Sunday, February 3

Love, Breakups and Moving on

Lately, I dont know why I am only soming across such posts??? Is it coincidence??? Life is certainly difficult without the one we love..

Everywhere i see, there are a lot of people who are unhappy with what they did. People are looking for answers!!! Y did we love at the first place? Was it a right decision? Was it a right person? Were we making too many compromises? Why did we break up? What was wrong? Was my decision abt that person wrong??

I ask all of them: If you were so intelligent than y did u fall in love at the first place??? And wat i find interesting here is tat all of them believe in love at first sight... if not all then most.
But y didnt u try and find an answer to this? Y did u fall??? At the hindsight there may be many evidences which suggests tat we took the wrong decision, but did someone force u?? i dont think so!!!!

I hope ppl understand tat by just sayin its divine we wont make it.. but feel it this way... Dont just talk abt the diviness, better believe in it. There was no reason to fall in love but yet u did... now dont be so unhuman to betray urself by thinking that it wasnt right. Not everything happens for right or wrong... so let it be the way it is..
I always loved this quote

Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly- Sam Keen

Wat we did was right.. we gave it our best shot and beacuse of some unwanted circumstance we did not reach at the end that we wanted. But the journey leading to tat path, one shld try to remember that. Its not always the destination which is most enjoyable coz its just a moment, but its the journey leading us to tat destination which is eternal, makes us feel happy. Love is a journey not a destination.
I think we somehow somewhere took a wrong step and our journey was ended, yet the path is still enjoyable, memorable, nostalgic.

another quote...
I would have loved my girl anyways even if i would have known she will break my heart.

In the end i would like to end with my own lines:

कमबख्त दिल को समझाए कैसे
टूटे हुए सपने सजाये कैसें
अब जो टूट गए हैं अरमान
फिर से दिल लगाये कैसें


DestinyFavChild said...


nuthng to say...totally given up on this !

Pri said...

well everyones talking about it...everyones searching for answers...and some are trying to help others find some and maybe in the process convincing themselves they have found some too :)
afterall its february...and lurrrvvvee is in the!!

Prakriti said...

Well, all i gotta say is love is the very nature of humankind. we all want to be loved but are big losers wen it comes to giving love and i mean love to everybody not only the kind mentioned by u in this popst. and as far as break ups are concerned, they hapen because they are meant to happen. and that is in the interest of both individuals involved in the relationship. i read somewhere that some people walk into your life for a purpose, some for a reason, some for a season and some for all the seasons. the ones with whom we spend our lives are the ones who come for all the seasons. and the ones who walk out are the ones who come for a purpose, they come, make us happy, spread smiles, make us cry, teach us a lesson and then walk away. we should try to not brood over it. and as they say, move on... :)

KPs View! said...

This is one of the best post...I have ever read...its cause first time i am reading someone blames himself and not others....My point is not make u feel guilty...but u did took the share of the blame for this.....I hate when ppl are naive and thinks..its their other half solely responsible for this........

Ankur said...

i know y... hope god is listening!!!

its feb i know.. but november wasnt tat sweet either...

i always believed tat love isnt abt living together.. so i dont believe in seasons. its just abt the feelin...
moving on is not easy for everyone.. for few it never matters...

thanks.. and i dont feel guilty abt nothing. Its a reality and i have to face it. :)
and believe me.. noone is responsible ever. :)

Mez said...

Hey thnx for droppin by my blog ankur. ill be bak to read ur stuff.

Supriya Narang said...

If they were so intelligent, they wudnt fall in love -- remm? love is blind?!