Wednesday, March 19

Happily Friends!!!

Well, this poem is a dedication for a friend of mine, whom was uncertain about few things, over some issues, but guess, everything has been sorted out now, all for friendship, Thank you friend, thanks a lot...

When the sun shines
and the birds start flying
i look at the trees
and think of you

When i travel
in the daytime
I look at people
and think of you

When the moon lights
and the starts twinkle
I listen to the silence
and think of you

All the time
the best i do
my dear friend is
i think of you

think of you
and your words
filled with silence
and versicles

i think of you
and feel happy
to have you
as my friend...

Wish U luck
all this life
and may we rock
as true FRIENDS!!!!



Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely!

I m glad really!
things got sorted
and that once and for all
be friends forever :)

Pri said...

very flattering indeed!
hope the friendship stays forever :)

Ekta said...

lovely poem and must say...u must be a frt write such a lovely post!
I assume the friend is pri!:-)

Ankur said...


Thanks a lot ..
and yes me too.. i wanted them to sort it our ASAP, and u know tat. :)

Ankur said...


wat.. flattering, i dont think it takes these many words to flatter someone Pri, not really... :D

waise r u really ;)

btw.. its more than flattering!!! :D

and i do feel, is it just wat ppl is feeling flattered abt?

and yes... i pray over hope!!!


Ankur said...

Thanks for dropping by...
and thanks for ur worthy words, this is how i feel inspired!!!

btw.. y do u "ass u me" that its Pri? lolzzzz

and i think i shldnt answer this, as it may embarrase her neways.. :)

but it is for some lovely friend for sure!!! :)

will blogroll u soon!!!

Prakritee said...

lovely poem and its beauty is in the simplicity with which u have said so much in so few words... u have really come a long way... :)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Rocking..happy tree friends... :)mast..wat a better way to kick start our friendship

Pri said...

@ ankur
oh yess its definitely more than flattery..its idle musings over 5 mins of a power failure eh? :p


Ankur said...


did i made sense? oh well if u say then i did... :D

thanks a lot... especially coming from you. :)

Ankur said...


hehehe... yes.. why not!!!

Happy Tee friends!!!

Thanks for dropping by!! :)

Ankur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ankur said...


5 mins of idle musing... well, idle or idol... :D

well, yes, 5 mins of idle musing, and more than 72 hrs of pain... it was... and the versicle was like flowing right from there.

Though, it was a request too from a dear friend, whom i can never say NO to... I should be happy, and i was, as i introduce the post with, so i did come out with this... all this time thinking of that person... :D

I guess, dont want to introduce who the idol is, i think my friend will definitely be flattered that i write it for him/her, but at the same time i dont want my friend to be embarrased answering everyone... :D :D

and i just think ..if 5 mins of idle musing over some electricity failure, where i paniced,lead me to this, and to a lovely friend, i would love tat to happen again (though not the way it went right at the beginning :D) and again and again so tat my friend atleast knows me better...

And if my friend thinks that i mused... then i would love to again n again n again...

Guess yes... u were right... its more than flattery. :D

P.S. In my last comment, i guess, i used idle, but techically, my friend wasnt able to read the connotation... (idle->rare), so guess, i shld have used idol... :D

Lena said...

so sweet!! :)
but i am sure each friendship deserves it :)

PS: me blogrolling you so that i could see when you update :D

Ankur said...


Yes, every friendship deserves it, but there are few special friends there for sure, but yes, i dedicate this to every good friend of mine.


P.S. Did not know, thankya :D

Sheeba said...

more than the poem itself,i admire that feeling behind it....and in few lines how he depicted a wonderfull friendship..way to go dear...

Vandita said...

reminds me of bryan adams - i think about u
i love the simplicity of the poem...
cheers to ur friendship :)

Ankur said...


Yes, there is a lot of feeling which has gone behind it, 5 mins of idle musing.. and 72 hrs of pain (writing just to embarrase someone :P), but i dont think u have read the comments dear friend.

Sometimes, it all begins with a fight!! ;)

Thanks a lot for droppin by...

Ankur said...


Oh, yes, and i never did really think of it... "i think about u"
now i have to listen to it once again... :D

thanks Vands, i choose to keep it simple. :)

Dipika said...

its a beautiful poem...
i felt it was written for me(kidding)
but yes ye to har uss friend ke liye hai jiski life mein uncertainty ho...aur woh to zyadatar sabki life mein hoti hai.

to phir ye sab doston ke liye hai.

:)likhte raho...muskurate raho...khush raho!


Hitesh said...

I liked the simplicity of this poem..especially this line..
"All the time
the best i do
my dear friend is
i think of you"

Just thinking, how the best things of life do not have the price tag..but somehow..invaluable and as precious as any JEM..