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It’s a topic (tag) which was given (assigned) to me for writing by my friend while a tête-à-tête (: P, it was a lunch meeting) in a restaurant. I first decided that I should not write on such a topic. My instant reaction was writing on "hypocrisy" in itself will be faking and coming out with something which wasn't needed. I believe that everyone knows what’s this, but then I said, OK, even if everyone knows, I need to put down what I think about this as someone asked me to do this. It is important for me also to understand what am I doing? As writing something always introduces you more with the topic, the introspection and the retrospection part of it, what I have done wrong and what I could have done right.

I also believe I am also a big hypocrite and need to change, and as a hypocrite I would definitely say, so does everyone. But before moving more into the topic let me start with the formal (dictionary) definition of the word "Hypocrisy"

The practice of falsely presenting an appearance of virtue or falsely professing a belief to which one's own character or conduct does not conform; dissimulation, pretence; an instance of this.

When I searched for and through the definition, the first thing came to my mind was, isn’t this definition talking about JOKER? But then joker does all this to make people laugh, but we do it for whom? The answer is obvious, ourselves.

I, Me, Myself thing always takes precedence on everything in our lives. But I believe this is what we are. I certainly find myself doing this. Yes the extent to which it is done certainly changes with time and situation. So is this depends on the external factors, the environmental factors? Yes such behavior is moreover based on environmental factors. Have you ever seen an Ass (Donkey) worrying about what other asses will think of him? (LOL) He isn’t worried about others because he hasn’t got a mind to think so. Which also leads me to one more argument? Is our mind the one which is letting us do all this? Making us fake in front of everyone?

We start such a behavior from our childhood and I also believe that our upbringing has a lot to do with this. Starting right from what a child want to be, but what his parents push him to become, always fighting hard for marks and believing that people who don’t top are fools, dumb asses or demeaning to the society. Certainly many of you reading this post wont agree with me, but ask this question to yourself, once atleast, What you wanted to be and what have you become, why being successful always come in the way of pursuing something. Why do we always have this feeling of doing correct thing at times, taking correct decision about our careers and choosing right subject, but did we involved our heart in it. I believe mind plays a big role for a person to become a hypocrite. Our heart always wants us to do things which may give us joy, like taking a bath in the rain on the roadside, but our mind say, what will the people say?

It’s not only about the studies from our childhood but it’s also about the kind of upbringing which takes place now days in so called “Our Own” Family (not the joint one). A kid is asked not to play in the ground because his clothes will be dirty. Not to play with the kids who are of lower class. I can only laugh on this. These literate people when talk about class, that there shouldn’t be one; they introduce their kids to these. Saying that, “His father is an alcoholic, you will become like him”, what the kid has to do with it? Have you ever try to find out that your great grandfather (if not grandfather) was also playing in the same dirt, but if your rule applies here then how did you reach at this position to buy a Mercedes.

Many of you will think differently but I certainly respect all your thoughts as we are human and free to think the way we do. Disagreement is always good for learning.

When my friend asked me to write on this topic, I said to myself, Ankur, you don’t need to, but then I said, not writing will even count in hypocrisy as I will be afraid of writing on this.

These are all random thoughts coming to my mind; forgive me for the lack of writing point to point. Also I am leaving many questions and arguments incomplete because even I don’t have an answer to all this.

But what I believe is this. Hypocrisy exists and thinking we are not one is ASS U M ing.

All your views are welcome and if you want me to introduce anything to the topic then you can ask me to do so.

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Pri said...

hmm nice post...
enjoyed reading it...
there were lines which made me stop and think :)

Ankur said...


Thanks :)

Hitesh said...

From your blog...
“I also believe I am also a big hypocrite and need to change, and as a hypocrite I would definitely say, so does everyone. But before moving more into the topic let me start with the formal (dictionary) definition of the word "Hypocrisy"”

I think there is some flaw in your argument. Hypocrisy you are assuming that it is always bad. I don’t think so. Think of it in positive light. Many of your relations just survive because you are a hypocrite. Think of yourself losing things/ relations that you have to forego if you are not a hypocrite, No matter how hard you attempt, there is always going to be Hypocrisy in your conduct. Hypocrisy as you are defining i.e. falsely professing a belief to which one’s character does not confirm. Here, you are assuming that it is possible for one to know what his beliefs are and second, these beliefs even if possible to know, don’t change. Also, further you are assuming that what is said by you or someone else and how that is reflected in conduct, you can decipher that. I would argue that all these assumptions are just assumptions.

Thinking of having an understanding of your beliefs..few things you just do but don’t understand why u do them...for example, call teachers ‘sir’ even if you think they are just crap....being unreasonable when you love a person, what kind of belief it is...Spending 1000’s of rupees on calling gf..but not having money to spend on your parents/ friends..not having time for them..our beliefs are not always easy to know..they are buried deep down..for digging them out, you need time, patience, reflection..and most importantly..what do you think is the purpose of knowing all these beliefs...when it is difficult to know your own belief, how you can say that you can know others beliefs...

Second assumption is our beliefs don’t change...who said that...we keep on changing our beliefs if there is a time lag between what I said and what I did, how you can say that I am are just assuming that I have not changed...Think about finance ..Time Value of Money..1 rs today not equal 1 rs tomorrow..

finally, even if it possible to know belief and match them with your conduct..who I am judge whether your conduct is matching with your beliefs..and am I capable enough to do so..not always ( I would say most of the times not possible...) For example, If I have gifted a diamond set to my girl friend and did not send any money to my parents when they need it...does that in any way contradict with my saying (belief) that I love my parents..not always...most of our conducts are circumstantial..and other persons are just not able to see the whole picture to a great extent..Also, another important thing here is that we see things from our ‘worldview’ not from someone else’s ‘worldview’...But, bad thing (even dangerous) is we form the whole picture in our mind in reality to a great extent we are just looking a piece of picture..think of trying to conjure a picture by just looking at 1 piece but ignoring other 9 pieces, it seems irrational..but most of the time we are doing this only..Looking at one piece of picture..and thinking that we have seen the big picture...
I would just say that it is great to match your conduct with your beliefs and what you say..but do look at the caveat of thinking in this manner..I would strongly argue that some hypocrisy will always be there in your conduct..and even desirable...a more sophisticated word probably is you need ‘power and politics’ in your life..which is another form of hypocrisy...