Tuesday, April 15

Pinch of Salt...

Today was a bad day...

I wanted to buy a Semi-SLR Camera (Sony HS9) for long, couldn’t buy it earlier because of finances. Today when I really wanted to buy it, visited 4 stores, thinking that I will get a piece somewhere, couldn’t get even a single one... they say, it’s out of market, obsolete they call it. :)

Random thought:

Mamma called me, as my cousin's birthday (my jaan, he is 4 yrs old) is tomorrow, he was at home and wanted to talk to me. I was disappointed, not wanted to talk, picked up, said, I will talk later, guess what, now he doesn’t wants to talk to me, and I am dying to hear from him now!!! :(

Random thought:
Bhai... I miss you so very much here... I love you a lot... :D

Fought with a friend in the morning, over nothing... i guess the phase will be over, but today was the day, i felt so bad about it.
Trust me for lord sake...I don't ask strangers to do it... dont you get it???

Random thought:
I wish I would be at home today...None of this would have happened!!!



Pri said...

there are some days when nothing goes right...
today was one sucha day for me too :(

hopefully things will turn for the better from now on...

keep smiling!!
because u deserve to :)

Solitaire said...

Start saving money for a more trendy camera.

c e e d y said...

aisa bhi hota hai.....

Ankur said...


it happens with everyone i know... but today i m happy coz he just talked to me... and he has his huge list of demands... but he doesnt know actually, the most difficult one being me to come there today :D

as u said, tomorrow in turning better :)

thanks Pri... thats so sweet of u to say so... :)

Take CAre...

Ankur said...


guess wat, i woke up thinking tat i shld buy a SLR, read ur comment, may be who knows...but this week something is on... :D

Thnxx for dropping by. :)

Ankur said...


bhai ekdum sahi... aisa bhi hota hai... those guys are coming up wit same models but diff name n prices... :(

Kata.... :P


Chakoli said...

Arrey ANkur jee hota hain aisa hota hain.....

Aur aap chahhe bhi toh ghar par nahi baith sakte.....

good that u were out!!!

ABt the frds fight... arrey when we fight it is said that we are not on parallel lines...but on the sam etrack... it is good for nay relation....:-)))

so ur jaan is 4..... wow.....wishes to him:-))

Ankur said...

par aisa hi hua.. :(

wahi toh problem hai... ki i cant sit at home... :D
warna i am all ready to be a house husband :P

**when we fight it is said that we are not on parallel lines...but on the sam etrack... it is good for nay relation....:-)))

first time heard this one, and its a really nice thought... :)

he is 5 now :D he was 4 till yesterday, and i talked to him in the morning... he was happy, tellin me where to come for his party, and then when i asked him ki aapko kya chaiye sweets, he said so cutely...
aap aa jaoo na
:( i cant come baby... m comin in May :D :D :D


Chakoli said...

Ohhhh sooo cute.....!!!:-)))

u r going in may na...nt late indeed...just april ends...and may comes:-)))

U heard that fr the 1st time..strange.... thats quite a famous one...dnt know who said it....u can take my name...if anybdy asks;-)))

Anonymous said...

dnt worry.. everone has these dayz!

cheer up...everything will be sorted :-)

Lena said...

bad days happen, but a good thing about them is that they always end and a new one will come :) :)

Smile and things will get better! Maybe they already are ;)

crasiezt said...

Obsolete? Get another one man!

Shit happens...that's what makes life worth living, don't you think?

Mez said...

Such is life :)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Awww...dnt wry re...hota hai..plights and delights of life u see ;) aur mere se badi tragedy to hogi nhn na...exams hain mere..ive nt done wid 75% of the portion also :(((((
neways tu yeh apni SMILE hai na kabhie mat chodna..yeh smile dnt wry remember smile speaks out a 1000 words and only curve tht sets everythng straight..look who is advising who :P..chal chal..
take care...

Sweetstickychewy said...

one of those days eh where everything just seems to be turning haywire like that of a twister.

Lets hope for the brand new days ahead to be better than today.;)

Cheers Ankur!:D

Ankur said...
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Ankur said...


yeah he is... and badmash too :D

haan.. i wish it comes fast :D

i m planning to take ur name only ;)


Ankur said...


yeah i know...
but i felt terrible:)

thanks for cheering me up :)

Take care

Ankur said...


yes, they are... u r smart ;)

and yes u r right, today morning i talked to him and he was ready with his list of demands :P

hehhehe... :D


Ankur said...


yes, i have already planned for another one :D

yessss... it makes life more interesting as u get things to fight with :P


Ankur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ankur said...


yes, plights and delights of life which is not happening for quite few days now :P

heehehe.... thanks for d advice, i will think dont worry ;)

Take CAre

Ankur said...


yes.... i do agree with u... zig zag :)


Ankur said...


yes... and i wished it passes away fast, and so it did... :D

and this brand new day was far better than the earlier one :D

Vandita said...

awww some days are just not right ankur....
tell u what begin researchin for another cam and get that
bhai ko kuch gift de de...
and abt the fight with a frnd, im sure u'll patch up :)
take care!