Sunday, February 28

Whats wrong being called a GOD?

Well the past week has been a great one in the history of Indian sports and specially Cricket. The demigod of Cricket aka Sachin Tendulkar has left no stone unturned while playing the game and writing his name in the history books.
For those of you who aren't aware, he scored 200 runs in an ODI which always seemed to lure him and everyone else and critics and his fellow colleagues says that no one would have deserved it more.
Some points to note which may not go to the history books: -
1) Most Facebook status messages that day and for days to come belonged to Sachin and pronounced him GOD. Some of those didn't agree to it and feel that he is over-hyped, playing for himself and there is not much in a sport to declare someone god.
2) The servers of the site was crashed due to the hits they received that day for the record Sachin made and they interesting honor him with the records saying... Only you can do this and really, only he could have done it!!

The critics poured in and rather than honoring his achievements they said that he doesn't deserve to be called a god or demigod, he is doing it for himself, many people are choosing cricket and wasting their careers.

Well to me it seemed like what he has done only god can do!!! A man who holds almost every record which is there in ODI's and yet after playing for 20 years he has never given up. He still looks that young like he was 20 years ago and he is just improving on himself all the time. Who else has done it consistently for 20 years??? Any single player who do it would be given the status of god!!

Well the point is that its just not Cricket and thats why he is given that staus. I guess every sports fan does this to anyone who succeeds in sports. Isn't Roger Federer called the god of tennis? or Ayrton Sena holds the same status in F1 or Madonna or Pele in football?
There are many who have done wonders in the respective sports they played and they didn't just play it for themselves. They did it for their country, their people and its a tremendous achievement which should be celebrated and every fan has the right for call them god or even above god if they want to.

Someone said that there are many people who give up their carriers or waste themselves playing galli(street) cricket as they want to aspire to play in the national team and become like Sachin. Well whats wrong in that?
Firstly, everyone cant be successful otherwise we would have no measures of success.
Second, everyone has one idol, dont we? We all want to do really good or want to be successful in whatever profession we are. But are we all successful if you look at that measure of success? Are we all at the pinnacle of our profession? No!!! But those people have and thats the reason they are admired, prayed, idolized and lived as...

We shall also stop comparing achievements in a ladder, for a man an achievement could be scoring a single goal in a college football match, or for that matter feeding his family of four, or may be bringing smiles to some children across the streets by offering them some ice-cream to eat. An achievement is for an individual and when that achievement is so big, it needs to be hyped coz everyone cant achieve the same and they shall be idolized for others to look forward to.

A single man who brings joy to 100 billion people in a country of 130 bn people with his masterstroke is no one else but GOD because I see no other occasion when we all come together and smile for a single cause, cheer for a single cause and enjoy for a single cause!!!
As I said before... Everyone's world is limited and so is god nowadays and so is such joy!! so stop criticizing, be a part of it if you want or ignore if thats the best you can do!!!

Lets stop honoring those achievements whether its in any sports and understand that playing the sports takes more from your body. Its a short term profession where you cant last forever and body is going to give up someday or other. Whatever heights they achieve during those years, they shall be well deservingly applauded for the same.

P.S. As I was writing this post, The Hockey World Cup 2010 has begun and India have beaten their arch rival Pakistan with a scoreline of 4-1 comfortably.
P.S. I am not trying to hurt anyone's belief of god so If you feel that then I apologize in advance.


suruchi said...

Seems like sachin is everywhere...
On my page n yours...;-)
Another one of the many things common between us...lolssssssss:-)))

I actually wrote my post after i saw a fanpage on facebook that said “i was alive when sachin made his 200” wow man...the frenzy he creates...thumb up to him...

Needless to say i agree with ur post n thumbs up to u too:-)

Ria said...

sachin is jus too good!!he was and will always remain awesome. My faith in him has never shook even when he was not in his best form!

And i totally agree with what u hav written buddy.

Rajlakshmi said...

agree that people should stop critising and enjoy all the little moments we have... though this moment was a hugeeeee one :D

akanksha said...

Agree to everything u mentioned!
If god exists, he was sure playing that day!

Prashant evolving.. said...

its simple..even people dont agree upon whether there is God or how can you think they will agree that Sach is gr8test ever..and think if there were no criticism than would you be writing this beautiful peace of art..
:) :) :) so njoii..the criticism also that s the driving force behind most of the thingss in world..

You Did Whaaat?! said...

I like your blog :) Check mine out: :)

Keshi said...

Agree 100%! :)

Just that some ppl dun hv a sense of humor or sense at all for that matter hehe.

Hope all is well with ya Ankur! ty for all the emails/msgs during my absence. Im here only for a lil while..