Tuesday, February 13

Sex and You and Custody of Kids!!!

I was reading the news few days back in TOI, Britney Spears like threesome and she is a lesbian. It was also mentioned in the news article that her husband wants the custody of their kids on this ground.

Many of you might think that on moral grounds this is right, But I have few questions for you… What you take pleasure in, affects you??? Or may be… Does the fact that you admire many opposite sex people and you want to sleep with then has affected your present relationship??? If yes then how many times???

Well I think that there is no correlation-ship between the fact that you take pleasure in sex and threesome or the fact that you are a lesbian or a gay in relation with the fact how you grow your child or the etiquettes and manners of your child?

Many men party hard… They sleep with many women. But how many of their kids don’t love them? But if a lady is believed to be sleeping with other men then do we think the same? Will the children give her the same respect especially in India?

I was reading a post regarding 'Hymenoplasty' or 'Re-virginization' . I asked myself a question there that whether this will help women. When I look back, many people I know, who still thinks that if the hymen of the woman is broken then she is not virgin. Many women suffer from the trauma of this sheer fact. They are not truly accepted and in many a cases they are forced to leave the husband or for dying…

I just want you to ask yourself a simple question...

Am I out of such beliefs and disbeliefs???
Am I the one who thinks like this???

And the answer i believe lies in retrospection and introspection…

I would like you to think and think and think ... and here I end with a quote...
Change yourself before trying to change the world.

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downright crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!! said...

yeah...life still s diff 4 women.
& abt de oter stuff u talkd of ....considering dat it happnd wit britney / sum1 whoz nt an indian....or evn if he/she s an indian , i hv no trouble wit it, provided he /she isnt ma closest buddy / wot u call life partner.
i am seriosly sick of de double standards dat exist n dis world. & wot u said s right ....i hv no right 2 judje all ppl out der....but wot ur principles r ....
u can decide , weter de world shouts @ u or not