Saturday, April 12

The 8-Star Tag...

Pri tagged me on Tuesday for this, and here i go...

Eight things I am passionate about
  • My Parents
  • All my Friends including few from bloggersville
  • Food (pure veg though :D)
  • My Blog
  • My Writing
  • Photography
  • Rafting
  • Movies

Eight things I want to do before I die
  • Become a politician
  • wish i can make one person happy for real
  • spread humanity across the world
  • spend a year in Alaska & New Zealand
  • Open a Restaurant (Fine Dine & Finer Wine :D)
  • Writing a book
  • Make my parents proud of me
  • to change the past for once :D

Eight things I say often
  • kiddin
  • just pullin ur leg
  • kuch nahi
  • As#$#%e
  • Wow
  • Sexy (even abt food :P)
  • OMG
  • KEWL

Eight books I've read recently
  • Shantaram
  • Lord of the Rings
  • 5 point someone
  • Interpreter of Maladies
  • Blink
  • The Wealth of Nations
  • Angels & Demons
  • The Man who killed Gandhi (reading)

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over
boss, this list is never gonna end :P
  • Woh Kagaz ki Kashti... Jagjit Singh
  • I am leaving on a Jet Plane...John Denver
  • A song for all Lovers...John Denver
  • Walk the Line...Johnny Cash
  • Radha kaise na Jale...Lagan(movie)
  • Love will Never lie...MLTR
  • Dekh lo aaj humko...Jagjit Kaur
  • Sarakti jaaye hai...Jagjit Singh

phew... this was difficult!!! :( *sigh*

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends
  • honesty (abt me and themselves)
  • sense of humor
  • we can fight, cry and laugh at the same time
  • letting me decide the food everytime :D
  • providing mental and economical (:D) support whenever i need
  • listening to me forever and asking me to get a life :D
  • not caring abt my academics, cast, religion, color, weight, hair... :P
  • and even after telling them that i cant help them get a new job, coming back again and again asking for the same :P :P heheheh

8 people i shld tag this with...
whooopppyyyyyyyy... no one... i have 8 in my mind... so if u know or guess u r one... take it, i dont want to force u ;) :D

This is official... and my 1st tag *grin*

lolzzzz.... but yes, never been tagged earlier, Supriya actually asked me (not tagged ;)) and i wanted to be... looks like i m in the groove now :D

I tried to copy few tags coz i liked them, and then i thought how long... :D, coz to really be a part of this world, you need to be tagged.
But then i thanks you all, to making this journey all the more comofortable for me. I write for myself, what i feel... And your advices and suggestions have actually made me think a lot deeper and i have gained a lot of insight from all of your posts. Few of those who i really like to read for substance as of now are Veens, Pri, Keshi, Samby, Cindrella, Lena, Amy & Ceedy(sometimes :D)... Thanks to all of you, not because you all are great writers, but you write what you think, the harsh truth and the reality, and above all you write for yourself... Cheers!!!

Image Courtesy :- National geographic News


Anonymous said...

**Open a Restaurant (Fine Dine & Finer Wine :D)

sara khana khudne se khayega.. and may be me also :P

**write a book**

abe everyne is gonna write kya :D

gaane toh almost saare hi sad kinds ke hain na :P

voila... thanks... my name is mentioned!!!!!

i gotta do this tag also.. Pri tagged me for it

oye what do u mean **we r not great writers**


sahi sahi :P

oye jus kiddin... thanks for ... sending me to cloud 9 :D

have a good day :)

Pri said...

yipppeeeee my name in there too :D
ohh and special credit for me to be the first one to tag you ok?--toh free dinner for me and my friends at ur fine dine restaurant what say?? :D

the song list was somewhat expected...beautiful selection...though dont think ive heard the second last song :(
and yaa 'pehla nasha' is a plesant surprise on ur blog :)
its FINALLY a happy tune playing...heehee
thankgod for small mercies! ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm....changing the impossible...many ppl say there is no wrd like that..but really it ispossible..but u can make a better future....we dnt have a choice as to what we do...but we have a choice as to how we do it... so do it ...and hope for the best....

cheerz sir....


