Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine Day

Today I am thinking a lot, thinking about how will i spend my day, but do i have any options? :P
I have to go to office and then after office i will go for workouts, so it will clock 10. And after that the dabba which is delivered at my place needs to be eaten also. So it will be eventually 11 o clock when i have some time for D day. hehehe. Then i can think of writing another post where i will certainly talk about love. 6 months back i had some different plans eheehehe... but plans are always plans, u never know ;)

But still this day holds a great significance in my life. I respect this day, Saint Valentine, beacuse its not about loving your girl only, but its a day where one can express love towards everyone.

Still, i have to rush now as i have to reach office in time. Thats the irony i guess :P

Wish all my friends a happy v day... Have a blast and gift ur someone special roses... lots of roses... heheheh...



Priya said...


A very happy valentines dayto you too!

God Bless!

Pri said...

hope u had a great valentine day...though i guess it was just another working day for most of us :)
but for traditions sake ...haha!!
and time for a new post isnt it??