Wednesday, February 13

Hannibal no.. Politicians the Cannibal

Isn’t It???

What does u think about it...? I certainly think of it in this way. There is tension all around Maharashtra, people are worried, and Indians are worried. The Feeling which first came to my mind... Are we Indians or subdivided into the state we belong to??? All those people who gave their life to see an Independent India, did they ever think of Independent Mumbai or Pune or Delhi or Patna, I don’t think so. The unanimous thought which was there in the mind of all the freedom fighters was to see a nation where everyone is equal and not divided on the basis of cast, religion and certainly not region.

Yesterday when I was coming to home from office, I was worried, worried because of the elements who are doing this... diving us among the region. Who has given them this right? And certainly no right to come out and say, we will parcel you back!!! Who are you Mr.??? I certainly think of you as a Cannibal because you are eating human lives. People who were very happy before all this, living together are now thinking... yes... in our own state this is going on, we are not getting employment??? Why the outsiders are preferred???

Here is a piece of advice for someone who started this!!! You were thrown out of your own home... isn’t it??? You thought you are the right heir for the party but then again someone else took it from you??? What you did?? Did you have the guts to fight it with someone who people highly think of!!! If you did not have it at that time you are certainly no one to come out to sort out issues of people who are certainly not your family. I sometimes feel like killing all these people because even our legal and penal system don’t have the guts to arrest them on behalf of making such derogatory remarks against people of the nation. Yes, you read it right, People of the Nation, We all are, no one has the right to say that you don’t belong to this part of the nation because it’s our state.

I did remember one scene from the movie 'Chak De', when two girls from the north east came to the camp and the manager said, "oh ji... aap toh humare guest ho" and one of them replied... "Will you be happy if you will be called a guest in your own home???” This is one nation, that’s how the constitution was built. Dr Ambedkar certainly did not think of it in this way.

And again I think of one more thing, when these people fight for Kashmir... who has given them a right to speak for those people. They don’t belong to your state, why you are thinking of them??? Who are you??? No one... Think about your state. Make all the political mileage out of it. All those people who have surrendered their thoughts for you make them do all these things you want to. Because this is how you earn, isn’t it??? One friend of mine was yesterday saying that how this Mr. has got an Audi (the car), and then he replied himself... "Aise hi paisa banaya hoga Na!!!”

Make all those people suffer who don’t even understand what you are upto??? But certainly I do, you are upto a mission to divide this nation more and more on behalf of state and when you will be done with all this , then think of City, why r u in Mumbai when you belong to Sholapur or Pune, go back, this is not your city, this city belong to Mumbai people, but do you know where are you from Mr., I hope the day will soon come when people will send you back first to the place you belong, and I don’t see of that place on earth atleast.

But till that time, think of getting all the political mileage out of it. Think of killing more people so that you can reduce the population of this country. But I certainly think of you as worse than the terrorists who are coming from outside. How can I blame them when I see that people in my nation (read home) are themselves destroying the happiness? You are worse than all of them, think I request please think, I plead please think. Don’t do this, because people who regard you certainly don’t understand what you are upto as of now??? But the day they will have a mind of their own, where will you go Mr.??? Who will save you???

God, we call this KALYUG, for real now!!!
Forgive us for all our sins...

Hope all will be well soon... Amen!!!!

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Prakriti said...

a nice write up... these politicians are truely cannibals. but the irony of the entire incident is that any attempt to arrest Mr. Politician will only result in more violence in Maharashtra. It happened yesterdat when there was the news of his arrest, situation actually became tense. Mumbai is known all over India for its absorbent culture. And now disrupting the harmony like this. I cannot believe it that people can be so jobless and dislike peace like this!!! its a pity we have such "leaders"...