I hope I get a rebate in ur resturant sir....and yeah thanx for mentioning my names..It means much for me... thanks

Ankur said...


nahi... khudne hi khana hai toh ghar ka hi khaoonga :D

and haan... write a book toh pakka hi hai :D

i mean u r not gr8 writers... explicitly isse clear i cant write :P

and ur name has to be there :)

Gud Day...

Ankur said...


do u have any doubts?? ;;)

yeah... all the credit goes Dr Priyanka for tagging me for the first time, officially in bloggersville... though i know how much i have waited for this :P

free dinner ka ek coupon aapke ghar pahunch jayega memsahaab :P

thanks... i like those really :D

hahaha... guess ppl were demanding this from a long time ;)
even i thought this is time for some change... and i like the song very very much :D

its all god who decides to mercy... who m i?


Gud Day...

Ankur said...


bro... to start with, u deserve to be there... rightly, its my pleasure to have u there... :)

talkin abt changing the past, i believe some day we will know how to stop time, and the day we will we can move backwards, will wait for dat day to happen :D
its all science afterall, so i can take my assumptions :P

u rightly said... **we dnt have a choice as to what we do...but we have a choice as to how we do it...

It reminded me a dialog sequence i recently saw, where a father asks his son

F-"What do we do here?"
S-"We do what we have to do, so that we do what we want to do..."

wow... and then i read ur comment reminded me of this...

its all urs sir... anytime u wanna visit... u can :)

Gud DAy...

c e e d y said...

ok I will also write 8 things for this post (this was 1)

2- where do you go rafting

3- now when you become a politician - YOU will be happy for sure n then humanity - are bhai - laloo bano ya medha patkar ;P

4- what you dont say fcuk....

5- fatal attraction wid friend :)

6-ohohoh - me only sometimes...either i have to up my game or you have to learn hinglish....

7 - 8 the comment

Ankur said...


so will i reply wiht 8 points answer to ur comment (this was 1 :P)

2) rafted in hrishikesh and kaveri, wanna raft in amazon one day... tats my dream :)

3) guess i want to be one, coz i want to balance the act :D

4) fcuk only... i do say this one too :P

5) indecent proposal :P

6) well, love reading ya, and then i told ya, i like to pull legs :D

7) was waiting this 8) pointer comment of urs... "sometimes" was just kidding :)

Gud Day!!!

P.S. oh.. u have yet to start r sunday... sleep well ;)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

ahem ahem...
8 star for u for doing the 8 star tag in sucha wonderful way..
1. passionate about..
aaha... yaye found some company..
2. 8 thngs u wanna do
hmmmm ...quite considerable pray n wish all come true :D
3. 8 thngs u often say
KEWL.... ;)
4. books u read
aah 5 point n interprter of d maladies :d
5. songs
haveta agree..but u did quite a well balanced but if only the tag could permit more on :P... :)
6. about friends
glad im ur frnd :)
and thanks for the speech hehe...inspirational note in the end :)

gunj said...

omg...there were so many common things thr!!
same pinch to:-

things I am passionate about
Food (pure veg though :D)
My Blog
My Writing

Eight things I want to do before I die
Open a Restaurant (Fine Dine & Finer Wine :D)
Make my parents proud of me

Eight things I say often
Sexy (even abt food :P)

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends
honesty (abt me and themselves)

a neatly done tag!!

Ankur said...


thankuuu :D

1) food is always my prefrence ;)

2) Amen!

3) hahha

4) now i didnt get this???

5) well... i m totally into country n ghazals... :)

6) yes, u r a special frnd... :)

hehehe.. i m always like tat :) :D


Gud Day...

