Saturday, March 15

Forget n Forgive... Updated

I tried everything
everything i can
wat makes it worse is
that still she cant...

she cant forgive me
for the mistake i have made
she cant forget me
for all tat lost in faith

i told her everything
everything i could
i did everything
which cud make her sure

when i said sorry
she said No.. No...
i pleaded and i pleaded
long time but no

when i asked tat y
she said she feels hurt
she didnt realize
i m more than hurt

this is how things work
in this moron world
when the morning starts
with a loads of shuckss

but how long this will go
on n on n on
will this ever end
with a happy note

i still say sorry
it was my mistake
but will i be forgiven
all for frndship sake...

I tried everything..
if i miss something
do tell me and let me know
as soon as u can

Will she ever forgive me
oh my dear friend
Will she ever forget
all tat frndship can...

I think its over
over as it can
she'll never forgive me
for wat was insane

i have given up
given up on u
given up everything
with all tat faith in u

i think it is right
to forget it all
I wont say sorry
sorry nemore

I m now so happy
happy as i can
cant celebrate much though
given up a friend...


Anonymous said...
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Vandita said...

if i were her i would...

Ankur said...


hehe.. if it would have been you, then thank you. :)

some ppl r just lik tat ;)

Anonymous said...

I guess...

i think it is right
to forget it all
I wont say sorry
sorry nemore

thats good :)

coz people who know u.... wont think twice b4 accepting the apology. and the people who dnt want to.. wil neva accept ti anyways :)

Pri said...

heyy just got about reading this NOW...
hope this poem is entirely fictitious :)

Lena said...

sometimes we hurt our friends just too much and a sorry wont change anything. Just give it time.. One cant give up on friends if they really are friends. When you want friendship to be there you should fight for it. Else you always have a choice of giving up.

Ankur said...


Thanks veens... thanks for wat all u said abt me. :)

and yes, finally its taken, the apology!!! :D

Ankur said...

no... this poem isnt ... :D

its for someone ;)

Ankur said...


i know Lena, i thought i fired the gun a bit too early...

and yes, u dont give up on friends... but tis was a lil complicated :D

Lena said...

Human relationships are always complicated, ankur..
check this up, maybe it will give you another thought of not ending up friendship like this :)

Pri said...

@ lena
that was truly a wonderful post...:)
u said everything there could be said and it made soo much sense...

Lena said...

thank you, pri :)