Friday, March 21

The A-Z of Moi :D

I must say I was tempted to write this, I wasn’t tagged for this, but I thought it would be great fun. So here it goes...
the rules are simple---u just need to answer what every question demands...and its called the A-Z tag because I guess it covers up all the questions from A to Z...

A- Adore?
My Mamma, she is the most beautiful person on this planet!!! :D

B- Believe?
Every friend of mine!!!

C- Careful?
Yes I am, a lot many times, specially when I am meeting or talking to a stranger, because there is always a possibility of minunderstanding!!!

My best friend, I will name, Narendra, he is a gem and my mammas second son, oh I guess, 1st he is older than me :D

E- Eggetarian?
I really don’t believe in any such terminologies, you can either be veggie, or non-veggie, there’s no way in between!!!

F- Flabbergasted?
Yes, reading all the posts around the bloggersville which says like, 10 things we hate, we don’t like, we don’t want, men to do!!! Guess u r writing coz they r important to you, otherwise do u care abut some Raghu or Madho... no u don’t!!!

G-Gee(read Fit of bad temper)?
:P, really I don’t want to write it here, :P, but I guess I will write one politician, and the award goes to Mr. Raj Thackrey. Do I really need to write why??? :P *ROFL

For me to do something, which will change the lives of people around the world, may be by donating my eyes, organ, wealth, or some other way. I can and I will change the world!!!

Yes, Saif Ali Khan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton :P
All these are the jokers of the world, the way they express their love, or hate... is mind-blowing I must say. lolzzz

K- Kewl?
Himachal Pradesh, really cool, with less traffic, lesser people, and the beauty which surrounds the place, omg... with the trees of apple and apricots on the roadside, I just wish I can see the snow all the time, watch the beauty in the mountains and the valley... wow.. Just so beautiful.

Yes I do, something else now (:P, my blog i guess :D), guess m moving on !!! :P :P
And yes i love my parents and my sister a lot. :D

There are many and recently someone completely misread me when I said there are many in this world. Around the bloggersville, I recently noticed a moron who was invited as a guest blogger on one of my friends blog, and he completely(read cynically) created a battlefield over there.

Yes, I love to be, I play a lot of pranks on my friends, pull their legs (though they are heavy :P), and recently when I said, I test reactions, someone tested mine... and I was really scared... God, I don’t want to lose you!!! :D

O-Oblivion(read absent minded)?
Yes, I am, many a times, while driving most of the times I get crazy, thinking and thinking all the time, of something, some other world. Met with an accident in the recent times coz of it!!! :P
Even while talking to you, i can be, i always think too much!!! :(

I do.. i do believe there is god!!!

Yes, for knowledge. Someone once said, "Knowledge is all around you, you just need to look at it!!!" Great!!! And yes, we don’t look at it often... ;)

Yes, my sense of humor and me... :P, I m sorry for pulling your leg too often ji!!! :D

S-Stoppage(read Failures)?
There aren’t any, I always believe its temporary, a chance given to you to look back, check what have you done wrong, or what has went wrong, and not to repeat the same mistakes the next time. Introspection and Retrospection as many say.
When someone says there were bad deeds, I say, there were, but they gave u a chance to change the same in the future. Everything happens for good in this world. :D
"Failure are temporary, Learning’s from them are permanent." The Fifth Mountain-Paulo Coelho

Yes, many a times, last night also my friend listens to all my worries, and I was tranquillized, really!!! I wish I would be again an again, m selfish!!! :D When someone listens to you and your soul, its really wonderful, Thanks :P

An egalitarian world, my utopia, the day when women will be treated equally as of men, nobody will talk abut equality of sexes coz they would be equal. A society where women won’t be burnt coz of some money, where nobody will talk about "equal opportunity, equal pay", coz I guess you have to!!!!
And yes, my friend, its called Utopia so that we dont even think of it!!!

V-Vendetta(read enmity)?
I guess there shouldn’t be any, forgiveness and forgetfulness is what you seek, and they deserve. As they say, "Shamadan Mahadan". And yes, you won’t be smaller after saying Sorry!!!

The most beautiful thing god has blessed this world with!!! Guess, have written a lot about it, i have and i will. :)

I wish it’s true, someone is there to save the world, when I see Heroes(those who don’t know, it’s a TV series like FRIENS :D) too, I dream of it. Someone is there who is looking after everyone, as they say ;) :D

Yes, One thing you should practice, not coz Swami ji(though I respect him very much) says so, but guess its going to enhance your soul, energize your body, increase you life, may be for you, yourself, you can do it!!!!

Yes, life is, there is no definite shape to it, if you think you will always be happy or sad, then you wont be, I guess even you be bored of it then. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Enjoy it like you do when you see a zigzag of stars in the sky, a flock of birds!!!

