Tuesday, March 11

Women... n Thinking

After reading my last blog, one of my sweet cute little friend asked me, "Why do you write about women so much?". Frankly, i was stunned with the question, but the instant reaction was, "I am fond of them." Many must be laughing after reading this, but those who know me, will say, yes, he is. Phewwwww!!!!

I think i should admit it here, I am fond of woman, beacuse of their body, mind and soul, everything. I am like a normal guy, who looks at girls, and yes, at times, do a lot of commenting with my friends. I do like to flirt with girls. No experiments though. :)

Woman has played a very important part in my life since my childhood, had many of these girlfriends since the beginning, and now i realize how lucky i was at that point of time. :P Also the fact that most of those girls use to share a lot of things with me, from their day to day life to their love affairs and so on. I also think that i was a center of attraction at that point of time as i was among the top rankers in the class(sometimes and sometimes not). But this definitely gave me an edge over others, when it came to having girlfriends. Though the beauty at that point of time was that our minds were not so corrupt as they are now.

I still remember that few girls use to surrender their tiffins, specially to me. Many of them used to bring something special for me. Ahhh, what a feeling that was. They called me on their birthdays, and not only my classmates, but i remember attending many birthday parties of my teachers. Reason being, i was very cute, as a child, had all the trade marks of becoming a Casanova(though i personally dont like the way this term is used). Still remmeber, my uncles and aunts, chedofying me after attending the parties. Heheheh... But it was fun.

I still remember, how in class 8th i had a huge crush on this junior of mine, who looked like Sadhna, ahh.. she was beautiful, but my classmates associated me with another girl, and another classmate of mine(a girl only), told Sadhna ( :P ), that i have a crush on her, and then she never talked to me. Hate you Payal for doing it. :P I spent great time with the classmate of mine, talking, chatting, and even we passed on few love letters i believe. It was all great and my mum also used to like her. Should have taken the chance of proposing her then only i must say. Hehehehe...

But the biggest crush of my life came with my first job, early days, i was 20 and she 19. The crush was so huge that i took a tranfer later just to be near her. She was a great company, a girl with principals, courage, beauty, mind and above all, a great soul. Later i too realised that she had the same thing for me, which was great to find out. We use to chat and talk for hours, so the crush finally turned into a relationship with formal exchange of those few words. A relationship which i wanted to last forever, but i think it was against the wish of god and his creatures, so it turned into a turmoil. But i will never forget the days, months, seasons and above all the time i spent with her.

Again i think i started the post with some other thoughts and have ended it with some other. But i would like to mention one thing here :-
We are mammals and blessed with body hair, three middle ear bones, and the ability to nourish our young with milk, Although females have the mammary glands, we all start out in a similar way in the, embryo. During development, the embryo follows a female template until about six weeks,when the male sex chromosome kicks in for a male embryo. The embryo then begins to develop all of its male characteristics. Men are thus left with nipples and also with some breast tissue.<~~~ This is what Bio Science Says... that means... all men are females for 6 weeks in life,... so by manuscripts, by scienc and by nature ... evry life is Feminine... Males are just a variation to Class Mother and not different from class mother... We Males ... Adore , respect,... And completely surrender to female gender who is our creator... (excerpt from a comment from one of Priyanka's post, i loved it and did not find any better lines than these.)


Supriya Narang said...

I cannot find any words to express the joy when i read the last few lines!!!
P.S. And for anyone else who's reading the comments section -- I'm the sweet cute little frnd :P LOL
women- u know who to thank for this lovely post after ankur SIR :P

Lena said...

loved this post!
Cheers to your sweet cute little friend! Without her we wouldnt have the pleasure to read this one ;)

Prakriti said...

am speechless... i only wish that other men also start thinking like this and supriya, thanks. :)

Mez said...

Thank god u love women..

Ankur said...

I dont find any reason to hate them. Every women is lovely.