Ankur said...


dont tell me u have similarity with all these.... Girl'o'Girl :O

m i looking at my alter ego :P

this was unexpected... :D

Thanks... :)

Gud Day

Anonymous said...

sir...i love science fiction....u are in pune?? if i come down there...we should swap some novels n stuff...:-)

Ankur said...


anytime bro...
I am in Pune... just inform me in advance when you are coming...



Ankur said...


have u read the book...

"A brief History of time"

It more of physics, not a novel... but its a very good read. Do try it out. :)


Gonecase said...

J ka obsession in music section (Jagjit, John, Johnny) :P
Good to know things about you :D

Anonymous said...

brief history of time by hawkins u mean??

divya said...

tough tag!! hey my other blog is still active..

Ankur said...


oye u r d first one to notice... yes.. i love all the J ones, even i noticed it just now :D

Thanks buddy


Ankur said...


yes bro... brief history of time by hawkins :)


Ankur said...


I got my answer :P

thnx for dropping by


Keshi said...

Ankur so u wanna be a Ploitician AND a restaurant owner? How r u gonna do that? :)


Chakoli said...



Liked ur song list...radha kaise na jale...amazing one......superb dance...

U r so much passionate abt food:_)))
Did u ever tried rafting..??whr??

Writing abook....this one is I guess..the most common one....of all idividuals;-)))

what would be its anme??

ANkur and his delicaies;-)))

Mez said...

So u want all the clout haan...Politician in the making.Gudluck bt wen u become one make sure u do sumtin constructive :P

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Ankur ji...
for (4) i told i totally love those two books..5 points and intpreter samjheeee... thts why tht broadgrin on similar liking ;)
and for (6) thanks for me way up there thankies..... :D

Chakoli said...


someone is listening pehla nasah;-))))

better then those sad ones:-))

Ankur said...


and y do u think we cant do both... i want to have a restaurant coz i always believe that the quality of the food and service with it is a rare combination, and i wanna serve both :D

politician coz i believe i can and i will save the world, from outside we may call it a gutter... but from inside there are a lot of things to answer to... so i want to be into that, and i wanna change a lot of things...

also owning a business will give me stability and politics will not be a medium to earn... :)


Ankur said...

@Chakoli ji

yesss... politician... i know its not respectable, but then educated ppl have to be in there ... :)

i just love radha kaise na jale... its amazing and i can listen and watch it any time... :D

i m... a lot passionate abt food :D a lot... ;)

i live to eat ;)

i dont think its common... coz its not going to be a biography!!!

hehehe... and yeah... may be a cookery book... who know... i love and like to cook toooooooooo... m a good cook btw :D


Ankur said...


i dont want the clout, but u have to dirty ur hands whenever u have to remove the dirt... isnt it :)

So i have to be in there to understand how it is... life is gonna be tough but yes... i can manage...

and yes... i only wanna be a politician coz i wanna do something ... for good :)


Ankur said...


heheeh... gud so u like those buks... i never thot u read book though... :P

and no need to say thanks... as the old sayin goes :)


Ankur said...


heheeh... gud so u like those buks... i never thot u read book though... :P

and no need to say thanks... as the old sayin goes :)


Ankur said...


someone advised me that she only hears sad melodies on my place... guess its for her ;)

with time there will be many :D

and... yes they r better :)


Cinderella. said...

I think I'd made a comment here na dude ? About well...chuck it...

Loved reading this tag, you have some really off-beat choices...

Like rafting,
wanting to become a politician (Did you see the Lead India series btw ?),
Radha kaise na jale...

And about changing the past, ah, how we wish we could turn back times just once...

Listen to this song "Soledad" by Westlife....

"If only you could see the tears in the world you left behind,
if only you heal my heart just one more time..."

I'm sure you're gonna love it. One of my big time Westlife faves...

Cheers !!

Cinderella. said...

And oh btw, was that 'Cindrella' you mentioned there me ?

