Tuesday, May 5

Holding Back...

Can we love two people at the same time?

I always try to answer this, and the answer i find is yes we can... may be we cant commit to two, but we sure can love too, thats what i think at least and i may be completely wrong!!

What is Love? Its a feeling, a feeling which comes to us automatically, we dont force ourselves to feel that way, so how can we stop doing it when we love one???
Or is there any chemical reaction which i havent heard about which says that if u love one, you cant love one more... May be I am not talking about love as a child, friend, father, mother or such things, but am talking about the romantic love... yea.. Romance!!!

But Is love about romance all the time? Cant you love and yet you dont want to romance? May be possible, the only thing is that you have to accept it for yourself. But we cant blame anyone. I am not saying that he/she shall do it. I am not saying that principally one should accept it... Its about individual, some may accept it some will not!!!

When we say love is pure, why do we say that people who may love two people will make it impure? Does love actually use mind? Or are the feelings controlled from mind... May be in this world where we control everything using our mind, but is Love the same then?

I may sound out of my mind to many, but yet I am talking about a practical scenario where a person may love someone who is already loving someone else. But can this person love both?
Would you call it two timing? Am not talking about changing commitment, but even if he/she doesnt express it then also those feelings are there? Or is expression a crime?

I dont know may be love is something which in itself is not answerable, and one sided is the worst love which can happen coz then u r pitied at times. May be we should love only when we know that this would be answered with yes. :P
May be its like a interview you only appear if you are sure you will be selected.

Love is a mystery truly which has only entangled me. Love is something which I have never been able to understood. When to love, why to love and whom to love... If you have these answers then share ;)
But i think only then love would be impure, coz then u wud control it... ;)

And those who love, dream and those who dream love... There is no safer side in life, there is only a side you take thinking safe but you dont know what will happen eventually.

On a brighter note, I always want to remain a child, looking for answers... not giving those!!
May be i always want to be a child coz then I dont have to think what will happen eventually, may be i will just live a life and leave rest on time... but even when a child demands for chocolate, he cries thinking that he will get it!! :D

And I dont wanna give up on my dreams... may be i say giving up is easy, but comparing to sticking to ur dreams... coz those who dream believe in it!!

And may be those who give up their dreams, look at me... thinking that this ass can dream then we may too! :P

Live life, question wisdom.. and remain a child... may be u will still smile at the end of the day!!

And as they say... You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back!!!


Prashant evolving.. said...

Romance, love..this is nice topic and nice bit of writing on the topic..you made me think that cannot we love more than one at a time..actually its quite difficult to say what is love n what is infatuation..to answer your question I have been in love once and though my love had said no to my feelings..than also cudnt fall in love with anyone as I still loved her..but tht is my case..so i dont have any answer to your question as such..nice one though

Ria said...

Beautiful post!!wht a comeback....totally loved ur views, expressed with such simplicity. :)

We all hav a child within, and i believe to keep the love going we need to keep this child alive. I dunno if u agree or not, but it helps to be a child at times!!

Lena said...

you know what i think.. why do you have to argue :P

i wish life could be as you picture it, but it never is.. and probably it never will be. Thats how it goes and that we cant change.

My child is sleeping, sorry :P

Cinderella. said...

Ppl say love is a mystery but I never found it one. All it means to me is its this wonderful wonderful feeling that fills your heart with warmth and mush and pure joy.

Yes, when we adage all the chains that we tie it up with, namely - unrequisition,break ups etc etc - thats when it ceases to be all that I said, and becomes what you and many others name it as - MYSTERY.

Ankur said...


I didnt ask any questions!! :P
and i know it bhai! :)

things will fall in place pretty soon!! :)

Ankur said...


thanks dear!! :)

and i agree with u... love cant be there if the child within us is not alive!! :)

Ankur said...


i love to argue ;)

and life will be the way as it seems to be... and thats what even u agreed in ur poem.. isnt! :)

and i know the child is very much there... :)


Ankur said...


u r lucky enough to just feel the love... and may god keeps it the same all the way... amen to that!! :)

but for those, who have been through some... its tough for them atleast!! :)

Priya said...

Answering the question:

Yes, we can love two people at the same time, sometimes, even more :)

workhard said...

Love is a very confusing and a debatable subject.. there is no such thing as a single definite answer when it comes to the topic of love

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