Stairway To Heaven, I dont think i have words to comment there or rather m speechless... but i want you to read the same poem not for the reason that everything happens for good, but because there will be a new morning and a new beginning...
I dont care whether it sounds good or not with the translation, but the translation goes along as it is for you...

घनघोर अँधेरा छाया है (its a blackout)
चारो और सन्नाटा है (There is silence around)
न कोई पंछी है (no birds)
न कोई आवाजे (no sounds)
हर तरफ़ है तो (if anything is there)
बस कालिमा और कालिमा (its only darkness)
डर लगता है मुझे (i m afraid of)
अपने आप से (myself)
कैसे बचूंगा मे (how m gonna survive)
ऐसी काली रात से (frm dis black night)
हवाएँ चल रही है (wind blowing)
तेज़ बहुत तेज़ (faster n faster)
दरवाज़े बज रहे हैं (doors r makin noise)
हर तरफ़ के (frm everywhere)
क्या ऐसा ही है वक्त मेरा (is dis my presnt)
चांदनी नही वापस होगी(no moonlit will com bak)
तारो की रौशनी की (stars shine)
क्या नही वापसी होगी(won't come back )

पर हर काली रात के बाद (but after every dark night)
एक सुबह आती है (there is a morning)
और सूरज की नई किरणे (new sunrays)
कुछ नया पैगाम लाती है (bring new msg)
एक नया सवेरा (a new morning)
एक नई सुबह (a new morning)
एक नई शुरुआत (a new beginning)
जिंदगी की (of life)...

I say...

Pain and journey never ends...its just tat u have to forget it, begin a new chapter, take a new path, thinking of another journey...

Take Care Girlie!!!


Anonymous said...

aww! She is going to like it I m sure!

Great one..the first one is my fav. :))

Ankur said...
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Ankur said...


Frankly i didnt write it for the reason tat someone will like it... but yes, i want her and everyone else to believe that may be everything doesnt happens for gud, but yes, we have to live over it... :)

Wish me Peace Veens!!! :)

I am currently reading all these posts around bloggersville which talks abt death n they scare me, my soul... :(

I hope i m not gonna cry tonight!!! :|

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

:) what an inspirational quote there in the end...
u wanted peace u have shanti shanti :) hehe n u wont cry m sure coz tu inspirational guru hai na so ul like come up with more motivating poetry ...n whch wil enrich us... thankies...
N Dont cry ....for smile is one thng tht is always one importnt asset tht shud nevr leave us :)
n m sure u know this evn before i told u ...
cheers..take cre

Ankur said...


the quote is more of truth for me in which i believe... :)

and guess everyone around want the same, peace... or shanti!!!

u know... i think ppl who talk inspirational either have faced it or r afraid of it... its my personal opinion!!! :)

well, sometimes to bring that smile back u have to cry... isnt :)

Take Care!!! :)

Pri said...

thats real nice :)
hope it brightens up keshi's day and brings about optimism and positivity in the air...

Ankur said...


well, hopefully...



Take Care :)

c e e d y said...

honest - first one was so so - but the second one was awesome - you have a good grip on hindi - hope to read more...

you know if you know someone who can compose maybe try and convert this to a song...

cool bud (the beer too)

Ankur said...


Thanks a lot man...
and this is thinking too very highly of me :)

I will keep it in mind... and guess wat... u have missed the other post down there...

Thats the one i really like... :)

Cheers!!! :D

Vandita said...

:) oh so thats the quote u wrote in ur comment on my post ...
im sure keshi's gonna love the poem :)
PS: i love john mayer's dreaming with a broken heart... have u heard "love song for no one"?

Vandita said...

PPS: what happened "An Extra-Ordinary life of an Ordinary Man!!! - Part I"?
i read it in my reader and couldn't find it when i came here :-/

Keshi said...

hey Ankut ty so much! That was truly beautiful.

**not for the reason that everything happens for good, but because there will be a new morning and a new beginning...

I believe in that too...but I cant never forget. My brain wont forget just cant.

Now I wish I had Dimentia :)

tnxx again n HUGZ!


Ankur said...


yes, thats the one... :D
i hope she does... and may be she has :)

All these John's are terrific yaa... i love John Mayer and John Denver :D

and yes... i have heard love song for no one...

"I cudhv met u in sandbox
cudhv passed u on sidewalk
Cud i'v missed my chance
n watched u walk away?"

wow lovely :)

Thnxxx :)

Ankur said...

well... its there on the other post, not getting much time to write the story as of now... but i will write it this weekend... atleast 2 more parts... :D

here it is.. An Extra-Ordinary life of an Ordinary Man!!!

Cheers!! :D

Ankur said...


Keshigirl :)

**I believe in that too...but I cant never forget. My brain wont forget just cant.

i wud be the last one asking u to forget it... i dont want u to delete anyone from ur memories, 1) coz its not possible 2) u love them, so u remember...

but keshi, sometimes the pain remembering is very tough to handle, i dont know how much i can understand it, but the more i try to, the more i start feeling it... so more the reason i felt unable to write anything there... :)

Keshi, love them for what they were to u, remember them for what they mean to u, but dont cry for them ever coz it will be painful for them too lookin from the heaven... :)

and Dementia... never wish for it Keshigirl!!! :)

Keep Smiling!!!

Thnxx :)

P.S. Love the way u spell my name.... Ankut :P lolzz

Raviratlami said...

इतना बेहतरीन अनुवाद! लगता ही नहीं कि अनुवाद है. मूल कविता ही लग रही है.

आप हिन्दी में नियमित क्यों नहीं लिखते?

Chakoli said...


LOvely one...althou u posted it 2nd time...I m reading it for the 1st time:-)))
good one...

About another one...she would like it fr sure....and poem has surely a deep emnaing....too much depth:-))

Keshi said...

lolz @Ankut!


**but dont cry for them ever coz it will be painful for them too lookin from the heaven

I cry..cant stop that either. But now my tears just dun show.


Cinderella. said...

I loved it !
Beautiful !!

Ankur said...


मुझे हिन्दी मै लिखना बहुत पसंद है, पर मेरी भाषा पर पकड़ बहुत कमजोर है...
फिर भी मैं कोशिश करूंगा!!!

आपके वचनों के लिए धन्यवाद ... :)

Ankur said...


thanks alot

hopefully she liked it, but hope she reads into it. as u said, it has depth i want her to see it. :)

Thnxxx for dropping by.

Blogrolling you...

Ankur said...


now thats cheating, and u r pulling my leg :(
i have a good name, and i like it more... "Ankur"


**I cry..cant stop that either. But now my tears just dun show.

Thats a beautiful gesture to show to others, and i beleive its not that it doesnt come anymore but its because u want them not to come...

Going a lil back keshigirl... u said, u dont want to do anything for anyone nomore, but look u r again doing it, for them, and before answering me, just think that y the tears dont show???

I guess its in you keshi, may be i m relating it to the past, but its true, u r living for others and like all who suggest u to live for urself, i say, be wat u r... coz this is wat u r, howsoever u try, u cant change, as i said, few r there to bring smiles to others...

Still, i would suggest, even when u live for others, sometimes take the time out to life for u... urself!!!

Cheers Girlie

Keep Smiling :)

Ankur said...


Hey, thanks a lot... :D


Gonecase said...

Wow..good one sir, the whole package :) are you feeling now !

Ankur said...



M feeling better than before :)

Cheers n Enjoy!!!
Happy Weekend!! :)