Sunday, March 16

Memories revisited... Mysore, Bandipur, Muttumalai & Ooty

St. Philomena Church, Mysore

St. Philomena Church Enterance, Mysore
I conquer :P
Mysore Palace

Deer in Bandipur Forest
This is how sun looks inside the jungle
3 Gore Monkeys, Posing :D
Flow of the River
The conquered Peak

This is how it looks from the top :D


Vandita said...

loved the pics...
my favs : 2nd and 8th :)

Keshi said...

ty for stopping by my blog Ankur!

These pics ar AMAZING! So beautiful. One day I wanna visit India and take pics of all these places u mentioned. I hv heard that Ooty is very pretty and ur pics prove it!


Anonymous said...

isme tum kahan ho.. wais ebhi bahut chotte hain...clickable bhi nahin hai :P

theek hai.. i told ya.. i have better pics hehhehe!

c e e d y said...


thanks for the visit...great pics...

yeah will try and do that - but give me some time to listen to it and mull over it to come up with the concept - any particular direction you can think off...let me know....

Pri said...

nice pics :)
i feel like going on a holiday again :p

Lena said...

pics are truly wonderful. loved them!! :)

Ankur said...

thanks for dropping by

and yes, i love the memories... :D

8th is my fav too :)

Ankur said...


and here u return the favor :P

oh, u r welcome, but i shld say, Ooty was a beautiful place, but now purely commercialized, but u must visit the small places near Ooty, they r just beautiful!!!


Ankur said...


i know i cant take pics like u, but memories are always smaller than the original.. so r des pics... :D

Ankur said...


i dont know whether i can give u time or not, upto u really ;)

thanks for dropping by...

and yes, u can mull over the idea of love. :)

Ankur said...


u think of going on vacations.. rnt u already :P

but really, even me think of leaving for a vacation :-/

Ankur said...


thanks, thanks... though some day i would love to visit moscow, heard a lot abt it, the snow, ppl... and Indian songs!!!


Lena said...

you are welcome anytime :D