Tuesday, February 16

The Best Valentine Ever

P.S. Added word verification and comment moderation as someone is trying to screw... and I can guess who she/he is!!!

Ok... I had my best Valentine day ever celebrated this time. It was hell of a day where I enjoyed a lot.

First, we went for a drive on 13th night after having some Thai dinner, I was supposed to be a long drive of 1 hr. We took the route of Chicago which is like 6 hours journey from here. We took IN66 for 2 long hours and then took a wrong turn. (Now this wasnt a wrong turn, but rather we didnt take a turn and simply followed a road :P). After driving for another hour we realized that we have lost completely. We didnt know where we are... so our driver aka ME tried his sense of direction by reading North/South and start driving. We hit roads where the traffic was only following us in the opposite direction and there were only grass on either side of the road. :P

The thrill was driving at 80-90 mph which is a violation, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. The best part was I lost my data signals too so werent able to turn my GPS on... lol!
We called people but it was just their voice on mail... lol!!

At 1.30 am in the night we found a Walmart (god bless them! :P) and I bought a GPS from there to show us the way. (see you need someone/something to show the way in life.. hehehe). We got home by 4am. It was simply amazing to see the stars, driving without lights on at times, and watch the lil orangish sky at times...

Then on 14th all of us went for lunch. Following this, we went for another drive of 3 hours and believe me the scenery this time was awesome. As its snowing here so the roads, trees and full of snow and it looks like you are in Switzerland (this came from someone who was there for past 2 years). The scenic beauty was simply awesome... Had amazing fun...

Then came back home and all of us Desi's here celebrated with Tambola and Dumb Shiraz on 14th night.

It simply was awesome... I had fun... how was ur Valentine? ;)


suruchi said...

Who are the "WE's"?;-)))
Don't tell me u managed to have a bunch of dates out at the same time?;-)

Glad u had fun:-)

Anjuli said...


Ria said...

wow that was fun!! :) Well, i shopped for myself, and spent lots of time on skype. :D

aneri_masi said...

That sounds like fun :)
Be careful in that snow though, 80-90 in those conditions, w/o lights! Dude! Don't do that again, plz!

Aah, tambola! Been ages since I played that.

Dumb charades to suna hai , yeh Dumb Shiraz kaun hai?

We got our first orange harvest for the year, made orange juice, and muffins with the juice :)

Ankur said...


this bunch is a group of forced single guys + me!! :|

and i am perfectly straight to call them a date! :P

thanks! ;)

Ankur said...


what does this smile says? :D

Ankur said...


good... skype saved him a lot of bucks it seems! :P

Ankur said...


no no... no more plans for that, it reminded me of i know what you did last summer! :D

and haan dumb charade... naam mai dumb hai na so galti ho gayi! :P

and orange harvest... sounds fun... glad that u had good time! :)

state of mind? said...

well well....ur description of the drive seems to be very romantic....

n to it was a bunch of single guys makes me grrrrriiin !!!!!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Sounds like you had great fun exploring! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post at The Colours Magazine today!

Aaron Thomae said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, please read mine and let me know what you think!


Keep up the good work!