I guess, it was difficult as I one chooses one question for myself, had so much to write and yet ended with so less. :P
Well, but it was fun, really fun :D (Gee, read surprise :P)



Lena said...

you've done it great! I loved it :)
you summed up things about yourself and your views really nicely :)

Vandita said...

quite an insight into ur thoughts...
loved it :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty cute..

For M -- :D


For W -- If every men would admit to it and understand it too.

N -- stop it! its over!

O -- didya forget to say u read btw lines too :P

P -- sab chalega :D

R -- chalo maaf kiya!

T -- :) thats ok...everyone feels so.. after a session with thei friends ;) its the best therapy!

U -- perfect!

Y -- absolutely!

Z -- so right!

a tag wonderfully done!

enjoy yur weekend!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Lolol....nice work..impressive... :D (Gee) I loved it... hehe..

Pri said...

heyy well executed...hmm so this is the A-Z of ur life is it??
and considering u formed the questions all by yourself, i guess u chose what u wanted to answer...isnt it? lol!!
nice one!

Keshi said...

Nicely done Ankur. U know I did this tag too recently :)

**E- Eggetarian?

LOL Im with u on that one. Either ur a vege or ur not.

U like Miss.Chopra? aww...yeah she's nice.

hv a good wknd Ankur!


Ankur said...

hehe, thanks, but frankly i was confused, had so many options for a word to choose from, and yes, i cheated, coz i made it all subjective... :D

Ankur said...

hehee.. but the tag demanded it, isnt :D

Ankur said...


Critically acclaimed from you... :D

M... but its for whom??? ;)


O-but dont u find me absent minded ;)

P-i know.. :D

R- :D

thanks a lot veens, thanks... ;)

and yes, i had wonderful weekend back home :D

Ankur said...


impressive... eh :P

i tried my best :D

Ankur said...


read my reply to Lena

and yes, it was subjective, but rather the questions i wanted to answer...

thanks neways!!!

Ankur said...


oh.. did i miss it, will read it today itself

and yes, woh kehte hain na, "Do Navo ki savari", not possible... :D

she is.. defnitely, a lot :D

thanks for ur wishes...

Asmita said...

done well!!!
i too did moy 1st tag :)

Ankur said...

Thanks Asmita for dropping by.
i did check ur post, its interesting... :)

Solitaire said...

Commenting on your F...

Whoever said that ppl are not interested in men??

Ankur said...


exactly, thats y they r so talked abt in the bloggersville ;)


Sarang said...

Enjoyed reading it! I don't know why exactly, but you feel like going through it without stopping once. May be it is because I know you so well! Keep it up! :-)

Ankur said...


bhai, thanks for dropping by...

yes, i cudnt stop myself... :)

but i can never be like you, u r a writer, i m jus a naive :)

divya said...


i just hope i dint misread you, or u wud call me a moron :x :x :P

Sweetstickychewy said...

Hello.:) A great way of getting a peek into you.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Pavi!!!! said...

The 1st time im visiting u and this post says so much about u :-)

BTW..u don't blv in the term "eggitarian" or u don't blv that veggies can/should eat eggs?do u think that if ppl eat egg, they mite as well eat any other "non-veggie" food? Just trying to u'stand?

@ Keshi : same Q for u rgdg the eggitarian?

Ankur said...

how can u be a moron when u read all this :P
still i didnt called u a moron :D


Thanks for dropping by :)

Ankur said...


heheh.. I dont know how much of insight u might have gained :D

Thanks for dropping by :)
Blogrolling you :)

Ankur said...


Coz may be i like to write abt me :D

well, i am not sayin that they shld be eating meat or something, but for me that will be equal to eating non veg... and if u say that those eggs dont have life in them... then i might say coz they r produced with the motive of the same, the life already taken from them...

so i dont think eggeterian really exists...

Thanks for dropping by btw.. :)

Blogrolling you :)

c e e d y said...

awesome came to know more about you...lets see how much you can pull my leg :)

eggetarin - ovolacterian - hindu veg - etc etc.......have you read the choices of meals one can on a flight here......finally if you say one and the next person gets a better kick yourself......

cool post......

Ankur said...


dont bet on this buddy...

and yes, there are many options, which are available... thats States for u, isnt ;)

c e e d y said...

I aint betting - I want you to pull it... :)

yeah man states is all about choices......cant even buy a loaf of bread straight up...

am going to blog roll you - k

Ankur said...

then there u go...

just wait n watch ;)

i know, there we call even apni desi roti also, 'A Bread'

waise i already m blogrolling u, reading ur story, tryin to get wat u wanna convey...


Hitesh said...

Well..I found it ok..nothing insightful, a quality that I found in some of the earlier posts by you.

You said you are flabbergasted by reading 10 things we hate, we don’t like, we don’t want..Kinda posts..

But, is this The A-Z..not those kind of posts..trying to fit in some frame..rather trying to crate a new frame..

I came across this somewhere,
" What do you be a byproduct of your environment..or to make environment your byproduct"

Is it making sense..I myself dont know..or, am I just sounding a 'cynic'..