Monday, January 25

Dont know the title again...

It really helps a lot. Since I have begin writing here again, it really helps a lot. To keep out the anger or control my emotions, it helps.

Life hasn't been so complicated lately. But for past couple of days it seems a lot has been changed. My thought process and my idea of putting it across.

Firstly, the same dream is getting repeated, oh gawd... i dont want those signals at all...
and also the fact that i get weird dreams at weird times and then i remember them all day long. No wayssssssssssssssssssssss

We all want to be loved... isnt! :)

Ok changing the topic ... :P
I used to hate when people used to call Indians in America as "DESI", and now... I think they call them rightly!!!

Just to tell an instance, a girl with us today took all the clothes she bought last week to the store, because somebody told her that there is a 15 days price match, so if the price is less then she will get the difference.... gosh no, plese dont dont do this everyday! :P
and its not that it costed even 20 bucks to her...

Shucks... its true!

There is always time taken in adapting, but with that there is mentality... but sometimes i find some ppl are short of that mentality. PERIOD!


Cinderella said...

Very frank!

Talkin about mentalities, I hung out with a bunch of college pals (girls) yesterday, and when we all left for the day...some home n some to see their guys (like me :P), this particular self-obsessed female sent everyone a text late at night to everyone why no one enquired if she reached home safely.

I mean WTF!

Lena said...

I don't think it is about nationality at all, but about individual mentality formed by people around, books and TV examples, cultures and subcultures etc etc

Has nothing to do with being indian or american or russian for that matter. People like that are everywhere :)

Ankur said...


hehehe... and i also read about one girl which asked u for ur no to hang!
seriously yaar... WTF!

Ankur said...


ya i agree to u, but at the same time, all these people are highly educated, and they work in the biggest MNC's of the world, thats how they land up here... but!!!

Pri said...

but look at the bright side, her miserly act did provide inspiration for u to blog isnt it? :p

Ria said...

lol!!reminds me of how "common sense is not very common" :P

And ur recurring dreams are definitely hinting at the inevitable... that is to happen! :D

Ankur said...


no no... she just made me irritated! :P

and i am back to blogging, atleast for now! ;)

Ankur said...


hehe absolutely yaa!!

and inevitable... yea thats true but dont know when! :P

aneri_masi said...

ok, i have a few things to say here...

stop thinking abt the dream and it will disappear. simple as that.

Next point...Desi is simply a term used for people from our des. What is wrong with that? I don't see it as a bad word in any way. Looks like you do! I was desi, am desi and will be desi! apne des ki desi! proud to be desi!

next...suppose you went somewhere, say a restaurant, and forgot something that belonged to you. Its not very expensive, but its yours. the owner calls u and says i will hold it for 15 days, collect it if u can or i will sell it. what will you do? you will go and get it, right? its the same thing. that money belongs to her, and if it is offered like this and if she can legally get it back, what is wrong with it?

moving buy something which has a mail-in rebate coupon for $10. Will you mail that coupon and get your $10 back or just forget about it to prove your non-desiness?

the mentality that you are calling bad, i just call it valuing things. 20 bucks mein kya kya aa sakta hai pata hai? a lot! I ate lunch for less than a dollar a day when i was in india. So this is more or less my lunch money for a month. you donate that money to some needy person, and they will tell you what it means to them.

it is not abt how much you earn, it is abt how much you value things.

anyway, enough from me. just wanted to say that this post kind of made me sad :(

Ankur said...


I agree to you that we desi is something to be proud off, but I am talking about the fact that how negatively it is used and for what reasons.

Moving on to what you said about valuing things, again I agree to you, but at the same time, we should have an attitude. I dont mind to save bucks, neither its bad, but the way its conducted is more important.

There is a way which you shall conduct yourself wherever you are, be it in India or America, and there are certain etiquettes which needs to be followed, but we forgot those and just practice it with a level which makes it looks cheap and thats what it is all about.

This is one off thing i mentioned, and if you look at all the instances in totality, then i guess you wont feel sad, but really wonder.

Sorry for making you feel sad, but i never wanted to...

Ankur said...


and talking abt the dream, I dont think abt it but it comes to me! :D :D

aneri_masi said...

thats the point, i don't see what she did that was so wrong. if the service is available, take it. you didn't answer any of my questions, would you go and bring your belonging back? would you send in that rebate coupon?

Ankur said...


well the example u gave isnt comparable, and if i have something valuable left, i will take it back.
Now logic u can give is its her money, but again i guess u didnt read my whole line, thats its not abt just the money but the attitude.

You can compare 2 ppl who have become rich and one of them works hard all day and the 2nd one works hard to kill ppl all day. Both work hard u c! :)

aneri_masi said...

How is she killing anyone? And btw, the store had this policy of price matching, she didn't force them into it.

attitude mein kya kharabi hai mujhe ab bhi samajh nahi aa raha. If she was doing this with used things, which is against the policy, then I wld agree its wrong. But she is doing things within the limits set by the store.

Anjuli said...

yes we all feel the need to be loved!

and about the desis.. :) karte hain log, ab kya karein!

Ankur said...


i give up! :)

Ankur said...


yep and some are loved! :)