Wednesday, January 20

Dream & Reality

Today Morning I woke up with a dream... A dream that am married and its early morning, my wife is sleeping and I am making a cuppa tea for her and she is very happy when she wakes up. I wasnt scared with making tea for her or because she is happy, but for the sheer dream! :D

I guess this is too much of working. I was working till 2am in morning and then woke up at 6.45 and 1st thing... no prizes for guessing, checking office mails! :P

To surprise myself, my today morning ginger-black pepper tea is without sugar, cutting calories! :P

Then read the news that only Maharashtra domicile would be driving taxi in Mumbai... Why?
If this is the case then I would never be working here in US, neither am a citizen, nor a domicile. I have never understood the fact that why do we try to define boundaries to the world? Just because we live in certain area, do we own it? It is totally politically motivated, to get more votes from the poor people of Maharashtra. Now the black rates for getting a domicile would go up, all the things would still remain the same!

Someone rightly said... As we are growing, our hearts are shrinking.

Lets pray for the people of Haiti those who have died, lost their homes or dear ones in the massive quake earlier this year. My heart also goes for the poor people who are suffering in Hyderabad because of demand for a new state, or in Pakistan who are dying because of bomb blasts or in Iraq. Too much of pain is there in this world. I try my best to bring the smile back on their faces. Request you too to donate for poor people of Haiti if possible. Lets do what we can... and atleast not say but make this world a better place to live. Amen!

P.S. The tea doesnt taste as bad as i thought it would be! :D


Lena said...

sounds like a sweet dream :)

Ankur said...


ya may be... just sweet and not true! :P

suruchi said...

Hmmm...about that 'biwi wala' dream bit...maybe life is sending signals your way...;-)
Maybe time to change the course:-)

And the Haiti's sending the signals there too..
Whatever we have is now...we work madly for the future that may or may not come...and we ignore the present that is staring at us in the face...
To make most of what we have now...coz life as we know it...can be unpredictable n winding:-)

Ankur said...

haan yaar... life is sending signals and the profile has been posted on matrimonial sites. Its really time when i should change the course.

I totally agree to you with now part. We all live dreaming future and we forget our present. We forget that we have a life to live and every moment is equally important. We should try to make it count. :)

I want to live a life where i dont worry about future but enjoy my present.


suruchi said...

Oh thank god we have moved on from Suruchi "ji" to "yaar";-) shows u are ready...hahaha...

But profile on the matrimonial sites kyon?
Just get out of the house to breathe...maybe even read out aloud your posts n women would be swooning as it is...choose n pick;-)

Early morning bakwaas gyan...Please ignore as it could lead to hazardous consequences;-)
Chalo,chalo...time to live coz NOW is happening as we speak:-)

Ankur said...


arre wo suruchi ji was taken from ur post! :P

and well... the pity is all my friends say that, but when it turns to reality... shhhhhh.. there is silence! :P :P

and no no... not gyan but practical... mere ghar ke saamne lake hai.. wahan jakar try karta hoon, koi nahi aayi toh mai swimming hi kar loonga! :P

hehhe.. good day! :)

Ria said...

hey thats such a sweet dream!! :) Hope it comes true soon! And abt the domicile thing...i think what u said is bang on target.

I dont hav words for the pain that ppl r undergoing around the world...if only i cud find out why? I wud do my best to reduce it in some way or the other. :(

suruchi said...

Hmmm..u n lake n swimming...interesting..:-)
What a view it must be...of the lake of course!
And wow..what a brain wave of an idea..
Happy lake-ing,happy swimming n while u are at it...happy fish-ing too...for girls that is...
For it seems to be to perfect place where the girls would gather in large numbers to find eligible least now it is;-)

Ankur said...

hehe... i know its sweet yet scary! :D
thanks... :)

and yea, we should try to do something. :)


Ankur said...


interesting... ahaan... dont dream now pl!! lol
the lake is all iced now... as its too cold even to think of taking a bath outside. Period.

waise garmiyo mai try karoonga... i mean fishing... :P


Cinderella said...

That is a lovely dream!

My heart goes out to all who suffered in the Haiti mishap. God help them stand back sooner.

Ankur said...

thanks yaar...

and i hope too that they come to lives soon! :)