*looks innocently/hopefully*

Ankur said...


no.. u can go ahead... :)

and my choices are as off-beat as me ...
well rafting is a passion and politician is a dream yet unfullfilled... and i dont think few can make some leader... a leader is wat u r made of!!!

and yes... i like such off-beats tracks... i like melody :D

yes.. we all want it badly :)

i have heard it...

i love these lines

Its keeping for the lonely
Since the day you were gone
Why did you leave me...

In my heart you were d only
And your memory live on
Why did you leave me

i guess its so true :)

i already like it very much... :)


Ankur said...


made a terrible spelling mistake...I am so sorry for it :)

and u know its u... isnt :)
*rolling eyes*

Keep Writing...

Macadamia The Nut said...

Let me know when you're going to appear for the elections. Lol!

Ankur said...


hehehehe... prettty soon girlie...

but r u gonna vote for me??? :D


Sweetstickychewy said...

Hi Ankur.:D

enjoyed getting to know u alittle more through this tag.

Love the song leaving on a jet plane too.:D

And thanks for the wonderful words you said at the end. It takes one to know another.;)


Ankur said...

@SweetstickChewy Amy


i love that song very very much... listen to it so many times in a day... :D :D

Keep Writing...

Chakoli said...


itne confidence se bol diya....waah waah!!!!

Waiitng fr ur book to come;-))) it was fr her:-)))

ab change karke... I m liking it;-)))

Ankur said...


haan ji... nahi ho sakte hain kya... sab kehte hain ki meri biwi bahut khush rahegi mujhse coz i m a gud cook :P :P

it will come... :D

for her bole toh??? ;) waise 3 songs sune the us her ne :P :P

hehehe... :D

crasiezt said...

This tag was like a window into your life! Nicely done:-)

"Jet plane" is one of my top faves too. But I like the female version better:-)
Shantaram is superly superly wow!!

You wanna become a politician eh?

Cinderella. said...

Oh so you have heard it, eh ?
Waise I was might have...
Is awesome..and the entire composition is just beautiful...

And about knowing it, ummm...i was kinda guessing, coz the spelling differed from mine.

It makes me happy to know one looks forward to read what I write.
You get this satiating feeling.
Thank you !!

Chakoli said...

Kehne ko log bahut kuch kehte hain ankur babu......

hum to aapki biwi se poochenge.....:PPPPPPP

Aacha uss "her" ne suna.....good hain jee...aise hi sunante rahiye:PPP

Ankur said...


haha.. really... there are no windows to my life, its an open door...:D

i can understand but i love John Denver a lot :)

i agree to u abt Shantaram

yes... politician... y not... wats wrong in there :D ;)


Ankur said...


now its ur turn to embarrase me more.. is it... u know it wasnt intentional... i m sorry... :(

and when u talk abt sad songs... most of the times i have :P
tats the thing i m doing for past 6 months :D :D :D

and it makes me happy to read u... simple :)

keep writing...

Ankur said...


pata nahi jawab kabhi milega ya nahi chakoli ji... :P

haan...koshish toh hai... par romantic melodies itni koishish kari.. yaad hi nahi aati hai... mental problem u c :P :P


Lena said...

Cant believe i havent been here for so long that i missed this tag :P
Really sorry, it is not like i have forgotten you but dealing with some personal troubles and they trouble my mind a lot ... grrrrrrrrrrrr
loved the tag, and congos on the first one!!! ;)
You know i have around 10 tags pending and now i know whom to tag when i run out of people because everyone i know have already done those tags :P

Anyways you are right, we are writing for ourselves but it is good when people read us, isnt it? ;)

Take good care,
have fun writing :) :)

crasiezt said...

Nothing wrong with it man. Tu politician ban bindas!

Ankur said...


but u visited, that too means a lot :)

and dont worry... everything will be fine soon... Amen!!! :)

and now i know whom to tag to and i know i will force u to take mine on priority ;)

and yes... we love u for tat

Take Care

Ankur said...


hahaha... it wasnt offesnsive re :D



crasiezt said...

None taken dude:-)

Vandita said...

politician ban na hai??
chalo good hai kuch toh sudhaar aayega desh mein :)