Sunday, March 9


Thinking of what to write... my mind is flooded with thoughts.


Hope this woman day will bring a lot of change to the lives of many women around the world. They will gain the respect they deserve and will achieve success in this year too. Hope we will move forward towards the concept of egalitarian society and they them selves will play a big role in this. Hope we will give the due credit to them in our lives.

Hope women will also understand what they are made of. I listen to many friends of mine and really find them surrendering to the thought of giving up their personal career when it comes to marrying their loved one. I fail to understand that all these are the women who cry out loud when someone does something wrong with other woman. They shout a lot but when their time comes, they do surrender to so called circumstances to see that they live happily ever after. Ahem!!! I have 2 thoughts here
1) Your parents do everything for you for 20-25 years and you forget them for someone you hardly know for 6 months or 6 days sometimes, saying it was their duty. 2) You study for the period of 20 years and you give it all up, just because you feel you are in love.
For those 20-25 years your parents give you, you shout at them,cry, if anything goes wrong, if they take any decision which as per you will hinder the growth of you, professionaly or personally. And for 20 years you study thinking that you want to achieve something, some having a career goal and vision and then forgetting it all. All of this is given up just for one thing, for love, which many a times you dont know exist or not.
I am by no means trying to state that you should give up love, or you should not love, infact i am a firm believer of the fact that it is the most beautiful thing which can happen to you. But at the same time you should also understand that if you will grow professionaly, you will become inspiration for many to follow.
I does not understand that why its girls who give up, at the cost of their goals and vision. Why them everytime? If someone asks me to become a house husband, i dont know whether i will accept the same or not.
But its Love, above all, that is what is being told to me. Ahem!!!
Chak De is a story of Indian womens hockey team, which has changed a lot in the world of Indian sports. Chak De has become sports emblem. the one above all. Its again a story of girls who have changed a lot when it comes to the fate of Indian sports. Saying that i want to become like Barkha Dutt, Sonali, will not change the world for you.
Yes i have said and accepted time to time that we live in a world which is dominated by men. A unipolar world which revolves around US(still) and Men. Celebrating International women day is not going to help women of this world but they need to understand the significance of the day. I want to ask many of my female friends that what have they done, them selves on this day so that they call this a significant day in their lives. Cheering, congratulating one another, as per me doesnt give any significance to this day.
My thoughts are always weird, as me. No offences to anyone.

Girl o' Girl
Let me make you happy
By giving roses
and make you smile
but thinking
all the time
is this what will
make you happy
really happy
giving up
all your tide
giving up
all for me
all your life
thinking it will
make me smile!!!


Pri said...

hmm what have i done for womans day...besides wishing everyone and making a a few guys out here all guilty with my blog? :p
this post made me think really...
it has inspired me to actually DO '8th may' i might start a rally ...heehee

ok on a serious note, i must confess i myself would be caught in pretty much a tough spot if the guy i loved most would ask me to quit my career for him...
its a different thing i ultimately wouldent but i would be hell upset :((

Ankur said...


Ahhh... so here i can see one more guilty face :P
and wats on 8th May??? googling told me its World Red Cross Red Crescent Day... :P
r u talkin abt 8th May or 8th Mar :P
On a serious note, girls like you who can express, really have to execute too. :)
n yes, i hope d1 u luv wud nt put u in that touch spot.
Cheers Buddy!!!

Supriya Narang said...

hmmm.. I guess u r forgetting an angle here... When you say this :
) Your parents do everything for you for 20-25 years and you forget them for someone you hardly know for 6 months or 6 days sometimes, saying it was their duty
I believe, it is for the parents to act in a matured way and accept or logically reason with their daughter as to what's wrong with the match she has chosen! Afterall, they have been taking most, if not all, decisions of her life for the last 25 years and now it is the time for her to decide who she wants to spend her life with...
Instead they use immature stuff like emotional blackmail and restricting the girl in her own home to save their neck in the society.. Is the society going to be responsible if tomorrow your daughter has nervous breakdown or any other trauma because of this forced marriage?
So the last choice left with the girl is to elope.. and trust me on this, no girl willingly wants to leave her family.. they are more emotionally bonded to their parents..
and for the second point I really cannot comment as I have no experience wotsoever :P but yeah, i guess it should be mutual understanding between the husband and the wife and duties must be shared equally if it is a nuclear family.. The problem is that men are not willing to share equal responsibilities after childbirth and during the first few years, so the mother has to sacrifice her career because they cannot give birth to kids and leave them for maids to raise!

Ankur said...

Well, the way u have interpreted is totally different with what i have said in my blog. Though, i would still like to answer you.
We always think, (m using we) that parents act in a less mature way then they shld have, great thought, but not correct.

You know, most of the times the parents are worried abt the girl herself. They know whats right and whats wrong for the girl, the reason i am saying this is, beacuse they have spent more time in this universe than we have.

Yes, there are few parents, who do this all, beacuse of society, but then they have their own logic. As i have already said in one of my post, Hypocrisy, its our mind not heart which lets us fake.

You have forgotten the fact that you are talkin to a victim of such thoughts, but still i dont generalize this.
Love Marriages are accepted in our society, but its our behavior in the recent times, which makes our parents think dozens of times before allowing their children to take such a decision.

And yes, i do accept you are more emotionally attached to the family, but i m no less(man).

Talkin abt the 2nd point, the whole point of discussion here was that even in luv, when u choose the right person as per u, u still r not able to convince him wat is right for you, and still u call it a right choice.


Anonymous said...

Boy 'oh Boy!

Like it! Sweet~! I guess this is the exact thing that I say or would say if smeone i wud marry wants me to quit ANYTHING i do.. lekin the only thing these dayzz.. the matrimonial sites ..have guys who want girls to be good academically, working... and nice, good looking.. and dnt ask. ;) Perfect they say :)


but I LOVE yur poem in the end :)

jus LOVE IT!